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Chris Smith has lost his mind

This isn’t a joke.

Louisville’s Chris Smith just said, “Anthony Davis should be worried about Gorgui Dieng.”

I’m dead serious. He said that.

I heard it with my own ears.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

80 responses to “Chris Smith has lost his mind”

  1. UKGirl1971


  2. Tom Crean

    Chris Smith will find out tomorrow night.

  3. Drew's Ailing Liver


  4. maddman

    mind games…AD is best to ignore Smith’s comments and play his game. Go Big Blue!


    Point blank period.

  6. Don

    Smith and Behannan have been running their co**suckers a lot lately. Hope they back their shi* up on the court.

  7. Tampa Satchel

    Dieng should fear the brow!

  8. UofL

    Chris Smith is right

  9. BobKYCats

    Chris Smith is an idiot.

  10. WWMKGD

    I bet our boy Eloy gets some early minutes to rough old Dieng up.

  11. tom

    Notice that all the public trash talk is coming from UL players? The UK guys are taking the high road and being complimentary of their opponents but mostly talkiing about what they, as Kentucky, needs to do.

    I like the maturity Coach Cal has instilled in the guys. Remeber how he came down hard early in tyhe year on TJones for hamming it up to the camera. Don’t shw arrogance but sportsmanship and then stomp the hell out of your opponent.

  12. SypherdoesPitinoinPorcini

    The Cards know after they get stomped tomorrow, no one not wearing linebeards will want to talk to them anymore. Just spouting off while they still have an audience.

  13. UofL

    No Chris Cross is an idiot

  14. UofL

    I wonder how many brain cells (in the millions) Chris has lost since transferring to UofL?

  15. BobKYCats

    Chris Smith is a moron.

  16. Bradley

    Smith is the ugliest dumba$$ I’ve ever seen. That being said, he was intelligent enough not to say anyone should be worried about Chris Smith. I’m sure his teamates appreciate him running his mouth about what everyone but his own self will do to UK. What a clown. Louisville Basketball: #putatentonthatcircus

  17. Bradley

    Btw, tomorrow night will be the last time Chris Smith ever talks to the media or plays in a televised basketball game.

  18. UKBlue

    We need to pound UL into the ground so bad, we need to make the Baylor game look like a walk in the park. We need to make them look pathetic & ridiculous as Rick in his white suit. I’m just worried UL players are going to try intentionally hurting us especially when we’re beating them: if UL has any hope of winning, they have to get Davis & MKG out of the game in away possible.

  19. Anthony Davis

    Did he really say that? I was accepting my 4th National Player of the Year Award and missed the press conference.

  20. UofL

    Why are UK fans so nasty?

  21. Class

    What a damn idiot!

  22. ukmoxie

    He should be worried! Especially if its 4 on 1. Dieng + 3 french Hens… LOL

  23. Ricky P.

    Louisville = 7 wnba players
    Kentucky = 7 nba players

    see we are equally as talented as Kentucky.

  24. Bradley

    20. We’re honeybadgers. Honeybadgers don’t give a sh*t.

  25. UKHoopshysteria

    Who the hell cares about Chris Smith? Russ Smith is the only Smith UK is concerned about.

  26. Bradley

    Chris Smith’s face is shaped like the jerk boss on The Simpsons.

  27. Chris Smith

    Honeybadger so nasty. Nasty like UK fan.

  28. Bankshot

    Chris Smith: Please keep talking. Please.

  29. UofL

    Thanks for changing my post at #14 KSR

  30. Gorgui

    Tree frenchens

  31. knightynight


  32. Chris Smith's Dumbface

    duh, ball go in hoop. we be best on planet errf. 1+1=11

  33. Mudcreekmark

    That is one match up that I’m not worried at all about. Dieng doesn’t have enough offensive game to worry me and I seriously doubt that he can shut Davis down. Also, I don’t see Russ Smith being as lucky as he was the first outing.Yes, it was luck. Everything he threw up went in and he ended up with 30. If Russ Smith is not hitting, he will single handily get them beat, he isn’t smart enough to know when to stop shooting.However, I doubt if Kyle Kuric is useless in this game as he was the last UK game and Blowhanan may be a force to recon with this time around.I still would be surprised if UofL beat us.

  34. UofL

    Dear Lord, we have no chance against Davis, or KG, or Jones, or Lamb, or Teague, or Miller, or Wiltjer, or Vargas, or Polson…

  35. SypherdoesPitinoinPorcini

    What is the over/under on line beards shaved off after
    Loserville loses?

  36. UofL

    I disagree #34 none of them are good besides davis

  37. UofL

    Yeah, Polson definitely > Siva.

  38. SteveM

    The Tards are so nervous about playing UK they have to verbalize this silly stuff to convince themselves they’re not going to get their asses kicked.

  39. Chris

    Davis didn’t score in the first half against Dieng last game. This really isn’t a big deal.

  40. HeyDummie

    Yeah 36, you’re right. MKG only dropped 20 and 20 on your birds this season. He sucks.

  41. UKGirl

    What #38 said. Dieng will be lucky if he doesn’t get posterized 5+ times by Davis. Point.Blank.Period.

  42. Ghorn

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OH LORD, let the Cards keep flappin’ they gums……..

  43. BigBlueCats

    Let UL players and fans talk. Karmas a bitch

  44. CB FOO

    Them fight’n words!

  45. Ridge Runner

    Saturday Night….is a comin’

  46. Wildcatsteeler

    He should be actually, Dieng is much improved. Never underestimate your opponent. Luckily the players and coaches take these things more seriously than the fans.

  47. viichamps

    Fear the Dieng thang.

