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Cats Throttle Gamecocks 90-59

Even Random Dude thought the Cats crushed South Carolina today.

First, congratulations to this Kentucky team for taking care of business tonight.  It can be tempting to mail in games, especially when you’re in the comfort of your home (where Cal is still undefeated,) and playing a team you already beat on the road.  However, evidenced by the huge opening run and the great first half in general, this team didn’t have much of a problem getting ready for the game.  A big win in a big fashion, and a great way to kick off the final stretch of the season.


Some notes from the day:

-Game ball goes to Darius Miller who – once again – appears to have turned the corner.  Miller has had flashes of brilliance his entire career, but they seem to be getting closer together and with more frequency, so while one game doesn’t make a legend, it is at least a good sign for the Junior.  Miller finished with a career high 22 points (including 6-8 from 3,) 9 boards and 3 blocks.

Lamb got the start over Liggins today and he continued to drop buckets like it’s his job.  He had 18 points on 3-5 from 3 and played his role well despite the change of scenery at the start of the game.  The effect wasn’t one sided, however, as Liggins played a pretty great game today too. There were still moments of selfishness that might earn him a few choice words from Cal, but over he played great defense, had 11 points on 5-8 shooting, and hit a three that stayed on the rim almost as long as Patrick Sparks’ from the MSU game a few years back.

-When you think Brandon Knight, you tend to think decent point guard but better scorer than distributor.  It was not the case tonight, as Knight was 0-3 from three but did finish with 9 assists.  He still finished with 12 points, but it’s clear that Knight thrived as a distributor today, and if that’s what it takes to make the offense gel, expect to see more of that from the young man in the future.

-Terrence Jones was the only player to look a little lost in the first half, but managed to amp it up and finish the game strong.  Jones recorded his 10th double double with 19 points and 12 boards, played good defense most of the time and while he still struggles with decision making (like, you know, not dribbling behind your back in traffic,) he’s starting to figure out how his game fits with the rest of the teams.

-And that was really the theme of the night for me at least.  The team finally looked like a team for an entire game playing hard nosed defense, holding on to the ball when it mattered, dishing out assists and being big on the glass.  If Kentucky wants to continue to see results like it saw tonight they now know what they have to do, consistency and execution are now the keys to winning games.

-It was a great weekend for fans of former Wildcats too.  Jodie, Patrick and Tim Masthay all attended the game, not to mention the big games from our all stars in the NBA.  Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat.  Similarly, Anthony Davis and Trevor Lacey were both on campus today.  Had to be a great day to have them both.

-In the post game, Calipari said “We needed a game like this today.  We’ve been in wars, and we needed a game like this.” As a fan coach, I agree.  We needed one like this too.

-In other big news, Georgia beat Tennessee at Tennessee today, which is good for the Cats as they try to secure a 2 seed in the SEC tournament.

Article written by Will Lentz

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  1. davis's unibrow


  2. JohnHood'sHunchback

    Walley’s World

  3. mike

    Wally Szczerbiak

  4. billy

    For those people on Catspause who are always critizing Jones pleas try to apologize if it doesn’t hurt too much. Kentucky can win in the NCAA if Miller can contribute consistantly.

  5. Matt

    hahahhahahahha matt is blowing up the cards hahahahaha love it

  6. Turk does work

    Who was the Y today?

  7. four loco

    awesome to see to the Masthay triplets…

  8. Cousins Fake Teeth

    Miller was awesome the first half. Though the second half, he seems to have reverted back to his hold self with only 3 points.

  9. big blue

    this beatdown + danceblue success = a great day to be a kentucky wildcat.

  10. gvillecat

    Jesse Palmer

  11. gcat4496

    Cats played great today and won by 31. I am not going to complain or gripe about this performance or nit pick anything except for the shoddy camera issues again.

  12. SexnNursinHomes

    Lentz, great summary. Cats 1st full game. I just hope they bring this intensity for the rest of the year. Knight getting 9 assists is a big step.

  13. Red Rooster


  14. TSlone08

    John Wall isn’t smiling while being introduced for the all-star challenge. He obviously doesn’t want to be there.

