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Chuck Hayes gets some Washington Post love

Not Chuck Hayes.

The Washington Post writes about NBA players who have done more with less while being outsized and outmatched at their position. Of course, Muggsy Bogues makes the list in the Lightweight Division; and our man Chuck Hayes is the subject of discussion in the In Over Your Head Division of the article.

In Over Your Head Division

Chuck Hayes: Talk about having to raise your game, on any given night, the 6-6 Hayes was giving up anywhere from 2-4 inches at power forward, and on the rare occasions he got slotted in at center, sometimes a half foot or more. Despite that built-in disadvantage, he averaged over 8 rpg last year and finished fourth in offensive rebound percentage among forwards.

Sometimes we get too caught up in missing Chuck in Rupp to really admire his pro career. A successful 6’6 post player in the NBA isn’t supposed to happen. It defies the laws of size and the game of basketball. Yet Hayes continues to be one of the league’s best rebounders and a key player in Houston. Hayes started in 63 of the 74 games he appeared in last season for the Rockets.

You’re the man, Chuck. You make #BBN proud.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

20 responses to “Chuck Hayes gets some Washington Post love”

  1. KevinC

    Must be something about the name…. the only other NBA player that fits that description, is none other than Sir Charles (Chuck) Barkley.

  2. Mike

    My fav UK player of all time!

  3. Coach Durbin

    Calling Hayes 6’6″ might be the overstatement of the year.

  4. Roland

    Hayes is a hard working player. He deserves what happens to him in the NBA. I will always respect what he did in a UK uniform. Some people forget his indiscretion with a fan. I hope he has learned to avoid married blonde women. It happened it the WildCat lodge.

  5. MightyMatt

    Who is the guy in the picture? Can we sign him up?
    Think he may get more PT than Eloy.

  6. Roland
  7. CouchCat

    No politics or religion here!!!! Chuck Hayes deserves more praise!! And his jersey in the rafters at Rupp!! Why dont we do that anymore?

  8. CouchCat

    Does Not Chuck Hayes have a twitter account? He just looks like he has something amazing to share with the world.

  9. RidgeRunner

    Wilfred Brimley was a UK fan when he was younger? I be darn!

  10. RidgeRunner

    Excuse me..”wilford” I do believe is the actual name but anyway…..

  11. Moose

    That’s me!!!

  12. Chris

    Along with Bogans, Padgett, and Turner, one of my favorite Cats players from the pre-Cal days is Chuck Hayes.

  13. Moose

    OMG that’s me!!!

  14. Roland

    If Hayes didn’t let one head think before the other, he would have had his name added to the rafters. He knows it. At least, I hope he does. If ya listen to the UK player intro for the DPR game, ya might get a feel for what is going on here.

  15. Roland
  16. onthebigbluebayou

    OK this is a photo of me, and I have been told that I am a carbon copy of Chuck.

  17. UKFansarehicks

    Looks like a typical, hayseed, UK fan. Like this rub above, most uk fans never attended college, much less uahkay.

  18. UKFansarehicks

    That’s rube, you goobers know what I mean.

  19. bobo

    The “few” times Chuck Hayes played Center? He STARTED at center everytime Yao got hurt. True they rotate Scola and Hayes around alot on the interior, but Hayes has played more C in the last couple of years than he has PF. It is kinda hard not to, when you START at that position. What games was this fella watching?

  20. Chunk Haynes

    First off, there is nothing wrong with……
    married white women.
    @4, was it your wife?
    @17, was she your sister/momma?
    Fellas, I am sorry.
    A rigid ‘investigator’ has no conscience.