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Dave Telep says Julius Randle won’t join the Harrison twins at UK

It’s the rumor that won’t go away, and now Dave Telep has jumped on board: Julius Randle won’t play with the Harrison twins, supposedly.  Despite Randle and both twins refuting the reports that they won’t play together, Telep thinks it’s a longshot that Randle joins them at UK.  Here’s the first of his five bold recruiting predictions on

1. Randle won’t join the Harrison twins in college. I know what everyone’s saying, that they all wouldn’t mind playing together. When the Miami Heat put their Big Three in motion, it helped that LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were good friends. But I think it would be an upset if the three best players in Texas wind up at Kentucky.

It’s impossible to keep up with the Randle/Harrisons friendship if you believe everything being reported.  Take Telep’s word however your little blue heart desires. Hoops early signing period primer (for rich people only)

Article written by Drew Franklin

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55 responses to “Dave Telep says Julius Randle won’t join the Harrison twins at UK”

  1. GoCats2

    I am just glad you found a picture where he has 2 arms.

  2. Ken M

    This guys a moron. Doesnt he realize the harrison twins are already gon be Cats?? Stupid

  3. RYNO

    Gosh, on the radio, Matt can not take someone making fun of him. Hope drew doesn’t get beat up like beisner beat matt. I’m sorry, drew. Defend yourself from the egotistical host of ksr.

  4. Cking9698

    Ok…randle is good, but lee with Gordon or Johnson could be just as good.
    I bet randle goes to Florida.

    Wiggins is what matters!

  5. Wildcats Dominate

    I’m sorry, but at this point, it’s all conjecture.

    These recruiting guys talk and talk and talk just to hear themselves talk and get clicks. A lot of these players are in the middle of their high school seasons so nothing new is coming out. So the talking heads guess and make “observations” based on what little info they have at the moment, just to pass the time til things start to pick up towards the spring.

  6. Hill Jack

    We never did not want him no how ’cause he kant shoot jump nor dribble any wayz.

  7. Bubba Earl

    Well stated #5, these writers are needing to pay for their Holidays with each and every click!!

  8. Ya Raaba

    Hmm… bad news Tuesday. Harrow out, Wiggins favoring FSU and Randle ain’t coming either..?

    I see there is a tendency to bash the messenger (ie Telep). Dave Telep has been good to UK, so bashing him is pointless. He is reporting his opinion.

    I think Aaron Gordon and Andrew Wiggins should be top priorities. Go hard and get ’em. Randle can enjoy his one year in Austin.

  9. Stmlax03

    These so called recruiting experts have no idea what they’re talkin about

  10. JerryTiptonsEmptyStare

    You know I just heard a rumor that Terrence Jones was a lock in to go to Washington…..

  11. Drew Franklin's mom

    Come to dinner sweetie!

  12. People's Choice

    Whatever happened to jeremy jarmon? He came on the show to pimp the football team in order to get a job. Once he did, you never heard from him again. Sounds like he just said crap in order to get a job. He is a great person.

  13. Bradley

    Randle will play less minutes at UF than he will here, but hey, to each his own. He can win with us or lose against us. Whatever floats his boat.

  14. smartphone listener

    Does anyone know what radio channel carries the UK basketball network for basketball games on a smartphone? WLAP didn’t carry the Maryland game and I know WHAS doesn’t. I have iheart and tune in as an app.

  15. catlogic15

    #6. Couldn’t have said it better myself….no, wait……

  16. UK Fan

    He must have heard Aaron Gordon is UK bound.

  17. Nicholasville KY

    #14 the games don’t stream on iHeart unfortunately.

  18. Shaffer

    I know things change a lot with the recruitment of high school kids. But please, PLEASE remember these posts when Wiggins & Randle choose UK

  19. Shaffer

    @ 13 – why would Randle play less at UF? You realize he starts and plays a ton of minutes regardless of where he goes right?

  20. tyrone biggins

    @13 I think you’re wrong about Randle playing less minutes at Florida than here. He will be a starter at any program in the country. But I also think if he does choose Florida, they will be second best in the country, behind our cats. I love seeing great talent come into our conference, but I would much rather see this kid go to Texas as to have to worry about him going to Florida and putting pressure on our 40-0 season.

  21. Devastation INC

    Gordon and wiggins and no worries

  22. rainman

    Love to have him, HIS LOSS, not ours!!

  23. Al's IndiCats

    If Randle doesn’t want a NC ring, who knows? He could wind up at IU and get a ring for just showing up at practices!

  24. Eric

    Do any of yall realize that he has NO information to go on with this? Read the last sentence. It starts with “I think it would be an upset…” No facts, no sources. Pure opinion.

  25. Dee Snuts

    Scott Bishop is saying Randle is a lock for UF.

  26. Dee Snuts

    Scott Bishop also reporting that Wiggins is leaning FSU.

  27. Who the hell is...

    Scott Bishop?

