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UK issues statement regarding new Sun-Times article




August 6, 2010


The University of Kentucky is dismayed by the continued lack of professionalism and responsible journalism exhibited by Michael O’Brien and the Chicago Sun-Times in running yet another false and defamatory story on August 6, 2010, regarding the University’s recruitment of a high school student-athlete. Both the father of this student-athlete and the University have repeatedly told Mr. O’Brien that these unsubstantiated “rumors” are untrue. Neither the University of Kentucky nor any member of its Athletic Department has offered or paid any money or other illegal benefits to the student-athlete or his family.


Mr. O’Brien’s August 6 story also mischaracterizes the NCAA’s involvement in this matter by stating that “the NCAA is ‘checking’ into the recruitment of” the student-athlete. The University of Kentucky spoke with David Price, NCAA Vice President of Enforcement, who advised that the NCAA contacted Mr. O’Brien simply to inquire as to the alleged sources for his article and that “this in no way confirms an NCAA investigation of the University” or an examination of the recruitment of the named student-athlete. It is the University’s understanding that such an inquiry represents the NCAA’s normal procedure any time allegations of misconduct are made, no matter how outrageous or unsubstantiated they may be.


The University of Kentucky has put Mr. O’Brien and the Chicago Sun-Times on notice that these published statements are false and defamatory. The University fully supports any action the student-athlete and his family may take against Mr. O’Brien and the Chicago Sun-Times. The University is also evaluating all available rights and remedies it may have against Mr. O’Brien and the Chicago Sun-Times in responding to these false and defamatory statements.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

49 responses to “UK issues statement regarding new Sun-Times article”

  1. Rush3Redux

    Hell yes. Bring it.

  2. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    Take. Them. Down.

  3. TheBigBooyah

    “Go F*ck Yourseeeeeelf.”

    -Les Grossman

  4. Indycatfan

    I say sue their collective asses back to the day of writing on stone tablets.

  5. segdirb1

    Lets grow a pair and go after these wing-nuts. I have no idea how someone could write such a thing about a 17 year old kid and not plan on getting sued. Look, if its true then you’d better have a boat load of facts proving it. If not, you are a fool for even printing the story…. Unless the University and the kid’s family does nothing about it, then you’ve just sold a bunch of papers and made a name for yourself.

  6. CedricJenkinsTipIn

    Rip em up, tear em up, give em hell lawyers!

  7. Blasphemy

    And by “The University is also evaluating all available rights and remedies it may have against Mr. O’Brien and the Chicago Sun-Times in responding to these false and defamatory statements,” they mean: we are probably going to sue their asses.

  8. catfaninchattanooga

    Somewhere Chuck Norris is putting on his Randall Cobb outfit and booking a flight to Chicago.

  9. Secretariat

    I live in Chicago and have the week off…maybe I should stand outside their offices and push for a boycott for slandering a minor in a sad attempt to drive sales.

  10. UKfansNKY


  11. uksbiggestfan

    8) that my friend was beautiful!UK#1

  12. SexnNursinHomes

    UK’s atty better bleed blue, and I mean be like Johnnie Cochran on O.J’s case.

  13. -LouisvilleFanKreg
  14. david8577

    Yes, please sue them.

  15. secretagent0014

    One scenario is schools could decide to stay away from Davis in fear of a NCAA “investigation”. Davis doesn’t get to go to the school he wants and doesn’t develop like he should. Davis’s draft status drops he doesn’t become a lottery pick and he loses millions. All this could happen because some idiot prints an un substantiated rumor. I say the Davis’s have a good case.

  16. WalkersGoggles

    sounds like local Illinois/Chicago schools are probably behind these “rumors”. Pretty pathetic

  17. billwill431

    one thing about the internet and blogging is it puts people in a position to lie like a rug and get away with it

  18. kyeric


  19. KnightinUKarmor

    Two sides to every story…although in this case…..Michael O’Brien, in the words of Coach Cal, “you do not poop ice cream mothereffa!”

