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Christian Laettner to coach Villains Team at Rupp


Cue the Darth Vader music! A source tells KSR that Christian Laettner will coach the Villains team in the UK Legends vs Villains game in Rupp Arena.

This. just. got. real.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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119 responses to “Christian Laettner to coach Villains Team at Rupp”

  1. TheRealTruth


  2. Go Cats

    After seeing that picture, I think I have to wash my eyes.

  3. T.J.

    Last time I got this excited was on my Prom night.

    P.S.- That didn’t end very well.

  4. CatfaninNashvegas

    NBA lockouts are so much more entertaining than the NBA season.

  5. TheRealTruth

    Buahahahahaha! Hey Coach L (L for loser)! Step on anybody today?!!

  6. Poco Chang

    Looks like he’s farting.

  7. catcrawler

    HAHA, that’s awesome. He must be a pretty good sport to go along with it….

  8. Scotty

    SAY WHAT!!!! (In the Stewie Griffin voice) This is going to be amazing!!!

  9. Kycat

    I’m not sure I like this idea. I’m not sure I want this guy in Rupp Arena. He goes beyond ‘villian.’

  10. Kidnut

    Awesome, his game against UK hurt so bad I didn’t eat for over a day. His stat line that game was damn good.

  11. anthonyeppsdrivingschool

    A good sport? He’s getting paid! This is so ridiculous.

  12. bill

    how much is he getting paid..i know he needs the money now, and he’s putting his life in danger if this is in lexington

  13. Glacier

    Shouldn’t Rick Pitino coach the Villians??? Oh sorry, he already does!!!

  14. MGH

    I will buy a ticket just to go and boo him for two hours.

  15. Ihateukfans

    I’ll buy a ticket
    Mash should coach our team

  16. kevinlw1974

    I honestly don’t like this. There are few villains I feel this way about. But I don’t want him getting any pub from us.

  17. justin

    Screw Laettner! I’m with #9…I don’t want him anywhere near Rupp or Lexington. We don’t need to pay him a cent. Some drunk fan/student will probably try to attack him…

  18. Bubba Earl

    Dang, didn’t go to prison afterall!

  19. Hero

    LOL!! That is great! Poor bastard will be boo’d for 2 hours straight!

    This is shaping up to be a super game…one of the best to watch this year!

    NBA season…what NBA season!

  20. BigBlueLush

    That is probably a bad idea. Some drunk ass will throw something at him.

  21. justin

    #12 – Exactly, he better come with a team of bodyguards or he will be in danger for sure. I don’t think there is a person alive the BBN hates more.

  22. SweetTeaMob Til I DIE

    I wonder how many police officers will escort him in and out of the building. Seriously, does he not fear for his life walking into Rupp?

  23. UKHistory

    I gotta say, I don’t want this game now because I don’t want one penny of my money to go to him. That is why I never saw him play in the pros.

    Turned off.

  24. Peter north

    where’s lee Harvey Oswald when you need him

  25. Mike

    Maybe we can get Pelphrey and Feldhaus there for a “recreation” only this time they kick him in the nuts when he turns around with the ball.

  26. Porcino's

    He’s either getting paid a LOT, or he has giant brass stones.

  27. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Not sure this is a good idea. Most of those players (even Noah) are disliked in a sporting sense. Laettner is legitimately hated. This might not end well.

  28. WalkersGoggles

    He needs to spend the entire pregame shootaround just doing that turnaround jump shop at the top of the key. Really get the fans foaming at the mouth!

  29. Jonah Hex

    Geez- I think it is funny and appropriate.

  30. RUPPS_rhetoric

    If he does this I actually will gain a lot of respect for him. It would take big Cojones to do this. Props to him if he does it.

  31. ukchampion

    if anyone hears what hotel he will be staying at…. or any other information on his specific wherebouts during his time in Lexington, please let me know. also needed – a vehicle with a large trunk and some chloroform and i can handle the rest.. hahahaah

  32. Cat's Balls

    Professional wrestling, allow me to introduce you to Kentucky basketball. I’m sure you two will work together to create some profitable entertainment.

  33. BCO

    Hes doing his pre-game vagina stretches in that picture…

  34. Bunzz

    HOLY SH!T!!!!!! Does he know what he’s getting into?…. He might not make it out alive…

    I’m with some of the others. I’m not sure if I want him associated with anything UK…

  35. SexnNursinHomes

    I think UK should provide tickets to the people he ripped off in that ponzi scheme he was doing.

