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DeAndre Liggins Commitment Pending (UPDATE….Its Done)


I just spoke with a recruiting source and an AAU coach close to the process and it looks as if news is about to break…..DeAndre Liggins either has or may be very close to announcing a commitment to the University of Kentucky. More as it comes………..UPDATE…. LIGGINS HAS COMMITTED

Marc Maggard has been on top of this from day one and will be on the Sports Mob at 5:30 to discuss more… below.

Sports Mob

Article written by Matt Jones

436 responses to “DeAndre Liggins Commitment Pending (UPDATE….Its Done)”

  1. Justin


  2. donovansucks


  3. "I am a douche.." Andy Katz

    Sweet…now I gotta write a story

  4. colonel4life

    is he mcdonalds aa caliber

  5. Sidekick

    good start to the ’08 class

  6. Anonymous

    freak yea i love it

  7. Anonymous

    #4 I’d say so he’s a 5 star guard ranked #18 in the country on rivals.

  8. deWildcats

    Please commit, please – this will be a huge committment

  9. Big Jules

    Yes, Liggins is hamburger caliber, but that hardly guarantees someone will develop. Meeks was not a mickey d’s guy.

  10. Wes

    don’t want him

  11. loother

    BINGO !!!!!!!

  12. killerthrees

    Love his game , hope he’s a UK Wildcat

  13. Anonymous

    wes your a dumbass who wouldnt want a top 25 player??

  14. Big Jules

    Liggins, Miller, Zeller and Cyz. Thats my prediction for the class, although i think we may add a point in there.

  15. kurt

    i want liggins, miller, and a couple of bigs in the ’08 class

  16. Big Jules

    Answer to #13


  17. Anonymous

    Wayne Turner- globetrotter

  18. Dwight Schrute

    I.D. badges are long overdue. Security in this office park is a joke. Last year, I came to work with my spud gun in a duffel bag. I sat at my desk all day, with a rifle that shoots potatoes at 60 pounds per square inch. Can you imagine if I was deranged?

  19. gobillyclyde

    i want liggins, miller, and zeller

  20. Appalachian Wonder

    Much rather have Warren, Clarke, and Miller. I hope we don’t lose those guys because this guy signs. If we sign Liggins and Washington, that leaves only one spot for 08.

  21. mr david


  22. Big Jules

    Why do you not want Liggins?? He is rated higher than Warren and Clarke??

  23. 69'Z

    Liggins would be a great get. Very versatile team player. Sign him up BG!

  24. MMfiji

    Liggins would be a great addition considering he can play three positions…

  25. Tim

    #20, huh??????? Besides Warren, Liggins is better than the others. He’s a McD’s AA, how can we turn him down if he wants to come? Miller has had an offer for a while, that’s all Billy G could do

  26. Anonymous


    He isnt higher than warren on rivals, plus i think warren+clarke > liggins

  27. Big Jules

    Sorry, Warren is rated higher by rivals, but still. To say that you dont want this guy is short sighted. I mean, would you say that every time we signed a top 20 player???

  28. Big Jules

    Yeah, but Zeller + Liggins > Warren and Clarke.

    Plus you dont know they are a package deal. I cant remember ANY package deals in college bball besides the OSU boys

  29. Anonymous

    Oh i want him, i just dont want him if it means we dont get warren AND rontei

  30. 69'Z

    You just can’t please everyone. I guess that’s why our coach runs the show. I trust his judgement.

  31. ricdix

    You don’t turn away this level of talent hoping for someone else to make up their mind….. period.

  32. MikeD

    “warren+clarke > liggins” Seriously?
    I think the saying is “a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush”

  33. Anonymous

    Yea, you could be right.

    I agree with the first come first serve though, i like it. Ill take whoever Billy G thinks is good enough.

  34. Lee Martin

    Why do we care if or who is in the rafters at freedom hall?

  35. Big Jules

    I think it would be tough to sign Warren, Clarke and Liggins. Because that would undboutedly sway Miller elsewhere and really limit our options to sign a big man. Liggins is exactly the kind of guard we need, able to play 3 positions. I think he will be a great fit and it will be nice to have some athletes once again.

  36. deWildcats

    LIGGINS is huge … and probably equal to players rated higher PLUS he wants to play for UK.

