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Dakota Meyer: A True Kentucky Hero


We have had a lot of fun today getting ready for the big game this weekend in Lexington. But we would be remiss if we did not finish the evening by honoring a person who best exemplifies everything that is great about this state, and our country. Dakota Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama in a ceremony today. Meyer was born in Greensburg, Kentucky, home of the famous Dumas Walker restaurant, and spent his young life in the small town. After high school, he joined the Marine Corp and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The rest of his story is best told by the official proclamation granting Meyer this rare honor:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the repeated risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a member of Marine Embedded Training Team 2-8, Regional Corps Advisory Command 3-7, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, on 8 September 2009. When the forward element of his combat team began to be hit by intense fire from roughly 50 Taliban insurgents dug-in and concealed on the slopes above Ganjgal village, Corporal Meyer mounted a gun-truck, enlisted a fellow Marine to drive, and raced to attack the ambushers and aid the trapped Marines and Afghan soldiers. During a six hour fire fight, Corporal Meyer single-handedly turned the tide of the battle, saved 36 Marines and soldiers and recovered the bodies of his fallen brothers. Four separate times he fought the kilometer up into the heart of a deadly U-shaped ambush. During the fight he killed at least eight Taliban, personally evacuated 12 friendly wounded, and provided cover for another 24 Marines and soldiers to escape likely death at the hands of a numerically superior and determined foe. On his first foray his lone vehicle drew machine gun, mortar, rocket grenade and small arms fire while he rescued five wounded soldiers. His second attack disrupted the enemy’s ambush and he evacuated four more wounded Marines. Switching to another gun-truck because his was too damaged they again sped in for a third time, and as turret gunner killed several Taliban attackers at point blank range and suppressed enemy fire so 24 Marines and soldiers could break-out. Despite being wounded, he made a fourth attack with three others to search for missing team members. Nearly surrounded and under heavy fire he dismounted the vehicle and searched house to house to recover the bodies of his fallen team members. By his extraordinary heroism, presence of mind amidst chaos and death, and unselfish devotion to his comrades in the face of great danger, Corporal Meyer reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”

Just reading the proclamation showcases what an extraordinary action this Kentuckian undertook on behalf of his country. The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest award for bravery and has only been issued to one other Marine during the post 9/11 conflicts. Below is video of the ceremony that took place today at the White House. After a day in which we laughed about our differences, it is worth celebrating an individual who showcases the best of our collective attributes. WE salute Dakota for his tremendous act of bravery and courage on behalf of others and for being a true hero from the state of Kentucky:

Article written by Matt Jones

61 responses to “Dakota Meyer: A True Kentucky Hero”

  1. john4uk

    A very inspiring story and an historic medal winner to a very deserving youngman.Every Kentuckian and American should be proud.

  2. Sexington

    God bless him. I hope he asked el presidente to tweet out his best #louisvillehateday line

  3. ebell55

    Thanks for your service young man!!!!!!!

  4. greensburg

    dakota is the man.

  5. Hokey

    That’s a hero! He needs a 30 minute ovation Saturday.

  6. Makers Man

    Well done KSR. Very fitting end to the day.

  7. Brandon

    Nothing can be said to add to that. Wow.

  8. MissinBoogie

    This guy is awesome. I saw part of an interview with him earlier and he seemed to be more upset about those that he couldn’t save than anything. He doesn’t seem to enjoy his accomplishment because not everyone survived. What a tremendous heart.

  9. Jay in Lyndon

    Thanks for putting this on perfect way to end the day!

  10. Larry

    I would love to see this young man be the “Y” at a UK basketball game. TRUE greatness on the floor at Rupp. Thank you, Dakota Meyer!

  11. CATS!!!

    Wow! Truly amazing!!! HERO

  12. Moby

    Something for all Kentuckians to be proud of……… proud.

  13. twnky

    what an amazing human being. If only we could be half the person this young man is….

  14. mocha

    Slow clap.

  15. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Doing the Commonwealth proud. Honored to be from the same state as you, Meyer.

  16. WildcatFan

    A true, amazing hero. So proud that Dakota is a fellow Kentuckian….he DEFINITELY has got to be the “Y” sometime this year!

  17. Mack

    Pride not only for Kentuckians but all United States Citizens! You never know, he saved all of these men for what they and their future generations do to follow.

  18. Helvete

    This young man is what every other American should strive to be. I couldn’t be more proud of a fellow Kentuckian for his selfless acts to not only the Marines that he assisted but also the Afgan patrolmen that he rescued.

    I hope that he can one day forget the terrible events that took place on that day but never forgets that there is an entire nation that has nothing but love and respect for him.

  19. kymash

    Than you for reminding us, Mr. Jones. Some things are bigger than sport.

  20. esteban


  21. kymash

    Thank you for reminding us, Mr. Jones. Some things are bigger than sport.

  22. JohnnyBlue

    Great kid.

  23. kycat

    i second #10, he needs to be the y at a game this year!! 🙂


    as someone who has served in the military…he did what we all hope we would do in that situation, but very few would. he truly is a bad s.o.b. just hope i’m lucky enough to end up in a bar with him some day, we all owe him a beer.

  25. manbearpig

    Im sorry I couldn’t read this post the size of Mr. Meyer’s grapefruits was in the way

  26. The Rock

    That sounds like it’s straight out of a Call of Duty video game, except Dakota Meyer didn’t have the benefit of a ‘restart’ button once he went all in. Much respect to this hero, very deserving of the Medal of Honor.

  27. Cal

    Wow… Just wow

  28. doug shows

    Netflix “Restrepo”. Watch it to get a true appreciation of the soldiers in Afghanistan.

