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Cousins benched and fined

On a day where ESPN’s David Thorpe declared that he’s “starting to get it”, former Wildcat DeMarcus Cousins was benched and fined after a choke job gone wrong against the Warriors.  Unfortunately for the Kings and Boogie, not only did Cousins dish out the choke body language – which I’ll go on record and say I love – but he and his teammates then choked away the game themselves and lost in overtime.  Umm, Boogie, not a good look. 

Here’s the footage:

Article written by Thomas Beisner

44 responses to “Cousins benched and fined”

  1. Inside Info

    Talk about jinxing yourself. I love Boogie he was my favorite player but he choked this game away himself. Carma bit our beloved Boogie in the rear. FREE ENES

  2. bleedblue

    Gosh dangit.

  3. echo 1

    What’s the big deal? I don’t see how this warrants a fine or suspension. I make this gesture at least 5 times daily driving to work. Hell, on a good day, I break double figures.

  4. joeb

    At least it wasn’t the call me sign, I mean, that would have really been inappropriate! Oh and before I forget – FREE ENES!!!

  5. duhville cat

    Fined and benched for that? WTF?

  6. Yep

    Personally, I like the type of players that just go out and play hard. Players that don’t call attention to themselves, except with their good play. However, having watched Cousins play a year for UK, I don’t feel he does the things he does to be an ass or a thug. He does some to try and be funny and some out of lack of maturity. If the NBA had fined him I would be totally against it. However, if the Kings were the ones that fined him, they have that right. They are the ones that pay him and have a say so in the way they expect their players to act. Just my opinion.

  7. Moran

    See Demarcus Cousins.

  8. Boogie says

    Hey, Karma bit me in the arse.

  9. SexnNursinHomes

    3-hahaha- that made laugh!

    I think autoerotic asphyixiation is a good thing.

  10. WHAT?

    God forbid these basketball players entertain and have fun. I mean they should act more professional considering their profession is putting a rubber ball into a basket with a hole in the bottom.

  11. SexnkinkyRectory

    9) You need serious counseling. Sister Denise will be calling.

  12. UL Troll

    11 – Stalk much? Freak.

  13. SexnNursinHomes

    11- i just bought a repenting machine. zaps out 100 repents a minute

  14. SeoulCat

    We have a Teeng Akol sighting in the dirty birds’ blow out of WKU.
    This calls for a special edition podcast.

  15. Willis

    What’s up with so many wusses in this country. Cry cry cry, where’s Maurice Lucas when you need him?

  16. BPsycho

    #3 lmfao

    Monta Ellis was last seen laughing his *** off. You can do choke face with 9.3 seconds left in the NBA “but even then it’s not very smart”

  17. Nassau65

    Boogie, still just a big kid. he’s learning the hard way.

  18. JRA

    he is a kid, a big kid, but still a kid. Grief, the world is full of intolerance! Sick of the super sensitive people in this world! Happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas because it might offend someone! Get a grip! I love the kid just because he is a kid. Would rather have him come into my home than any/all/every congressman or senator or president (lower case on purpose) present and or past!
    Enjoy your youth Boogie, piss on the small minded, politically correct people who don’t have half your style!


    He got fined for F***ING what???

  20. bung

    I am with u Cuz!

  21. Seth

    It’s really getting hard to live in this overly sensitive country. It’s freaking professional sports!!! That’s where the tough guys are supposed to play. And Cousins has NOTHING to learn, I’m glad he’s having fun. Well atleast before the fine.

  22. BPsycho

    The Kings are like 5 and 20 I should add. You don’t do choke face EVER with a losing record. He should have just said he was actually choking and tried to go with it lol

    Anyone else see the halftime show of this Utah game? I don’t think the segment could have been any less awkward with Urban Meyer. That was just plain painful..

  23. Big Blue 66

    Absolute BS, what are the Kings trying to establish with him by dishing this out, no wonder their franchise sucks. I guarantee that more things are said….and loudly…..that are much worse than that in every NBA game.

  24. FreeEnes

    you really loved that he did this Beisner? not me, I hated it.

  25. Catfan

    Hahaha. I love his beard. Looks badasssss

  26. LindsayDish

    I dont see where this was a big deal but come on Cuz is a rookie he needs to be watching his p’s and q’s. You dont see Wall or Bledsoe pulling stuff like this. They arent getting kicked out of practice. He is lucky to be playing in the pros and should be thankful as anyone should I dont care how good you are. I love Cousins just as much as anyone and I want him to succeed but he needs to grow up and keep his attitude in check or noone is going to want him.