  15. StillaUKFan

    Looks like George Mason is going to win the contest.

  16. blueblue

    Hey KSR

    Any news on how Trevor Lacey’s visit went?? It’d be awesome on get an immediate committment!!!

  17. wildcat fan

    anyone else notice Trevor Lacey wearing the old school UK hat?!!!!

  18. Tyler Durden

    Random Dude photos make me giggle.

  19. Logan

    Comments section looks a little bare. Where are all the people who freak out after we lose. Nothing good to say when we win?

  20. catcrawler

    #19 Go Big Blue, good game today

  21. Sheeeeiiit

    I’d rather see Miller score than Jones. Something about Terrence that bothers me. Maybe its because every time he scores he does the stare in the camera thing. As if it’s his biggest play of the year each time. He is not my favorite cat and one of my least favorite of all time. But I’m sure glad we have him because he is good. I imagine if he stays next year he would be even more dramatic so I would rather have Knight and Lamb stay if I get a vote.

  22. Charlie Sheen's empty void

    Logan, we are supposed to win. We are not supposed to lose. This same principle applies to the weather. When it is nice, hardly anyone mentions it. But when it is bad, it has the tendency to dominate conversation.

  23. Darius Miller

    I brought my A game tonight!

  24. Steve Fitts

    I think the first half may have been the best half they have had all season.

  25. Random Poster

    Comment info here

  26. bigbill992001

    “The team finally looked like a team for an entire game”? I think not. They had a few horrible stretches and gave up way too many ORB

  27. Schedule

    Ahh…love reading the 5%’ers comments on KSR. Always a circus here, win or lose.

  28. J hood

    funny how when our shots fall its said the cats played their best game. if the other team has a good shooting day then its because the cats sucked and cal cant coach. i do wonder why the bench didnt get time today? i can promise you pitino wouldnt be only 6 deep if he had this team and talent!

  29. AKA cold buckets

    Teague, Lacey, Gilchrist, Wiltjer, Davis is the perfect Calipari class. That starting five could hang multiple banners if they stuck around.

  30. Rob Bergeron

    If anyone is wondering $673,976.60 is the total we raised for DanceBlue. FOR THE KIDS!!!!

  31. Lou eaton

    Didn’t see the game in VA but I suspect that Miller’s great first half made him decide to share the second half with team. He had a great game but why not continue to put em in? Great kid but likely just to unselfish…..

  32. tdogg4033011

    31) he scored 6 points in the 2nd half, not to bad if ya ask me. The score and game plan also
    had something to do with it. Miller played a helluva game, as did the whole team.

  33. Stay Classy

    When is Cal going to finally reach his first final four? It’s one thing to recruit (cough cough) great players, it’s another to actually coach them and the role players up. Cal is a terrible coach, otherwise the bench players would not look like high school JV players. A real coach would be able to get something out of the bench. Then again, Cal has to roll the ball out there and let his stud players cover up his ineptness. Cal is also a fat, lazy, greasy pig.

  34. SexnNursinHomes

    33- hahaha, you can’t be serious. Cal has been here 1.7 years or so. “finally reach his first final four”???? douche bag, I’d say it won’t be too long. can your baby aborting team say the same?
    see post #3- guy is out raising money for the kids. your coach gives money to get rid of them. I hope you get cancer and die. stay classy.

  35. SexnNursinHomes


  36. bluebayou

    33)are you trying to be ironic with that name?

  37. Stay Classy

    34) He has never been to a final 4 in his life. Don’t believe me, check the NCAA record books. Cal is a fraud.

  38. deer boss

    Matt and Beez,

    Here’s a what would YOU rather have: Cats win by 31 and virtually no comments and the hits or Cats lose a nailbreaker and the comments section blow up.

    Signed: Concerned shareholders.

  39. SexnNursinHomes

    37- I know you’re trolling waiting for your mommy and daddy to warm up the 1991 Ford Aerostar mini-van to go church. So troll away. We own ul. Always will. I am still waiting to see your coach win a banner for ul. Not happening. Anytime soon. Ever. 7—>2 reminder of who’s the daddy.

