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Cats pass first major test, beat Washington 74-67


Faced with their first game as an underdog and up against a team who played a similar system with the added luxury of depth and veteran players, John Calipari’s team showed stood tall and put away the Washington Huskies in a game that had the emotional feel of a March contest.  With they eyes and heckles of Washington upon him, freshman forward Terrence Jones posted 16 points and 17 rebounds, along with 4 blocks, and again proved to be the Cats’ emotional leader.  Brandon Knight also turned in a fine offensive performance, scoring 24 points (we’ll get to the 8 TOs later) and Josh Harrellson busted on the scene with 9 points and 14 rebounds. 

In a game where Kentucky had an opportunity to grow up siginificantly and take the next step toward being a Final Four contender, they came to play.  The 18-0 run early on was the work of a talented group of players.  But, the resiliency in the second half and the toughness to hang on to a lead and then put the game away is the stuff that makes for a great team.  A solid win for the young Cats.  Tomorrow, a rematch with the other Huskies.

A couple of notes…

 – Both fanbases (and both teams) had this game marked on their schedule since the summer when Terrence Jones joined Enes Kanter as Husky defectors on the UK roster and we all knew emotions were going to be high.  It’s possible that it exceeded that anticipation.  The crowd was as involved and rowdy as any Kentucky game I can remember and fans from both sides didn’t hide their feelings for the opposing team.  And neither did the players.  There were elbows, technicals, chest pounds, screams and all of the other beautiful emotional outburts that seem to come with big basketball games.  There was even an earthquake.  It will go down in the history books as a Maui Invitational tournament game but this had all the feel and makings of an NCAA Tournament game.  You cannot understat the importance of a young team to coming out with a win in an environment like that.  Big-time victory in a big-time game.

 – With every set of eyeballs in the Lahaina Civic Center focused on him, Terrence Jones again played like an All-American.  He finished with a sexy stat line of 16 points, 17 rebounds and 4 blocks, but it was his continued emergence as an emotional leader and a go-to guy for the rest of the team that seems to be so reassuring.  One of the things that was most concerning at the beginning of the season was who the Cats could count on when their backs were against the wall.  You can now comfortably say that Jones is that guy.  It’s not often that a young player can do that.  It’s especially uncommon for someone as emotional as Jones to be that guy.  But, for now, it appears to be a very nice fit.  And, I’ll say this too.  There is no one in the country better at blocking three-point shots.  Write it down, Goodman.

  – Jones was clearly the catalyst for the UK victory, but his frontcourt mate might have been the difference.  Josh Harrellson gave Kentucky 9 points and 14 rebounds in an astounding 34 minutes of play and provided the type of inside presence that everyone except NostraPrickett (he predicted it in the pregame) wondered existed.  In the post-game press conference, Calipari gave a lot of credit to Jorts, who sat by his side, saying that his great effort on the boards, including 7 on the offensive end, was the difference in the game.  He also added (and I’ve said this before too, so that makes me really smart) that he is UK’s best defender on the pick and roll at the moment and that really stood out against Washington, who thrives off of the pick and roll in the halfcourt.  Harrellson was consistently able to stop penetration long enough for a guard to get over and still able to recover and play defense without fouling, which is a huge score for him.  Calipari said that guarding that set is supposed to be his team’s achilles heel and Harrellson did a good job of making sure that was not the case.  Washington coach Lorenzo Romar was not quite as complimentary.  When asked to comment on Harrellson’s outstanding performance, he said, “He took advantage of not being boxed out”.  This has Josh’s Twitter account, wherever it may be, fuming mad.  Give the man some credit!

 – Before the game, I mentioned that I thought the matchup of Brandon Knight and Isaiah Thomas was very similar to the John Wall and Kemba Walker matchup in Madison Square Garden a year ago and that it could be an opportunity for Knight to reassert himself in the national conversation.  Little did I know how similar it would be.  Knight finished with 24 dazzling points (Wall had 25) and struggled with 8 turnovers (Wall had 7).  But, like the game Wall had a year ago, Knight showed on the national stage that he has the ablity to take over a game and play with a cutthroat mentality on the offensive end.  His turnovers were the easily correctible (and extremely frustrating kind) and came on plays as simple as a perimeter pass in the backcourt.  There’s no question that he has to fix those mistakes (and do something about 0 assists), but the way he played offensively was another bright spot going forward. 

