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DeMarcus’ big night


After another big night at the Vegas Summer League, which included the game-winning shot, former Cat DeMarcus Cousins is the King of Sacramento and, according to the Sacramento Bee, another draft day reason for Kings fans to smile.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

22 responses to “DeMarcus’ big night”


    Chism still sporting the headband hannaka style.


    Cuz is kicking ass and taking names…..

  3. calfornow1

    carl is not gonna have any problems…hes gonna be known for what hes gonna out kings playoffs…

  4. nassau65

    man, i miss that guy already.

  5. Just so you know..

    Glad he didn’t get called for the grab at the end. That would have ruined the game winner. He looks right at home among the other NBA players. Great talent. Hope he comes back to Lexington alot. Maybe even work on a degree?

  6. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Pearl’s coaching helped Chism reach his dreams……..Of playing in Turkey. haha

  7. CedricJenkinsTipIn

    Everything good thing this group does brings a smile to my face. I loved this team as much as any I have ever followed and I been a fan since about 1970. I wish all of these guys all the success in the world.

  8. BMT

    This can’t be the same fat, immature hothead we all heard about leading up to the draft can it?

  9. Jiminy Jillickers

    off to teh internets to get me a boogie jersey …

  10. david8577

    I hear Daniel Orton is even better than this guy.

  11. Touchdown_COBB

    The teams who passed on Cuz are going to be seeing him in their nightmares for years to come. How could the Timberwolves watch that performance and tell you with a straight face that they are glad that they took Wesley Johnson instead.

  12. Yroc53

    Anyone else find it funny that chism was trying to act like him and cousins are tight?

  13. girl wildcat fan

    Loving me some Big Cuz, but I still haven’t voted in the UNFAIR new poll you all started yesterday!!

  14. asdfasdf


  15. 1st22K

    i was really hoping i saw the last of chism’s head…he cant even wear a skull cap right

  16. UKgirlinNC

    Ah…I love Boogie! I enjoyed watching our ‘boys’ at the summer league. Very cool!

  17. catamongtigers

    Chris Webber did the color last night and by the end of the game he had a full blown man crush on the Big Cuz – and for good reason, I might add.

  18. high and mighty

    The interview of David Kahn during last nights game was classic. He is talking about how glad they are to have Darko, meanwhile Boogie is putting on a clinic right in front of him. So they get Wesley Johnson and Darko (on a free agent contract) while Sacramento gets Boogie at rookie scale. The NBA will always be the haves and have nots and David Kahn is a perfect example of why–clueless!

  19. mashburnfan1

    Amazes me how many people think one good game in a summer league vs several guys that won’t play, or play much, in the NBA makes someone great. Wish Cuz well but I will wait to see many games, in the real league, before I judge him and how other teams made mistakes. Geez people get real. I had 35 points and 22 rebounds in a church league game, bet all those other churches are upset they did not get me to come to their services on Sundays.


    18 Did you notice Webber’s sarcastic “Good Luck” comment at the end of the interview and the disbelief he had of Kahn’s reason why they signed Darko…. funny stuff..

  21. high and mighty

    19. shut up, if you can’t tell Cuz is the best player in the draft you don’t know shit about basketball. I guarantee you have never had 5 point and 5 boards in the same game.

  22. BigBlueFan

    You probably won’t see that “O” named guy make these kind of moves.