  36. Seneca

    The problem is:
    he doesn’t care what we think
    he’ll take the money
    and he’ll laugh at us on his way home with his check.

    This makes us look stupid… you know, like how all the rest of America stereotypes us.

  37. Big Blue Bear

    Good lord i hope this isnt true.Not because i dont want him in Rupp, but because im sure some dumbass will do something stupid and make us look like the ignorant fanbase that everyone always pegs us as.

  38. Brew Crew

    I don’t like this. It’s a mistake to bring him in, even as coach of a “Villain” team. The guy transcends your typical “villain” status. He’s in a Circle all to himself, right at the bottom.

  39. Kentucky Football sux

    Half these kids (posters) on KSR don’t even know who Christian Laettner is. I watched that game and nearly cried at the end, cried out of anger. He made a huge shot in a great game and was just trying to help his team win. We all wish he would have missed, but great players deserve the accolades. Pitino should have put a man on the inbounds player and we might would have been able to deflect the pass. But hind sight is always 20-20. It’s over and done with. Great game, but it’s H I S T O R Y

  40. Aminu Timberlake

    I’ll coach the legends. I got a score to settle with him. Maybe he can enter the court through a closet ……so he can come out of it.

  41. Bunzz

    36- Agreed.

  42. 96CATS98

    I can’t get behind this. For what he represents to the BBN, why in the F’n world would we ever let him in Rupp Arena???? Whoever even thought of this needs to be kicked off the planning committee for this game. STUPID!

  43. minton

    Who kweefed?

  44. jpay

    This should be interesting. I read a couple of years ago that he wouldn’t even stop in KY to Pee for fear from we Hillbillies…..

  45. WillSTILLpunchthatSOB

    I know LOTS of places in the state where the body would never be found……just sayin’. ;>

  46. IWantToGrowUpToBeTheDrewFranklin

    This is like throwing a sheep to the wolves. He’s deadmeat!

  47. Gomer

    39– You are right, but if you really watched that game, and I remember it very well, you would realize that we had plenty of reason to despise him long before “the shot”. His general attitude that night was enough to make me wanna punch him in the face and then “the stomp heard round BBN” and the stare down afterward, put him on another level for me. Him being there at all is just about enough to convince me to keep my wallet closed.

  48. WalkersGoggles

    @45-“I got 3 mine shafts in the back of that holla”-Mamie

  49. jch

    #39 – you’re conveniently forgetting the “stomping” incident… I don’t hate him for hitting the shot but the “stomp” was absolutely out of the realm of “sport” and he should have been kicked out of the game.

    For that, I can’t stand the guy.

    Nice shot though….

  50. CalifCatFan

    First, Laettner has to get across the Kentucky border. I doubt he ever makes it to Lexington, much less Rupp Arena.

  51. lumberjackcat

    Oh my gosh what if we lose I hope we don’t lose.

  52. Steven

    At least Laettner is doing something Coach K will never do. Come into Rupp to coach against a group of Cats. Gotta give him some credit for that

  53. imnotthefiveo

    i actually read an article about him one time. he said to this day, if he ever comes through kentucky, he doesn’t stop. he gasses up at the last exit before he enters the state. if he has to use the restroom, he goes in a bottle, but refuses to stop in this state. not for disdain or anything, just outta fear.

  54. Ric Flair

    Got something I can do for a quick buck?
    I can be a legend or a villain…
    and do it “all night long- Whoooo!”

  55. Incalwetrust

    (Hitler + Pol Pot + Stalin + Hannibal Lecter + Darth Vader ) < ( Hate Laettner )

  56. Melody

    he and that picture are enough to make me want to puke. If somebody stomps the crap out of him while he is on the floor….then….we will have justice. Never complete…but at least a little satisfaction.

  57. ZP

    #42 is right. Why let him in Rupp?

  58. Tyler B

    You guys are total losers if you write you’re going to “boo” the guy for two straight hours. The game was 20 years ago and you still have that much anger? Have some fun with it and relax… Don’t make UK fans look bad. Please.

  59. Catsantonio

    That escalated quickly!

  60. Tyler B

    He’s a D-bag. Big deal. It’s going to be a fun event and yet another PR win for Cal.

  61. Nutwrap

    A source told me that BTI took MTT’s login and posted this crap.

  62. WillSTILLpunchthatSOB

    @58 – Let me guess….you’re under 30 years of age? Cram that “Koom-Bye-Yah” garbage, this clown needs a little off the top… his head.

