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Derek Willis Believes UK will get Julius Randle


Derek Willis told the Courier Journal today that he believes Julius Randle will come to Kentucky and join he and his fellow members of the 2013 class. According to Willis, he believes Randle will be a Cat, Andrew Wiggins is a toss-up and Aaron Gordon will stay on the West Coast.

I would say that Derek Willis is a smart young man.

Article written by Matt Jones

31 responses to “Derek Willis Believes UK will get Julius Randle”

  1. Uk jim

    Works for me!!!

  2. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Queue up the “Derrick Willis needs to get more minutes he tries harder than anyone else on the floor” calls on the call in show in a couple years.

  3. bosshogg24

    Willis is pretty much on the money but I believe Uk gets Wiggins too!

  4. TN Cat

    Derek must read KSR.

  5. BPsycho

    Pull up to da tourney, but the NCAA missin.

  6. Ask

    Does anyone know if Cal will meetbthe media today like he usually does before a game?

  7. MyBluBloodedOpinion

    Calipari, has had nothing but the perfect storms since day 1. Well luck runs out for every one at some point. He has a team this year that was given everything from day 1, but earned nothing on their own merits. This team was just like the Uconn, team after Kemba, alot of young talent but no Kemba. Uk , no Davis, Wall, Knight. They say this team has three nba 1st round ie lottery picks minus Noel. So theirs no excuse for Cal. And that half hearted calculated , it’s his fault **** you media members are falling for the snalke oil salesman words as usual. He was being praised after the gameday win over Missouri,how he is the best coach ever for coming up with the dodgeball **** for motivation. He even said , he liked his team chances of doing special things. Well they are overrated bottom line . Cal is nothing more than a excellent salesman/recruiter front man for William Wesley.H

  8. Pikeville25

    JaredCarterismyHomeboy….lol…..more Jon Hood!!!! Farrrr Cal.

  9. Pikeville25

    MyBlueBloodedOpinion… sucks!!! Troll.

  10. Pikeville25

    Hey 7……Elite Eight, FF, National Championship…3 different teams to the FF….period….suck it.

  11. J

    If we land him and wiggins ITS OVER!! I don’t wanna hear that their freshman will dominate! Period!

  12. Central City DT

    #7 MBBO, Like B-Rad said ” Don’t Be Hatin'”

  13. twcornuk

    #7. I agree with #10. S*ck it

  14. Neck Beard

    Breaking News: Derrick Willis signs with the Denver Broncos

  15. JT

    #7, go somewhere else with your opinion

  16. Musehobo

    This is a done deal. With Matt’s tweet last night, and the comment “I would say that Derek Willis is a smart young man”, Matt knows something. Go ahead. Just say you have a source that says he’s coming.

  17. Al's IndiCats

    LMFAO…You know with everything going the way of Ipoo and Uvel, you’d think they be just happy to wrestle in their own Horse Sh!t instead of comeing in here “Trollin'” around. Nice try 7, now go to the store and buy that baby some diapers before your wife shift ends from Dairy Queen. She’s be pissed when she finds that the baby ca caed on the kitchen table.

  18. Say What?

    #7-You are an Idiot.

  19. SoCal Will

    Derek Willis is Darius Miller good and understands the glory of being involved with Kentucky basketball. When he is a Junior and Senior he should make Scott Padgett contributions to a “Natty”.

  20. cparkrookie15

    #7 Is the same guy that is hounding Willis on Twitter what a low life.

    Jeff Law ‏@JeffLaw_
    @derek_willis33 bro have fun getting 0 minutes a game next year. #randle #gordon what are you ranked on espn? oh arent #garbage
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  21. Jpo

    7. All while hyperlinking your name to nothing LOL

  22. bluristhurr

    #19 That’s some big expectations I’ll be happy with half of either one of them :). Schott Padgett will always be one of my all time favorites right behind Prince pretty much

  23. bluristhurr

    #19 That’s some big expectations I’ll be happy with half of either one of them :). Schott Padgett will always be one of my all time favorites right behind Prince pretty much

  24. Bobby Knight's Shrink

    Randle ain’t goin’ to Kensucky !

  25. Viren

    I really would like to see Kentucky left behind in this year’s NCAA Tournament. We are about to see a MAD team unleashed in 2014 and everyone and everyone’s granny is going to find out. I would love to see committee upset Cal and the Cats.

  26. a sad existence

    i actually feel sorry for trolls like 7/bluebloodedopinion. Its sad, when you put it in perspective. As much as i hate UofL and IU, and their fans…I can’t even imagine spending time to seek out their fansites and commenting as if I was a fan, all in the hopes of getting people up in arms. Its kind of a sad existence if you think about it…to have nothing better to do with your time.

  27. Rick

    #26 DITTO

  28. Rick

    #24 Marquis Teague.

  29. SeoulCat

    Matt, how many times do I have to explain this to you?

    Pronouns: I, You, He, She, We, They
    Objects: Me, You, Him, Her, Us, Them

    “Join” is a verb. In the sentence above, it is followed by an object. Therefore, the sentence should read “join him,” and not “join he.” Please, please, please, for the love of the English language and readability of this site, dust off your English grammar textbook (and, while you’re at it, pass out several copies to your writers and fellow members of the American media).

    “…join him and his fellow members of the 2013 class.” –>object
    “He and his fellow members of the 2013 class hope to bring a title back to Lexington.”–>noun

    Stop embarrassing yourself.

  30. Johnny

    I believe Randall will commmit to KY. If we do get Randall we will have a great chance to go back to the Final Four next year.Go Cats!

  31. Fancy feast

    #29. Right on my man. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine as well.