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Courier Journal Cartoonist on Noel Injury

This was published today in the Louisville newspaper. I can’t imagine a Courier Journal cartoonist would do a similar drawing about Louisville. The wrath of Jurich would be way too strong.

UPDATE: This picture was sent in by a fan and apparently the bottom right corner is cut off where I am told it says “Get Well soon Nerlens.” That is worth including. We’ve replaced the picture with the full cartoon.

Article written by Matt Jones

100 responses to “Courier Journal Cartoonist on Noel Injury”

  1. TJ

    Thats cute. The joke is on them, Louisville fans can’t read.

  2. Thrashitup


  3. Nerlens Noel's Cat

    First? Ain’t right bruh! Ima look out for Mark Murphy.

  4. Beans

    Dumbasses. They’re holding it backwards. It says TIN.

  5. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Hmmm… Inappropriate? Perhaps. Some truth? Perhaps. Am I upset? Not sure.

  6. awills151


  7. UK fan from nich

    This is crap. The loss of Noel doesn’t send us to the NIT but it does prove that the journal writers are douchebags.

  8. phatnutz5

    Stay classy courier journal.

  9. kramer

    Poor taste, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the louisville paper! You are right Matt can’t see them ever doing a cartoon on a UL injury, making fun of them anyway. I kinda am used to it living here in louisville anyway.

  10. Travis

    F*@k the courier urinal!! Classless.

  11. RealitySucksSometimes

    It’s actually clever and accurate . . . it’s a cartoon. BFD.

  12. yitbos

    I didn’t see anyone in the Herald Leader doing crap like that when UK players were hurt last year. Not sure if that’s because I wouldn’t open the HL or if it’s because we have more class that UL

  13. CJ

    Clearly it’s witty and thought provoking when it’s featured on page A10.

  14. Swamp Jankins

    I agree with 5, maybe inappropriate at best. That being said, I’d have that blown up and hanging in the locker room for the guys before the tip tonight.

  15. Joe

    I have been thinking about letting my CJ subscription lapse for some time now as I get 99% of my sports/news information from the internet and the CJ opinion page is way to liberal for my liking. I believe this is the straw that breaks the camels back for me.

  16. BG

    Terrible. #occupycourier

  17. C Ray

    Would expect nothing else.. Coming from those Jurich nut huggers. Go Cats!!

  18. Mongolian Stomper

    I hope that all 8 subscribers to that going down the toilet paper enjoy it!!

  19. Adolph Hitler

    That’s funny!

  20. Dead Rogers

    Truth hurts.

  21. Joel Pett

    That’s pretty good, I wish I thought of that…

  22. Kara Ball

    This really makes me mad. Not only does UL suck at life anyways, but to make fun of a players injury?! Classy Louisville. Classy!

  23. Phatnutz5

    Don’t worry it’s in the courier journal, no one will see it.

  24. Robster

    Simple solutions, cancel your subscription to Cardinal/Courier Journal. I did several years ago.

  25. Hunter1249

    You know what is funny, the fact that the Cards are struggling putting together a championship run in a historically weak year in college basketball while fielding their bet team and opportunity to do so in decades. That’s called deflection ladies and gents.

  26. kramer

    Here come all the UL fans, KARMA is a Bi***! #14 good idea!

  27. Jack1425

    To be fair, UL fans hate the courier too. It’s a terrible newspaper.

  28. John

    I could draw a pretty good one and mention porchinis, sypher and the abortion….hmmmm

  29. Azubuike's Bicep

    I have a feeling Marc Murphy is going to be on the show today as a result of this.

  30. Jack Nicklaus

    It is whispered that Marc Murphy is actually Tom Jurich. Tom’s hobby is drawing and he minored in art in college.
    ok…I made that up but it sounds possible.

  31. John

    Also the Teddy Bridgewater Scandal that will hit airwaves soon….

  32. matt jones

    I find it funny, because it’s true, bye bye kensucky!

  33. asdf

    Nothing classier than making fun of an 18 year old kid getting hurt….

  34. brain

    Just confirms that Louisville doesn’t see it’self as part of Kentucky.

