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DeMarcus Cousins is a “Wildcat for Life”


DeMarcus Cousins, for the win.

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

29 responses to “DeMarcus Cousins is a “Wildcat for Life””

  1. Oh hell yeah

    thats what im talkin about cuz

  2. Travis Ford's Jersey

    I’m glad the love affair isn’t over for him. We still love him as much as he loves us.

  3. joe k

    Boogie’s the man in a few years he will be a top 10 if not top 5 player in the league

  4. Lisa4uk

    Love it!

  5. Demarcus Cousins' Cell Phone

    Call me

  6. jeyhey

    Ahhhh… be young and rich!….I hear ya big fella

  7. Michael

    Freakin awesome. Get it Boogie.

  8. Cat fan...

    Awesome! If only Cousins was my cousin. I love that guy!

  9. Jaxalum

    Love that. We love you too big Cuz.

  10. Cat fan...

    If you think about it, the court choice is smart. He may end up playing for two or three NBA franchises, but there is only ONE Big Blue Nation!!!!

  11. Walter L

    Man, would I love to shoot around on that court with Big Cus.

  12. Average hater

    But, but, but…. Those one and dones don’t care about your school. They’re only there 9 months or something….

  13. Skipp

    Ummmmmm. Why aren’t we talking about the Duke player that bought 100k worth of jewelry during his senior season? Dukes last championship is looking pretty shaky.

  14. Footballcat

    Ive never seen a court like that before, but I want one… Anyone with any insight into what this court is made of? What are the blue strips the dude is fiddling with? Sorry for my ignorance.

  15. tooblueforyou

    IDC what cal says, out of all the guys that have been through here, boogie should have stayed all four

  16. UKBIgDaddy

    #14 Goal post padding

  17. Mack

    I bet Boogie’s new teammates from Kansas will enjoy playing on his new court.

  18. twnky

    I love boogie.

  19. jeyhey

    @ 13)…A couple of segments down….it’s easy to find…good thing this site has a scroll option.


    Boogie is my fave and I’ve been around for awhile.

    I wonder who goes and gets the ball when it goes into those bushes?

  21. Carl

    Gotta love the Boogieman!!

  22. Women Everywhere

    Holy badass hell. That is cool.

  23. Dude

    Is that Billy G laying the court down?

  24. Da man

    Just AWESOME!!

  25. BurnerTurner5

    #13 The NCAA will not so much as give a look at that. After all, it’s Puke. On the other hand, BIG CUZ RULES!

  26. Cawood but his sister Wouldn't

    Where’s the NBA 3-point line Boogie? Just kidding…don’t hurt me.

  27. AaronJ

    Badass, you da man Boogie!

  28. kentuckyjoe

    Everyone in the BBN will always love Boogie. And always regret we couldn’t have had him for another year.

  29. Lisa from the Burg

    DeMarcus Cousins For Coach of the Alumni Game……I guarantee Drizzy won’t pick a fight with Boogie!!