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Did Someone Order a Moustache?


When it comes to my childhood heroes running for Lt Governor of a state, I must admit that I thought Dale Murphy, Jim McMahon and Cockroach from “The Cosby Show” were more likely to get there quicker. But as it turns out, the first to actually run for the office is right here in Kentucky as WKYT reported thatRichie Farmer will announce that he would be running for Lt Governor of the great Commonwealth. The Clay County legend will be joining David Williams (whose place at the top of a Richie ticket is sort of like having a Beatles ticket and letting Ringo be Governor while John Lennon runs for Lt Gov) for the Republican nomination in hopes of setting up an uber fight with current Governor Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson. While we dont know David Williams and have only seen Abramson once and had our light blocked by his gigantic head, we like both Beshear and Richie for their appearances on the KSR Podcast…proving once again that it is a stepping stone to major public office (Woo for Ag Commissioner?). Richie was quoted recently as saying he only wanted two jobs…Governor or Athletic Director at UK. This job is neither of those but is probably pretty sweet and would give plenty of time for following the Cats.

Richie is a UK legend and it will be great to watch his quest. In addition, he is an extremely nice guy and a fellow 13th Regioner. We wish him nothing but the best and hope that if elected, he will find a way to give Drew Franklin a job.

Article written by Matt Jones

36 responses to “Did Someone Order a Moustache?”

  1. DavenderCatTheSequel

    “Is Richie governing tonite?”

  2. girlwildcatfan

    I would vote for Richie for Governor but never for David Williams!!! Go Cats!!

  3. Letter_Of_Intent

    “Welcome to the Governor’s Mustache … rides for the ladies begin at 7 and continue all night”

  4. plumcrazypaul

    Vote for Richie,no problem….but David Williams no way!!!!

  5. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Why would Richie run as a #2 to David Williams of all people? Kentucky is a very moderate state and David Williams is as radical as they come. You are one of my childhood hero’s Richie, but I can’t vote for that ticket with David Williams at the top. I went to Middle School with one of your younger cousins while you played at UK and we were always talking about the Cats everyday.

  6. Kernel Sanders

    #2 and #4 What exactly did Richie do to earn your vote? (Being an Unforgettable and dropping 52 points vs. Ballard doesn’t count)

  7. RKA

    David Williams took me to the emergency room when I was five years old after I had been in a very bad car accident in downtown Burkesville. Thanks again Big Cat. I will never Vote For You!!

  8. The Rock

    6- It’s the stache. If Richie and Gimel teamed up, they’d win the 2012 presidential election in a landslide. Don’t underestimate the power of a good stache. You hearing this, Hartlne?

  9. Rolo

    I do’t talk politics here, but is Richie rockin the Converse? The only thing cooler would be Chucks.

  10. tyrus

    Willams + Framer = Air Ball

  11. tyrus

    (sp) Farmer

  12. BlooBloodCat

    I remember those early 90’s Cons!! Those shoes sucked a big one!! Anyone with me?

  13. UKCatFan2013

    My grandmother worked under him in agriculture and said he was awful and didn’t deserve to be elected. So, he’s not getting my vote.

  14. wildcatdavidwood

    David Williams hates horses and horse racing. He is the only reason we do not have slots at race tracks in Kentucky. Can’t stand this guy. Ashamed to share the same first name as him. I really like Richie Farmer but I can’t vote for David Williams. Kentucky is supposed to be the “horse capital of the world” and this guy is trying to destroy it. I hope this ticket announcement isn’t true but if it is, please do not vote for David Williams.

  15. Catsfan

    David Williams no way.

  16. just a fan

    why ritchie? Bad move buddy.

  17. CATS!!!!

    Hate to see Ritchie commit career suicide, but David Williams is the biggest moron in the state.

  18. NBA league pass

    14) slots suck at race tracks. You really would want slots at a beautiful track like Keeneland?

  19. RunReechieRunnnn

    Dat der feller plaid for uk he dern got mine vote!

    Seriously David Williams is as backwards as they come he has attempted to kill our horse industry based primarily on his sole “moral” views. Love what Farmer he did for our program and respect Kentucky Proud but Ag Commissioner was perfect for Richie. Richie would of had a better chance taking a run to the Gov mansion along side BTI.

  20. UK2K

    I dont know whats better. The Moustache or that high top fade.

  21. OverAnylizer

    F@@K David Williams! I can’t stand that arrogant pr@@K. Bad choice Ritchie.

  22. sortleader2

    Then pardon Davender….

  23. Jehryn

    Richie one took my mom to the state fair so I may or may not be his illegitimate son

  24. ky1der

    So, Farmer commits political suicide. Why does anyone want to be Governor or Lt. Governor of our state. Who was the last Governor or LT. Governor to leave office without having their name ruined?

  25. plumcrazypaul

    Richie, please rethink your position and find a suitable running mate….or just run for Gov. yourself

  26. Derrick Millar

    #22 What am I? Chopped mother$^&ing liver?

  27. Steve

    Richie will not be getting my vote………. Back to the bench Richie!

  28. plumcrazypaul

    Kernel Sanders, I played golf with Richie once….nice guy, loves the Cats,….Lt. Governors are just PR guys anyway….

  29. sortleader2

    LMBAO, there is no way that your name will get spelled correcttly on any said pardon. Hang in there Derrick(no spell check homey).

  30. jarshoe

    David Williams won’t support expanded gambling because he is on the payroll of the Indiana casinos and they don’t want the competition. He claims the moral high ground, but $$$ in his own pocket and campaign coffers are the real reason.

    #18 – Keeneland wouldn’t install slots if approved. They’re set up to share the license with the Red Mile. The Red Mile gets the slots, Keeneland gets part of the money. They don’t need them like the other tracks in the state due to the revenue generated by the sales division.

  31. Bob

    Richie, loved you as a Cat, but as a politician, not so much. Especially if you’re teaming with a douche like David Williams.

  32. me15nsa

    Woo for ag Commissioner? I bet he doesn’t give a rip about the state of Alabama!

  33. white kool-aid

    Having worked for Williams for a while, unlike most on here I don’t dislike the guy, but in my opinon, he is absolultely unelectable in a state-wide race. I got wind of this ticket over a year ago, & I have never understood why he’d even consider giving up the power he has in the Senate just to be governor…
    14) i agree that he is the ONLY reason we don’t have expanded gaming in KY, not b/c he hates horses though, or even gambling, it’s more about $$ & keeping his base intact.
    30) pretty much right on on both points.

  34. GummyBear

    I am pleasantly surprised that most everyone here shares my disdain for David Williams. He is the text book jagoff politician who claims morality to only promote his own self-interests.

  35. Kernel Sanders

    #28 If your post was meant to be serious.. you are what I fear in this election. Since when did being a nice guy, a golfer, and a UK lover make one qualified for the Lt. Governor’s office. Just sad. Another campaing bumper sticker: “Vote Richie..he luvs them Cats!” UGH. VOTE GATEWOOD!!!

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