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Demarcus Cousins Smiles

Now this is why we like Demarcus Cousins. Two UK and KSR fans were driving down the street next to campus and saw Cousins, Wall and Bledsoe walking. Like any crazy UK fan, they stopped the car and asked for a picture. Before the picture was taken, one said to Cousins, “you should smile.” Cousins said he knew and that he had been reading Kentucky Sports Radio and seeing how people say he doesnt smile. So he took the two pictures below to showcase how much he can smile and how happy he is. Good sense of humor for the big man as Cousins makes his play for KSR favorite player of the year:



Article written by Matt Jones

71 responses to “Demarcus Cousins Smiles”

  1. alexfork3

    I used to go Woodford Co. high school with these two fellas, and Cousins smiling is hilarious.

  2. agenda

    well played D-Cuz, well played ,sir

  3. Roggensak

    Who do these guys play for again? Are they any good? LOL

  4. cmbyrley

    Are socks with sandals cool again? I can’t keep up …

  5. dchagy

    I can’t wait for basketball season…

  6. Eric

    4, if you’d ever stepped foot on a college campus you’d know they are cool. They’re easy to slip on and off when you want to run out and do something.

  7. stloUKfan

    Three future NBA stars.

  8. SlickRick48


  9. blueblooded

    Very well played. You have to appreciate anyone who can make fun of himself. And by the way, Cousins is a BIG Boy!

  10. stloUKfan

    Demarcus has a great smile….but I gotta admit…I find it hilarious when he’s mean muggin.

  11. slappy

    Ha! That is awesome. The first picture is classic.

    Does that guy win an autographed picture from one of your goons, MJ?

  12. SeoulCat

    Fantastic Mr. Cousins, simply fantastic.

  13. nybrasky

    Good stuff from Cousins.

    Impressive walking distance down Euclid as well, ha. Perhaps just taking in the “Avenue of Champions”?

  14. bubbleup

    Those shorts would be big on Shaq!

  15. wildeers

    isnt just awesome to see these guys decked out in blue and white? Also, i wonder if hood ever hangs out with them…seems like they all are together all the time

  16. wildeers

    13. thats what i was thinking too..i guess its not too bad from the lodge tho

  17. King Nate

    Good to see Bledsoe made Cousins “Get his shit right!”

  18. TheBigBooyah

    Yet another good photoshop from Briesner.

  19. C4LisMyH3R0

    HA I love it! This next decade is just going to be simply amazing. We may be witnessing history ladies and gents…come on CATS!!!

  20. catlanta91

    this is probably my most favorite post in the history of this site, other than the gillispie tell-all. well done matt & co!

  21. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Why the frack isn’t Bledsoe wearing UK gear. WHY?!?! This is an abomination.

  22. Flop

    Wow. These kids really do read this site.

  23. cmbyrley

    6) so are sandals without socks.

  24. booner

    Does cousins have a wad of $50’s in that right sock?

  25. nybrasky

    BTW, Keith Bogans would not approve of this. He used to drive from the Lodge parking lot across the street to Memorial. Bumper to bumper on Rose St? Didn’t matter, Bogans was still driving to class at Funkhouser.


    4) No, Socks with Sandals aren’t cool. 23) haha, exactly.
    These pics are great though

  27. flipisatrip

    good stuff

  28. HanOfTheBluegrass

    That first picture is classic. It’s gotta find its way onto some fan signs this year.

  29. Pat_Wren

    I LOVE my man Cousins!


    79cent cherry slurpy Wall the man.

  31. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Awesome. Bledsoe needs a nap.

  32. bleedblue23

    Great stuff. Cousins is huge!

  33. middlesboro

    Great smile D you have made my day now.LOL.. Yes thats 3 future NBA stars right there together and National Champions as well!!!

  34. WildcatsOne

    Alright D.C. You, JW and EB are quickly becoming some of my favorites…..”The Three Amigos”!!!

  35. WildBlue

    LOL! I literally laughed out loud, at my desk, by myself, when I saw the first pic; I love it! Cousins has a great sense of humor obviously but the mean mug shots were great too. This is going to be an awesome season; I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

  36. bluegrasscoalminer

    lol hes actually got a smile

  37. ChampDan

    4 – if they werent before this pic they probably are now.

  38. psuweather

    Yes! The 2nd pic is totally a Chandler smile!!! (Friends fans, anyone?)

  39. BrowardCat

    FYI…The reason players wear socks and “slides” is so they can take off their court shoes and not wear them outside.


    wonder how many times those guys told people they hang with them

  41. MIDDAY

    We do love our Cousins in Kentucky.