 – Another continued bright spot was the consistent play of DeAndre Liggins, who again played his role to a “T”.  Liggins got in the heads of Washington on defense, even drawing a technical foul on Venoy Overton, and played the role of under control slasher.  Plus, he spent enough time on the floor securing loose balls that we might need to start calling him Vinny Tatum.  His 7 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals only tell part of the story.  Great teams are made up of talented players who can play their role consistently every night.  Liggins does that as well as anyone on the team.

 – With all of the Josh Harrellson love, the improved play of Eloy Vargas might have gotten a little lost in the mix.  Vargas played on six minutes, but made them count in scoring 4 points and standing tall on the defensive end.  After the game, which saw him receive one of the most vigorous ass slaps I’ve ever seen from Calipari, his coach spoke talked about how please he was with his play.  Calipari added that he needs to get in a little better shape and that he needs to start playing like Josh.  I agree.

 – One guy who probably won’t get much love following the game is freshman guard Doron Lamb, who played 28 minutes (the same as Knight) and registered only six points on 2-10 shooting.  While his shot wasn’t falling and he looked a little lost at times on the offensive end, Lamb did a phenomenal job of guarding Isaiah Thomas in the first half.  Lamb was the primary defender on the Husky point guard for the majority of the early minutes when UK jumped out to their lead, which Cal called the difference in the game.  The shots will fall but the defensive effort will keep him in the game when they’re not.

 – As far as Darius Miller goes, it wasn’t an awful performance, but it wasn’t as good as we all hoped it would be after playing so poorly against Oklahoma.  Miller again battled foul trouble, but he was responsible for a number of tipped passes on defense and hit a huge three in the second half when Washington was making a push.  He’s still not to the point where he needs to be for this team to be special, but it was good to see him trying to make an impact every time he was on the floor.  And his impact was certainly felt with 1:20 to go when he grabbed an offensive rebound and pulled the ball out like a veteran leader should.

 – In the post-game press conference, Calipari summed up everything by saying that it was a great win for his team and, even though they made some mistakes like fouling after coming out of a timeout and being told not to foul, he chalks that up to being a young team.  He added that the free throw woes (21-34) were frustrating, but he offered up the old Calipari sayinig that his team was able to make them when they needed them (8 of final 10) and he was happy with that.  He said that he could see that they “have a will to win” and that’s exactly what you want to see. 

That’s it for now.  I have to watch Sons of Anarchy.  Stick around all day as we get you set for the UConn Huskies and the awkward interactions between Coach Cal and Jim Calhoun.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

198 responses to “Cats pass first major test, beat Washington 74-67”

  1. SexnNursinHomes

    Mr. Walker meet Mr. Liggins. You are about to get owned

  2. tdogg4033011

    Give em hell CATS !!!! Nice game …..

  3. Bobby Booshay's Mama

    Fust debil.

  4. KYStout

    We just won an NCAA tourney game.

  5. lexslamman

    Where did all the UW fans that were talking ish on here earlier today go? I want to have a few words with them…

  6. wow really

    That Washington player must be gay he needs to check where his hands are…..

  7. tdogg4033011

    4) we just beat a pretty dang good basketball team too

  8. BigCAT

    Great Game!!! Josh Harrellson is my player of the game!

  9. SexnNursinHomes

    5- they are like a fart in the wind. long gone

  10. WildcatsDominate

    UCONN has Kemba Walker. UK has a team. And Deandre Liggins.

    Interesting matchup.

  11. BravoBigBlue

    Really proud of the way the team hung in there tonight. It wasn’t always pretty, but you could tell they wanted it.

  12. InSaneDiego

    Interesting….KY is starting 3 Billy Clyde recruits.

  13. casey

    great win for a team I’m really looking forward to getting behind

  14. Sawyer

    Jorts for Heisman

  15. InSaneDiego

    Whaddya think of that, Fat Matt?

