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Coach Cal to NBA rumor #53,048: “The Lakers”

Bill Plaschke, or “That Annoying Guy on Around the Horn”, says something is in the air about the Lakers’ next coach. What’s in the air is his list of 10 possible hires in Los Angeles. Plaschke points out that “some are complete jokes, but then, at one time, so did the hiring of a guy named Del Harris.” I can’t tell if he’s serious or not about Coach Cal. Then again, I don’t care because I’m tired of hearing about him jumping to the NBA. But we’ll read it anyway…

6) John Calipari

Imagine Pete Carroll in a silk suit. No coach understands young NBA players better than Kentucky’s Calipari, who has produced nearly an entire team’s worth in the last four years in Memphis and Lexington. Yes, he stunk in New Jersey, but most coaches stink in New Jersey, and that was more than 10 years ago, and he still made the playoffs in one of his three seasons there.

Pete Carroll in a silk suit? I don’t like the sound of that.

How ’bout a couple more names familiar to Kentucky fans?

3) Pat Riley

The Heat win this year’s championship, Coach Eric Spoelstra’s job is safe, big boss Riles needs a new challenge … well? Anybody who saw Riley’s raw emotion at the Jerry West statue unveiling last winter knows that, in many ways, he’s never left.

4) Billy Donovan
I don’t think Coach K would leave Duke. I’m guessing Donovan would leave Florida, and when it comes to energetic college coaches with some NBA street cred, only Coach K has more.

I could see Donovan making the job to the NBA – I just don’t think he’d stay for longer than 48 hours. The Riley hire could be entertaining.


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33 responses to “Coach Cal to NBA rumor #53,048: “The Lakers””

  1. Dude

    People who say first are gay

  2. Major

    Isn’t Donovan still banned for another year from the NBA because of his Magic flirtation?

  3. Dude

    I could see cal coaching lakers if he didn’t have this recruiting class coming in

  4. nybrasky

    How does Donovan have NBA street cred?

  5. Ya

    Oh great, I was just starting to like Coach Cal.

  6. Canes fan in Lex

    Donovan is still banned for 2 more years by Orlando.

  7. Rick Pitino

    There is no way Donovan takes the Laker job unless I give him permission.

  8. Jack

    check out Kate Upton’s twitter. KSR

  9. Somervillain

    Plaschke is from Louisville. I think.
    And remember, although he was eventually able to take most of them with him, Cal DID walk away from a historic class at Memphis. And it is The Lakers. That said, I do not expect him to leave UK yet. Love me some Coach Cal.

  10. DDT

    I’ll say it again. He is going no where until he wins an NCAA Title. Once that’s done worry

  11. cracka

    the lakers are old … if they could get chris paul in free agency this year, it would be an attractive job, otherwise, they’re too old

  12. bigpapijugg

    3- i couldnt. i could see him taking the Sacramento job before the laker job. Kobe has only a few years left. Odom’s contract is running out and he is getting old. Bynum is almost as fragile as Greg Oden. Fisher is probably done. If he left it would be for Heat or Knicks. And coach Spo in MIAMI is safe for now and I believe that while the fan base in NY hate D’Antoni he has support in the front office. He’d prob leave for Chi-town too but that coach just won COY.

  13. Liberace


  14. Elton John


  15. Christian Laettner


  16. Jack the Stripper

    I heard Pitino was a candidate for the Lakers job……But he was scratched off the list after his interview went terribly wrong. The interview was over in only 15 seconds!!

  17. Matt Walsh


  18. Yroc53

    Donovan clearly learned about short stays in warm and weat areas from Pitino

  19. ...

    Number 9 I hope you realize that cal left memphis to go to another COLLEGE program. He knew his recruits would follow him

  20. @lil_donnie_t

    Kobe Bryant’s ego has to be the front-runner at this point I’d think….

  21. MammaKin

    Who the crap is in this Santa picture on bottom left for the last two years….

  22. Johnny Utah

    21- Please say you’re joking.

  23. Here we go again

    What was the name of the last collegiate coach that had a successful NBA coaching career? The college game is made for personalities like Cal and Pitino. They’re terrific salesmen that do a great job selling their program to a recruit. The NBA, not so much. You’re more of a tactician / x&o guy. If Cal ends up back in the NBA I feel it will be New Jersey, the sequel.

  24. jetblue

    Not this crap again

  25. I think

    I don’t see how any coach would want to coach Kobe Bryant.

  26. gossie21

    I didn’t look at the article, but I would have to think Doc Rivers would be the number one option. And I think he would take it.

    And if not, then they should go after Tubby.

  27. Coach Cal

    I’m going with Pitino to leave the Cards for the Lakers………and stay there about 16 seconds before he regrets the decision to blow ship!

  28. Ya

    21) that actually is the real Santa Claus.

  29. stevem

    Neither Coach K or Donovan are man enough for the NBA and they know it.

  30. Cawood

    Plaschke graduated from Ballard HS in Louavull in 1976. Bill couldn’t make the tiddlywinks team much less anything else in high school. Good for him however, sports editor at the LA Times is a little better than the CJ to say the least…

  31. ibleedblue

    What an idiot. The lakers will want a proven nba winner ….knicks and heat, possibly but not the celtics or lakers. These newspaper writers couldn’t predict a winner in a 1 team tourney.

  32. Dude


  33. uk3k

    he’d have to be in constant fear of an attack by andrew bynum…

    seriously, he is not leaving this class for anything