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Did Coach K commit a violation?

Earlier in the week, Matt spent some time talking about 2012 power forward Alex Poythress, who has quickly become a major target for Kentucky.  It appears that the Cats aren’t the only ones amping up their push either as Jeff Borzello of Blood reported that Duke coach Mike Kzrzyewski called Poytrhess Tuesday night to offer a scholarship.  The problem?  That might be a violation. 

According a riveting Twitter conversation between Dan Wolken Mike DeCourcy and other brilliant basketball minds, there’s some question as to whether a coach can contact a player while he’s at one of these evaluation eventsThis excerpt via the Bylaw Blog guy seemed to lend a further clarity.  It essentially says that coaches cannot contact prospects while they’re at these travel events until their team has been eliminated. 

Here is the citation:

The academic and membership affairs staff confirmed that after a prospect reports on call to travel with his team at the beginning of an extended road trip that occurs during the July evaluation period, it is not permissible for an institution’s coaching staff member to have any type of communication with the prospect, the prospect’s parents or legal guardians, the prospect’s coach or any individual associated with the prospect as a result of the prospect’s participation in basketball [except for telephone contact with a prospect’s high-school coach (or administraton) who is not in attendance at the prospect’s events] until the prospect is released by the appropriate authorities after the completion of the team’s final competition of the road trip.

Poythress’ team played their final game at 7pm Tuesday night.  If he got the offer after, then I guess it’s no harm.  But if it came before, it might be a violation.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

39 responses to “Did Coach K commit a violation?”

  1. lpool003

    lol, this will be swept under the rug faster more than the OSU violations. If cal did this we would already be on probation at the very least.

  2. HillbillyInBC

    The NCAA will handle this as swiftly and mercilessly as they did when they vacated Duke’s 1999 Final Four after Corey Maggette was ruled ineligible.

  3. Dustin

    Maybe this will scare Poythress right into UK’s arms.

  4. UKBlue

    Don’t look for anything to come out of this. It’s Duke.

  5. Marcus L. Owens

    If we dont get Bazz I will take this kid, Goodwin and a side of Drummond.

  6. John W

    first…is it time to flood the NCAA offices again with emails?

  7. Jones Returns

    Oklahoma admits major NCAA violation…again. Asking to be put on probation for 2 MORE years -sooners-admit-two-major-violations-seeks-two-more-years-probations

    A Billy Cylde prospect gets 3 years in prison

  8. big blue
  9. Cousins Fake Teeth

    the NCAA will never look into it.

  10. DA

    K probably didn’t know, so it’s OK. I mean, those rule books are so long. Who expects coaches to read and memorize ALL the rules. If anything, K is a victim.

  11. Lincoln Park

    I HATE dUKe and Coach K, but really, who gives a F. What a stupid, antiquated, pointless, valueless rule.

  12. NBE Blogger

    NBE talked to Poythress as well Tuesday night after his game. At that time he did not have an offer from Duke…he talked about the interest from Duke and he was ready to cut his list and would only consider the teams that had offered.

    On Wednesday morning…we confirmed via text that Poythress had received an offer from Duke…so, it must have come after the team was eliminated and there were tweet activity late Tuesday after tha game about the offer…so, it definitely looks like everything happened after the game on Tuesday.

  13. Catcdb

    Hey, let the NCAA do their job and find out other teams infractions when they occur. You just continue writing for KSR, hopefully you can do better your next time. Do your job.

  14. Rickforgottowearhisraincoat


  15. trues

    this is ridiculous to post unsubstantiated rumors. It says Tuesday night, not Tuesday afternoon and since the game was at 7 common sense should tell us it probably came after the game i.e. after 9 pm instead of before 7pm. I hate Duke as much as anyone but you are grasping at straws and reporting something like this when it is >90% chance they did nothing wrong is just bad journalism/no integrity.


    Somebody ask Jerry Tipton, he’s the violation police.

  17. God's Country

    Hypocrites…we complain that the world is against us when people make something out of nothing about our coach

  18. SexnNursinHomes

    15- Jeff Borzello made the rumored post. KSR only reported what Jeff Borzello was saying. Your beef with KSR is unspeculated probable cause.

