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CBS Sports Fail.


CBS Sports has been slacking on the Kentucky coverage since losing Matt Jones. The website says Darnell Dodson is Kentucky’s leading scorer at 17.7 points per game.

Wake up, Goodman!

Article written by Drew Franklin

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17 responses to “CBS Sports Fail.”

  1. KidCody

    He looks….darker than I remember.

  2. playersfan

    Not only that but Brandon Knight is also the team leader in several categories, under team stats.

  3. Norwegian Woody

    Goodman is too busy tweeting nasty messages. Don’t bother him. LOL

  4. BlueMark

    What is odd is that Darnell Dodson has not, to my knowledge, averaged 17.7 points per game anywhere, especially when he was at UK. Further, UK does not have a player averaging 17.7 points per game on its roster, period.

  5. Gerald

    I think that’s supposed to be Miller. Still confuses me why he’s coming off the bench.

  6. HackRichards

    Did matt get fired?? I do not keep up with that in the know shit like you all do.

  7. Cal's Gut

    This should be added to which is the funniest site on the Internet by the way.

  8. HackyRicardo

    Dear Hacky– You Tard fans pretending to “not care” is so hilarious.
    Uhm, you’re HERE, right? See whuttuhmean, Vern? (He quit, btw;
    wanted to focus on KSR and KY instead of WV vs. Clemson, etc.)
    As an aside, any idiot who “didn’t care” yet cared enough to
    ask in the KSR comments section, could’ve looked that up
    on Teh Innernets. Or was it just that you wanted everyone
    to know how much you didn’t care? While on a KSR site.
    Founded by Matt Jones. About Kentucky Sports. ‘Not the
    sharpest pencil in the can, are ya darlin’?

  9. SexnNursinHomes

    Dodson is also averaging 3 blunts a game too

  10. Stickman

    So why did Jones get fired from CBS? I wish he had the talent to make it there.

    That way he might not be around here to get in the way.

  11. ComicKevinJones

    Hm, I send Matt a screen grab of the very image above, KSR runs it an hour later and I get no hat tip, not a good look Drew Franklin.

  12. McMermaid

    when did Matt leave CBS sports? This is the first I heard of him leavings. Reasons? Fired, Better Opportunity?

  13. Tom

    5-I don’t think so.

  14. Jacob

    4- He’s averaging 17.7 points now… He’s playing for Southern Miss

  15. Parker

    6- he took a shit on Gary Parish’s desk

  16. Matt Jones

    I got fired from CBS.

  17. coldspringmike

    ESPN site last night had Jon Hood in the box score and credited him with one blocked shot. Didn’t know he was back so soon.