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DeMarcus Cousins ejected for flagrant foul on Vince Carter

In last night’s Kings/Mavericks game, DeMarcus Cousins was ejected for a flagrant foul on Vince Carter. Cousins was trying to stand back up after losing the ball and on his way up, swung his forearm into Carter’s throat. The official called a flagrant two foul, which led to an automatic ejection. After the game, Cousins insisted he didn’t hit Carter on purpose:

“I swear to God I didn’t try to do that. I’m just tired of being in these situations.”

Otherwise, Cousins had a great game, finishing with 29 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and some monster dunks. When asked if he thinks this will lead to a suspension, Boogie said he’s hoping for the best but expecting the worst:

“I’m pretty sure my reputation will come into play … but hopefully they’ll realize it wasn’t intentional.”

Did Cousins hit Carter intentionally? Judge for yourself from the video above.

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60 responses to “DeMarcus Cousins ejected for flagrant foul on Vince Carter”

  1. Ky Swaggaaa

    Every time I go from sitting to standing I lead with a swinging elbow. Makes sense

  2. asdf

    Looks like Boogie was still very unbalanced and fell into Carter more than anything else. Shouldn’t have even been a flagrant, just a regular foul for falling into him. SURELY there won’t be a suspension for this.

  3. What the...

    Anyone else not named Rasheed Wallace does that and there’s no ejection. He’s quickly becoming the modern day Wallace, Rodman type.

  4. GRob

    I am so sick of Cousins. They oughtta stick him the D league. Maybe he’ll develop his mind.

  5. UK Fan

    Cousins is a thug and an embarrassment to the University of Kentucky. If he had played anywhere else he would have been aptly labled as such a long time ago.

  6. Chad

    I think being able to control yourself and not hitting a North Carolina person in the face is pretty impressive.

  7. stratblend

    I don’t know about you guys… but when I throw intentional elbows at people, I typically don’t try to catch them and break their fall. No way this is a flagrant foul… a foul, yes… a loose ball situation where a guy gets hit… happens in every basketball game.

    I feel bad for Cousins, but he’s brought a great deal of this on himself.

  8. tictactoe

    This UK team couldn’t beat Gillespies NIT team. We are pitiful and will be a 1st round flameout

  9. mattjonesisab

    cant spell sucks without uk…hahaha

  10. thugnasty

    Cousins is a thug

  11. UK Terry

    Love Boogie, but that looked intentional. Love Nerlens, but his shot last night was late.

  12. cousins

    More like kissing cousins…haha…why he went to Kantucky

  13. Sam Salt

    Cousin’s an idiot and needs too grow up! Needs to be back flipping burgers.

  14. nerlens

    noel is a BAD college player

  15. average fan

    Looked intentional and then he immediately realized what he did and tried to catch him. Boogie is what he is.

  16. asdf

    Obviously, if it was intentional, Boogie wouldn’t have fallen on top of Carter trying to catch him.

  17. brink

    8 your an idiot. I guess you thought the Brandon knight team was going to flame out in the first round too.

  18. greg

    He just looks out of control after going for a loose ball, but when you have a reputation like Boogie has they will automatically assume it was intentional. When he tries to catch him as he is going down, I think it shows he didn’t intend to get him like that. Besides that, when you swing an elbow intentionally, you go for the face

  19. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Every Raptor fan probably cheer Boogie for doing that (on purpose). Nerlens’ shot was late. We look like crap.

  20. buzzard

    that was pretty weak, my sister can hit harder than that. Carter should play in the WNBA

  21. The Great Caytsby90

    It looks like Cousins got frustrated, reacted to that frustration, and then immediately regretted his reaction and attempted to keep Carter from falling.

    If he’s tired of being in these situations, he should stop putting himself in these situations.

    With that said, I still love Boogie.

  22. lakesidecatsfan

    I think he was trying to get him off him with his forearm yes, but trying to inflict a throat chop, no! If he was wanting to hurt him, he would have! He realized what was happening and tried to catch him.

  23. theWilkman

    Looks like Carter flopped almost as hard as Harrow last night. Both of those hits didn’t require the reactions

  24. TN Cat

    I believe Cousins sometimes does things on instinct. He’s not a bad person but things that have happened in his past cause him to react. The forearm to Swopshire was totally intentional though. lol

  25. Fap Fap Fap

    Demarcus Cousins is my favorite UK player of the Calipari era. He’s the only Cat in recent memory with a mean streak and gets roasted like a MFer for having an attitude. He’s targeted every game and interview and I personally like the swagger he has.

    F the haters Boogie. I’m with you.

  26. Jughead

    Dumb. But, I wish Boogie could donate some angst to Poythress.

  27. tictactoe

    17…I win. you reacted…turd

  28. Poindexter

    I love Cousins, but the forearm was intentional. He immediately regretted it and I don’t believe that he was trying to hurt VC. With that said, this is a pretty interesting article from way back when…

  29. Poindexter
  30. Idiot

    Come on guys. Boogie is just a misunderstood, immature guy. He really is the nicest person to ever walk the earth. He shouldn’t have any fouls called on him yet this season, much less any technicals or ejections. He is a soft, caring, warm, loving individual.

  31. nattie light

    its the NBA so who cares. i would rather watch rugby than the NBA and i don’t know rugby rules. at least when they punch or take swings at each other it is interesting for 15 seconds.

  32. Brett

    Screw you trolls and stupid Kentucky fans. We are a good team this year and Cousins is awesome.