  40. GoCayuts

    33) Why does Cal always talk about how he works out? Yet, he has a gut that won’t quit. What gives? He demands things out of his players that he is unwilling to do himself. Jusy one reason out of many that he is a scumbag.

  41. Mike

    Much better 1st half than 2nd…some of said it was a complete game, but we barely outscored them in 2nd half…Miller could have had 30 if he wanted it…16 pts. 1st half and 6 2nd.

  42. citycat

    Putting Polston/Hood/Poole in to dribble out the clock was very disrespectful to those players. I am sure they practice very hard also and when you are winning by 30 they could at least play 3 minutes or so. Things like that destroy team morale.

  43. SexnNursinHomes

    40- if people lead the lifestyle that rick pitino lived, then everyone would look like an on-edge, bulemic, skeletor faced, crackhead looking baby killer

  44. Bob Loblaw

    Elizabeth Dorsett has a face for standard def. She’s Transy hot.

  45. Zombie Reagan

    Darrin Horn looks like Patrick Bateman. I feel like he should be on the sideline carrying an axe and wearing a raincoat.

  46. philly cat

    citycat – they went to the scorer’s table with 3+ minutes left. there was no stoppage to get them in until about 1 min.

  47. Shields Eyes

    Is KSR taking Sunday off?

  48. Bigbluecalizone

    SexN is Rolling Today Baby!!!!!Preach On Brother!!!! I Love It!

  49. OrvilleofMonkeysEyebrow

    what is a fan coach??

  50. bung

    I thought it nice of Cal that Hood went in b4 the poslon poole vargas mass sub.

  51. Mr Schwump

    42, run to the toilet. You’re full of shit.

  52. Schedule

    42. Destroy team morale??? Really? Not that it even matters, but Cal sent them to check in with nearly 3 mins left. There just happened to be no clock stoppage for almost 2 mins. As for the troll Card fans (37 & 40), nursinghomes nailed it. We’re your daddy. Have been for 100 years chief and the best part is there’s not a single thing you can do about it. Just be glad we’re willing to boss you around, be your daddy and keep you relevant 1 day per year. Have a good day chief and keep your pregnant trashy sisters away from Three Stacks.

  53. Bert

    #28, I can promise you that Pitino wouldn’t be only six deep either. From what Karen Sypher says, he’s never been more than 4.5 inches deep in anything.

  54. parvenu1

    Stay Classy-Who do you think you are you fooling? We all know who you are. Go back to your hovel and lay low. Stay low.

  55. The Source

    SC had 3 times outs left at the end of the game, Cal only had one, clearly Cal was outcoached.

  56. NotTheSlickistRick

    Wow, lots of filthy Tardinals spreading their own special brand of cheer this morning.
    Their Tardinal Logic is founded on the premise that like small children, if they make enough noise they will somehow get some respect from big brother. It is not enough that the Cats now beat them 2 out of every 3 games, or that UK will again lead the nation in attendance numbers, but rather they still cling to some delusional notion that the Cawds are even vaguely relevant. When all their arguments have been proven false they then start bragging about have chair backs with cupholders in the Airstream Memorial Yum Dum center. The fact that Ual has to resort to selling alcohol at games in order to be profitable and that cupholders are but a preventive measure to keep drunken Tard fans from brawling during the games can hardly be a great source of pride to rational people.

  57. Kat

    I guess we are all spoiled by the regular postings on this site…
    It’s now…12 and 1/2 hours since the last post…what is the record?

  58. SanDiegoDave

    55) Agreed. Calipari obviously cannot recruit, has no passion for the game, and does not understand what UK basketball means to the state. Barnhart should go ahead and fire him now. I heard Jerry Sloan is looking for a job.

  59. UKgirlinVA

    Who was the Y? Since I didnt get to see the game In VA …Was it PPAT or JODIE?

  60. question.

    Who was sitting next to Jodie yesterday?

  61. Zman

    59, it was neither. Super Champion,Tim Masthay was the ‘Y’….

  62. Zman