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Coach Cal: “Don’t let anyone steal our joy.”

With NBA rumors flying all over Twitter from beat writers most of you have never heard of, there is only one person you need to be listening to on the subject. His name is John Vincent Calipari and he is the head coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.


Big Blue Nation, breathe. Relax. Calm down. Enjoy the championship.

I just talked to Mike DeCourcy and Andy Katz and they asked me if I was going to jump to the NBA. What?! We just won the championship a day and a half ago. The only three things I’m trying to decide on is when I’m going to go see a few recruits, how I’m going to get through all these voicemails and when do I get a chance to get some sleep.

But for those of you that need to hear it again, let me repeat what I told Andy and Mike: I’m not going anywhere. I have the best job in the country. Why would I leave after we’ve just won a national title? We’re trying to catch UCLA, folks. I’ve got more money than I’m ever going to need or my family can spend, so I don’t have to make a decision based on finances.

Let me assure you that you will see me at NBA games this summer … to watch our former players. I’m not going to give up my lifestyle based on a few rumors, and I will continue to go to NBA games to see my family, friends and former players. I’m even going to a game tonight.

But relax, Big Blue Nation. Sit back and enjoy this special time. We’ve waited 14 years for this, so let’s not let anyone ruin this for us. No one’s stealing my joy or my players’ joy. Don’t let them steal yours.


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

115 responses to “Coach Cal: “Don’t let anyone steal our joy.””

  1. everyone in college basketball not UK


  2. gawdi


  3. meistro

    That is all.
    So it is written, so shall it be.

  4. gawdi


  5. Floyd The Barber

    There it is…………..

  6. RodneyfromMcKee


  7. Blue Iris

    That. Just. Happened.

  8. Megan

    Exactly, he probably read my comment on how leaving would be idiotic and was convinced. For real though, he isn’t dumb and the NBA isn’t even a coaching job as much. It’s a marketing/business job with some coaching on the side. He likes to teach and I don’t know that NBA stars really want intense lessons.

  9. Kate

    Financial comment will come back to haunt him.

  10. Troy

    Well there you go. It doesn’t get much more clear than that.

    Now, let’s hope Calipari has more integrity than Nick Saban who said similar things before he made the jump.

  11. gawdi

    Trying to catch UCLA. I like the sound of that

  12. Krista

    And there you have it. Can I get an AMEN?!?!

  13. reminder

    just remember he said the same thing at memphis

  14. Troy

    Hey Shabazz. Exactly what will you gain by goingto UCLA, not getting any better, and being lucky to make the NCAA tourney only to get bounced by UK in the first or second round?

  15. Tomcat


  16. UofL fans


  17. Wall2Cousins

    there you have it….this was posted awhile ago….something you gotta know about New York….writers create rumors so people will speculate and the writers name gets mentioned

  18. You know what?

    In Cal We Trust

  19. Ehh

    Im in Love



  21. SexnNursinHomes

    Chicken Littles and Trolls. The only people who believe this shit.

  22. UKRULES1

    Memphis is not KENTUCKY and Saban wasn’t coaching the KENTUCKY BASKETBALL TEAM. Which is second to none when it comes to BASKETBALL. However if he leaves and I don’t wnat him to Kentucky Basketball was around before he got here and it will be around when he leaves. I mean RETIRES!

  23. nkyukfan29


  24. HOO HOO

    Darn. Now we are really screwed!

  25. SexnNursinHomes

    20- Ha! yeah, that is about as likely to happen as seeing tits on a fish.

  26. CoachCalResume

    *2012 National Champions


  27. Ehh


    His legend is growing. This is not lost on this smart man.

  28. InbredJed

    25 – That’s about as likely as you seeing your sister/wife’s tits.

  29. DHo

    First it was Cal can’t with one and dones… Don’t go there…… DEBUNKED
    Then it was… Can cannot win the big one….. Don’t go there…….. DEBUNKED
    Only thing left….. cal to NAB, Cal to NBA, Cal to NBA……. Don’t go there. If they say it enough people will start to believe it. Only time will debunk this one.
    Like I said, it’s the only thing left to try and slow him down.

  30. *CoachCal4FinalFours

    *Four Final Four appearances


  31. SexnNursinHomes

    28- not before I see your sisters/wife’s tits first. Which I have, and your wife smells like NY city sewer trash. Made me vomit going down on her

  32. meistro

    As long as Cal is at UK these types of rumors and statements are going to run rampant. Haters gonna hate. Get used to it BBN, this type of stuff is to be expected from the media. Moving on now.

  33. Laughing out Loud

    26 we are ky. you dont have to bend rules when you are at kentucky with the resources we have. we are college basketball. the haters in the media have been searching everyday and cant find anything. WE ARE COLLEGE BB!!!




