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Cyndi Lauper is Not the Cyndi Lauper I Remember

picture by @gotolouisville

Right now John Calipari is the Honorary Grand Marshall of the Kentucky Derby Parade in Louisville. Joining him is the actual Grand Marshall, Cyndi Lauper. She doesn’t look like I remembered…but hey, at least she has on a hat.

Article written by Matt Jones

39 responses to “Cyndi Lauper is Not the Cyndi Lauper I Remember”

  1. BigBlue

    You would think they could find someone else to be Grand Marshall…pretty embarrassing

  2. Oblivious B.I.G.

    I guess Dick Clark wasn’t available?

  3. Another Perspective

    She didn’t look much like that on The Voice this week.

  4. scott

    stick to basketball.

  5. Burnsj

    I think she just found out an hour ago. Hurry up and throw something together. I guessing she does her own makeup?

  6. Gaddis Bomb

    Oblivious B.I.G. –> that was CLASSIC

  7. Another Perspective
  8. Burnsj

    I had no idea her and Courtney Love were sisters.

  9. kywildcat

    No freaking idea why she is grand marshell

  10. PistolPete

    FYI- “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was originally planned to be sung by George Michael, but he turned it down.

  11. Hamburger

    “I’ll get you, my pretty!” “And your little dog, too!”

  12. Juan4UK

    She is an absolute wackjob. Saw her throughout the season of Celebrity Apprentice. Absolute nut.

  13. BPsycho
  14. Mudcreekmark

    I think she had just a tad too much fun!!

  15. DB

    This should really piss off the Louisville fans. First Cal is Grand Marshal and now Karen Sypher is taking part.

  16. Nick

    And then there was the F-Drop she dropped at the start of the parade on live TV:

  17. Nick


  18. Usernametaken

    But is she having fun?

  19. Holler Baller

    Where’s captain Lou Albano! I’d even settle for Wendy Richter. The Rock n’ Wrestling Connection is dead

  20. Appalachianassassin

    The goonies r good enuf is now stuck in my head

  21. slim

    Looks like Karen Sypher. The joke is on Pitino!

  22. Burger

    The phone rang
    In the middle of the night…

    Porchini’s calling for Ms Lauper
    “We’ve run out of cold clam soup”.

  23. Burger

    Hey 11, yea you punk. There is only 1 burger allowed in these parts.

    Take your beef elsewhere.

  24. Hamburger

    15= AWESOME!

    23 – Suck it, little brother!

  25. twnky

    Good God. She looks like she should be Keith Richards wife

  26. hehatuk

    Where’s the funeral?

  27. Rick Pitino

    Does look like Sypherillis.

    Butt, I don’t recognize her.

    Sitting on any thing wrapping her hads ’round an engine……but for 15 seconds.

  28. REAL BLY

    It’s like the board that picks ” Grand Marshalls ” doesn’t give a shit and just tosses darts at a random former celebrity board!!!!


  29. wow

    Is she melting?

  30. SadBlue

    i hope this is not true
    sad, sad, sad

  31. Bill Hawkins

    Cyndi’s microphone was not on; until she turned it on. To all these parents that are screaming, “Oh my children’s ears!” The world’s conflicts and the economy are your children’s biggest problem. Cyndi Getting caught dropping the F-bomb coming from back stage is not the biggest problem they will face. It will be a shame when your children have to educate you on what is really wrong with the world. Let the rest of us enjoy having Cyndi here today. We have to go deal with reality tomorrow!

  32. Lisa Mac

    I love how her snarky fbomb showed her “True Colors.”

  33. Vinny's Big Feet

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    Too bad he’s already used up his eligibility at Transy.

  34. bigbluelife

    Good lord- couldn’t they have put her in a mask?

  35. brandon

    She is awsome.

  36. Al B. Frank

    19- Captain Lou is dead.

  37. Mbs757

    Cyndi Lauper? Seriously? They should have chosen Ted Nugent. He wouldn’t have been texting while riding in the parade.

  38. BingleJells

    She is one fine hot mess. There’s gonna be some randy horsies….

  39. Mike Ferguson

    Has Ashley Judd ever been a grandmarshall?