  19. Tom Handy

    Put Tipturd on it!

  20. Holden McGroin

    If it’s true, it’ll be swept under the rug so fast it’ll make you dizzy. However if Cal had done it-different story-front page headlines-ESPN lead-in story.

  21. Al's Indycats

    Even if coach K were to go up to him at half time while the kid was walking off the court and offer the kid, because it was Duke…. nothing would come of it. So it’s a mid afternoon read while we have nothing else to do.

  22. bmac

    eh, he’s committed much bigger violations with not so much as a slap on the wrist. coach k is more of a made man in the ncaa than calhoun.

  23. turkeyblue

    The NCAA was so mad at Duke for committing this violation they put Cleveland State on probation.

  24. bmac

    #20, heck im surprised someone hasn’t run a story about it already and just put cal’s name in place of coach k. nobody stops them from making up what they want anyway.

  25. willdcat1

    the rules committee can meet, change the rules so this is not a violation. They can’t lift the rugs high enuff, to sweep this under. Duke, UNC, are above the rules, obvious to even the casual observer.
    And no doubt – if Cal had done this, they’d be talking about it on PTI this afternoon…putting us on probation, claiming they knew Cal was a cheater, all along…

  26. Weeze

    #23 That is funny!

  27. Misanthrope

    Looks like #12, the only person with real knowledge of the subject, has explained things. It didn’t happen. So everyone take your hands out of your pants, wipe off the drippings, and get back to that fryer. The damn drive-thru lane is backing up.

  28. JEREMY

    The NCAA will say who did this? Ohhh Coach K…drool…drool..then pull out the special do not investigate stamp with the duke logo on top and all will be forgotten… Then when asked about it by one media member ten years from now, who happens to be from the herald leader or something… And the NCAA will say its still under investigation…yes just like the Corey Maggette case…improper benefits from a crack dealer..but thats ok it was a dukie!

  29. Hud

    Post season ban

  30. Ira Tatum

    Reportedly, Duke coach Mike Kzrzyewski called Poytrhess Tuesday night to offer a scholarship. The problem: Poythress’ team played their final game at 7pm Tuesday night. No harm. Coach K is to cerebral to frog up in idiocy…. like this article

  31. Ira Tatum

    Reportedly, Duke coach Mike Kzrzyewski called Poytrhess Tuesday night to offer a scholarship. The problem: Poythress’ team played their final game at 7pm Tuesday night. No harm. Coach K is too cerebral to frog up in idiocy…. like this article.

  32. Russell

    Read the rule! If his legal guardian was not on the trip with him he could’nt have been released until he returned home. Coach K knows how to recruit in the (Gray Area).

  33. FlashOfBlue

    Can GEICO save you more money on car insurance?

  34. rixter719

    Who would know, anyway. The NCAA has all thei guys in Lexington, keepin an eye on the Legends game

  35. Redd

    Come on, KSR, don’t stoop to that level. You guys are wonderful and produce such good stories. Please don’t get caught up in micro-examining another school’s affairs. They’re not gong to stop and the NCAA is not going to treat us or them any differently than they do now so we have to just be more mature and hold our heads high and know that we’re better. Who cares what happens. At the end of the day, we’re #BBN and I wouldn’t trade that for anything

  36. FreddyCalhoun

    Awww….Kentucky Fans are so cute with that little chip on there shoulders… Keep throw rocks at the throne…bums!

  37. Comeonnow

    Really, this article should have never even been consider, let alone written. The NCAA has all kinds of little petty rules, a program that has the reputation as being “clean” like Duke’s, the NCAA wont even consider waving a finger at K and saying, “No, you cant do that.” Instead of looking for dirt on another team, let’s write about something positive about UK or something. Bad decisions are bad, this was a bad decision.

  38. Stu Lawler

    You Wildcat fans are just grasping at straws and wishing Coach K will screw up. Only problem is that he is not like you guy.

  39. #1DukeFan

    Eventhough I have laughed at most of these post,#23 was great, you guys know its bs. The coach gave K permission and AP’s team was in the consolation bracket. To me that means his team was eliminated so no violation.