  16. catcrawler

    I love this team’s chemistry.

  17. tdogg4033011

    alot op people on here during & after the Washington game last night was doubting the CATS
    in this game. I knew our length and athleticism would give them fits. Very nice win, we just
    got the Huskies best shot …..

  18. Seank8686

    Hopefully Walker won’t keep his 30 point streak going tomorrow.

  19. Bundy

    1- Touche, my friend.

  20. Sheriff Buford T. Pickens

    Am I the only one that thinks that when he yells, Terrence Jones looks like a black Robert from Everybody loves Raymond??


    WOW, young but mean. LOL. This UK team is really scrappy and finds ways to win. Coach Cal’s teams are all alike, they hustle and attack non-stop. Gotta love that and also gotta hand it to Jorts. He’s NOWHERE near as highly touted or talented as the others, but he became a man tonight. Great game to all of you guys. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  22. Talent_Evaluator

    Happy to see our beloved Cats get the win. However, very poor shooting both from the field and the free-throw line and lots of turnovers and missed assignments on defense. But, it is still very early in the season. Coach Cal has said many times that his teams are like this early in the season but they always come together in late January to February. Love to see them send Calhoun home with a loss.

  23. I hate ESPN

    To all the UW fans, Blaming the refs. The last vestige of a loser….hahaha ball game!

  24. mjj2k+

    #4- Not just that, but a Sweet 16 game.

    I knew Jones was good, and thought he was one of the 5 best NBA prospects in the class, but I had no clue he could be such a monster on the boards, and shot-blocking presence to boot. Rebounding which everyone thought would be a big question mark, is actually a strength, mostly due to Jones. Interior D will be an issue all year, but its not as bad as we might have thought.

    And if Kanter wins his appeal? OMFG, the sky is the absolute limit on this team. Without him, this team is a legit FF threat. With him? Favorite in every game the rest of the year, at least until the FF.

  25. Free Enes

    but… me some Jorts

  26. Yargamel

    Jorts with 7 offensive boards was one of my players of the night.

    The thing that bothered me most statwise was the lack of assists. It seems like the excellent passing we’ve seen in previous games had been forgotten in lieu of players attempting to create offense entirely on their own. 0 assists for your point guard isn’t especially comforting.

  27. casey

    Hard to stay this, but I like Knight better than Wall. I know Wall was clutch and he’s amazing overall..but Knight seems to attack better than Wall. In addition, T. Jones is more aggressive and gives a shit more than anyone I’ve ever seen play at Kentucky.

  28. good2ndhalf

    That was a solid second half on offense. In the first half, the offense looked disorganized and confused. Second half the offense played smart and with purpose. I’m hoping for more set plays until the players fully develop into the dribble drive offense.

  29. gcat4496

    I really expected us to get spanked. We really out defended them and out toughed them. Everyone contributed in some way. I guess this shows you that Cal can not only recruit, he can coach. I was hoping we got this because the head-to-head recruiting battles with Romar this would have been embarrassing.

  30. UKNATION1996

    Free Enes but… me some Jorts

  31. TonyDelk00

    Get ’em Jorts! 9 pts/14 reb – 7 offensive

  32. KY12

    Liggins is our MVP, he takes the other team’s star outta the game, which throws their whole offense into a spiral. Tomorrow he will show the world he is THE best defensive player in the country.

  33. tdogg4033011

    26) do you just HAVE TO find a negative?? they just beat a legit top 10 team & took their
    best shot at that ….. good grief man !!!

  34. Catfan02

    Jorts was the difference tonight. Plus Brandon stepped up!! Still need to get Darius untracked!! This time last year we were winning in OT to Standford!! Lot of upside to this team.

  35. justlew1979

    Jorts for Heisman? I love my man there, but he fumbled the ball at least four times in the first half. Lamb was the only more frustrating one.

  36. Sheriff Buford T. Pickens

    28. First half offense sucked because miller and knight were both out for 10+ minutes in foul trouble

  37. BigCAT

    -#20- I think Jones looks like Waldo Geraldo Faldo!!! (family matters if u don’t know)

  38. Classsof89

    Had Josh not had Lobster with all the butter for supper he would have had a 20/20 game! Good game Jorts! And he rest of the guys as well! Big win to build on this season!