  35. Everyone

    Dafuq is a newspaper?

  36. Matt

    Go home Courier Journal, you’re drunk!!

  37. Bias

    To the fan base that apparently can’t read, the cartoon says ‘get well soon nerlens’. Your leader tried to cut it off but it’s there in bottom right corner.

  38. NeuterYourself

    Doesn’t matter the CJ along with the Liberal Mis-Leader will be bankrupt soon enough and the cartoonists will be lucky if they can find jobs at a daycare finger painting class.

  39. buzzard

    so there are actually people who read the CJ ?

  40. Steve

    Pam Platt is the editorial manager of the cartoon that was placed in the paper. Here’s her number and e-mail address. Wear her ass out!!!!

    [email protected]

  41. matt jones

    get well soon nerlens, if it sys that then UK fans can f.u.c.k. off

  42. mudcreekmark

    I agree with 14. Hang this on the wall in the locker room tonight. If these kids don’t get mad over this they surely have no heart.


    Comments like this cartoon are why I cancelled the CJ last month.

  44. Coach Durbin

    It’s a joke, people. Have a sense of humor.

  45. matt jones

    Your leader matt jones has spoken!!!!! UK fans are d.u.m.b.a.s.s.e.s

  46. CardsFan

    Louisville fan here – hey, guys, we don’t like the C-J either. Marc Murphy is tone-deaf as a public commentator and this is another ‘classic’ example. Noel was really fun to watch and his injury is as tough as it comes. Good luck the rest of the way.

  47. matt jones

    Lexington is the butthole of KY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  48. Lisa

    That guy probably spent all night patting himself on the back for that. Unfortunately, it is true though. I’m sure Jurich approved that one.

  49. Rockfield, KY

    More eyeballs will see this in 10 min on KSR than will all week in the CJ. They better hope that cartoon doubles their subscribers.

  50. Delk for 3

    Why are people getting so upset about this? It’s a freakin’ cartoon.

  51. UKIT

    Matt, I don’t recall you being upset with Marc Murphey before now, ya know when his liberal azz was saying and drawing anything posible about republicans or pro-republican views. I’m sure after UK fans react negatively towards Murpheys latest jab – you’ll tell us to grow up not let little things like this upset us.

  52. iagreewith50

    If this was in LH and it was a Louisville player we would all be cracking up!

  53. ray

    I don’t think it’s making fun of his injury… it’s making fun of how bad the team is without him. Two different things.

  54. BBN is STOOPID

    You guys are pathetic!! Its a cartoon!! Lets call the CJ!!! If only you were more passionate about serious stuff. Trailer park idiots!!

  55. GoCats2010

    It’s not a joke when an 18 year old gets an injury this bad. We are talking about a real person. “Get well Nerlens” is useless here. What a crock, tell a cancer patient “oh man your family is screwed! But hey get well soon!”

  56. Ville Cat

    This should be hung in every locker to show the guys how everyone is counting them out and to light a fire under their asses.

  57. jcpostel

    The Courier Journal still exists?

    @23 & @25 said it best.

  58. Willis talkin bout..

    this is just throwing gas on a fire to watch the flames..(Stay Classy KSR) It actually does say Get Well Soon.. and I’d bet EVERY UK fan has thought the exact same thing. With that said… CJ does suck…

  59. Al's IndiCats

    Really 41? I really love it how SHAT eating trolls come in a UK page and spew their re-TARD opinions.
    In the Indy Star this morning they had an article about how #2 Miami beat Virginia to stay perfect in the ACC. Then there’s a photo Julius Mays guarding McRae of UT with the capition below it stating UK likely will not make the NCAA Tournament. WTF? The Star hasn’t printed one iota about how Purdue could miss the tourny and not a word about Nerlens being injured but they put this in the middle of a half page in the sports section?…..Well Indy Star go screw yourself, I just canceled my subscription.
    I guess the Douche-ness extends up here also!

  60. Jealous of Jurich

    I have never seen such a bunch of sore losers! Half of Louisville is UK fans dumbasses. Just because it is put in the paper doesn’t mean it is a UL conspericy. Go back to your shanty and alein sightings.

