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Daniel Orton’s Pro Debut a Disaster


There have been bad debuts before and people have bounced back (hat tip to Calipari). Anyone who saw the first week of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where every guest was either Adam Corolla or the Armenian Comedian, would have never imagined it would still be on the air seven years later. But as bad as those in the past may have been, I am not sure that we have seen too many debuts worse than the one Daniel Orton had today. Take a look at his numbers:

1-8 from the field
1-4 FT
3 points
5 Fouls (four of which were offensive and three of which were in the Magic’s first five possessions)
4 Turnovers
2 Rebounds
1 Block
Ejected for Fighting

However the numbers dont really do it justice. If you watched the game then you know, Orton may not have been able to put on a worse game if he tried to do so intentionally. Part of the problem was his play. He looked a step slow, was lost on the court, committed multiple moving screens and was beaten repeatedly on the defensive end by (of all people) Josh McRoberts. While in the game in the first half, his team was crushed and his inability to box out caused a number of offensive rebounds that led to baskets. But that wasnt even the worst part of the day. He also repeatedly pouted when he didnt get the ball and on the FIRST OFFENSIVE POSSESSION OF THE GAME, yelled at a teammate when he wasnt give the ball 18 feet from the basket, leading Bomani Jones to call me and say, “yo, this Orton thing is not going to end well.” He ended the game by getting tangled up with McRoberts, attempting to throw an elbow and being ejected (along with McRoberts) for fighting. The entire scene caused the NBA TV announcing crew (who are just terrible, but try to say something positive about everyone) to call the performance a “total and complete disaster.”

Now its one game. In Yao Ming’s first Summer League game, he didnt even score. He will play tomorrow and hopefully do so well that we wont even remember this. But unfortunately, this game showcased all the problems that have been par for the course for Orton recently. His play wasnt up to par, his attitude was poor and his work ethic and hustle was questionable. I pull for Daniel Orton because I do remember the kid I met when he was in high school, who seemed like such a polite and thoughtful young man. However recently he has made one poor decision after another off the court. And at least in his first debut wearing a Magic uniform, that showed itself again on the court.

But as Beisner said, “hey at least he scored as many points per game as he averaged in college.”

Article written by Matt Jones

80 responses to “Daniel Orton’s Pro Debut a Disaster”

  1. GoCats2010

    wasn’t enough to eject, but I guess you have to clamp down in the summer league

  2. Brandon21

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer feller.

  3. Gogh Big Bleu

    I guess he should have gone to Kansas…

  4. BPsycho

    “hey at least he scored as many points per game as he averaged in college.”


  5. SexnNursinHomes

    good thing he signed before rather than later. Or he would have gotten a 3 yr deal worth $10 bucks

  6. duhville cat

    ….. but no goaltending?huh……. “Daniel, you’ve got to keep these guys off the boards”……”I can’t motherfu#%er”

  7. uksbiggestfan

    Obviously he is having issues and there is no excuse, but after his mom passed away it seems that he has a lot of pinned up anger. I hope for the best and that he comes to terms with what happened.

  8. JP

    wow is all I can say

  9. njCat

    about what everyone should have expected… Bomani’s got it exactly right, and I could care less.

  10. Calipartying4Life


  11. TrueBlueBlooded

    “thomasbeisner: dog Orton all you want, but Orlando got the 3ppg they drafted.”

    So true!

  12. E Cat

    He is going to need a lot of coaching. Anyone who saw him at UK should have none he can’t play D and isn’t very physical.

  13. echo 1

    I thought Boogie was the guy accused of being a head case. I really don’t see DO lasting a year. This kid has some issues. For his own sake, he better resolve them stat or his NBA career will disappear like a fart in the wind.

  14. flipisatrip

    ur hate is ridiculous — ur malpractice will get my cheers

  15. uk_cats

    There have been bad debuts before and people have bounced back (hat tip to Calipari).

    MJ, what exactly does this mean or imply, when did Cal have a bad debut?

  16. Bryan the Intern

    15) Wow, just wow.

  17. tmuck78

    I’ts mind boggling that this guy was drafted in the first round.