  37. adaircam4

    anybody who says they don’t want Liggins is a take talent when it is available, and with a talent like Liggins, you have to take that..this would be a great get and the cornerstone of a great 08 class

  38. KB23

    Im in love with Willie Warren.I want him BAD.


    I want Warren and Clarke but 30 is right. You dont turn away talent like Liggins hoping the other two commit. The UK train is leaving the station, all recruits should either commit now or get left behind.

  40. Azubuikesmadhops

    We are the only fans that complain over landing a 5-star, multi-dimensional (can play 3 positions) player that is ranked as high as #18.



  41. JB

    Why would you not want this kid?
    He is way better than Clark.
    He is about the same as Warren.

    You sound like Tubby … no we don’t want you, we will wait on the players we want.
    Then they go sign somewhere else, and we end up with players like Mike Williams.

    I think this signing could start to get kids signing now. They don’t want to be left out.

  42. timmy

    dude if he comes clarke and warren might not want to

  43. HillKat

    It will take Kentucky 10-15 years to recover if they get rid of Tubby. Nah.

    Billy G. will rebuild Kentucky to elite status starting in 2007 and culminating in 2008. Yep.

  44. Brent

    Can we please ban/delete all the “OMGZ WHOT ABOUT WILLY AND RODNEY!?!?? TAKE A HIKE LIGGINS” posts? Yea Willie and Rotnei are good players, but you dont turn away a Scottie Pippen type, 5 star player…ever. And I am willing to bet that you are the same ones who were complaining about Tubby putting all his eggs in one basket and never signing a good PF as well.

  45. JB

    so I guess we should just not have him come on board so we can hope for clarke and warren..
    sounds like Tubby Smith talk.

    That is what got us in trouble before. We always hoped people will come. Now it is going to be… you better jump on board now or your gonna have to go play for someone else!

  46. gobillyclyde

    matt wtf liggins the best player wat about zeller?? and the possibility of green??

  47. BigJHagan

    THey are so right. As Kentucky fans we are not used to having to choose between several 5 star recruits. This stuff is stressfull for a fan, I can only imagine for the coaching staff

  48. Ernie Fletcher

    Perfect example of a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    Come on board, Liggins!

  49. Aron

    Congrats UK fans from this Illinois fan. Looks like we were a distant 4th behind you, KU, and Memphis. Being from Illinois, I know you guys will love Liggins. He’s supremely talented and a great passer.

  50. gobillyclyde

    thank you matt

  51. Ernie Fletcher

    Kind words, Aron. If you were here right now, I’d make you a Kentucky Colonel.

  52. BigJ

    The only reason people are saying hold on Liggins for clark and warren is because they have been the hot topic for the last week and Liggins wasn’t a big UK lean until last weekend. If it was the other way around and the hot topic was Liggins then everyone would be saying…Clark and Warren missed the bus. Funny

    Liggins is a Stud!

  53. JB
  54. Dr. Rick Stonecipher

    Scout has Liggins committing to UK today…great news

  55. 69'Z

    No way it takes Miller out. Liggins and Miller can both play at the same time. Miller is a 3 and that’s it. Liggins can play 1-3.

  56. ZW

    Liggins is a swing forward, Warren is a PG/SG combo, Clarke is a PG. Liggins’ commit does not hurt UK with Warren and Clarke. If anything, it looks like Darius Miller waited too long and may be out.

  57. Mason

    #48, why is an Illinois fan looking at this blog? Are you that paranoid?

  58. Chicago_hoops

    You guys are idiots if you don’t want Liggins. He’s the cities best player and that’s something to say all by itself. He might help us get Dunigan, who also plays up here around the Windy City.

  59. CadizCat

    “Getting rid of Tubby will set the UK program back 10 years” The Great One. Gosh could Rick really be right about his? NOT

  60. Anonymous

    Liggins was smart to commit to Kentucky he saw what he wanted and went for it. Now the other players need to get smart or they will get left behind.

  61. dwightperry

    #30 – EXACTLY!

  62. steve

    Great job Jeff Drummond on breaking the story.

  63. donovansucks


  64. BirdyG

    welcome aboard baby!!! yeah i must say, for people to question whether we should sign him or wait on the other two, i say, take your ass to minnesota!