  61. WillisBlue

    So Matt is the one reading that rag of a paper. I guessed they had someone reading it.

  62. UKBlue

    These idiots that run these newspapers still won’t get it when they no longer exist; don’t piss off the people that you are desperately trying to get to buy your crappy product. Even more so; don’t piss off the Big Blue Nation because it will not end well for you.

  63. LOL

    55 that is a little different dont you think……….. He is going to make $4 million dollars next year

  64. VP3

    You can’t even see an acl tear in an x-ray? Stupid cartoonists…..

  65. ray

    @55 – you need to chill. It’s an ACL injury, not cancer. Jeez.

  66. Dumb UL fan

    Nothing to see here

  67. Tim

    Rick is petitioning the NCAA to remove the three point shot from college basketball! He and Tommy believe that the soul purpose it was implemented in 1988 was to keep UL from winning anougher Championship.

    They might be right! It has worked so far.

  68. Robert E. Lee

    I hope the team sees this.

  69. liberlmedia

    HIPPA violation?

  70. maddogmitchell55

    Man, this thing needs hung up in the locker room before every game for the rest of the season. Talk about motivation! Thanks, Duh Ville!

  71. Me Too

    Hahaha I hope the team sees it to, they might kick ass enough to get a #1 seed in the N.I.T!!! hahahaha……………………………

  72. matt jones boyfriend

    he’s not the real matt jones he’s a hairdresser from the highlands who’s a diehard cards fan. he’s just a little grumpy because we ran out of KY jelly and he’s a little sore.

  73. El Pollo Loco

    All newspapers suck

  74. Mark Stoops

    Just wait and see the cartoons from football season when we go 2-10 and lose to western and Louisville. AGAIN!!

  75. MM, Esq.

    Like Matt Jones, Mark Murphy is an “esteemed” member of the Louisville Bar Association. You can probably find his e-mail address for appropriate greetings through the LBA should you want to give him your thoughts.

  76. Eight Track Player

    People still subscribe to newspapers?

  77. Matt Jones lies to you

    The cartoon also says “Get Well Nerlens,” but that is cropped out in order to mislead you guys.

  78. BBN is.....

    BBN is Rats marching to the piper!!

  79. UKBlue1!

    UK will win #9 b4 UL wins #3.

  80. FBBN

    Poor Matty Bangs
    he must be bored, the picture also said get well soon, it wasnt making fun of the kid, he only wants to stir up UK fans, which i could careless, by the way the guy who runs the Courier Journal is a UK grad, morons

  81. CATandMONKEY

    Murphy never shies from busting on UK while ignoring the varied nonsense at UofL under Pitino’s guidance. Not malicious though. Poor taste? Murphy and Pete Thamel would be likely dinner pals.

    Mark also leans just a few miles to the left of Marx on most issues yet somehow manages to cough up a few gems each year.

  82. kramer

    Just for fun the CJ should print a “funny” cartoon about an injured card player, see how funny they find it!

  83. kramer

    It was poor taste whether it was directed to UK or UL. Love Erin C comment and cartoon by the way!

  84. C Ray

    Ryan is the Costello to your Abbott Matt… Only your Costello hates homeless people.

  85. bluristhurr

    Well, it is true so….

  86. realist

    #25, given that same set of circumstances UK is struggling to get into the tournament.

  87. outsider

    It’s funny so many think it is a UofL conspiracy. Mark Murphy only draws things to piss people off, and it is funny reading comments of people with zero knowledge stating that he never has ripped on UL. Forget facts, let’s bash Louisville instead because that is related!

  88. Bob

    I still think the one that Matt posted with Mays
    And Cal was worse.

  89. Jaw

    Marc Murphy of the courier should be ashamed of himself. What a classless act. Unfortunately it is typical of him

  90. DAve

    I don’t see anything wrong with the cartoon.

    It does what it is supposed to do. It says that UK without Noel is a bad team.

    Goodwin is doing his best Rashaad Carruth.

    Poythress is a Jason Parker wannabe.

    Neither of them are worth the paper on which their LOI was printed right now. Both hurt the team more than help it.

    Stop being so damned sensitive about every damn thing.