  18. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk FTW!

  19. duhville cat

    Oh yeah, that’s right….. Karma is a bitch.

  20. blueman80

    This kid def has some issues. Now we know why cal might have said Daniel has options. If not finishing school was bad enough, then this miserable performance coupled with fights can get him dropped fast from any team. Stan Van Gundy does not kid around. He calls out every player on his team. If his game doesn’t improve, hopefully his attitude will.

  21. claytonm78

    Is his 3 years gauranteed

  22. blueman80

    22 – I believe it is, so even if they drop him, he will still get his $$$ worth

  23. cluffstuff

    I really can’t beleive you all call yourselves UK fans. This is a 19 year old young man we are talking about here who was a part of the most exciting year of UK basketball in over 10 years. All you can do is bash his decision to turn pro and scream about how much this guy “deserves what he gets” , this is why UK fans are labeled as ignorant, crazy, and intolerable. Sure i wanted Orton to stay another year and see him improve his stock, but the kid obviously made a good decision (He got drafted in the 1st rd the year before a possible lockout). He is a part of the UK family and if all you can do is wish ill will upon him then it seems you are on the right website. I used to like this site and its always good for a laugh but you guys really are RIDICULOUS!

  24. cooler92

    He definitely lived up to the expectations. Wonder if the Magic organization is kicking themselves over this pick?

  25. SagaciousMind

    You are a rookie, drafted late 1st round because of so many questions and you’re gonna pout and get into a fight? Seriously, I hope some analysts finally says…maybe Orton was the one teams shoulda been concerned about with maturity issues instead of Cousins. All he is doing is exposing every reason that he should have came back to UK. But he’s the NBAs problem now. His offense usually stunk, but he was usually good for rebounds. What the hell is goin on with this kid? I agree 100% with what Mike Pratt said on Jones’ show…he received bad advice…and it’s definitely showing. He better get it together. And 21, you are right…if he’ll call out Vince Carter he will do Orton the same way. Orton couldnt handle it when Cal did it, thats why he went to the locker room. So what’s he gonna do when Stan is in his face? Not to mention maybe eventually Dwight Howard or any of the other high profile players on the team. He’s got some serious issues or he’s the one gonna be the bust…and unfortunately for him, I can see that happening. On the bright side, now when kids come to UK maybe they will think a little harder about if they should go or not…prime example, Daniel Orton. What a shame.

  26. cluffstuff

    KARMA? R u seriuos? you think God or the balance of the universe really gives a crap about basketball? give me a break

  27. Jiminy Jillickers

    i hope he’s looking at some of the insurance-backed guaranteed investments …just sayin’

  28. SagaciousMind

    24, no one is bitter about him leaving…players are gonna do that. It’s the manner in which he left, the lying, his comments, and a maturity that he showed that no one thought he was capable of. This time last year, he was a lot of peoples favorite, but he’s the one that made his own bed. Do I hope he busts in the NBA? No, I always want Wildcats to do well…but karma is what it is. And its not the bad performance necessarily that gets me, it’s the fighting and pouting. You are not John Wall or Cousins who comes in as a high profile player, you are someone who came into the league as a project so he needs to focus on getting better and learning…not pouting.

  29. SagaciousMind

    What you put out there comes back to you. He acted like an ass, thought he was a big shot…and well his first appearance was complete crap. Hope the other UK players debuts arent complete busts. But I hope he gets it together.

  30. Vertigo

    Larry Orton thinks his son is a combination of Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard. Can we say “delusional”?

  31. high and mighty

    24. to say that Orton made the right decision just b/c he was drafted at the end of the 1st round is a short-sighted take.

    he could have returned, improved his game and made a lot more money–while gaining experience and developing skills that would allow him to compete in the NBA. now he might not get the chance to work on any of those things.

  32. cluffstuff

    29. I didn’t realize 5* prospects were projects. If I beleived in Karma i deffinately wouldnt relate it to D Orton being a bad kid at UK is coming back to haunt him in the NBA. If you dont think anyone is upset over him leaving early then read above. He made a smart business decision and i beleive he will be a consistent NBA player and possibly a part of the next twin towers in the league. the guy has a ton of potential that hes yet to grow into and may never, but i certainly am not going to label him a failure at the age of 19.