  65. Anonymous

    #58 Yeah I seem to recall about 10 years ago kentucky competing for National Championships looks like we are being set back to 10 years ago. HAHA

  66. Appalachian Wonder

    #43 (Brent) – Why don’t you let other people have their opinions…you are not the one who gets to decide what the content of this blog should be.

  67. 69'Z

    Welcome to UK DeAndre. Great to have you.

  68. RyanInLondon

    #64. thats great i love that. haha

  69. Dave B

    Awesome! This guy is a STUD! Go get ’em Clyde!

  70. Me

    Tell Marc his site is down

  71. uofkcats

    Like many I too would love to see Darius Miller in a Kentucky uniform. However, If Liggins signs, then Clarke and Warren sign right after their visit this weekend let this be a lesson to future UK recruites. If you get an offer from Kentucky you better take it your you will be the one to miss out, not UK. Don’t forget that under Tubby UK missed out on guys bc Tubby held scholorships hoping certain guys would sign and then they didn’t. Now under Gillispe UK will no longer miss out. If a recruite doesn’t sign with UK it will be his loss and we will have someone good waiting to sign. Yes I love to see Miller in a UK uniform but he does have an offer and if he misses out than that will be his own fault. I do have a prediction. I beat if Liggins really does sign that Miller won’t be far behind, that is if he really wants to come to UK. Liggins can play both guard spots and SF. So if he signs, that is a great pickup of Kentucky.

  72. deWildcats

    STUD Player – more great player to follow with Coach BCG – this is recruiting – we are on our way back to #1

  73. CadizCat

    #64 I just don’t think that what Slick Rick meant but you are right.

  74. gobillyclyde

    liggins is a 6-5 point guard, but can play 2 or 3 spot as well right

  75. Glen - Houston

    Recruits wanting to be first to commit! Good Days Ahead! Now if we can only talk Baby Bush to move back in with Daddy Bush!

  76. ShaneOMac

    You’ll be eating your words pretty soon. Darius Miller will in fact be UofL
    bound. Just wait and see.

  77. KYFaninColorado

    I say great news…and I am still of the opinion that there could be as many as 5 opening next year for scholarships. I see at least 2 players transfering after the season and Carter going academic this year, which could save the scholarship they are likely to give Washington when he classifies.


    Im kind of ambivalent about Warren but I would like Clarke becuase I think that UK has been too long without a great shooter and I really only care about the shooting with him but when a 5 star like Liggins comes along you take and dont worry about recruits who havent committed yet.

    one of Liggins shortcomings is his mid range and perimiter shot so I would really like to see him improbe that as I think UK needs better shooters.

  79. Yeayeayeayea


  80. Anonymous

    #72 Yeah I know just having some fun with it. Nice to see Pitino eat his words.

  81. Brian

    Billy G, all you need is Miller, Zeller.


    70 I agree with you, If Warren and Clarke do commit ans Miller doesnt end up here because he waited too long I really really done want to hear the BBN griping about missing on another Kentucky kid.

  83. My2Cents

    How does this affect the recruitment of Darius Miller?

  84. CadizCat

    #78 oh I know. It is always nice when UK basher, whoever they are, have to eat their words.

  85. loother

    Tubby left……Different senario.

  86. Bubba

    Who’s Dunigan? Could someone fill me in?

  87. SAEcat22

    I guess this is cause for me to include my token SHIT!

  88. Tim

    Thanks Aron. We haven’t had this type talent in a while, can you tell? lol Our new coach has us so excited that some think we should be waiting for the #1, 2, and 3 players in the class….lol

  89. killerthrees
  90. loother

    I just got done….again.

  91. Aaronedge

    lol @ 61.

  92. 69'Z

    We will have a scholly for Miller. BG has made that clear to him but he needs to commit soon if he really wants to play for UK.

  93. ricdix

    Welcome to the Bluegrass Liggins!

  94. deWildcats

    Having a great ’08 player like Liggins should help land more great players for ’08 – who will they be? I’m sure the door just closed for some and now the staff will push harder for others.

    GREAT day for UK basketball

  95. JB

    I am thrilled we got him.

    In general question:
    What happens if Clarke and Warren sign.

    Where does that leave us with a big guy and point guard.
    We have tons of SG’s and SF’s. We would end up with Meeks, Liggins, Clarke, Warren, Legion (not inclusing players like Porter).

