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Charlie Strong: “They’ll never win again.”

Joker Phillips should post this quote all over Kentucky’s locker room, if it’s not already there. It’s the definition of bulletin board material.

After Louisville’s win in Commonwealth Stadium last season, senior defensive end William Savoy leaked a quote from Charlie Strong that was probably supposed to stay in house. According to Savoy, Strong told his team, “Once we win tonight, they’ll never win again. The Governor’s Cup is staying with us.”

“They’ll never win again.”

They. Will. Never. Win. Again.

We’ll see ya Sunday.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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43 responses to “Charlie Strong: “They’ll never win again.””

  1. UK Wildcat

    We’ve got the motivation to win, just not the talent or coaching.

  2. Pappy Brooks

    He’s probably right… so sad.

  3. Azubuike's Bicep

    Is it bad that I want to win more-so to shut our own fans up, than the UL fans?

  4. jeyhey

    They will be better than us some years and we will be better than them some years…..his comment is pretty dumb to say the least.

  5. TimeFor9

    I’m with ya on that 3. 1 and 2 should take their sad, negative comments somewhere else. Go to Card Chronicle and talk with them about how bad we are bc we are tired of hearing it.

  6. Horseplayer

    Rivalry games are sometimes unpredictable. In this game I always try to remember that UL ain’t in the SEC.

  7. Linda Taylor

    3-Agree completely. Also, I want Joker to be successful. It may have been better for his career if he had gone to a smaller school years ago to take a head coaching job and get experience as a head coach before tackling the SEC.

  8. jaws2

    It’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say after we beat the best team in the big least.

  9. Kreyendick


  10. jimbeam

    “IF” they do as well as they think they will this season, Strong will not be their HC next season (or 2014 at the latest), so I find this comment a little funny.

  11. Dear UL and IU fans, We are national champions; you are not. The end.

    Strong is just trying to get paid. As soon as he gets an offer from a real college, he’s gone.

  12. GonnaBeALongLongSeason

    When the SEC expands to a nine game conference schedule the U of L game is history! Can’t wait!

  13. Reality

    12. Then that almost guarantees UK will forever have a losing record in football if you all go to a 9 game conference schedule. Bye bye Music City Bowl.

  14. 4. Lol

    Number 4 issued a very true statement with no emotional jadedness at all..
    It’s short, it’s 100 percent true, and I like it….

  15. Susan
  16. digger? i hardly know her

    wonder if strong followed up that motivational speech with “now, let’s go gets some ralley’s!”

  17. goingdeepinthequotedepartment

    UK football fan : “Sounds like Louisville has a discipline problem !”

    UK football fan #2 : “Maybe that’s why we beat them at football nearly half the time!”

  18. lol

    @ 13…Music City Bowl…psssshh…that would be amazing…were down at BBVA Compass Bowl level now. Music City Bowl lol…good one

  19. CATfan5

    We’re going to get absolutely dominated in every aspect of the game. I wish we could just skip to hoops season.

  20. LexingtonPride

    It might be close but unjust don’t see the skill players on this years roster that is going to win this game. Smith and King won’t be able to do it themselves. And our corners won’t be able to stop their passing game unless our front 7 get to Teddy first and I doubt Louisvilles I-line is going to be as pathetic as it was at the beginning of the season last year. UL wins 27-10.

  21. catfan

    Yeah ol’ uncle Charlie is really classy…has great verbal skills also.

  22. Geez

    A year-old ‘leaked’ quote from a locker room… from a football player… Jesus people… Even so, wtf are coaches supposed to say to their team in the locker room?! “Once we possibly win tonight, they’ll maybe never win again if we aren’t the one to lose – which we might be. The Governor’s Cup is staying with whoever wins this game.”

  23. catcard202

    All these Debbie Downers will be back on the bandwagon in short order…UK is going to surprise many this yr!

  24. CardStrong

    You all have no chance against us. Cards coast through this game and we will win atleast 4 more in a row and take over the series lead.

  25. jill

    #11…he is already in top 15 paid college coaches….

  26. RYNO

    Dari Nowkah put Louisville on his list of most previously OVERRATED by him in a March ranking he did (the other two were ND & Boise St). He had them at #18. He said while they might win the Big East, what does that mean? He basically said they are playing in a Div II conference.

  27. luvmesumcats

    9 just dropped it on you fools.

  28. the Big Dog

    Big talk for a guy that is two games over .500 while playing in the Big Least AND with an NCAA investigation on the tail of his top recruiter.

  29. DCS195

    #24. OK. Remind me again how many top twenty-five ranked teams are on UofL’s schedule. Oh, I remember, NONE. If you don’t go undefeated this year, you should give up football altogether. Even if you do, you shouldn’t be ranked in the top fifteen.

  30. Beavis

    Strong has a good year,,,,he is gone.

  31. jill

    Yall just jealous because yall suck and get a good coach like Strong

  32. jill

    #31..why do you keep using my name….i know you wish you could be me…

  33. jill

    #21..pretty racist quote there…Charlie make 2.3 mil a year how you doing…

  34. jill

    I meant to say he pays his players 2.3 mil a year.LOL

  35. catfan

    #33 sorry should I have called him Auntie Charlie? By the way, I won the Powerball a few years ago and I am actually doing pretty good. Probably better than you and Charlie combined. Thanks for asking.

  36. BigBlueFever

    jill why dont you just troll back over to your tard site

  37. ICantUnderstandaWordHeSays

    Maybe he could use some of that 2.3 million a year to see a speech therapist

  38. jill

    #35-I bet you and Rupp would have been best buds…..

  39. catfan

    #38 just like you and Sypher…two ugly skanks

  40. jill

    Wow…are you like 12? Funny you can’t talk about the upcoming game…just spewing racist remarks….do you have little man syndrome?

  41. Crnifex

    Wow! Project we much Jill? Only racist comment I saw was yours, sugesting someone else as being racists. Those Alinsky Lessons you parents paid for sure did the trick! Climb back onto you boom and fy back to he silo’s sweetie. And don’t worry about football…men are taling.

  42. CardStrong

    #29, the ole’ SEC schedule excuse. According to MOST rankings out there, you all are ranked behind 7 of the 8 Big East teams and would be our 9th toughest game on the schedule. Why don’t you worry about your team going .500 in your conference, which they haven’t done since 1977. Don’t brag about your conference when you have had zero contribution to all of their success.

  43. jill

    I am a nasty c*nt