  39. KY12

    Not only is Liggins a stud defensively, he has become a very smart player who does all the little things. I can’t believe this is the same Kid from 2 years ago.

  40. GoCats2

    Great job Cats! I am going to home to watch the game in 10 minutes just wanted to say I am proud of the Cats. I hope all the people that said they expected us to lose come on and say they now believe! Expect to win every game!

  41. wtf

    i almost mshite my jorts

  42. Ciggy

    That was one beautiful game, This team is gonna do well. They shot horribly, they missed free throws, they had some crap calls, but they pulled through and won. I have a feeling we are all gonna be some happy sonsofbitches this year. GO JORTS, KNOCK DOWN THAT THREE!

  43. Sheriff Buford T. Pickens

    32. I agree 110% with you. Liggins is unbelievable on D and somehow finds a way into his matchups head every time. Thank God Cal didn’t cut ties with him after Clyde left when everyone assumed he would. Where the hell would we be without De??

  44. Cking98

    All I can say is awesome game. This team is going to be special.

    #17 I doubted, I admit, but this team is going to be light years better than we thought.

    Do we really need a big man with rebounding like this?

    Did boogie and Patterson ever combine for 31 rebounds last year?

  45. tdogg4033011

    40) YESIRRRRR !!! even our own Matt Jones predicted up to lose

  46. tdogg4033011


  47. Depoytown

    Cal really stretched the roster tonight in the first half and bench guys more or less held serve.Thus game reminded me of the slug fest in NYC against UCONN last year where a team’s toughness was established.IMO this team as potential to be one of the most loved we’ve had in a while.IMO last years team had the feel if a NBA team while this one has feel of a true group of college kids.

  48. Mean Gene

    29 I was scared of this game too, especially when we got down early. But these guys are fearless. Cal has everything to do with that. He was coaching harder than I had ever seen him. Knight was brilliant but you can’t ignore Jorts and Liggins. Miller played great defense as well.

  49. Braad Leon

    KY12 is spot on. Liggins plays the game as purely as anyone I’ve ever seen. He still has so many things that he can improve, IF Leggings fully actualizes his potential look out.

    Forget about Matt Pilgrim. Terence Jones IS a beast. GBB

  50. cats4life

    I am ready to see what Kembo can do with Liggins breathing down his throat…. Liggins is one of the best on ball defenders that i can remember in recent, yet while inebriated, history…


    This game was identical to the game at MSG last year against UCONN. We got up big early, Wall got in foul trouble(as did Knight) we went very cold only to give up the lead to UCONN, and then superior PG play and talent takes over late. Beautiful!!!!

  52. catcrawler

    Cal definitely earned his salary tonight…. WHAT ABOUT THE 2 STEP HE DID WHEN THEY CALLED A TRAVEL ON KNIGHT?? I WAS CRACKN UP!!

  53. David

    Those referees will be lucky NOT to get suspended after that cluster f.

  54. bobby jim

    here last night you bastards were talking crap about josh and today he kicks but for us. Keep it up maybe he’ll start playing this way every game.

  55. Bulging Enes

    gotta give jorts credit he help dominate the boards.


    With Jorts, we are good. With Kanter, we win it all!!!! With NBA lockout, watch out, because this team combined with next year’s recruits will be INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Dawg

    ok…ok… so you guys won. good game. hard to beat 8 on 5. I guess the small roster leaves extra money to pay the refs. Go UDub!!

  58. bigward

    some people had washington in the final four and we just beat them this is not a 10 lose team all we need to do is put liggins on walker and we got the ship

  59. Braad Leon

    Did anyone else see Leggings tell Thomas “You better watch out” after the “eventual” deadball technical foul? Leggings for all-SEC in addition to whomever else (Knight, Jones, Miller?). GBB

  60. casey

    I hate Duke.


    57: That’s what they all say!! KENTUCKY rules!!!! Cal is now 39-3 overall as Kentucky’s coach.