  33. SexnNursinHomes

    Maybe Orton will be posting with us on KSR in two years. I wonder what his screen name will be. hmmmmmm.

  34. duhville cat

    27) …. And nobody cares what u think. But for the record if he wouldve finished his classes and not lied about it, none of us would have a problem. …….and i guess u don’t watch Earl.

  35. cluffstuff

    32. what if there is a lockout next year, then will you call it a smart decision? Hes on a short contract and if he improves in 2-3 years he will get the $

  36. cluffstuff

    bad decsion*

  37. cluffstuff


  38. cluffstuff

    35. if you didnt care what i thought you wouldnt have responded, point cluff!

  39. TonyDelk00
  40. david8577

    cluffstuff – You are either an idiot or a UL fan. No one is upset that Orton left early. He sucks because he didn’t finish his classes. It was selfish and screwed the program that ending up making him a millionaire.

  41. cluffstuff

    How did he screw the program? R we on probation because of it? did we lose scholarships or have to forfeit games? No! and for you to say it screwed the program makes you the idiot. I dont like the way he handled things but still support the young man and hope he does well!

  42. cluffstuff

    he lowered out team gpa and i can honestly say i dont care. if you cared so much about our team GPA then you wouldnt have been calling for tubby to be fired, if our team GPA was so important than you wouldnt have hired Cal knowing all the one and dones he brings. NO! u r like me and care about seeing exciting basketball and winning games!

  43. GoCats2

    This is actually the way my boss would describe my first year on the job. A total unmitigated disaster. I guess if its only one game maybe he will turn out ok.

  44. 2tall1

    42- You’re right,we’re wrong.

  45. cluffstuff

    45 thankyou

  46. cluffstuff

    i just really have a hard time understanding why so much of the “vocal UK fanbase” grabs every opportunity they get to bash someone. Whether it be Daniel Orton, Rod Strickland, Deandre Liggins, Tubby Smith(Billy Clyde i understand), etc……….it really just baffles me at how quickly we can jump on and off band wagons. These same ppl on here bashing Orton will be the same ones praising him if was to ever make an NBA All Star team. And no that wasnt a prediction

  47. tdogg4033011

    47) damn good thing it wasn’t a prediction …. lol

  48. SagaciousMind

    42, what you fail to realize is that’s not how APR works. It wouldnt effect next year’s team, it would be the team after that. Which means that none of the players next year have any room to mess up in class. Orton did that, cant say that he didnt. Listen to Jones’s show and you’ll learn a lil somethin about the APR, Mike Pratt says it best. And yes, even a 5 star is a project. They even labeled him a project…do you pay attention to anything? Scotty Hopson was a 5 star, high profile player and he’s about to go into his 3rd year of college because he wasnt as ready as everyone thought. Orton is a prime example of yes, he is talented, but not ready for the NBA…same can be said for Bledsoe. But as someone said it best, people only feel towards Orton because of his own actions. While most felt Bledsoe shoulda stayed, people also respected his decision because he didnt mouth the program and bold face lie. Also, Im pretty sure 45s comment was a smartass remark, you really dont pay attention.

  49. blueman80

    49- You said it right!! No one here has problems because he turned pro more so his lack of keeping his word. Bledsoe essentially took a backseat when Wall came and did he pout? He went about his business and got sh!t right.

  50. cluffstuff

    50 i just beleive you are expecting kids to act like adults, enough said

  51. blueman80

    52)I dont expect kids to act like adults all the time but I think its reasonable to expect some maturity.

  52. Calipari'sInYourEar

    How hard is it to be loved by the UK fanbase????????????????????

    If your a player your GOLD!

    If you find yourself no longer loved, as a player, by this fanbase… well… you must have really been stupid.

  53. cluffstuff

    i didnt bring Karma to this, some idiot referring to that My Name Is Earl show did

  54. echo 1

    I think we should all feel fortunate that we have “cluffstuff” to define what is a UK fan. For me, it quite simple when it comes to players. I just want them to care half as much about the program as I do. If they pass that test, they have my loyalty. Unfortunately, DO flunked (along with all of his classes). But thanks for your sanctimony cluffstuff.