    With no true point and big guy (besideds Patterson) … do we really focus our recruiting heavy on those positions.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled be got Liggins, I was just asking in general.

  96. philstat


  97. Aaronedge

    We can take Clark/Warren/Liggins or we can take Warren/Liggins/Miller. That’s the only way it works. Clark 1, Warren 2, Liggins 3 or Liggins at the 1, Warren 2, Miller 3.

  98. J Love

    This is HUGE! Welcome to the Bluegrass DeAndre!

    UK is now FEARED once again!

  99. 69'Z

    Clarke AND Warren are not going to sign. Clarke is visiting by himself this weekend. Warren doesn’t even have a visit to UK scheduled.

  100. ricdix

    Look out! The weather forcast is calling for heavy snow showers.
    This is going to be fun!

  101. GoCats

    I will settle for nothing less than the top class for 2008. The old description is back for UK we do not rebuild, we reload.

  102. UKfaninAlabama

    We are officially back on the recruiting scene guys.

    Lesson to all recruits. If you want to play at Kentucky, don’t mess
    around, sign early!

  103. Tim

    #95, I think we sign 4 for 2008. A PG, SF, C, and an athlete(Warren hopefully)

  104. UKfaninAlabama

    103- the only way we can sign 4 is if someone transfers.

  105. K-mac 18

    Welcome to UK DeAndre Liggins…this is great news….way to go
    Billy G….man this is going to be a fun ride….

    I think the days of having recruits string us along are over..
    better commit or C-YA!!!!

  106. deWildcats

    UK – we do not rebuild, we reload … I haven’t been able to say that for years.
    GO CATS!!!!

  107. Bubba

    I think a class of Liggins, Miller, and Zeller would be the best we could ask for. I believe that Miller and Zeller will commit before the summer comes to an end, and Washington will commit this weekend. With these kind of players, I believe a national championship for BCG will come sooner rather than later.

  108. My2Cents

    I thought Liggins was being brought in for the PG position… that said sign Clark for the 2 spot, get an interchangable 3/4 (in a smaller lineup) with Miller and Warren and get Carter to go on in state tuition (ala Marquis Estill) to free up that 4th scholarship and take one for the team!

  109. timmy

    103 where the hell you gettin all these schollys from??

  110. GoCats

    Welcome Deandre! UK is the place to be, I guarantee the other schools are cringing right now with the excitement back in Lexington.

  111. loother

    We’ve been reloading…..without primers…

  112. Slobbering Clown Spawn

    Blly G finally got his very own DeAndre.

  113. UKfaninAlabama

    Bubba- I’m with you, I think thats what we shoot for now.

  114. traver

    welcome to uk Deandre, it is our honor to have you-and Rotnei, a big shout out to you too once you verbal, and also to Willie Warren who was Cat from the day BC took the job 🙂

  115. UKfaninAlabama

    It’s nice not eating leftovers, huh guys?

  116. traver

    miller better hurry-the boat is leaving!

  117. Tim

    We already have 2 open and 99.9% of the time 1 or more players leave the year after a new coach comes in because thye see the new coach is going in a different direction and we can always put someone like Carter on Academic scholly.

  118. GoCats

    I have no idea why I checked but Espn says he is ’09. He’s ’08 right?

  119. UKfaninAlabama

    I’ll take Liggins, Clarke, and Warren, and hope our big guys really

  120. Welcome to the Family, DeAndre Liggins at Fire Billy?

    […] Matt says it so, then it is so. DeAndre is from the Windy City, and is part of the class of 2008. A Sea of Blue […]

  121. MEWH

    99) Yet. If Clarke comes in, loves it, and commits: Warren could do the same at a later time.
    Maybe Liggins is viewed as a 3. Clarke 1, Warren 2, Liggins 3. There is no overlap there.
    Miller could still come in later. BCG could sell icey-pops to eskimos at this point, so
    I wouldn’t fret. How after the last 3 years of hell, can we be upset that the #18 player
    in the Nation wants to come here? Gimme a freakin break people!

  122. Chuck Alexinas

    Of course you take Liggins….what the hell is wrong with you people!!!!!!!

  123. Oakie

    I’ve also heard Porter may get a football scholly and become a walkon with the basketball team.

