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Bill Clinton meets the UK staff

Article written by Drew Franklin

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75 responses to “Bill Clinton meets the UK staff”

  1. mocha

    wrong camera guys! (cool photo)

  2. hjhjgfj

    Is Cal impersonating Boris Yeltsin with that jacket?

  3. Greg

    Hide your daughters.

  4. Archie

    Looks like a wax figure of Slick Willie. Why is it important that they get a picture with him? Thought he was an Arkansas fan. Guess he has to make money somehow.

  5. Madison Wildcat

    Who shines the former President’s shoes?

  6. Andrew

    I thought Rod Strickland was gone from the team and headed to SMU.

  7. ??

    Slick Willy’s dome looks like it’s photoshopped onto his body. #RoboClinton

  8. ricky penetrator

    “Now let’s all go get laid”

  9. aARON

    whose twitter account did this come from?

  10. bmack

    Love Rod Strickland but man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that cat smile. Watch him on the bench during games — he looks like he’s thinking about doing his taxes. In any case, cool picture. And Cal’s sweater looks like a cross between a Yeltsin sweater and a Mr. Rogers sweater. Sweet. That man is fashion forward.

  11. Slick Willie

    “Can someone tell me how to get to Tin Roof from here?”

  12. Dr. Funke

    It’s Matt Jones’ hero!

  13. 00BBN00

    Coach Antigua is a pimp.

  14. UKChillfan

    Who picked out the shoes?

  15. tltaworl

    Why is Rod still there?

  16. uk3k

    looks like rod just found out his dog died or something.

  17. JWatson

    *Bill Clinton is currently thinking** “Man, the damage I could do the the blue dresses in this town….”

  18. rotps133

    What’s with Cal’s sweater.

  19. eloy

    Slick Willy isn’t aging very well. How old is he?

    HAHA @7 roboclinton! OMG.

    Seriously though, Ron Paul 2012.

  20. kittiecat

    Is Cal really wearing a Mr. Rogers sweater?

  21. RaleighCat

    Boyd Crowder thinks Cal’s sweater is ridiculous. #justified

  22. markymark

    Ellen needs to confiscate that sweater.

  23. Madison Wildcat

    Rod is thinking, “What have I done? I’m leaving this for Larry Brown.”

  24. mathias williams

    bill clinton is acting as a point man for barak obama on his visit to kentucky. we have already witnessed the unethical showing of a barak obama/clark kellogg video at halftime of this year`s ncaa championship game. question: are we going to have a prominent republican such as george w bush or mitt romney pose with the uk staff in the near future? someone ask mr joe craft if he can arrange that for us

  25. Dandy Don

    Looks like Andy Dufresne pulled another shoe switch-aroo, this time with Bill Clinton.

  26. brad hellman

    bill is my hero!

  27. the fashion police

    I’m pretty sure he just won a championship, so if he wants to wear parachute pants and a superman cape it’s all good with me.

  28. Archie

    #24 – Amen…that was both unnecessary and disturbing to see Clark Kellogg giggle like a schoolgirl during that date, er, I mean interview. Only thing worse would have been a replay of the ’92 Laettner shot.

  29. huntin chickens

    did someone say Colombian hookers?

  30. JustSayin

    #24, unethical?? ROFL. I’d love to see Romney, aka Gordon Gecko, try to talk basketball. I’m sure he’d start with “Ya know I’m friends with half a dozen NBA owners …”

  31. tooStoned

    is it just me or does Strickland always look like hes on something?

  32. TheNewOriginal

    4/ “…has to make money somehow?” You’re joking . . . right?

    24/ Prominent republican – George “W.” Bush? “W”? That is comical.

  33. bmt22033

    Cal looks like Mr. Rogers in that jacket!!!

  34. critic

    I wouldn’t expect Clinton to be able to match his shoes to his suit. After all, he didn’t know the proper use for a cigar.

    That said, I’d still vote for him over Obama.


    Calipari: “Oh I’m meeting the former President today? Guess I’ll just throw on this sweater that’s been in the laundry basket for a week”

  36. bloobloodcat

    #24 – Republicans don’t care about sports not invented before the founding fathers era. Grover Norquist made them sign a pledge disavowing any taxes, rights or entertainment not recognized before that time and they pinky swore not to support such tomfoolery. ERGO, if you are a Cat fan, you cannot be a Republican. Simple BBN logic folks.

  37. I'm a republican hard core

    But I love me some Bill Clinton. Met him and actually played golf with him in 1995 at PGA national… Really great guy.

  38. Greg

    Mr Obama will not show his face in Kentucky after what he did to the coal industry.

  39. CA

    24 – you are correct when I saw the interview coming up on the NCAA final game – I left the TV – Kellogg was just slobbering over Obama and I wasn’t going to watch that it at all.

  40. jp15

    36- Real friends don’t let friends be democrats.

  41. BingleJells

    Yuck…I feel slimy after seeing this pic. Bill Clinton and Bobby Petrino share viagra, right?