  27. KY Realist

    What a big surprise. He was a thug last year and he is a thug now. He’s a typical Cal player at Memphis. UK is now Memphis west. If Cal were a real coach and not a carnival clown, he would have suspended him long ago. Big Scuz would always take out that g@y mouthpiece and start cussing at Cal. Of course Cal just took it because had he benched him, Cal would have actually had to coach. No one wants to see that. You can say the same about Orton. He walked off the freaking bench and good ole Cal had him in the game 5 minutes later. He should have been suspended on the spot.

  28. rick's sticky leg

    this is why the NBA blows. can’t have a little fun. i went to an NBA game once and will never go again. payed $50 to sit in the nose-bleeds and watch over-paid adults that spent more money on tattoos than i make in a year walk around a basketball court until the last 3 mins in the fourth quarter. lame.

  29. bmac

    uk is east of memphis…

  30. KY Realist

    Boogie beat the crap out of me when I tried to grab his junk. Hence, I hate him.

  31. RidgeRunner

    If Boogie ever stopped his antics…he would not be Boogie.

  32. Ciggy

    i don’t care who you are, that was funny right there.

  33. blueneck

    The funny thing is had he just walked up to the shooter and said something about choking, as Jordan was known to do, nothing would have happened. This is the definition of a knee-jerk reaction. Someone got the choke jesture and throat slash confused.

  34. ukcatsfan2

    THE Basketball Gods don’t like it when you try and show your ass….

    thus a 5 point lead turned into an overtime loss!


    There are ways to do choke signs that are malicious and ways that are just attempts to be funny. Cuz was clearly not intending anything harmful. The NBA banned those kinds of gestures because they wanted to stop throat-slashing imagery, not this playful stuff.

  36. calfornow1

    this is retarded….why???

  37. Sham

    Love Boogie but that was unsportsman-like conduct. Would you want some kid picking up on that and doing it to your son or daughter during a game? I did think it was funny when he did the “call me” during the UK game considering the circumstances.

  38. tom5673

    beloved boogie choked last night just like he and the rest of our nba all-stars choked in the elite eight last year.
    nice job guys. have fun in the nba (or the d-league for some).
    boogie needs to learn how to jump if he’s going to compete in the league.

  39. They feed us lies

    I would rather see Boogie in the news because of a dominating performance. At UK, the crazy stuff he did was fine because when he got the ball he tore it up. Have not seen that yet with the Kings. That being said, I think the Kings over react and are displaying an old school management style that is going to do nothing but frustrate the players.

  40. matt1335

    I saw some guys doing this when my buddy william robert chadwell airmailed a free-throw in a rec league game and nothing happened to them, completely unfair.

  41. NBA league pass

    43) You must be a Card…remember what he did to you guys last season?

  42. Bret

    I keep wondering when KSR will stop apologizing for this kid’s antics. Did it when he was at UK, has done it since he has been in the NBA. If Cousins had gone to Duke, UL, or UT, you guys would slam him all the time.

    Do I think that he should be suspended for this? No. However, as long as people continue to excuse these antics as merely the actions of a misunderstood manchild, “Boogie” will never grow up. He acts like a clown, and has for a lot of the entire two years he has been in the public eye. He may be a great kid in reality, but we can only be judged on our actions. Cousins’ actions are those of a punk. Being 6’10 and 250 lbs. doesn’t make you a man, and neither does storming out of practice, pouting on the bench, arguing with your coaches, etc.

    It would be nice to see somebody call him on his BS, so maybe he could learn a little humility and self-discipline.

  43. Fake Name

    if he does it again, the kings will make him eat his beard!

  44. tom5673

    #44 – i’m with you…this crap used to piss me off last year. yes he’s talented. yes he can be dominant. but this type of behavior says alot about “boogie”. that’s a queer-ass nickname by the way.
    you think these guys gave a shi*t about kentucky or the big blue nation. come on…
    they couldn’t wait to get out of lexington. thanks for choking on your first round talent in the elite eight. have fun in the nba playing in front of 10,000 fans drunk on warm draft beer in the middle of may.
    john wall…you are the most talented player i’ve ever seen at that position or any other. patterson…thanks for giving us all you had for three years. i wish you the best.
    the rest of you guys…you better strap it on, or you’ll be hangin out with tubby’s recruits over in europe.
    i love this year’s team.
    merry christmas.