  124. killerthrees
  125. Dave B

    #99. So what…they probably won’t play together anyway. Don’t believe Warren when he says they’re positively a package deal. Look at the recent events with Patterson and Lucas. Billy G is happy to have Clarke there alone, it’s HIS recruitment, he’s his own player. Would we wait for Willie Warren for his supposed attebdance at Madness this year for a commitment? Don’t know if Gillispie will let that ride out. I don’t know.

  126. GoCats

    I guarantee any idiot saying not to take Liggins has never seen Liggins or Warren play.

  127. loother

    #119 I think you just nailed it.

  128. 69'Z

    121- BG has said many times he doesn’t get caught up in assigning numbers to players. He just wants guys that can play. All of the positional stuff will work it’self out in practice.

  129. MEWH

    As BCG said UK will swing and miss, a lot. But when he hits the sweet spot……….
    it’s gone faster than a Brad Lidge slider to Albert Pujols

  130. loother

    This is just like pizza….Good , no matter how you slice it.

  131. GoCats

    #129 I like Billy’s style, swing at everything and take what you hit!

  132. 69'Z

    125- I want Clarke with or without Warren. Clarke has never siad anything about a package deal. That’s all Warren talking.

  133. timmy

    128 hell yea

  134. MEWH

    Warren wasn’t interested in us last week, then he is coming with Clarke, now he’s not. I wouldn’t
    be too consumed with his decision until he schedules a presser. He flies by the seat of
    his pants it seems.

  135. GoCats

    I think Ramel And Joe better work their asses off because they may be coming off the bench until senior night!

  136. slappy

    Billy Gillispie is college basketball’s worst nightmare…………..

  137. GoCats

    #135 sorry i got ahead of myself, Ramel and Joe will be hanging up the 8th banner before Liggins gets here.

  138. Looking4#8
  139. BirdyG

    oakie… where did u hear that??? cause honestly, that is the best thing that could happen… i like porter playin bball for uk, but he’d be a beast playin fball!!!

  140. GoCats

    Dr. Pepper on the house for everyone!

  141. GoCats

    great job #138! I love this website, it was fun to watch this happen in front of our eyes!

  142. 69'Z

    Matt- Get Liggins on the phone please.

  143. MEWH

    Is Liggins playing point on the AAU team, or small forward?

  144. gobillyclyde

    liggins ankle is broke

  145. GoCats

    #144 foot not ankle

  146. deWildcats

    Billy Gillispie at the University of Kentucky will rule the college basketball world … he’s the perfect coach for all of us crazy fans!!!

  147. 69'Z

    Yeah. Bone in his foot.

  148. MEWH

    What was he playing before the injury?

  149. loother

    Billy Clyde makes Kentucky their worst nightmare.

  150. BirdyG

    where the card fans at today??? prolly scared shitless!! lol

  151. UKfaninAlabama

    Everyone keeps calling him a SF, but Rivals has him as a PG.

  152. 69'Z

    148- From the tape I’ve seen he is all over the court. Grabs rebounds and runs the break like Magic.

  153. loother

    Sumbitch can play, we don’t care.

  154. GoCats

    #152 i cannot keep this smile off my face! 109 days until Madness!!

  155. greg

    OH MY MY, OH HELL YES Honey put on that party dress. Enjoy the ride everybody, Billy Clyde is driving the bus. How long has it been since we had options with this many top level recruits? If we miss on one there is another one just as good or better waiting. We are going to be able to play any style of Ball. “The world is back on it’s axis and spinning like a finely smooth groove”

  156. 69'Z

    145- I hear ya’. It’s great. Next year will be the least talented team we will have under BG and I’m still stoked and think we can do great things. Bring on October.

  157. 69'Z


  158. tdr76

    WOW! I hope this is true. I might not sleep tonight. GO CATS!

  159. UKfaninAlabama

    158- It’s true, Rivals has already posted a story.

    6’5″ 190lb PG

  160. RyanInLondon

    matt please quit playing that ky fla clip. dickie v’s voice kills me

  161. MEWH

    I no longer care who we sign for the rest of days, for I have seen the light:
    Sir Clyde shall round up the BBN and Fart in all others general directions.

  162. Mark Liptak

    Great, great news. This is the type of recruiting Tubby and his brain dead assistants could only dream about!