  35. Azubuike's Bicep

    I think it’s funny that the trolls no longer represent a certain team, because we have the trump card of a National Championship. Now they are all people talking about vacating #8. Cowards. If you are going to be a troll, atleast have some pride and represent your team.

  36. 00BBN00

    Cal sleeps? Huh, learn something new every day.

  37. Laker Cat 18

    9. On state?

  38. Laughing out Loud

    33 dont you mean we “is” ky? that’s what boogie cousins says.

  39. Bobby Knight

    He won’t leave. UK’s the best job in the nation. That banner will be hanging forever and is a testament to Coach Cal’s coaching ability. UofL, IU, and other fans from other fanbases are just being pouty, whiny, and jealous. I’ve never seen jealousy so transparent in my life. I think it’s time for the haters to grow up and brow down.

  40. Team Vacate

    I’m on Team Vacate.

  41. fake random guy

    Number one, the haters posting “vacated” are the same clowns that complain that UK has the worst fans in the nation, and they come here and post shit like that.

    Number two, I take Cal at his word. We gotta catch UCLA!

  42. Team Vacate

    The unibrow will soon be vacated.

  43. UKBlue

    If Cal hadn’t already gone to the NBA I’d be scared, but thank God he has already gotten that out of the way. The NBA isn’t a great coaching job, and Cal has already figured that out, by his words lowest part of his life. UK isn’t a regular coaching job, and when you’re doing the things Cal is doing at UK, going to the NBA is a backwards move.

  44. Jorts



  45. Guck Foodman.

    He’s exactly right. No one is stealing my joy; haters and UL fans can hope he leaves all they want. I hope he stays another 5-6 years, but even if he leaves I’ll still be wearing my 2012 championship shirt and having a good time.

  46. BobKYCats

    43: That’s right. It’d be like leaving Arkansas-Pine Bluff to go coach at UofSmell.

  47. lexslamman

    Trolls can’t beat Calipari, so they come to UK message boards to try to provoke UK fans. U mad?

  48. UKBlue

    Let haters come out, the Championship isn’t getting vacated. We don’t have to cheat to get recruits, these kids want to go to the NBA, and the best & fastest way to get there is thru Cal & UK.

  49. Rafters at the Yum! Center

    It’s cold up here with no fabric to warm us…

  50. Tim Couch

    *2012 Championship Shirt


  51. SexnNursinHomes

    45- They have to troll, they got nothing else left. What sucks for them is knowing that they have no chance for a Championship while Cal is at UK. Nada, Nil, Zilch, None. At all.

  52. tanya

    Why do haters come to a site to post ugly stuff? Do you have a job? Do you have family? What is the point of wasting time like that????? Must be Loserville fans, for real. Team Vacate: Really no one here cares about what you have to say. CoachCal4FinalFours: Go back to the Rick Pitino blog and talk about how you wanted to fire your coach just 4 weeks ago. LOSERS=HATERS

  53. ChampionshipShirt

    *Your 2012 Championships have a strict no return policy when the title is vacated.


  54. Kelvin Sampson's cell phone

    *Messages received, dialed, missed


  55. Rixter

    Jim Rome said it best: why would he leave UK, where he has 4 – 5 first round picks every year for an NBA job where he only gets one first round pick yearly?

  56. BobKYCats

    Oh hell, let the trolls troll. 30 years from now, when the banner is still hanging (along with who knows how many more Cal will win) and they’re still living in their parents’ basements, they’ll still be trolling, still be hoping, still be crying…

  57. Jim Rome

    *Jim Rome


  58. BigBlue1976

    I was talking with co-workers yesterday. Some are UK fans and many aren’t. They ALL agree that despite UK fans reputation as worst fans or whatever, it is the haters and the trolls that are the hypocrites. They act ten time worse than UK fans ever do. They antagonize until they get a reaction and then use said reaction to blast the UK fan. If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times – DO NOT REACT TO TROLLS, IGNORE THEM and you rob them of the satisfaction they seek!!!!!!!!

  59. Rixter

    I love this SO much! Until now, haters had ‘you can’t win the hardware with one-and-dones’

    Now, the best they can come up is ‘it’s going to be vacated’….LOVE IT! Hate on, hate on

  60. MNCat

    That is the most definitive denial of these types of rumors he’s ever given. Plus, I’m sure he’s putting this out there as part of the recruiting process, too. Shabazz, Noel, and the rest are much more likely to come if they know Calipari is staying. I can’t help but wonder how much of these rumors are seeded by others in the hopes of getting these kids to other programs.

  61. Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation

    “We’re trying to catch UCLA, folks.” KABOOM !

