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Dakari Johnson predicts Wiggins will be a Cat

Courtesy of McDonald’s

And now, for your 4:55 Andrew Wiggins update: future Cat and fellow McDonald’s All-American Dakari Johnson says that he thinks Wiggins will choose Kentucky.

“He won’t tell anybody anything, but I predict he’s coming to the Big Blue Nation.

Meanwhile, about those comments Wiggins made about UK being the best team ever next season if he committed? “I don’t really remember saying that, but, um, it slipped out.”

Freudian slipped, you mean?

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36 responses to “Dakari Johnson predicts Wiggins will be a Cat”

  1. Ahhhh

    I just skeetered my pants… Napkin anyone?

  2. uk68

    wiggins will be a cat

  3. David

    Come on down.

  4. Doron Lamb

    Mickey Mouse be trippin smh

  5. BA

    We are obviously hearing lots of things lately to lead us to believe Wiggins will end up at UK…and I really really hope it turns out that way. But just remember we are going to be stacked even if he doesn’t…we will just be double stacked if he does. 🙂

  6. hersheyisabear

    Quit playing games with my heart. Just hurry up and commit!!!!! lol

  7. mike

    i think Matt Jones knows something and Calipari and staff told Matt to shut his mouth so the kid could have his moment when he commits

  8. Tom Blevins

    I hope, I really hope, that Dakari is right about that. I haven’t wanted a player to come to Kentucky this much since John Wall was being recruited. And I think Andrew Wiggens is better than John Wall.

  9. Wall2Cousins

    I have a BONER!

  10. Wall2Cousins

    Why the fuk would Dakari say that if it weren’t to happen…

  11. Tolly Ho
  12. The Venom is in the Denim

    If Wiggins comes, it will be the 96 team all over. Number 1 & 2 team in the country. End of story….9th banner…bring back the Denim…

  13. Wiggins #1

    I want him more than I wanted Gilchrist! Please come to Kentucky Andrew!

  14. Limited-edition holographic flat-top

    #5 we’d be mcdouble stacked with Wiggins. Yum.

  15. Martha

    This website has me caring more about 17 year old boys more than what I ever should. That being said… I’ve been thinking about you a lot Andrew…a whole lot.

  16. its slipped out
  17. ky_99

    Isn’t it ironic that if Wiggins comes next years team will be compared to the one team that Cal “at the time” hated the most!

  18. tyrus

    THIS is what I hate about college basketball. Waiting for a teenager, who by all accounts has already made up their mind, to stage a press conference and announce their college choice.

  19. VOTE

    We were up over 2,000 votes and now trailing .. everyones been ganging up on us..takes 2 seconds.. VOTE VOTE VOTE

  20. J A Brooks

    I think its very easy to decipher whatever you’re wanting to decipher out of comments like this… normally… but maybe I’m doing exactly that because that seems very telling to me. He said we 2 or 3 times, which you can easily write off since the question was “what if you went to UK” and he simply placed himself in the shoes of a UK commit.

    This slip think seems more telling though because it sounds like he’s saying he wasn’t supposed to say it like that but couldn’t help it. Interesting

  21. Food poll

    Hey, one of the writers needs to put the link to the food network poll on the main page. Not everyone clicks on these silly comments

  22. go vote!
  23. go vote!

    …they’re losing to marquette

  24. Kyle Pikop

    Obviously he’s gonna be a cat… You got wiggins saying himself how good they’ll be IF he commits… Plus you got someone he just spent a week or more with saying he thinks hell come. Picture this: the number one recruit in the country tells you he’s coming to the same university with you but to keep quiet, you become very excited and want to tell people but not give it completely away, how would you word it…? Something like: “He won’t tell anybody anything, but I predict he’s coming to the Big Blue Nation.” Ya… He’s coming.

  25. sf
  26. Jen

    Most Kentucky fans have never heard of Tolly Ho.

  27. buesman

    Agree #27 going undefeated these days may be one of the hardest things to do everybody should take um one game at atime and see what happens hate to say but U/l will be good again next year along with some others if thier players stay.

  28. j

    I could care less if we go undefeated!!! the most important thing is being the best seed in the tournament, the best thing that happened to kentucky last year was losing the sec tournament final to vandy.. it was a wake up call. you go 36 37 and 0 and think you can’t get beat then the unthinkable happens.. i rather lose a couple than have that added pressure..

  29. j

    I guarantee you kennedy meeks also ate 50 mcdoubles while he was at the mcdonalds event.. he has to weigh like 315 320 good lord that kid is big.. randle stein and poythress will destroy him..

  30. Codyppp

    @26: Most UK fans never heard of Tolly Ho??? Well if they don’t live in Lexington, I’m sure they haven’t….. Isn’t it at the corner of Limestone & Ave of Champions? I’ve ate there once and it was awesome!!! I liked sitting outside by the street and watching the games…. Last time I was there was when UK played Wake Forest in 2010… Great place and atmosphere. Obviously its in the heart of UK so a lot of UK fans.

  31. Ateoff Rupp

    Andrew Wiggins has shown tremendous maturity in the way he is handling his recruitment . I am certain that he will make the correct choice that will best serve his future plans.

  32. Madmax2112

    I hope Wiggins is a Kentucky Wildcat! Incredible moves! Like a Cat! LOL. What a team if he does! The Perfect Storm, starring “The Magnificent Seven and Willis the Great!

  33. Cannada Joe

    I hope Wiggins chooses Kentucky because it has the best program in the country and I will get to see him play – a plenty! Canada is mighty proud of Andrew and wishes him well! We want to see him win a national title, and Kentucky is the place to do it!

  34. shannon

    I hope your right Dakari. Wiggy is the best high school player I have ever seen. If he comes the Cats will ahve a team for the ages!

  35. Tom Watson

    Oh, Wiggins wear Kentucky blue! It is all the Big Blue Nation
    wants you to do. We want to watch as Rupp Arena goes into orbit
    after one of your fan-tas-mah-glorious dunks.

  36. Dave Ball

    oh my…7 of the top 21 recruits??…4 of the top 5…yeah…#9 would be great…sandwiched between a Louisville title…Kentucky schools 3 years in a row??? i’ll take that over Duke, UNC, Duke…every time…LOL