  28. Dee Snuts

    Oh, Scott Bishop knows nothing. He’s just some jerk I used to work with at a factory in Shelbyville. At this point in the recruiting process, though, probably just as reliable as Telep.

  29. Dee Snuts

    By the way, Scott Bishop also reporting a major programming controversy for tonight. UK game @ 9:30 vs. 90 minute Sons of Anarchy starting at 10:00. Early reports indicate that we will hope to catch the Sons of Anarchy episode replayed at another time, or download it from the internet.

  30. Jorts4Life

    14 – try 1530 Sports Animal out of Cincinnati on iHeart. That’s the only station I’ve found that doesn’t mute the games out on iHeart. If you have a DVR, you can slow the game down to catch up with the delayed radio feed on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and mute the TV. That’s my plan at least…

  31. I see what you did there...

    28-Dee Snuts

  32. Raazoul

    Why do you guys care? Have you learned nothing? How many times since Cal have we watched a kid pick a school and NOT pick UK? Like 2 or 3, maybe? That includes Mr. Muhammed, who will never play a college game. ANDREW WIGGINS WILL COME TO UK AND WE WILL GO UNDEFEATED NEXT SEASON. Quit trying so hard to convince yourself other wise…it’s coming…

  33. Scott Bishop

    I am now reporting UK will land Gordon next.

  34. blitzedanddazed

    Dave Telep is about as a reliable source as Larry “The Lip” Vaught.
    Either Telep or Vaught will print anything to get noticed.

  35. blue suede shoes

    Yeah but Dave is consistently wrong and a bit of a blowhard…he falls within the grain of salt category. Just because he operates a SMART board and has a shitty stylist does not mean he knows anymore than the average Cats fan.

  36. Craig

    Don’t worry bout randle. Wiggins and Gordon are UK bound

  37. Jessdogky

    @14 try using 1530 The Sports Animal in Cincinatti. They start with the IMG Pregame Show. They don’t have the KY Sports Radio show though before that.

  38. UK Drone

    @36 your a drone, without randle we don’t win #10

  39. tennessee wildcat

    It ain’t over til its over, jack!

  40. Craig

    @38 you’re a lib and a drone. Gordon>randle. Gotta get #10

  41. Scott Bishop

    I am now reporting that I had BBQ pulled pork for lunch. Sources indicate that it was delicious. My top 3 for tomorrow are Wendy’s, Taco Bell, or Arby’s but I am leaning Taco Bell.

  42. Scott Bishop

    By the way, 36 & 40… I enjoy your list. Scored some good seats for the Reds Playoff game from there this season. Too bad the Reds lost. 🙁

  43. Hello McFly?

    Do we really need Randle…I think the only 2 who leave early next year are Noel and Goodwin…that leaves a strong frontcourt with a years experience…adding Wiggins is the only thing we need to concentrate on…he is the difference maker…this years class is not all one and done in my opinion

  44. UK drone

    Craig your the biggest drone there is. To get #10 we need the best. Gordon’s not the best

  45. outoftheloop

    #3 Ryno .Who is beisner and what was the fight about ? I’ve seen it referenced lots of times but haven’t heard the story . I’ll hang up and listen .

  46. paducahfan

    Do we have to have all this recruiting? Just let us know at the start of the semester who’s on the team and we can go from there. As long as they are wearing blue we’ll cheer for them.

  47. Smartphone listener

    Thanks #30 and #37. Had to listen to the ESPN radio for the Maryland game and those announcers were a joke.

  48. gog8ors

    I’ve been telling you cat fans for the longest time that Randle wasn’t coming to UK with the Doublemint twins. Texas or Florida for Randle as I’ve said all along.

  49. Katdaddy

    aaron gordon is a beast!

  50. Katdaddy

    Didn’t this guy say the twins wasn’t coming to lex?

  51. Katdaddy

    #47 Wait until tonight when you have to listen to dickie v and bob knight all over coach k’s n-ts.

  52. Joe

    Somebody please compare Gordon to Randle. Who is better and why? Who would we rather have, and why?

  53. nick

    @43 are you crazy? just wait til WCS explodes hes gone along with poythress… if wiltjer keeps it up he could be leaving for the draft as well.

  54. Andrew Wiggins

    @52 Randle vs. Gordon is a very interesting question.
    As of now, it looks like Randle is both the more polished player currently and has more potential in the long run, although it is very close. Randle is usually measured between 6’9″ to 6″10, while Gordon is 6’7″ to 6’8″. Randle clearly has the size advantage, at 6’9″ or 6’10” he is the perfect size for a college power forward, while Aaron Gordon is a bit undersized. Gordon maybe marginally more athletic, although they both are unbelievable athletes. Randle seems to have more polished post moves, and he seems better at shooting from mid-range to three-point territory. Randle is ranked ahead by every major recruiting site, so I think its safe to assume we’d prefer him, although Gordon is still an elite top 10 player.

  55. Badams

    If he doesnt wanna play with the best class in basketball history, then screw em. Like Cal says, we want you but we don’t need you.