    Mark Liptak

  163. RyanInLondon

    george the animal steel used to eat the turnbuckles

  164. Oakie

    #139…It may sound far fetched but my mom’s boss is a UK almni and we fairly good friends. He has frequent conversations with coach, (and has gotten me two signed uk basketballs from him). It’s something he mentioned that porter wanted to do under Tubby but was told no. He said he wouldn’t mind at all.

  165. deWildcats

    #164 – so Porter get a football scholarship and Carter gets an academic scholarship – thus we have three more to give for ’08.

  166. colonel4life

    Derrick Rose
    #1 is good also

  167. MEWH

    I could see Tubby holding Porter back IF he was going to play him. Correct me if I am wrong,
    but wasn’t Porter the 2nd half of a combo deal gone wrong? I thought he had a forward on his
    H.S. team that UK was recruiting as well, and was more highly touted. Why sit on a kid
    that is only going to get 5 minutes per game at best?

  168. Chuck Alexinas

    If Darius Miller wants to come to UK, we will find a spot for him…..stop playing the math game…..always a way.

  169. MEWH

    BCG only understands multiple choice questions:
    1) Miller, Czyz, Washington
    2) Warren, Liggins, Clarke, Harris
    3) Zeller, Calathes, Clark, Dunigan

  170. Oakie

    #165 Not sure about Carter but that’s the vibe on Porter

    #167 No way I could warp my mind into understanding the why of Tubby, But I think your right about him being a combo deal gone bad.

  171. Stan Gable

    And somewhere in the frozen North, kybassfan sheds a tear…

  172. PudWhacker

    We need mor players like this, and we need more Bastion Booger stories…

  173. deWildcats

    If Darius Miller wants to come to UK … that is the great question. If he goes to UT we have Phase II of LoftonGate … but in Millers case it would be he who snubbed UK and thus not really another LoftonGate.
    So, do we hold a scholarship for a Kentucky player who may not commit? That is the question??

  174. colonel4life

    Hey dont bad mouth porter, he will be better than Redick. Leave it to Billy, Meeks will leave early, or Carter walks, or kick him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. UKfaninAlabama

    173- I don’t think you hold a scholly for anyone. But I do want Miller,
    I’d to see some homestate guys on the team.

  176. Bigbluecat

    166 see u’ve already posted the first link which is the best…

  177. UKfaninAlabama

    174- Why would Meeks leave early?

  178. Anonymous

    Eat sh^%$##### all you Tub fans.

  179. Chuck Alexinas

    Again, up until this Liggins announcement today, it was well known that Miller very much favored KY. I really don’t think that this verbal commitment would run Miller off…..if so, then he really did not want to come here…..meaning we don’t need him…..but we do need him and I think we will get him.

  180. UKfaninAlabama

    Chuck, I’m with you buddy

  181. Al Purnell here

    Louavel: Tick Rogers straight outta Hart County

    Kentucky: Tony Delk

  182. Gerald Fitch is overrated

    #178 – Quit Hating On Tubby!! Until Billy G whens two national championships, I dont want to hear from you Tubby Bashers

  183. KillerCat

    # 182 suck it. Cause Tubby sure did!

  184. just my opinion

    #182 is really Tubby! Please everyone show Tubby some love!

  185. tdr76 is reporting that Liggins has verballed to UK today and will encouraging Zeller to become a Cat as Well

  186. Al Purnell here
  187. MM101

    #173 This has been explanined bunches of times….If Miller wants to come to UK, he will have a scholarship made available. Coach offered and will make it happen.
    We could very well end up with a class of Liggins, Clarke, Warren, Miller and Zeller.

  188. frito bandito


  189. Gerald Fitch sucks

    #183 and #184 – How many rings does Tubby have? How many rings does Billy G have?

  190. Al Purnell here

    Brooklyn Brawler

  191. Gerald Fitch = overrated

    Quit Bashing Tubby!!

  192. Anonymous

    Wasn’t the repo man just jake the snake…

  193. Gerald Fitch was overrated

    Listening to Matt Jones is worse than listening to my sister. Please shut him up Rob! WE NEED A BASEBALL REPORT. That will shut Matt up since he is a non-sports fan.