  48. bmac

    If Louisville could run a play as well as they run their mouths I might actually be worried.

  49. bluefan

    Yeah, just keep talking!
    Go CATS!!!
    Two more.

  50. kentuckyrules


  51. Sean

    Wow, this guy will need to be put on suicide watch after we beat them by 15+ points. Teague is not going to have 8 turnovers and two points. That press is going to lead to a highlight reel of dunks.

  52. Drew Franklin's Beard

    I hope Chris Smith gets a face full of AD Nuts when he gets dunked on

  53. nc cat

    HUH? That’s just riduculous!!!!

  54. Derp!

    What do you expect him to say? “We scurrrred of Davis, we don’t think we can win. UK is the greatest!” Please. They will talk trash, it’s what’s they do. Quit giving them the attention they are craving.

  55. Fan1

    I suppose Smith made this comment as he was watching Davis receive another player of the year award.

  56. L'ville fan in Alaska

    Think he’s right, If, if , if Kentucky breaks our press they will run into Dieng stationed under basket to block shot.

  57. UofL Education

    2 + 2 = chair

  58. Bradley

    46. Bet you never played truly competitive athletics. Davis shouldn’t be “worried” about anyone. Respect your opponent? Fine. Worry? Please let me get you on the schedule so my team can run through your weak minded, worried ass team.

  59. Chris Jones

    I have said this ALL YEAR, check out Kidd-Gilchrist’s FB.. Anthony Davis could, and definately should wear a Cape !! Dieng may become a good ball player if he stays 4 years, but let’s be honest….. Jealous Much ?? Go Big BLUE ! ! !

  60. What's Obviously Going On Here

    Chris Smith has Davis-envy!

  61. RD

    Seems like UL players are doing most of the trash talking. I hope Cal and the team have such a big lead at half time that Cal could start the 2nd string in the 2nd half and still win by 20.

  62. nassau65

    sounds like something Blowhanon would say. Live and learn children. free lesson at 5:09 tomorrow.

  63. Susan

    Wow..stuff like this makes me significantly less worried. Guess I’ve been giving them too much credit.

  64. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Hey Chris:

  65. Al's IndiCats

    There’s a story about Rupp when they went to the finals in 1951 with a game against Kansas St.
    Back then the teams had to share a practice gym separated only with a tarp. The Kansas St. team was yelling, laughing, screaming, and cutting up while UK was going through their normalo practice. Bernie Shivley asked Coach Rupp why the heck are they making so much noise, and not going through their normal workout….The Baron smiled and looked at Bernie and said…Bernie do you know why when someone walks through a cemetery they usually whistle? Bernie said No coach I don’t! The Baron said is because they’re scared as hell and they don’t want to hear anything but themselves. Mr. Smith… THE CEMETERY! (UK)

  66. the anti cat

    UK has already won the title of ugliest team in America. They don’t play ugly, they just ARE ugly!

  67. Just wondering

    People don’t worry UL has Mules UK has Thoroughbreds.That simple.The jockeys are about even.

  68. Beavis

    OK,,,,,so Louisville’s beautiful team gets beat by UK’s ugly team. Still a beat down any way you look at it. We are going to look real ugly getting the awards Monday night. These kids are going to look real ugly signing those big NBA contracts,,,,and I bet they all buy big ugly cars and homes. Damn,,,,I bet they hate being ugly. You idiot.

  69. uk21ncaa

    #46 I dont understand why so many people(louisville fans) use that argument that louisville is better than last time they played. KENTUCKY is much much better than the last time they played as well, if anything UK has improved more than louisville has!!!

  70. hole

    His mouths writing checks Diengs ass cant cash..

  71. UofL

    I am a dumbass just like all the other moronic cardinal fans…Chris Smith is more stupid than he is ugly and man that is saying a lot. Chris Smith is so damn ugly he should be required to wear a paper bag over his face during the games so we all don’t have to look at his ugly face. Next time Pitino is tempted to bang a skank in an Italian restaurant, he should just think about Chris Smith’s face and he would no longer want to have sex.

  72. UofL

    I’m glad we have a classy coach unlike UK…oh wait, our coach is a back stabbing, lying, fornicating, adulterous, baby-killing, washed-up SOB…Hopefully Karen Sypher will send him an autographed copy of her book.

  73. BlueFins

    George Deng, laughing

    No only does that starving African not have food, he’s got no talent. The only award he’s picked up is from Sally Struthers.

  74. UL2UK8

    Fox 41 in Louisville showed Dieng yesterday walking with a icebag wrapped around his left hand with his pinky, and ring finger taped up. So, do not be surprised if he has trouble holding on to the ball. At the shotaround today the 2 fingers where still taped.

  75. UL2UK8

    shootaround for #74^

  76. Bulldawg

    Chris Smith’s momma got punched in the gut when she was pregnant with him. You guys shouldn’t make fun of old horse face like that…

  77. Bulldawg

    Chris Smith:
    AD and the WildCeightS
    are gonna put a bridle
    in your mouth horse face!!! GBB!!! }:-)

  78. Chuck

    I also can’t understand the thinking of UofL fans saying they’re more improved than UK, I mean an early season game by a bunch of players that had not played together but just a handfull of times against a team that had played together for 2, 3, or 4 years, and if you watched the game it definately wasn’t a 7 point game I mean 2 late three’s and some of the officials calls at the end of the game! Cmon!!!

  79. dan simon

    anybody know if smith has run his mouth likke this all year?

  80. Dave Ball

    why?? does he plan on shivving him in the tunnel before warmups??? because that’s the only way Gorgeous Gorgui would be able to stop Davis…and last I checked shivving someone is always called