  62. NBAJam

    Boom shocka locka

  63. kybigblue

    Haters: The old saying really applies: Wish in one hand and spit in the other hand and see which one gets full first. I spend my time supporting my team rather than putting down another team and their fan base. Really feel sorry for fans that get their kicks putting others down. You must be really miserable.

  64. MiseryLovesCompany

    *Misery loves company


  65. Rick Pitino

    I “Vacated*” myself in 15 secs!!! I vacated* my child for 3 stacks!!! I vacated* Peyton Siva’s career!! #UofLOL

  66. SexnNursinHomes

    54- Kelvin, how you doing? Remember when you were cheating for those shitstained hoosiers? Remember how you all were on probation for what seemed like an eternity? remember all that cheating that tom crean did while on probation (illegal contact with Gary Harris)? remember that? remember the cheating that iu has done with the current iu commits through bogus aau teams????

  67. Al's IndiCats

    DAMN SnNH….I mean why would you even go there? If a woman can smell through a pair of panties, a depends, (or two) and a pair of jeans, she’d be closer to be an onion than a human being. Hell, I would lose the urge if I had to go through all that for something that most likely has an echo ringing out of it anyway. Besides 28’s mother has only 2 clean places on her…..and that would have to be her ta tas….Thats where she lets #8 nurse on before he hits his classes in the morning….

  68. Mack

    4 more NC’s Coach!!!!

  69. stuckinFlorida

    I just want to tell Coach Cal…. “I LOVE YOU MAN!!!” you think he’ll give me his Bud Lite?

  70. *vacated

    I suck donkey balls

  71. Guck Foodman.

    Besides, who the hell wants to coach the knicks? Everyday saying, “No carmelo, we aren’t going to play a 2-3 zone. You are going to have to guard someone.”

  72. SexnNursinHomes

    67- hahaha! Classic!! (clap clap)

  73. PhilCC

    To think that Cal will stay until Kentucky catches or passes UCLA in championships make me all tingly inside. How wonderful would it be to be sitting in front of a TV on a Monday night in April sometime in the not so long away future and hear the CBS crew say Kentucky wins it’s 12th Nation Championship. Man, would the haters be roasting in the belly of the Sloar that night I tell ya…

  74. BobKYCats

    73: On behalf of everyone here, thank you for the Ghostbusters reference. Post. Of. The. Day.

  75. BPsycho

    I don’t even need to reply to the trolls SnNH and IndiCats has them in check lol

    I would, like to be the first to say this: ” Billy Donovan to The Orlando Magic! Part Deux “

  76. NotSatire

    Yay! I think 12 is a good number…:)

  77. UKBlue

    What is more important to a guy like Cal: surpassing UCLA 11 titles, going down as the coach to surpass UCLA, Cal being able to say to the haters F you, being in a place where he is a king or going to the NBA? The NBA isn’t a great job even if it’s in NY where the media is beyond ridiculous. Pitino leaving UK for the NBA and then being stuck at UL & Cal getting to see how that turns out afterwards may go down as one of the best unnoticed things to ever happen to UK. Once someone leaves UK, you have no where to go but down; Pitino, Tubby, & Billy G are just classic examples. Cal doesn’t want to join that list.

  78. Mack

    The march to 12.

  79. stuckinFlorida

    The trolls replying “vacated” are probably the same trolls dressed in UK attire starting choas in the streets Saturday and Monday… just saying

  80. UKBlue

    I love the tard trolls and their vacate nonsense. It means they are scared. UK owns their ghetto commuter school and their pitiful existence. While we hang banners their coach pays to abort fetuses.

  81. redundancy

    *vacation comments


  82. SexnNursinHomes

    75- haha, we got these trolls. what these trolls don’t understand, I have more patience than Death. I’ll sit here and haggle with these trolls ALL day long.

  83. SexnNursinHomes

    Where is Shabaka Lands these days? Is he helping another school cheat like he did for ul in his 3 month stay with them?

  84. Warren Oates

    to all haters….suck it beeches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Al's IndiCats

    EXACTLY 78, When you’re at the TOP of anything, the only other direction is down.

  86. the brown eye

    Does anyone think it is Howland, Bo-heem, K, Thompson or whoever the hell coaches Vegas now leaking these rumors?

    It is SO nice not to have to worry about recruiting anymore

  87. FJT

    “…this does not bode well for Kentucky.”

  88. Coma since 2009

    i just woke up. How did we win a title with Dakota Euton, Vinny Zollo, Marshall Tucker, KC-Ross Miller and GJ Villaneuva? Boy that Clyde must be a helluva coach.

  89. N.Noel

    Well that makes my decision a no brainer now!