  194. SAEcat22

    KoKo B-Ware! (he had a parrot with him all the time)

    Also, Jimmy Superfly Snuka.


    Brutus the Barber Beefcake


    Virgil (Ded Dibiase’s butler/sidekick/lover)

  195. SAEcat22

    Junkyard Dog and the Iron Sheik too 😛

  196. RyanInLondon

    what about the british bulldog davey boy smith

  197. Anon E Moose

    Isaac Yankem was the Fake Diesel, who was in turn Kane. Matt your wrestling skills need some help. Oh and Crush is NOT dead.

  198. deWildcats

    #187 – that would be a great class.
    Can some one explain – How are Liggins and Zeller associated?

  199. Al Purnell here
  200. Al Purnell here

    Superstar Bill Dundee

  201. frito bandito

    who was adam bombs other characters? someone told me he was kane..
    and was there more than one kane?

    i was only in to wwf from roughly 1989 to 1995.

  202. loother

    Danny Davis Operates the wrestling in this area…or did.

  203. SAEcat22

    The GENIUS (and don’t forget his finishing move… THE HONOR ROLL hahahahahaha)

  204. zachky

    big boss man was the guardian angel in wcw…kane was issac yankem and fake diesel…other hideous wrestlers from the past…duke the dumpster drosey..tugboat..and i think we are leaving out the king of terrible gimmicks the red rooster terry taylor..half man half rooster..the end

  205. bcgobsession

    WOW! This is absolutely fabulous! Liggins has started the ball rolling, we now have a GREAT 5 star committment for the 2008 class. Definitely time for some celebratory drinks!!! I’m so happy to have this come to fruition– its going to start some fires under other potential recruits. They will realize that either they lose their chance to play for BCG or they commit NOW! And we all know you want most what you can’t have. Welcome home D Liggins!!

    (Anyone notice that he has double consonants in his name? Just like MiLLer, ZeLLer,WaRRen, & GiLLispie??? Its an omen…)

  206. zachky

    adam bomb was bryan clark..only been one kane

  207. loother

    Bearcat Brown

  208. SAEcat22

    Matt, could you comment on this Gargamel kid for 2010?

    Papashongo made Ultimate Warrior throw up… that’s his claim to fame

  209. Al Purnell here
  210. bcgobsession

    As for Miller– BCG won’t let him slip through his fingers. BCG is still trying to prove himself to Kentucky (the university, the fans, the high school coaches), which means he’ll have a spot for Miller regardless of whether he signs away the rest of the 08 schollies (especially since its BCG’s first year here). There’s always a way around a scholly situation. We all know that if Miller wants to come to UK, BCG will find a way to have him on the team.

    My question is: How can a kid raised in Kentucky not want to automatically sign with UK in the first place? I don’t think he bleeds blue in his heart since he’s not committed to UK right now. I’d gladly accept Miller as a UK player, but currently I’m questioning his loyalty to the BBN, which makes me want him a little less.

  211. Anon E Moose

    Adam Bomb was Wrath and Bryan Clarke in WCW

  212. frito bandito

    who remembers when earthquake smashed jake the snake’s boa? thats when jake turned villian and used cobras…then he got randy savage tied up in the ropes and had the cobra bite him..they had “censored” over was golden.

  213. loother

    Worst wrestler EVER George Gulas…the end.

  214. Anon E Moose

    Not only did Earthquake smash Damien, he fed them to I think Alfred Hayes.

  215. Bigbluecat

    leap n lanning

  216. Anon E Moose

    My vote goes to Xanta Claus who was Santa Claus after a heel turn in WWF. Supposedly Santa’s evil twin.

  217. SAEcat22

    Who is this Gargamel recruit for 2010??? I hear Gillispie is worried about going to an in-home visit with Gargamel, based on inside sources.

    Evidently Gargamel doesn’t have much love for the big “blue”… or little blue for that matter

  218. inside info

    Liggins is a monster recruit I dont care if we get Miller or not it would be nice but he is not no where near as good as Liggins.We all should want kids that want to play for KY not someone that is from KY.We only have 3 recruits next year and maybe only 2 if we take Washington witch I kind of hope we dont.You people cant sit there and wish for someone to transfer becaues it might not happen.Liggins Fortson or Harris and Zeller is the best we can get and the best avaliable.Fortson is better than Harris.Can you say national champions in 09.GO BIG BLUE

  219. Bigbluecat

    206…you forgot LiGGins

  220. loother

    Matt , you got a lot to learn.