  29. doug shows
  30. wow

    all i can say is wow and congrats…a true american hero! GO CATS!

  31. Sgt. Meyer's twitter
  32. SagaciousMind

    This was a 21 year old man who thought little of his own life to save many includin recovering bodies that had fallen to war. This man is awesome and thats all u can say. To be the first marine in 4 decades to receive the award instead of his family shows true character and true heroism. Most ppl who receive this award, their family gets it. May God bless u Dakota Meyer. U are a true inspiration. And congrats on havin some beer with prez. Semper Fi!

  33. SagaciousMind

    But seriously, he needed to smile a little more after he got the medal lol

  34. SeoulCat

    Did Matt Jones cut his hair?
    I respect this man’s bravery, and the fact that he’s a Kentuckian should make us all feel a little proud, but that hair, man…

    …and American parents, you’ve got to quit naming your kids after places, tribe names, and surnames. The guy that names his kid “Dakota,” “Cheyenne,” “Riley,” or “Paris” is the same guy who thinks that McMansion chandeliers are great and should be placed in front of the 48-inch LG flatscreen TV in a living room that overlooks a white concrete driveway (equipped with basketball court)…there’s probably a trampoline somewhere in the vicinity of the driveway, as well.

  35. ProudtobefromKY

    What an awesome representative of our state and the American spirit! It’s truly a shame that while we all celebrate his bravery this will forever be a source of great pain for him. Maybe the football team should dedicate this one to him.

  36. Lloyd Christmas

    Considering the game is being played between UK and UofL for the Governor’s Cup at a place called Commonwealth Stadium, it would be awesome to see him honored at halftime like they’ve done so many other folks during games. As a soldier and fellow serviceman, congrats CPL Meyer and thank-you for a job well done.

  37. BFrey

    Pretty badass.

  38. bigbluelife

    Be sure to watch for his interview on cbs “cbs 60 minutes” Sunday night

  39. Big BlueBarber

    Absolutely a true hero

  40. Geno'sCats

    WOW !!

  41. UKEng

    Proud to be a Kentuckian and an American. This Marine deserves the recognition.

  42. BBN

    Someone get that hero a ticket for the game on Saturday

  43. Powerlifter165

    This guy makes me proud to me from Kentucky!

  44. barn

    matt, it’s Marine Corps–not Marine Corp. and #34 SUCK ON IT

  45. WestPointCard

    very good

  46. nick

    would be cool to get him as the Y during UK game this yr.

  47. Roggensak

    He was a Corporal, Promoted to Sergeant. They announced it incorrectly when giving him the medal.
    Sergeant Meyer, Thank you for protecting our Freedoms. You are a true hero.

  48. RonPaul2012

    This brave man we Americans are proud of. We should honor him.

    We need to be very alarmed at the aggressive, non defensive, illegal acts of terror and imperialism that our military engages in. Poll after poll reveals that most Americans don’t want to spend trillions of dollars attacking other countries and killing millions of dads, moms, children in those countries. In the name of what? Certainly no value that a true American believes in.

    Our military is under the command of the bankers who own this country. It orders Obama or Bush or Clinton or Bush Sr around and tells them what war to start. Libya is by no means over, it will be one of the bloodiest civil wars we will interject ourselves into, and which we started. Next is Iran or Syria.

    Ron Paul would first audit and ultimately abolish The Federal Reserve System, which is private banking cartel which controls our government, and NOW control’s Libya’s. It also now controls Iraq’s. The previous leaders of those countries would not submit to the bankers’ demands, which was to continue to accept the American “dollar” (Federal Reserve Note). They know it won’t be worth much within a few months or years.

    You should too. Our dollar is on the verge of a collapse. Ron Paul is sounding the warning voice, has been for decades. He is a true statesman, a historian, an economist of the highest order, and a medical doctor as a profession.

    But first and foremost, he is a true American, who swears allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, which is what EVERY soldier takes an oath to defend. Every politician does too. But regrettably few uphold it. Our soldiers are being used for un-American purposes. Fortunately, there are many soldiers and vets who stand with Ron Paul. In fact, he gets more donations from all other candidates combined.

    Bring our troops home!

  49. Jax Teller

    Thank you and Semper Fi

  50. barn

    #48–we hear you alex jones. got any new books for sale?

  51. joebfanclub

    This man should definitely be the “Y” at a home basketball game and should be honored at one of our home football games! Truly a Wildcat Nation Hero…….Go CATS!!!

  52. josh

    its a shame that we couldnt get a true American to put that medal around his neck that stands for the military. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

  53. StLouisBBFan

    God Bless this young man. Matt, you need to contribute more to the site – well done.

  54. repairthisthing

    I hope everyone remembers what this young man looks like, at the very least, he should never have to pay for his own dinner or drinks anywhere!

  55. Shoes

    That was a quite a story (watch the CNN clip). They went back 5 times! wow!

  56. DT in DC

    Ooorah, Marine. Semper Fi.

  57. sangaman

    This guy sounds like rambo in that description. What a hero.

  58. Cerulean

    Tompkinsville claims Dumas Walkers

  59. Wallins Creek

    48 here’s why your a dumbass, do you and Ron Paul honestly think that if we pull out of all the areas of the world that we are currently in right now that the enemy will stop attacking or for that matter even prevent larger events from occurring? Tell me your not a total moron.

  60. Boouk82

    His dad, Mike Meyer, is an AGR from UK who graduated around 1980.

  61. Matt E

    I am from greensburg and used to substitute teach at Green Co and had Dakota in a number of classes. He was always a good kid and now hes a hero.