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Chane Behanan: From Backup Rap Dancer to Louisville Commitment

Chane Behanan committed to the Cards today, but it isnt his first bout with celebrity. He has been in the public eye before, specifically as what seems to be a backup dancer for this rap group: I-65 Entertainment. Chane is the tall guy in the white t-shirt and he is getting his moves ready for the Ville. And to I-65 Entertainment, if you ever need other people to stand around in the back and bounce up and down, just call the KSR crew. We would fit right in…

Article written by Matt Jones

54 responses to “Chane Behanan: From Backup Rap Dancer to Louisville Commitment”

  1. mocha

    That is terrible. 15 seconds of fame.

  2. I can do that

    yea he’ll fit right in at Louisville….

  3. Willis

    Money stuffed in em? Them boys wasn’t even flashin they lunch money.. I think like one of them dude’s was sportin some cubic zirconia.. Kinda seemed like a gay’d out Levi’s commercial

  4. lexslamman

    Color Me Badd wants their beats back.

  5. Frat Jones

    HAHAHAHAH This is hilarious.

    Bunch of Wanna-be rappers just like Wanna-be basketballer Chane Behanan. It’s perfect.

  6. Hilbert

    dude had the worst rhythm i have everseen

  7. mocha

    Flava flave thinks this sucks.

  8. Scout

    If I was a high school senior I would be doing the same thing. I hate louisville but he seems like a good kid. If they beat us I will hate him. (sarcasm)

  9. lexslamman

    Louisville can’t spit, so they obviously must swallow.

  10. lexslamman

    1) Lexington will bomb on Louisville any time, any day
    2) UK will dominate U of L for the rest of history, just like they always have
    3) Card fans will come to our boards and whine and talk smack, just like they always have
    4) We will continue to bomb and dominate regardless of what kind of weak ish they bring.

  11. Rolo

    5 & 13 = Same Louisville Troll. Go away you disgusting pencil di#k, er…disgusting pencil beard tard fan. Anyone who chooses UL is fair game. And no, Cal didn’t want him. If he did, he would be wearing Blue, not commy red A hole.

  12. blitzedanddazed

    Hey Matt- How come no one talks about Forde and his affair with a certain lady in Louisville?
    I think PJ might have someone else in his house.

  13. Derek Rose

    I am guessing that Ricky P. would feel better if Chane wasn’t rockin’ his 501 denims with those guys.

  14. Diller

    Now that’s funny!

  15. hahaha

    13) hahahahahahehehe please please stop my sides are hurting,unwanted tears are flowing down my cheek. ur jealously is just so great right now. just calm down and sip on some coke and rum.

  16. Oh my

    There are so many things wrong with this video it is hard to start, however, here is some advice:
    1. Don’t let fat girls dance in your video
    2. While fat girls are bad, they are better than dancing with a bunch of dudes
    3. Try to sync up the music/lyrics with your lip syncing
    4. If you are going to have a UL player in your video, don’t do the John Wall
    That is just a few things that are wrong. I won’t get in to the crappy lyrics or music. Let’s get the basics down first.

  17. Bleedblue

    He belongs at U of L.

  18. labtec

    delete my comment again Jones. hate hate hate hate. Keep hatin on Chane. he is a good kid and your an ass.

  19. BUWildcat10

    labtec – Shouldn’t you be mugging someone or selling meth? I know labtecs make about $3.50 an hour so you must subsidize your habits. Go away little filthy troll.

  20. Jason Wells
  21. UK Maf!a

    Ya C those 2 B!GG!E P!GG!ES dance dey A$$ off? “O!nk O!nk”

  22. BUWildcat10

    Sterling is old news. Welcome to the party.

  23. duhville cat

    Hope he gets tazered too…. JK. Good luck to this young man. except when he’s playin the Cats….. Oh, and rap sucks.

  24. UK Maf!a

    Dey not Tru Card$ fans, dey do!n da John wall dance; At least try!n. “WTF!”

  25. Jason Wells

    24- He making a bet with the fans.

  26. BUWildcat10

    27) This is the same tool that guaranteed an IU victory over UK last year. He didn’t predict it, he guaranteed it. I won’t give that sniveling worm a hit on his site and neither should you. He is a complete joke. He is more obsessed with UK than his own program. Nothing for me to see there.

  27. labtec

    labtec is a brand of speakers dumbass

  28. Gimel Martinez

    Do Da John Wall, HOMIE!

