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Derrick Locke Has a Message for Some Fans


Modern technology and information has changed a number of things about sports. However one of the biggest in my view is the way that fans have the ability to interact with players like never before. And in my mind, this isnt a good thing. Case in point, last night after the game, a number of fans apparently had some commentary or interaction with Derrick Locke via Facebook. It isnt clear what was said or implied, but it led to this message from Locke to the fans late last night:

How would anyone know how we prac? Everyone keep there f***n comments to urself or n ur head!

Now I will leave it to old-time media folk to make judgments about the comment (its not that big a deal people), but what it represents is something that fans should really stay away from. In my mind, if you dont know the player personally, dont talk to him online. Leaving aside all other potential issues, most of the comments come off as either creepy or worse at times, outright criticism of the player. What posseses a person to go on a player’s Facebook, Myspace, etc site after a game and send him a bad message? What are you trying to accomplish with that? Do you really think Derrick Locke needs or wants your commentary on the game? Similarly, I am continually amazed that UK allows the players to keep these pages. They often make comments that if the media knew what Facebook was, would often make some news and they set the players up for these type of interactions. I know that we want the players to be normal college students, but the reality is that they arent…so these forums are just trouble waiting to happen….ask the basketball player at Kansas who punched the football team what it can do.

So remember kids, Locke, Cobb, Hartline, etc are the great players on your favorite team. Root them on hard and cheer for them like none other. But they arent your friends and while you might want to communicate back and forth with them, call your actual friends innstead….they would like to hear from you more anyway.

Article written by Matt Jones

38 responses to “Derrick Locke Has a Message for Some Fans”

  1. CatsFanInSC

    Are these people ever going to stop? Instant communication and the anonymity of being online are degrading society to a point that is beyond ridiculous.

    Why would you ever say anything bad to someone on a team that you root for? Do people really think that it will help the situation?

    Perhaps Obama should include free psych evals in his health care plan.

  2. Dennis

    If these so called “fans” were talking S**T to D.Locke on Facebook after the game then they are probably miserable people who don’t have friends.

  3. pete

    goodness gracious people

  4. Laker Cat 18

    Some of our fans are nuts, so I agree with you to an extent. It was wrong of those select few fans to take shots at him or the team via facebook. BUT, Locke is a student-athlete as well as a role model. Keep your mouth shut and play ball. If he wants to send a private message to those few fans who did say something, that’s fine, but don’t classify all of those bad mouthing you into all UK fans. (I’m assuming he set his status to say that.)

  5. SagaciousMind

    People who talk like that on their pages there is an easy solution, delete them from your friend. But why was people givin him hell? He was one of the only good things in the game.

  6. Dennis

    This is how it should be, If you where to know D. Locke personally, then it would be alright to comment to him. If you don’t know him, don’t leave your comments for him. What good could possibly come from talking junk to him on his Facebook page?

  7. blueman80

    Kentucky is a long way from being a contender in the SEC. Chris Matthews was not even a factor and same goes for cobb. The players don’t need to be kicked down by these idiot fans when they know the game went awful from start. I wish coach brooks all the best and really hope one day we can at least stand toe to toe with the floridas if not win. I thought the defense held up decently in the second half!!

  8. _Blackhawk_

    Here is a novel idea…if Locke doesn’t know them, then he shouldn’t accept their request. There are fan pages if you want to be a fan but these guys want to fill up the number of friends they have.

    At the same time some UK fans don’t need computer access. All it does it make them look like what they are, fair-weather fans. The team wins together and loses together. They were punched in the mouth by a better team, let’s not for get. What we should be proud of is how they responded to the 1st qtr. Last year it was the the beginning of the end this year we stepped it up…..a little too late but still we didn’t give up like it seemed last year. Hopefully they will take away from this game what they saw in the last 3 quarters….that we can hang with the upper level teams if we play smart.

    Don’t blame Derrick for his comments but really it would have been best if he kept them to himself.

  9. wildcatfan81

    Some idiots just need to grow up. It is most certainly not appropriate to take your frustrations out on the players. These are the type of fans that give all UK fans a bad name.