  42. Crow

    I like that Demarcus seems to have some onry Magloire in him. We need that. Everyone looked nervous and put plenty of arch on their layups when Mags patrolled the lane. We need to get back to having somebody invoke that kind of fear in our opponents. They weren’t necessarily afraid that Magloire was going to block their layup, they were scared he might rip their nostrils off for daring to shoot one.

  43. Gaytor Hater

    Love that pic! These guys are going to be fun to watch!

  44. sylvar

    One word…Awesome.

  45. Hayesfan

    There are two groups of people who wear socks and sandals Mormons and athletes… 😉

    I have a pair of shoes exactly like Wall’s and I wear them with socks all the time going to or from sports.

  46. kyeric

    …with those photos, DeMarcus becomes my favorite freshman.

    You are the best, big man! hahahahaaaa

  47. MGH

    OK, this is awesome. That first pic is an all time classic.

  48. GoCats2010

    Move over Purry and Pat, I have a new favorite cat. AWESOME

  49. KennyPowerslovesUK

    Nice smile Cuz!! Can’t wait to see you guys on the court ripping it up this year!! GO CATS!!

  50. bige

    Does Big Cuz have a baseball glove on in the second pic?

  51. GoCats2010

    Nice a little Kroger and Speedway walk down Euclid, always nice

  52. BiG JiB

    What’s Wall hiding in his left hand….?

  53. ransmith

    Great photo! You have to like his humor about the smile thing. All three of these guys are fine looking young men, who look to be casual and relaxed. I like their socks and sandles!

  54. blackgoldandblue

    Eric Bledsoe talked to me on Facebook. Highlight of my day.

  55. UK81

    Funny! Great sense of humor. Good for you Demarcus. Have a great year!

  56. SlickRick48

    Looks like a punk bitch to me, right Marc?

  57. blueman80

    damn D cousins is huge….UK is gonna have one hell of a front line…cant wait to give the fake USC and those Gators a beatdown…

  58. BigNik

    The pic of him pointing to his smile cracked me up.

  59. nickk

    cousins is huge…look at those hands, they look like bear paws. this season cant start soon enough…

  60. HoratioCane

    I think the question nobody has asked is why are these guys walking that far down Euclid? Can’t someone give a brother a ride to Kroger?

  61. P3

    man do i love these guys….

  62. soup

    How bout those three against any other trio of freshmen in the country in a 3 on 3 tourney?

    Nice smile, DeMarcus. But when Louisville comes to town, I’d rather see the scowl.

  63. gay jlazer

    Bledsoe is ripped, like a mini Micah Johnson!

  64. CalifCatFan

    To smile, or not to smile, that is the question.

  65. blues77

    Man, Cousins is a big size boy. I watched in one of those high school all star games on ESPN and in this pick. He is reall broad and kind of beefy. Sounds like a great low post presence.

  66. catsfan420

    good one cousins, trust me thats what the girlies like

  67. catfan90

    I was the one in the bottom picture and demarcus is even bigger in real life, I would say he is damn close to seven feet, and yes bledsoe is ripped. I honestly don’t believe he has 4% of body fat on him

  68. drew0422

    What the hell were they doing that far down Euclid?

  69. wyldcatzrool

    68) They’re young guys, hell…maybe they just wanted to see the infamous “Woodland and Euclid”…speaking of which…maybe I’m just gettin’ too damn old…but next Championship, I won’t be going to Woodland and Euclid! Did not go in ’96, but did walk down there all the way from the then “Radisson” in downtown Lex after defeating Utah in ’98…and had to dodge beer bottles thrown into the air, dodge Lexington’s riot control SWAT teams with their shields and nightsticks, dodge overhead police helicopters, dodge firecrackers lit and thrown randomly into the crowd, dodge overturned vehicles, dodge street fires, and eventually made my way out of there with broken glass crunching under my feet the whole way down Euclid…and I was soaked head to toe with beer from everyone shaking up their Bud cans up and spraying the crowd…I was fortunate to escape without need a trip to the ER…lol! And still got up at 6 AM to go to Rupp and get in line for tix to the Championship Celebration…my head still humming from the night before…for all who decide to “experience” Woodland and Euclid when Cal brings the next one home, know what you’re getting into!!!

  70. BigCatDaddy4263

    This is cool as hell with DC, is that ok, because I know that little brother used to have a DC, but can big brother now have a DC???

  71. uky-ladyt

    Cousin’s looks outof shape. He should be working out with PPatt an Daniel! Yes, he looks huge but most og that looks like fat!! Work harder, Cousin’s…u still have to prove urself and prove that u belong at UKY!