  42. Ward Cleaver

    I see ya, Cal.. rockin’ my favorite old sweater!

  43. Triple H

    That jacket is legit… WAKE UP ROD!!

  44. shimsky

    24 – Only winners can come to UK. Obama and the last batch of POS Repubs don’t qualify. Recognize how RETARDED you are.

  45. bobbyPEEEEEEEEEE

    25. Now THAT is funny!

  46. mathias williams

    number 36 thinks he is clever. i would suggest that he develope enough balls to list his true name. next ask mr joe craft (who has contributed millions to uk basketball)for mr craft`s opinion of obama/clinton. i have lived under several republican and several democrat presidents. i easily prefer the republicans.

  47. GrumpyOldDude

    Clinton KNOWS his college hoops…….without a doubt.

  48. Bigcat76

    Robes is trying to hold one in, O. still celebrating 420 w/ former Pres, Cal has been recruiting in Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood.

  49. shimsky

    46 – Because you are a selfish POS.

  50. shimsky

    Moderate all you want, all politicians are scumbags.

  51. kyrobman

    I thought it was impossible to make the locker room and the NCAA trophy look bad, but the picture above does it. You ask how his shoes gets so shiney…Well ask Monica probobly a little spit shine if you get my drift.

  52. FrogWilson

    Cal looks like a Don! Respect!

  53. NKY

    bill clinton is the best president in the last 50 years, and knows his hoops!

  54. kyrobman

    50) You are correct. Why would you spend Millons to get a job that pays hundreds of thousands of dollars/year. They get them pockets padded. Democrat or Republican.

  55. Rixter

    Nothing I love more than coming onto a UK sports sitet and seeing a good old-fashioned political debate!

  56. Rixter

    Site with 1 ‘t’

  57. shimsky

    53 – hells yes. Be honest, you overly Republican fanboys!!!

  58. Capt. Reality

    Best President ever!

  59. ajhank2

    What is Cal wearing?!

  60. bloobloodcat

    #46 – All republican presidencies over the past 30 years have ended in recessions, scandals, or both and you prefer them in the WH?? Good choice slick! The last time the Cats won a title with a republican in the WH was 1958 when Eisenhower was president: you know the socialist who built all those needless, big government, interstate highways?? Heck, if you are a republican, you might as well just root for the Cards! Haha! :P

  61. Jax Teller

    Everybody all at once now:
    “Matt, I can’t believe you put this (liberal/conservative) garbage on here! This is a sports site not a venue to push your (Democrat/Republican) political agenda. I’ve lived through some of the darkest days in this country and were it not for (Clinton/Reagan) we’d be in much worse shape than we are currently. I fully blame (Bush/Obama) for this mess! I’ll never visit this site again, if I wanted to read about politics, I’d go to ( This is an outrage. Keep my political party of your filthy mouth.”

  62. bloobloodcat

    #61 …like

  63. J in Orlando

    A former prez is a former prez, regardless of party…stop acting like a bunch of morons….you know who you are

  64. bigblue4

    Does Cal let his wife dress him? Sweet Jesus.


    Democrat/Republican… who cares… Me and Bobby P have better things to argue about… like Volleyball vs Softball (the players) or better yet… I can get what he got for $10,000 dollars less. Let’s talk about savings… Now that’s budget cuts!!!!

  66. KJ

    That sweater says dressy double breasted suit in a casual lay on your sofa eating cheetos kind of way.

  67. SKat

    Forget the politics. This picture is a classic for fashionistas! Photoshop the clothing from one character to another. Put Clinton’s shoes on Payne and vice versa, try Cal’s sweater on Mr. Bill, move Prez’s suit to Antigua, how about the plaid shirt on Cal, swap the hair on Clinton and Antigua . . . I’m not getting much done this afternoon but I’m sure having fun with this!

  68. Walter Sobchak

    please delete every comment except for 61

  69. Word to your mother

    I am saving comment 61 to add to almost every post on KSR. Don’t worry, I will quote you, Jax Teller. Now we need to write one for Kentucky/Louisville/Indiana Cats/Cards/Hoosiers fans/thugs/rednecks toothless/inbred/cake-eating sisterwife/hoe/slut ignoramus/imbecile/idiot cheater/loser/crackhead expletive deleted/expletive deleted/expletive deleted . . .

    Wait, these two comments would mean the end of KSR commentary!

  70. GMCole

    There has been a democrat in the white house in 78, 96, 98, and 2012. I say always vote for the democrat.

  71. UKChillfan

    #61 “like” also. But I have to add #70 “like”

  72. yargamel

    You guys get way too upset way too easily. It’s the offseason for the only sport we truly care about here. A former president visited the university. What do you want them to be covering right now?

  73. George_BushII

    Bill Clinton looks like a cut out.

  74. Mr. Blonde

    Is it just me or has Jon Hood looked like he just rolled out of bed in all pictures this year?

  75. TPACAT

    Obama’s a Dog-Eating Commie. Not to mention the political equivalent of Billy Clyde Gillispie.

    Capitalism, Baby. Capitalism…