  29. squirrels

    sticky icky

  30. just saying

    he looks awkward and lost

  31. Jason Wells

    Kent really needs to do his job and quit going after Kentucky with stupid rumors he made up and a for this video yo rap sucks!

  32. Gimel Martinez

    Now I see why he chose Louisville over UK….

  33. Raging_Czar

    Yeah… if you look hard enough they are really trying to do the John Wall!

  34. BUWildcat10

    labtec – nice try loser. Go clean your bed pans. You may want to stay away from Pitino’s. There is some funky stuff in there (as you know). $3.50 an hour rocks man. Good for you. You are more educated than 99% of Loserville fans. You should be proud.


    wow, that’s one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.

    BUT, isn’t it funny that at about 3:30, the one in the Cincinnati Reds hat is doing the John Wall Dance in the background?!! They beef it at the beginning, yet that guy is doing it at the end, in the background.

    And YES, Chane Behannen has ABSOLUTELY NO RHYTHM…wow, I bet Kige could bop and dougie better than him. Wow, I mean it was painful watching him dance.

  36. NY Times Editor

    Funny how big blue nation wanted chane after cal offered him. Now lets just rag out a 17-year old kid. Running a blog does not make it okay to make fun of what seems to be a good kid.

    Let me guess, UK didn’t want the best player in the Commonwealth?

    He probably wouldn’t have fit at UK. I watched Chane yesterday and unlike Bledzoe, he didn’t use offensive language. Chane also sounds like he may be able to read.

  37. Chane Of Fools

    The transformation has begun…

  38. Swizz Beatz

    Cant wait for the remix! Here’s the hook….. Ricky P’s denim, ‘bortion money stuff’d in ’em, Ricky P’s denim, ‘bortion money stuffed in ’em

  39. Reality Check

    LOL Chane Looks like an IDIOT! This is embarrassing

  40. Tony Delk

    Let’s give ole boy a bit of the ’96 Denim……

  41. Guru

    Chane has no rhythm.

  42. KY12

    40) And he made more money in 2 seconds signing his name to a LA Cipper contract than you will in your whole life. He wins.

  43. burnone

    did anyone notice tha fat chicks?

  44. Rockfield, KY

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Chane is the kind of player that when things aren’t going his way, he will sit at the end of the bench by himself and will not cheer for his own team. He did it in the 4th region championship game this past year when they lost to Warren Central. Then when he got named to the all region team, he stood off the court by himself instead of standing with the rest of the all region team.

  45. The Lady

    No one in the 502 can dance like John Wall.

    That’s why he gets all the ladies.

  46. BluegrassBadass

    I wonder if Chane was compensated for this at all? Even with free pairs of jeans…. Also, wouldn’t he being using his talents/celebrity for the financial gains of others (501 denim)? I am sure this would rule him ineligible.

    Let’s hope the right people are looking into this…..Dirty, cheating Cards.

  47. girlwildcatfan

    Which “tall guy in the white t-shirt??? Hahahaha! Go Cats!!

  48. Lockedown

    Originaly Kige Ramsey was cast as “girl in daisy dukes” for this video,but he withdrew after the Louisville commitment

  49. Turtleman

    Kige Ramsey was originaly chosen for this videos role of “shorty poppin dat booty” but graciously withdrew.

  50. blueman80

    The lousiville group is talking about doin the John Wall…ha…what does loserville have? 15 seconds of porcinis fame!!

  51. Andrew

    Chane is the laziest basketball player i have ever seen, watched almost all his games. Im glad he is not going to UK.

    P.S. Chane you have a broke ass rhythm, just like your broke ass shot. I hope that you and Preston Knowles have fun fighting over your hair brush!!!

  52. uk=beast

    damn he wouldnt qualify at uk!cuz if you come here you have to know how to dance!its a must lol:)

  53. Terri Lynn

    UK fans are truly devils, this may be the reason that this CHILD!! did not choose your sorry a** program. Why all the crap? Remember, “Cal didn’t want him anyway”, “he is not good enough to play at UK” and you wonder why he didn’t pick the school? Although, everyone is entitled to there own opinion you a**holes should remember that you are talking about children who have the right to make a choice or are you all still living in the Coach Rupp era? Makes you say hmmmm!!

  54. Terri Lynn

    One more thing, this video was shot about 6 months ago. I wonder if would have shown up on this site if Chane had of committed to UK.