  63. TreyDay

    I don’t support this whatsoever. He doesn’t deserve any financial gain at the hands of UK fans. Boo this man! Boooo!!!!

  64. Tyler B

    34… Freshman year in high school at the time and the loss was as crushing as it could be. I went to every home game that year. So no, I’m not under the age of 30.

  65. minton

    #58, i agree 100%. Some fans embarass the rest of us. We can all pretend to hate other players but that hate should be pretend hate. In the end, it’s just a game.

  66. jack ruby

    i’m ready

  67. WillSTILLpunchthatSOB

    Well 64 and 65….you enjoy giving him a foot rub and washing his car….normal fans will continue loathing him, thanks.

  68. John

    No thanks. Bad idea for all involved IMO

  69. RD

    Can we tie Laettner down in the paint area and let all the UK fans takes turns stepping on his chest?

  70. nybrasky

    No thanks. I’m with those above who oppose this. The “UK vs Villains” thing is for entertainment. Nothing about Laettner entertains me. I certainly don’t want him making money off of it.

  71. laettner sux

    I havent gotten over it. NEVER will. I hate very few people, places or things…but Laettner is one of them. Every time I hear the name dUKe I think of that stomp. I don’t hate the shot. He shouldnt have been in game to make that shot.
    Agree with aboveposter…most of my “sports” hate isnt true hate… But Laettner’s is and always will be.

  72. nybrasky

    The only way I’d pay money to be in the same building as Laettner is if it came with the guarantee that I’d get to kick him in the nuts.

  73. CalifCatFan

    Kentucky fans appreciate good play from opposing players. But Laettner stomped on Timberlake on purpose. Laettner will FOREVER be hated.

  74. Inside Your Mind

    It wouldn’t be a real villains team without that d-bag. He’s #1 on the UK hate list. He’s Duke’s poster child for douche-baggery. I like this idea. When they come out of the tunnel they should play the darth vader music.

  75. brandienicoleuk

    i rele hope he has alot of security cuz hes gonna need it coming into rupp… i rele dont want to see him in our house.

  76. Outhouse Lightning

    He should wear a shirt with a big footprint on the front of it – that will get the crowd going.

  77. Jimmy Buffett

    …… “once I get rid of this beard; WNBA here I come.”

  78. The Real Hambone

    That picture reminds me of a three dollar bill.

  79. twiggy


  80. commentshereblow


  81. Rickey Martin

    I hope Timberlake shows up and kicks his ass!

  82. Gannon-BBN

    terrible idea. did anyone else get that sick feeling in their stomach when they read the headline on this one???

  83. MIDDAY

    Dude must have baby grapes hanging high.

  84. Slick Willie

    You guy have to be kidding me. It’s an exhibition game. I hated Leattner afterwards too but it’s been 20 years. Good grief! I only think it’s a bad idea because some idiot might do something that embarrasses our entire fan base.

  85. BigLaw Dawgin'

    What are you guys talking about, this is going to be awesome. Who better to coach the villians? Give it a rest with the “I hate him too much to even see him in Rupp” talk. He’s arguably UK’s most disliked opponent and he can’t play, so who better to coach? All the more reason to cheer on the UK legends when they lay the pipe to his squad.

  86. bigdinky2

    Tim-ber-lake! Tim-ber-lake! Tim-ber-lake!

  87. LongDong

    I’d put it up his arse!!

  88. Buster

    Leattner should play, Pitino should coach. You know he’s dying to get in on this fun. He’s gotta be at home crying bc he hasn’t been invited.

  89. twnky

    I don’t want this as@ clown in or even around rupp. Not to menton the fact that he wiill be paid to be there.

  90. LindaS

    Grated he is the biggest villain outside E Sutton in UK’s history but it is scrilegious for him to even step foot in Rupp. I hope Rupp haunts the seat he sits in and bops him on the head when he enters the hollowed ground!

  91. Common Sense

    he might need security…..

  92. right said fred

    I could quite possibly be the first fan ever ejected from an exibition game!!!

  93. CouchCat

    I’m disgusted by this!!! Why give this douche free publicity?? Or our money?? I really hope this is some kind of joke!! Please!!

  94. Reggie Jackson

    Must kill Laettner. Must kill Laettner.

  95. NBA league pass

    We’re supposed to be playing the “villains” right? So why is everybody so surprised/pissed that Laettner would be involved in this? Do you want people you only moderately can’t stand, or do you want the real deal?
    I think its a great idea.