  221. 69'Z

    210- I agree. Miller needs to show he wants to play for UK and commit. If he doesn’t play at UK it will be on him.

  222. Beatle Bum

    My favorite rasl’ers:

    The Bad Egg. He used to hide rotten eggs (chicken eggs, robin eggs, turtle eggs) on his body, including in his mouth. He would break the eggs over his opponents bodies. His career was short-lived, however, due to Salmonella poisoning.

    And, remember the Ketchup Marauder??? During the days when rastl’n almost collapsed due to the realization that the rast’ers were breaking ketchup packets on each others’ foreheads, he ran with the idea of admitting that he hid ketchup packets on his body and blinded his competition with a swift “whack n’ pack” to the forehead of his opponents.

    His career ended with Beef Jerky Patty was blinded by the tomato juice.


  223. Anon E Moose

    Paul Bearer IS NOT DEAD!

  224. Friend of Johnny Bruce

    You can’t forget about Flyin’ Brian Pillman, oh, and Steve Austin was also a member of the tag team The Hollywood Blondes. The Great Muta, The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jennety), The Bushwackers, Bam Bam Bigalow and Special Delivery with the shortest match in Wrestlemania history, I could go on….

  225. RyanInLondon

    paul bearer is dead

  226. pgb

    does anybody have a link to his video? i never saw his play.

  227. Anon E Moose

    Unless he is bloggling beyond the grave….

  228. SAEcat22

    is not

  229. loother

    Percy Pringle…LOL

  230. Beatle Bum

    Has anyone ever claimed to be a fan of Vince McMahon?

    Most underrated wrestler of all time?

  231. frito bandito

    Were they called The Moondogs?

  232. Beatle Bum

    If I wrestled, my mat-name would be “Pete, so tough he uses his own name!”

  233. Anon E Moose

    I’m also somewhat weirded out by Paul Bearer using ‘LOL’ in a blog. It just seems wrong.

  234. bcgobsession

    If UK has a highly successful season in 07– then I don’t look for any transfers. This is b/c everybody wants to be on the winning team & they all want the possibility to win a national championship. If the current roster think this is possible after this season, they aren’t going anywhere & will be happy to ride the pine. Its all about being a national champion!

  235. colonel4life

    Firt offwhy not enjoy the recruiting process, 2nd carter will be forced out!

  236. Ryan

    I hope Michael Porter turns into a better football player for UK than Ravi Moss did. Ravi really didn’t have very good catching skills for WR. No disrespect to him, but he wasn’t a football player to begin with. Porter was recruited to play CB for USC and also played QB in High School.

  237. Chris Farley

    In response to T.S, …..

    “remember the time when Randy Macho Man……….. that was AWESOME” -Farley

  238. Anon E Moose

    Jive Soul Bro is such an awesome song!

  239. PuddingTime

    I’m lovin it! BF’nG pulls out the magic again!

  240. Beatle Bum

    Killer Pete!!

  241. Beatle Bum

    Gorgeous Pete?

  242. catman4life

    The Repo Man was a former WCW wrestler and Syracuse alumnus, Mike Rotunda. I liked he as well as Dean Malenko. They were technical wrestlers in the age of glitz and glam. Also, anyone who says Liggins is a bad pickup….is a fool!

  243. Anon E Moose

    You need to play one of Randy Savage’s rap songs.

  244. Macho Man

    I once played on the same minor league team as Keith Hernandez. It’s a well known fact.

  245. Beatle Bum

    Pete Moss?

    Ervin the Wrestler?

  246. Anon E Moose

    IRS was Mike Rotunda. Repo Man was Barry Darsow who was Smash in Demolition

  247. Sapphire

    Dusty Rhodes… you cheatin no good fat ass!!!!

  248. inside info

    I wish Porter would play football too and I totally agree that the kids no they wont play much but want that ring so I dont see them leaving.I put some very interesting info on the Ross Perot link go check it out it is legit info it is about Dakotah Euton.should be at the bottom of the page I think it was #75

  249. Joe

    Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler. May he rest in peace with Jesus.

  250. Beatle Bum

    Tokyo Joe?