  10. bigblue66

    Matt, you are absolutely wrong on this one, I agree with Blackhawk, while the fans shouldnt interact, nor should the athletes put themselves in the position to receive interaction. These guys bask in the glory when everyone praises them, then grow up and take the negative also. If you cant handle people telling you how bad you suck, I will give them two options, 1. dont get on facebook and allow interaction and / or 2. Show up when the opening kickoff takes place.
    Im sure they would have welcomed all the glory had we won the game.

  11. bayerngk

    “If you don’t know them personally don’t interact with them online.” But it’s ok to just nab some pictures off their personal page and stick em up on KSR for the world to see. Same concept to me. Hypocrite.

  12. wildcatfan81

    11. My guess is that you are one of the fools screwing around with 20 or 21 year old kids on their pages, with an attitude like that.

  13. KY Chip

    If I’ve learned anything in my time here, it’s exactly what Matt just said — that you shouldn’t criticize UK’s players in an online forum.

    Unless that player is Paul Warford. ‘Cause as we all learned last week, he sucks.

  14. Laker Cat 18

    13. Was that comment directed at my comment that was deleted just now? I’m a little confused as to why it was deleted. No profanity. No personal shots at players or anything.

  15. asdfasdf

    12, Don’t be foolish, not even close to the same thing

  16. LizzieB

    To be fair to fans, I see a lot of encouraging comments on players’ FB accounts. Now private messages may be another story. But I think the ultimate answer to this from the school/ media POV is to tell players to only accept friend requests from people they know personally.

  17. UK81

    As I have always stated, never post anything you would not be willing to say to a person’s face. I post less often as a result of the extreme negativity by what I hope is a minority of the fan base. Those who attack players and other fans via the internet are only able to do so because of the safety net afforded them by anonymity.

  18. bigblue66

    13. Ive never contacted any player that I didnt know personally. All Im saying is these guys create the situation that allows for “fanatics” to speak their minds. All the players are just fine when everyone is talking them up, but as soon as someone tells them something negative, then OMG, no one should ever make a comment to them on facebook. Obviously I dont ever condone threats or something to that extreme, but if the guys dont want contact, its their call, they open themselves up and when they do, dont expect pats on the back when you dont play well.
    And for Matt to say otherwise is absolutely wrong especially if he is not calling some of his contacts and telling the players to either grow up or get off facebook or other interaction enabling websites.

  19. Hambone721

    The second comment on Locke’s previous facebook status updates says “you practice like you play. so practice harder this week and only look forward never to the past. good game though” to which Locke replied, “Dnt really f***** care bout them being #1… were f***** betta then tht.” Which, I assume, lead to his most recent status update featured in this post.

  20. Old Henry Man

    WHO DEY !!!!!

  21. fred

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  22. ukapm

    The nation thinks the entire big blue fanbase are redneck fools and idiots who criticize kids on facebook only give them ammunition.
    Go DL and Go Big Blue

  23. BigNik

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re not friends with someone in real life then why in the hell are you friends with them on facebook? Get a life and leave the players alone.

  24. buddyblue62

    look out bama just blame uf for the beating your gonna get. GO BIG BLUE…

  25. wyldcatzrool

    UK does need to forbid our athletes from having these pages. There are always going to be stupid people who apparently have no life of their own who are going to interact with them even though they do not even know them. My guess is that they are 13 year-old kids…that, or they are adults who are acting with the maturity of a 13 year-old. I know it would not be a popular rule with the athletes, but that is really the one and only solution.

  26. HackRichards

    UK football has really improved tremendously over the past several years. We however are not FLORIDA yet. It is really that simple.

  27. HackRichards

    Uh What about them Bengals!

  28. Big Blue KY

    Everyone should go and vote on #22 dog… I did… Everyone usually will go and vote for a pretty girl so go and vote for a cute dog.. Come on he is a fellow KSR reader…there are some dogs that have more votes than gus…so go vote đŸ™‚


    “call your actual friends innstead….they would like to hear from you more anyway.” Well played Mr Jones.