  96. Haettner

    @39 – He would have NEVER been able to take that shot if the appropriate actions would have been taken when he stomped on Timberlake’s chest and been ejected. He will forever be hated, and I will wake up every morning hoping that he has died in a painful way. Seriously, die Laettner

  97. Haettner

    Because people hate him to this degree, it really isn’t safe for him and it sucks to think he will profit from UK after what he has done

  98. gocats51

    We should invite Timberlake back and let Laettner lie on the middle of the court during halftime and let Timberlake stomp on his chest the entire halftime.I would go to just watch that.

  99. David

    When is this game? And who is coaching the Legends team?

  100. TruthAbouttheSEC

    Tie him, Chris Doering (UF) and Devary Henderson (LSU) together at half court and throw a big bucket of super-AIDS on ’em.

  101. David

    When is this game? And who is coaching the UK Legends team?

  102. TruthAbouttheSEC

    Tie him, Chris Doering and Devary Henderson together at half court, throw a bucket of super-AIDS on ’em and set ’em on fire. Don’t wait for me to pee it out, tho.

  103. theSkinny81

    good lord… some of us UK fans really can be ridiculous, lol. i read the headline and thought “perfect!”. if according to the 95% of the posters on here is any indication to the hate we have for him, than who BETTER than to coach the VILLIANS??? i hate the guy too. always have. now lets let him have it (minus the death threats and/or attemps on his life, please).

    also, i think i remember him saying “UK hates Duke, but Duke doesnt even care about UK…” or something like that. heres our last chance to let him hear how much we hate him, as in an entire arena full.

  104. theSkinny81

    ….or basically exactly what #95 said. 🙂

  105. TruthAbouttheSEC

    I may poop the fire out, tho..but it will take a while and will smell badly.

  106. kyatty2007

    I agree w/the others who’ve mentioned the stomp. For those of us who watched that game, it’s not that last second shot. As #96 and a few others mentioned, it’s b/c of the stomp. It was a technical foul…which was (and still is a personal foul). It was his 5th and he should’ve been out just on that, never mind the blatant unsportsmanlike conduct that merited an ejection from the court. If the refs had done their job, he never would’ve been on the court to make the play. Any other time, I’d give credit for a great play, even if it meant a UK loss. But, that, no. Just no. If this is true…wow, can’t believe he has the nerve to come here at all, let alone try and make a profit from us.

  107. bigbluenation65

    If he actually comes to Lexington I will give him much Respect. – Respect is the name I have given to my billy club.

    FOLLOW US: @bigbluenation65

  108. OakRidge_Cat

    Man, I thought I hated Laettner

  109. KYStout

    Good grief take a chill pill people.

  110. Christian Laettner

    I hate myself I suck so bad!

  111. Han

    Dude needs the money to pay his legal fees.

  112. Haettner

    Hating Laettner is not allowing his cheating face in Rupp. It is arguable that he cost us a title by doing something that would likely get anyone else suspended. There are many players, coaches and teams that I do not like example being Louisville. I HATE Laettner, loath him. If you want him back in Rupp then you do not hate him, you dislike him. It is not ridiculous to hate a filthy cheater, especially one that as mentioned before, likely cost us a title

  113. WildcatFan

    Not “No”, but “Hell, No!” Whose brilliant freakin’ idea was THIS?!? Can you say, “bad karma?!” Having Laettner grace the floor of Rupp is kin to inviting the fox into the henhouse, the devil into the sanctuary and the boogie man into your bedroom. YES, I am superstitious, but I’m also practical. This scenario just spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e, if you ask this true blue fan….I’m just sayin. In fact, I’d rather have Bobby Knight than Christian Laettner coach the villains, and that’s saying ALOT!

  114. Haettner

    He is the only one I hate. Dislike Louisville, hate Laettner. Dislike onions, hate Laettner. Hatred is hatred. Lets not water it down people. Either you dislike him or you hate him. If you hate him then he is not welcome EVER

  115. Lisa

    Rex Chapman is coaching the UK Legends – bring Chrissy on!

  116. technology

    wonder if he is gonna coach from a satellite feed since he won’t stop in the state 😛

  117. beav

    Has a date for this game been announced?

  118. Indianadukie

    I think it is a great idea. That game was the the moment I fell in love with blue devil basketball. I can just hope the game has the same result as the one back then. Last second shot to shatter UK dreams. 🙂

  119. josh

    Laettner is god. GO DUKE.