  91. Special Ed

    Nothin’ worse than a bunch of butt hurt Kentucky Basketball fans except for a bunch of butt hurt Kentucky Basketball fans who idolize John Calipari. Whining little ho’s all of ya.

  92. preston

    Ya know be careful what you guys do.. BBN do we need to remind loserville that dakari johnson already said that, he wouldnt mind if nerlens and wcs was there next season. Because its just gonna make him better. Guess im dreaming, but all im saying is the possibility is there.

  93. LigginsLoveSAT

    What about all of Rick’s injuries during the 10-11 & 11-12 seasons. Not a peep from the tools at the CJ. Jurich likes to sit on upside down stools.

  94. Marc Murphy

    This is Marc Murphy. I routinely read and enjoy this site. And Erin Calipari’s cartoon was pretty funny. I don’t expect to change any minds on this website, and I think that UK and UL dishing out abuse to each other makes this state interesting, and ensures that we remain the #1 college rivalry in the country. Editorial cartoons aren’t greeting cards nor are they usually, for better or worse, highlighting the positive. But I want to respond specifically to the allegation Matt (I assume) made in his introduction: “I can’t imagine a Courier-Journal cartoonist would do a similar drawing about Louisville”. This is untrue and unfair. Particularly with regard to sports, I don’t have an agenda – I draw about them when their impact upon the community and the state is obvious or troubling or fantastic. Neither school is spared, nor placed on a pedestal. Just last spring I paid tribute to the Cats and their tournament play in DC by drawing Abraham Lincoln sitting in his Memorial, waving a Cat banner and wearing a Unibrow. Still cracks me up. Before that, I lampooned Coach Pitino and his injury-prone (preDICTABly injury-prone) team. A few football seasons ago when UL was struggling I published a cartoon in which the ascendancy of the Kentucky program and the decline of the UL program were represented by players in elevators heading in opposite directions. UL’s was going down. There are many other examples. The blogosphere shortens all of our attention spans and memories. Ironically, the “research” I did for the NIT cartoon included checking in on this same website – from which I learned that serious, reliable and die-hard Cat fans were discussing the impact of Nerlen’s injury upon bracketology and the possibility/probability of an NIT bid. Ultimately, I only drew what so many people were saying. See you in the papers. Keep up the good work, Matt. Marc Murphy

  95. Ryne

    The funny part is every team is an injury of thier best player away from being a one round wonder. Ask Cincinnati about Kenyon Martin…

  96. RahRah

    KSR, why am I not allowed to say that joking about a kid being seriously injured is not joking material? Geez……

  97. RahRah

    Oops…..meant to say is not funny. Got a littled frazzled when I saw I’d been deleted over something so silly.

  98. Robbin

    If you have a subscription to the courier, now’s the time to cancel it! Do not go to the courier web site, that just gives the cartoonist more hits & that is what they want. Please don’t group “UL” & Lousville together! It is an insult to all the BBN fans that have to live here!

  99. Not Pat Forde

    Matt Jones , you do realize that Pat Forde was suspended from the Courier Journal for making up recruiting violations about UofL in the early 1990’s, don’t you? He lied and was suspended for it.

    Forde is out for himself, as is the Courier. Jurich has only minor influence on what they write. Both the CJ and Forde would take down UofL or UK in a heartbeat if it were in their own best interests.

    And how hypocritical to complain about this kind of thing. Matt Jones is almost the UK equivalent to the Iraqi Minister of Information and spouts all sorts of calculated misinformation about UofL and Pitino that makes his credibility weak.

    Impulsive whining about an EDITORIAL CARTOON looks very childish.

  100. Not Pat Forde

    Also, I do think the cartoon was in poor taste because it could easily be interpreted as making fun of a serious injury. In fact, it was and putting “Get well Nerlins'” was just CYA BS by the cartoonist and/or the CJ.

    But the CJ putting it in the editorial section is not surprising because it draws in readers and gives them an out (because it’s in the editorial section). They’d print it about Uof L too and have done similar things in the past.

    Still in bad taste but not surprising from the Courier Journal. It’s been a very poorly-managed newspaper for many years.