  30. Dennis

    It looks like Kyrie Irving won’t be coming to madness after all. Dustin tweeted that he will commit to Duke within 24hrs if he already hasn’t. No big suprise there. Cal should ask Josh Selby to come and take his place at madness.

  31. catfan_76

    Well Matt you are such a hypocrite, Last week it was Theres no way we beat Florida due to talent now its not there fault. Wow I know everyone is entitled to there opinion but for f_c_ sake what is wrong with you Matt? Heres what I think and how I feel, I was hopful we could hang maybe even beat UF but I never put them down. Now I feel like what I saw was another Mike Hartline blunder and the best freakin hit on Tebow and BY HELL I’M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT…. Yeah he’s a good kid so he’s a christian does that make him better than any one else? No it does not and for the people that think it does let me quote the Bible to you. “All men are created in gods image.” So get over yourself and get on with your life. Hay I am a grown man so take your best shot. Love me Hate me but you’ll never forget me. Peace I’m out…

  32. J K

    As to the above “story,” perhaps morons who message players would be less likely to if their actions weren’t somewhat legitimated by feaux-journalists such as those on this site in the form of an article about it. I have noticed the reference to “old-time” or “real” media people in an obvious attempt at feigned humility. Whatever was said to the player might have been out of line, but it pales in comparison to the idiocy of giving such a moron publicity.

  33. stunna88

    What we can do is go out and compete. We didn’t do that at all Saturday. I call into question the coaching staff and the game plan for Florida or lack there of. Joker has no confidence in Hartline to get us into good situations, that’s why we run 80% of the time. That’s why Florida had what seemed like 15 guys in the box and man on the outside. They know Hartline is very limited. I was sick watching a team go out and get punked by Florida. This is the S.E.C. go out and challenge someone and man up. Play your technique and be disciplined and let what happens happen.

  34. TayPrinceJr.

    32. Let me throw some Christian vocab into that one: AMEN!!! I lost my voice when he got knocked out watching here at my own house, I didnt know he was hurt until he appeared unconcious. I know he has good morals and all, but he is only one out of some thousands of players in college football. I have taken enough crap from Florida “fans” considering I live here and I am damn glad karma finally bit them in the ass, not only Urban but everyone. I am tired of UK fans “pulling” for UF in the SEC and suck up to them, I have not one ounce of respect for the University of Florida and I am running out of patience with those same exact UK fans who want to personally criticize our players like they have done here. UK football has come along way from what it once was. We beat #1 LSU, beat Clemson and FSU in bowl games, and have won 3 straight bowl games, something that has never happened before. Granted, we have alot of work to do but it will never get done with the fans acting like they do. I believe the leadership has the program headed in the right direction. And if any of you expect/expected more from this team than just to compete yesterday, get your heads out of your asses and wake up. We aren’t headed to the Rose Bowl this year, we never were. Yes, I wanted this team to compete also but it was against the #1 team in the nation. They can at least compete next week if you all show some support, we’re 3 games into the season and have a winning record so quit whining and enjoy the season. Go Cats.

  35. bayerngk

    16. I don’t see how it isn’t pretty similar. Publishing a picture of Dusty Mills and his girlfriend, a childhood photo of Darius Miller. Not to mention plenty of others. It doesn’t have the same result in any way but it’s crossing the line just the same.

  36. dchagy

    Well, guys, I’m sure I’ll get booted, but I’m gonna’ say it anyway: After hearing for over a week what your almighty Micah Johnson was going to do to Teebow, I just want to point out that until his injury, Micah was Teebow’s bitch. He didn’t do anything–but then (as usual) no one on UK’s team did. And I DESPISE Florida and I’m glad Tebow got his lights knocked out, but I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: 1-24 (if you don’t count the wins versus Vandy). That’s Brooks’ record in the SEC East.

  37. Laker Cat 18

    37. Yeah you’ll probably get booted. A comment I made on this issue yesterday got deleted and I still don’t know what line I crossed. It was 100% clean. I’d like to know what I can’t say on this site, so I can omit that in future comments. Can ya let me know Matt?

  38. Rolling Moses

    This is sad. I don’t know why you would ever talk smack directly to players. That helps absolutely nothing.