  90. Al's IndiCats

    And Bpsycho I’m retired watching grand kids, hell I call wrong numbers 5 times a day just to hear an adult’s voice, so messing with trolls have become somewhat of a hobby.

  91. SexnNursinHomes

    90- hahaha-

  92. ukupay1

    Before Cal said he “probably” had the best job…Today he says HE DOES HAVE THE BEST JOB….Getting this first NC is huge and now he wants more…Cal is fired up and ready to GO! Look out college BB, Here we come!

  93. BnClay

    I said it on another thread, but it is worth repeating, a single NBA owner might want Cal, but NBA owners collectively should want him to stay in NCAA and keep developing players quickly and putting them in the draft.

    The comment about ‘I have so much money’ is probably true, but you know what they say about how much money is enough money… Just a little bit more. UK could probably out bid several NBA teams because lower level teams wouldn’t pay top NBA $ for an unproven NBA coach. But the Knicks, they don’t care, they would out bid Kentucky.

  94. TigerDNA

    88 that’s hilarious

  95. Wise Sagraves

    There is one reason the trolls are here:
    We. Hang. Banners.
    And it pisses them off.

  96. DC

    If Cal leaves it would be for money. But he has already stated that “he has more money than he or his family can spend.” Also consider that coaching the Knicks may not be a pay raise. The cost of living in NYC is a lot higher than the cost of living in Lexington. 5 million in Lexington may go a lot further than 8 million in NYC.

  97. Am I crazy?

    Or does the fact that Pitino left UK for the NBA and came back to the State after a second stint in the NBA enough for me to think that Cal does not want be Rick Pitino’s clone anymore? He’s staying.

  98. BravoBigBlue

    Cal has Kentucky back where we were when Pitino left for the Celtics. Biggest mistake of his career, according to Pitino himself. Cal will not make that mistake. He is going to stay right here and build a dynsaty. For now, I’m going to enjoy #8. It’s starting to sink in. What a year!


    I heard Cal is taking the IU job. Much better fans.

  100. GraspingForStraws

    *Vacated (hey, it’s all I got)

  101. JealousOfTheCats


  102. Rixter

    When Cal wins his 4th National Championship at UK, I think we should take the Pitino banner down and replace it with a Coach Cal banner! At that point, Rick will be a mere asterisk, anyway

  103. Megan

    While these morons are saying ‘vacated’ I have something I’ve always wondered. Derek Rose screwed up in high school (not denying that). The NBA rule makes him go to college for a year. NCAA clears him to play 3 times before the year and then he plays and the NCAA reverses itself and vacates that teams season. So no matter what the NCAA would have vacated some teams season, just whichever team he went to. And he had to play for a year because of the NBA rule- it’s insane, they turned a player into a hot potato and people still try and smear programs and a coach about it. I want the NCAA committee to AGAIN come out, and 1 clear Cal and 2- APOLOGIZE because if they had determined he could play they shouldn’t have changed their minds and vacated a season. All of this whiny crap from jealous fans is BECAUSE the NCAA committee was vague and bureaucratic and someone is being slandered repeatably because of it. If they were men of integrity they would do something.

  104. I hate knight

    Syracuse covered up drug tests 2001 thru 2010 *vacated, Uconn cant graduate anyone 2013 *vacated, UCLA outta control 2009 thru 2012 *vacated, Syracuse changes name from The Orangemen to the Fighting Phedophiles still vacated,

  105. Uh...What?!

    #103–Well, Megan, there’s the problem: The words “integrity” and “NCAA” just don’t go in the same sentence!

  106. Tony Greene's Spleen

    That Isola guy from the NY daily news is a whiny bitch. Sorry you made something up and it got shot down really quickly.

    Lil bitch.

  107. Dane Brammage

    Favorite JVC quote of the day:

    “We’re trying to catch UCLA, folks.”


  108. Catcounsel

    This man deserved the job back when Barnhart and President Todd fell in love with Billy Gillespie, heaven forbid, and both Kentucky and Calipari could be going for number 3 championship by now!

  109. Old man sleeping in lower arena

    106. I take great joy in calling being a little bitch. Nice work.

  110. Old man sleeping in lower arena

    109 ment calling people little bitches. Stupid auto correct

  111. Chicago Chris

    Can’t they require registration on this site? Too easy to troll.

  112. BigBlueSkyDog

    Thanks Cal. Enjoy the off season

  113. Roy Williams

    “I dont give a sh!t about North Carolina’

  114. stevie

    This is for the greatest basketball program of all time. At the moment UNC is leading UK 30% vs. 29%. Go and vote for UK. And, pass it on to all UK fans. Lets go BBN.

  115. CAUKFAN

    I’m gonna cry tears of shear happiness! UCLA, watch you back.