  20. kyeric

    One thing to realize from this UK press release:

    “The University fully supports any action the student-athlete and his family may take against Mr. O’Brien and the Chicago Sun-Times”.

    Kentucky already has your back, Mr. Davis… and they screwed with the wrong guys.

  21. uksbiggestfan

    PROVE IT!!! “I can’t Mother F***er!!!”

  22. kyeric

    21. Honestly, that NEVER gets old. hahahaaa!

  23. IAM4UK-KSR

    Nice that the University “supports any action by the family against Mr O’Brien”; however, I’d like for the University to take their own action against Mr O’Brien.

  24. sladet87
  25. PriceCycleCoOnWarnock

    Four sources have come forward stating that Michael O’Brien has attempted to extort them of $10 million dollars each for their involvement with a rumored 15 second encounter with Pat Forde at a book signing in Chicago. Apparently, the Sun-Times is owned by an organized crime family from New York with ties to Rick Pitino, and this crime family reportedly threatened O’Brien with concrete shoes if he didn’t create a diversion from the current embarrassing situation in Louisville. Unidentified parties have confirmed that O’Brien is a lesbian cross-dresser with several child molestation charges filed against him in the state of California. His alleged homosexual relationship with Pete Thamel of the New York Times has been continuing since Thamel was released from the state penitentiary after serving 2 years for inappropriate contact with a teenage boy in the newspaper’s offices. The Sun-Times has denied involvement, but rumors are consistent that their imminent bankruptcy filing is the cause for their illegal money laundering activity. All yet to be named accusers’ identities are protected as sources of an ongoing investigation by the FBI into the Mr. O’Brien’s financial records pertaining to his cocaine trafficking.

  26. Flag City Cat

    25. That my friend is a KSR Hall of Fame Post…CLASSIC!

    Flag City

  27. uksbiggestfan

    26- ditto hahaha

  28. taylorsvillecat

    I second the nomination of 25 to the KSR HOF!

  29. Indycatfan

    25 all that is more true than you think, except even the syndicate has turned their backs on Quick Rick…15 seconds c’mon, it takes longer than that to take a piss for God’s sake!

  30. uksbiggestfan

    30- it says “alright B!+c*, u push me one more time and we’re gonna have a hoe down!” lmfao

  31. crazydave4

    Funny how this has not hit ESPN yet.

  32. enes

    This is such a lie that Obama, being from Chicago, must be involved somehow.

  33. STLBetaNu1771

    One thing not being considered (at least that i’ve read) is the fact that the parent publisher of the Chicago Sun Times, Sun Times Media LLC, is in the middle of restructuring in BANKRUPTCY. The university can say whatever they want, but theres technically, not a company to sue, unless you go after Mr. O’brien personally. Matt, could you elaborate any further on the course of action the University can take legally to go after a company in bankruptcy. Also, this should say a lot about the integrity of the company…at this point they’d do just about ANYTHING to get readers…maybe even accuse a local kid of asking his suitors for cash in exchange for a commit.

  34. Woodford
  35. CalifCatFan

    Sue the bastards.

  36. jjol

    What also is not being considered is that Kentucky is looked at a the most dishonest program in the country. Feel free to sue. Expect depositions into the inner workings of the Kentucky Athletic program, John Calipari and the kid’s dad. Joe B. Hall and his Fed ex’s had nothing on Calapari. Enjoy the couple years of success. Your banners will then be forcibly removed by the NCAA and Cal will be on to scorch the next program. I love the Sun Times and Mike OBrien for doing this. He’s just printing what everyone else knows.

  37. jjol

    Is it legal to marry your sister in Kentucky, or does that start in Arkansas?

    Let’s discuss: [email protected]

  38. uksbiggestfan

    37- i smell a jelous little bitch

  39. IAM4UK-KSR

    jjol represents all lesser institutions that know Kentucky is the Greatest Program of All-Time. He is a worse-than-worthless piece of trash, and deep down, he knows it.

