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Dick Vitale and UK Dance Team Post-Win Dance Party

Right after the Cats got the victory against Missouri…

Article written by T.Walters

15 responses to “Dick Vitale and UK Dance Team Post-Win Dance Party”

  1. Neil

    Love it…..classic!

  2. moon

    So what?! So let’s dance…!!

  3. Realmen

    Not everybody has an man crush on Vital. Move on.

  4. Bdown1


  5. Matt Jones

    #3 Not everyone can spell either…move on

  6. Jughead

    Who says white men cannot dance?

  7. ukfireman

    Great stuff!! Always great seeing victory dances.

  8. old blue

    Nothing wrong with people smiling and having a good time. Enjoyed the clip, thanks!

  9. Future Assignment

    We’re gonna need that as a .gif to post after every win. Get on it Drew.

  10. MJ4UK

    Dick Vitale is probably my favorite media person of all time…He is fun and energetic, and brings that to the table when calling games. I personally enjoy listening to him, because of his energy that comes from being passionate about basketball.

  11. Don

    He’s a self promoting loud mouth.

  12. Lisamarieky

    He can be annoying but the guy knows basketball. And I will forever love him for all his help and giving for cancer research. He is NOT self serving, IMO

  13. BigBlueJohnny

    Can you believe he gets paid to do what he does? Awesome. Like he said (paraphrased), “I’m not a sports broadcaster. I’m a jock and they gave me a microphone so I could talk about what I am most passionate about, basketball”. Living with passion…nice.

  14. Anne

    I know Vitale is passionate about basketball; however, PLEASE announce the game. Sometimes he never tells who the foul is called on or how many fouls they have. Sure would like all the “talk” to only happen when there are timeouts and CALL the game like it is being played!!!!

  15. Cliff Richardson

    Everybody in the entertainment industry (including sports)
    has a gimmick…Vitale is no exception. His antics and his
    raspy voice are his trade . It doesn’t make him a bad guy, but the younger folks enjoy the flare. When all is said and done, few of the average public will remember who won it all anyway. But it is fun and interesting to watch while it is happening, even if it is mostly about the “almighty dollar”. Being an old 86 yr. old Kentuckian and a former UK student…when the fabulous five were playing in the “gym”, It still is an exciting time for me.