  55. SagaciousMind

    59, talkin to you makes my IQ drop. Try to grasp the concept of what I am saying. Everyone is a project until they are efficient on both sides of the ball. So in that sense, yes he is. But he is also a great 3 point shooter that makes up for it, and his defense was actually good on Kobe. Also, Ray is a long time vet…big difference between him and Daniel Orton. Even Dwight Howard is still a project because he doesnt play the best offense and cannot buy a free throw. So I maybe I should just put it into terms that you understand…some players still have things they need to improve upon. Does that make it better for you?

  56. catbalue

    A classic case of immaturity, he needs to grow up and understand where he is, he is not still in college and he won’t be able to get by with that stuff in the league. Grow up Daniel.

  57. cluffstuff

    just beacause you have things to work on doesnt make you a project

  58. SagaciousMind

    67, its pretty obvious who is catching the most hell on here for their dumb comments…I believe that would be you. If all 5 star players were just so awesome and not projects…then whats your reasoning for Kwame Brown, Sebastian Telfair, Shaun Livingston, Josh McRoberts who Orton fought with, and the numerous 5 star players who flopped in the NBA? They had flaws in their game, they were not complete, and you rarely hear of them. If you cant understand this, then that’s your problem. You’re the reason people think all UK fans have low IQs.

  59. echo 1

    69 – BTI? Is that you?

  60. Seymour

    Most of us thought that he was not ready for prime time. He will learn PDQ either in the league or overseas. And for now, he can be our bad example when we argue about future one and done players.

    He will improve and he has a contract I wish I could have had when I was his age. He is not hurting.

  61. SagaciousMind

    well ill see you there…and make sure you dont forget your helmet. wouldnt want you to end up anymore dumb than you already are.

  62. echo 1

    This is a pretty good fight happening. I give “SagaciousMind” the win on the merits of his argument, nut “cluffstuff” is really bringin some great sarcasm (which I really like).

  63. GoCats2

    This always happens…whenever I think it is a slow night, a good nerd fight breaks out. There is only thing that could be better than this…..LIVE BLOG!!

  64. GoCats2

    I believe the spelling mistakes in the comments section will affect the APR.

  65. blueman80

    Time for bledsoe to tell Orton to get Sh!t right. I hope for Ortons sake he has a better game. Pouting and fighting along with 1-8 from the field is not helping his cause. If you are gonna dish it out, need to have the stats to back it up as well.

  66. GoCats2

    #98 Wait…What’s wrong with Lord of the Rings? Now a Dungeons and Dragons nerd, that is something completely different.

  67. SagaciousMind

    Well looks like Matt deleted everything…i’ve seen worse on here. But nothing is wrong with the lord of the rings…at least i dont guess lol

  68. GoCats2

    #68 Matt wasnt going to delete anything until you criticized Lord of the Rings. Way to go, thats the power of the one Ring I guess.

  69. echo 1

    Did someone say something about Matt’s hair? The comments are all gone. WTF?

  70. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    O/U = 42 games as a pro.

  71. duhville cat

    OK, my friggin phone went dead…. Is cluffinstuff still here? Man, that guy can type fast! He’s like the Joey Chestnut of trolls! (Ha. Get it?) …….this movie sucks (oh his comment was deleted. But it was good)lol. I love this place (no homo)

  72. duhville cat

    And btw 65)….. now that was funny.

  73. njCat

    Cliffstuff, aka genius… if half the players make the identical decisions DO made KY will have no bball program in 5 years. You still think what he did is OK?

    What an idiot.

  74. SagaciousMind

    69, haha i guess so

  75. bluemeaney85

    man a lot was deleted i would have liked to seen what was said lol

  76. macsauce13

    And I meant of, not ok. And lay, not lie…Oh well :)

  77. ChiggityChack

    That elbow by Orton was bold.

  78. minton

    I give him 2 years in the NBA, if that.

  79. GummyBear

    I want to know how Joe Crawford did in the game.