  40. KaiserSoujay

    37…lawyer here. You’re wrong. POOF

  41. BigCatDaddy4263

    jjol, go suck 15 second Rick Pitino’s nut sac like that whack job Sypher did

  42. UKSoCalCampus

    37- 2/10

  43. cc_kentucky

    Hey J Lo, #37:
    Joe B Hall didn’t have anything to do with FedEx. It was your Tyson-chicken-lickin’[email protected]@-backward-Arkansas-mother_F’r, Eddie Sutton! And it wasn’t FedEx, it was Emery biatch. Don’t come on here spout’n your [email protected]@ mouth unless you can get your facts right. You’re obviously not a very good lawyer or pretend-ESQ-Pretender-Jarod-acting mother F’r or you would probably know what you’re talking about. Go back to 3L!

  44. mattcat68

    #37 = 404

  45. Dave Ball

    #37….someday I hope someone publishes something in your hometown paper that defames you and causes you to lose your reputation; as well as putting your livelihood in jeopardy..then maybe you will reconsider spouting fiction as fact…all the sun-times has done is try to imply that a 17-18 year old kid is on the take for the mere sake of trying to hurt Calipari and the University of Kentucky…shoddy journalism at best…but then to compound it with your witless and factless banter only proves the point that in this day and age all one has to do is cry wolf and the mindless numbing agents of foolishness like yourself come running in lockstep to chime in with your white noise rhetoric…facts are facts, and isn’t it so easy to bypass facts to create libelous statements and then hide behind the phrase “unnamed sources confirmed”….which is like printing the headline “blind man sees UFO” then scrawling that we must not be alone in the universe…it should be mandatory that if an accusation can be written in a public forum then the “source” should have to step forward…but that would open up a can of lawsuits now wouldn’t it…the only reason those sources are “unnamed” is because what they are saying is fabricated…maybe you should watch “Absent of Malice” a few times to understand the devolution of the national media into what they are today…nothing more than well paid gossip hounds without a sense of right and wrong…just an agenda…and JJOL can add more baseless rhetoric to the already steaming and ever increasing mound of crap being written by the national (and to some degree local) press which has no basis in reality…my guess is the three “unnamed sources” are janitors at Ohio State (maybe I should print that…seems like if it’s published, it must be true then)…moronic

  46. Dave C

    #37-You’re mom must called, but I couldn’t understand a word she said. She had a donkey root in her mouth. Must run in the family you corksucker.

  47. Dave Ball

    sorry…absence of malice..been awhile since i’ve seen that film…just wanted to be correct

  48. jjol

    Guys, why would I be jealous of a school in a state with no pro sports teams (unless you count UK basketball). Up here in the North, we have art museums, professional sports and running water. Enjoy your horse manure. Sorry if I got confused about Joe B. Hall and Eddie Sutton- I didn’t realize there was a difference. You see, no one up here in the Union gives a crap about Kentucky or Kentucky basketball. We just know a cheater when we see one and you’ve got one. Enjoy him, enjoy all your one and done “student-athletes”, and enjoy your mediocre UK degrees. I’ll log back in after the UK lawsuit against the Sun Times. So I guess I’ll be back as soon as Kentucky joins the IVY league. In the meantime, feel free to rip me to shreds in this message board. I’ll never know about it unless you email me here [email protected] and I could care less.

  49. Dave Ball

    wow…the Union….they must be awfully proud that you speak for the entire nation with your pretentious art museums, overrated professional sports that rely on PED’s to extricate $$$ from pitiful fools without any true connections to reality…and of course, running water to flush away the verbal feces that flows freely from your mouth…the Ivy league…cheating…let us not forget about Harvard and their recent cheating issues…but I forget..those in the north tend to reinvent the truth to fit their own agenda…really nice to know that you are an attorney…it explains quite a bit (present moderators of this site excluded) about your lavish attempt at being witty at the expense of those you look down your nose at…very northern indeed to espouse the virtues of truth, unity and equality while being prejudiced towards your neighbors in the south by pushing stereotypes…hypocrisy at its’ finest…good for you…classless