  33. tictacno

    wow 27….. Do you guys remember the pathtic louisville fan who posted his cell phone number on catsillustrated awhile back? I would bet a good sum of money that number 27 is the same guy. I was dumb enough to text him when he posted it, and he still texts me about every 2 weeks and talks random shit. I wish i could pull up our conversations but ive deleted them.. Anyways he always says “I Win” if i text back. And childish things of that nature.

  34. GoBigBlueDrew

    Don’t think it was intentional why would he try to catch him after it was?

  35. Will S

    21) Exactly what I saw. Then factor in his reputation and you get a flagrant 2

  36. Big Blue Fan

    Huge Cousins fan as a player. Huge Cousins hater about his terrible attitude. The guy is in the NBA making millions of dollars and every week acting like a pure thug. Luckily Cal controlled him to an extent and got him out of UK before he really made an embarrassment of the program. The guy has some MAJOR anger problems.

  37. Ibleedblue2122

    It looked pretty intentional to me….

  38. Boogie

    At least I’m a real thug. The rest of you do the same, just on the internet. Shame on you. Say goodbye to the bad guy, cause its the last time you gonna see one like me for a while (you people need me!)

  39. ohiocatfan

    Looks to me like he realized as he was doing it that he shouldn’t be and tried to recover and make it look unintentional. He is a punk and a crybaby.

  40. YourBoyBlue

    Intentional, then it dawned on him that his NBA salary is floating on thin ice so he tried to play it off.

    If you don’t see it that way, then try taking off the blue tinted glasses because if Boogie played college ball at Tennesse you guys would be calling for a lifetime ban by now.

    He needs to get his sh!t together and act like a professional.

    From an unbiased, die-hard UK fan.

  41. wabaco

    Cousins and Magloire (who was an NBA All-Star) are two of my favorite CATS and both were/are thug players. Regardless, both took shots at UofL players and I certainly praise them for that and if you wouldn’t take the chance to elbow a UofL player/or fan in the head and get away with you know you’d do it. Magloire got Hansbrough good, Andre Riddick went after Sheed. Let’s also not forget the crossface crippler Magloire put on Wojciechowski in the elite 8 in 98. That Rondo/Cousins scuffle was blown out of proportion as was the OJ Mayo nut shot, you’d hit him too.

  42. WTF

    Intentional then half way thru he was life Shi@! and tried to play it off.

    Sorry dude. Grow up.

  43. blue smoke

    #40, exactly right. How can some of you not see this?

  44. Keeping it real

    He surely started to attack but realized he should not. He pulled up and even tried to stop the falling Carter. Regrettable action here will be met with a big fine because of his history.

  45. bmt22033

    I love DMC but yeah, it did *look* intentional to me. I think he’ll have a hard time convincing the Kings staff otherwise. On the plus side, if it doesn’t work out for him in the NBA, maybe Cousins could come back to UK and teach some of our current players a few things because they don’t seem to be listening to much that Cal is telling them.

  46. wally

    Kyle [ I can’t guard a fence post] and [Alex,I think I broke my nail] Should take some tutor lessons from Boogie.Can Kyle even Jump?

  47. Give me a break

    I saw some other parts of that game and Big Cuz was getting hacked from all sides. The refs called nothing. So unless you see what happened prior you can’t make a fair judgement call. They were baiting him the entire game.

  48. Wtf

    problem is in his mind he thinks it wasn’t intentional and thinks the word is after him.

    Dude grow up.

  49. TAXman

    41. “Oh my God, what’s he doing to WOJO?” that call still makes me sick

    47. Players will be doing nothing but baiting Cousins for the rest of his career. It will be a gameplan. Piss him off enough to where he gets himself kicked out, because otherwise he is unguardable. He has to learn to step back and not react.

  50. njCat

    People usually deserve their reputation. The sooner Demarcus figures that out, the better. The world isn’t against him… he’s doing it to himself. He really needs to get some help to figure out how to create a habit of reacting differently when he gets frustrated. Otherwise he will continue in a downward spiral until he’s out of the league for really hurting someone. He’s a freeking time bomb.

  51. Duuuuuude


  52. eastcoastcat


  53. BNClay

    41. Crippler Cross face…. lol, it was more like the Rings of Saturn, but still good reference.

  54. Cool_Cat

    It was an intentional “shove”. It was not a hit. A foul? Yes? A flagrant foul? Probably? A flagrant 2? No freaking way unless your name is Cousins. They are out to make him into a thug. I watched Boogie endure more abuse than anyone I’ve ever seen play at UK. But big mouth Dick V. put the thug label on him his first time calling him in a game. I can’t stand that guy (Vitale).

  55. Sickofboogie

    It’s like an abusive husband who reacts in the heat of the moment. Then feels bad immediately after and promises to never do it again. He has that flare up temper when he gets frustrated. Exactly like when he elbowed the UL guy to the rupp floor (and countless examples since then).. So immature, and I wish he wasn’t linked to us

  56. billy

    Cousins needs to quite bringing unnecasary spotlight to himself and then when he does have something like this come up he want look so bad,,,,,,,you r what u do like it or not.

  57. KYWildcat04

    It was Vince Carter so it makes it OK.

  58. j

    One of the reasons we didnt win the title that year.. To many attitudes on that team. Way to much talent not to have won it all!!

  59. hendoblue

    57, your’e right- 46, spot on!- 41, love you bud-26, good call- 25, leave out the excessive language and you are on the money- 8, you sir, are an idiot-thanks and have a wonderful evening

  60. Larry

    seems to me like he did it on purpose but realized almost immediately he made a mistake and that’s why he did the whole maneuver as he was going down. should be a suspension but not a long one.