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Come get your podcast!

The KSR gang helped Matt prepare for his first “It’s Just Lunch” date today. But first, the boys talked about Anthony Davis for Player of the Year and how he compares to Marcus Camby.

Have a listen…

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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26 responses to “Come get your podcast!”

  1. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

    I would totally eat that lunch….Tony’s Pizza rocks

  2. douggercats

    Pizza day, hooray! Wait a second….it ain’t Friday! Damn you, Drew Franklin!

  3. Dicky Isn't Walking Through That Door

    Corn, corn, corn, corn.

  4. Wu Tang Financial

    Those pizzas were great!

  5. Bubba

    That looks like a good lunch. I miss those days. Beats the hell out of carrot sticks and a weight loss shake.

  6. hangin#8

    Man we got robbed at South Laurel, we never got a pretzel and mustard.. dang

  7. Patriot

    Why did they serve corn with pizza? Who does that other than school lunch rooms? Never made since to me.

  8. Mr. Appraiser

    Dang, now I am craving school pizza

  9. minton

    High School…..where pizza is alway served with corn. Why is this combo so popular in lunchrooms?

  10. That Fan

    Ahh square pizza at school, those were the days!

  11. My other brother Darrel

    6. What year u grad from south?

  12. Tigolbitties

    Always used to spread the applesauce on top of the pizza and then add the layer of corn. Get an extra slize of pizza and make a sandwich out of it.

  13. hangin#8

    @ My other brother…. 97, I’m old school.

  14. secretagent0014

    I was gonna say this is either high school pizza day or the intro to Napoleon Dynamite. We always had pineapple with pizza and corn, in Hendo. Did anyone els enjoy the “shit” sqaures or no-bake cookies?

  15. Han

    Damn, I loved those sheet pizzas in school. That and chicken nugget or chicken pattie day.

  16. hangin#8

    12.. did you go to Lynn Camp or something? ha

  17. VA2UK

    When they served pepperoni is was more of a retarded make-shift wedge, much better than the rectangle cheese pizza. The pretzel with this one makes me think this is a private school.

  18. Tom

    I am surprised that KSR did not charge 2 bucks for this podcast. J/K I had to go there after listening to the rant.

  19. Jax Teller

    The only thing better than pizza day was chicken nugget day. Extra nuggets and extra mashed please…ballgame.

  20. My other brother Darrel

    I think he went to Oneida Baptist….

  21. bham

    we had pizza as a choice every day. and hamburgers. we used to be able to buy school pizza from the purchase manager but that got cut out.

    wish i could get that lunch now for $1.35 as when I was in school

  22. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

    One thing I remember about those sheet pizzas is I used to eat them with black pepper because they never had crushed red at school. Kindof weird but I grew into it after a while.

  23. secretagent0014

    $1.10 when I was in school, it might of went up but that is the number that comes to me.

  24. Creighton Barrell

    22, me too. Black pepper all over the corn and the rectangular pizza. A guy I played hoops with, his dad worked for the company that distributed them. I thought he was lucky b/c everyday was Friday at his kitchen.

  25. kycolonelmatt

    That’s a triple starch. Don’t eat that.

  26. Mark

    Man, I miss those pizzas. And the chicken nuggets. Wish there was a place to buy them.