    57: Your team has 4 starters back!!!! FOUR STARTERS!!! Our team has 1 starter back and only FOUR PLAYERS from last year’s roster. A bunch of Freshman and a JUCO player beat you tonight. HA HA

  63. Boogiewoogie

    Wow. This team is tough as nails. Cool heads and clutch free throws. We are going to be better than we are getting credit for. Hey UW: SHUT UP

  64. Bulging Enes

    huskies west down huskies east next

  65. PNW_CatFan

    Whew! I live in Seattle and cannot to wear my Blue and White tomorrow and ask my UW friends where there purple is! All we need is a Jeff Brassow (sp) like moment in the final game and it is a great start to the season!

  66. SexnNursinHomes

    57- shit, which game did you watch? your guys hacked so much it, i’m suprised that your guys aren’t facing battery charges

  67. Sheriff Buford T. Pickens

    57. Losers bitch about refs. They let you walk up and down the court like your boys were playing rugby or something get outta here. Sore loser

  68. on the radio

    is Matt doing his call in show?

  69. MikeinLex

    Refs were horrible. Cal for president…..IMPRESSIVE.

  70. CalifCatFan

    Jorts!!! Liggins!!! Jorts!!! Liggins!!!

  71. Mr Clean

    Last year Purry was the microwave. This year I nominate Liggins as the Magic Eraser. He makes the opposing best player disappear.

  72. Depoytown

    Cal coached his ass off tonight….he put in as much effort as any player on the floor.The hate meter UW already had for Cal went up a couple more notches after that street brawl if a ball game.

  73. Bulging Enes

    cal was right if he can get a double-double combined from vargus and harrelson will win. hope they vargus can get tougher.

  74. SexnNursinHomes

    57- knight’s two steps taken back, yet your guy takes 30 steps and it’s allowed. GTFO here that weak blame the refs crap

  75. perkins

    Dawg, 8 on 5? knight and miller sat out 10 minutes of the first half with 2 fouls, we were called for walks that werent, charges that werent, and we had a payback technical foul called on knight. the refs missed 3 walking violations in a row on UW. where is your logic?

  76. Inside Info

    #44 yes they did but I am very happy with the rebounding it made a big difference down the stretch. Josh did have butter hands in the first half but he made up for it with a good all around game. We will beat U Conn by 7 or 8 I would say more but the refs wont let that happen.

  77. Inside Info

    #44 yes they did but I am very happy with the rebounding it made a big difference down the stretch. Josh did have butter hands in the first half but he made up for it with a good all around game. We will beat U Conn by 7 or 8 I would say more but the refs wont let that happen.

  78. A.R.'s Cats

    I agree, I thought they played with a ton of heart and fused to lose. They stuck the D when they needed to. I thought this was one of the few team wins I’ve seen in many moons, and I’m just not talking about the Cats but the entire NCAA. Great Game Guys, now lets get some more Husky Fur tomorrow!

  79. Cking98

    Man I wanted a shot at IZZO!!

    Does anybody know What was the highest ranked team we beat last year?
    Carolina, an uconn had already took a tumble in the rankings last year.
    West Virginia was ranked 8 when we lost?

    Go cats!

  80. Dawg

    I’m an inbred moron. We got our a$$es kicked and you made us like it. Here let md bend over like my daddy taught me.

  81. TrinityPills

    call in show tonight?

  82. Proposition

    #34 needs to change the name on his jersey to Kentucky, that is the only name that young man is playing for. He shall be referred to simply as #34.

  83. Braad Leon

    Tomorrow will be a real test of the boys’ resolve and cohesion. Their shooting tonight and some of the careless play reflects fatigue. Tomorrow’s game will be ugly. GBB

  84. UK-Believe

    great game all around.

    good to see Poole play very well in his 4-5 minutes of action! very good defensive effort!

  85. Brink

    83 I agree but UCONN will be tired too.


    I will say this; Jones played big when he needed to, but Washington shut him down for the most part. Great gameplan by both coaches, poor job by the refs overall and a super game by Coach Cal. His rendition of Knight’s travelling call made my night. Hilarious.

  87. Talent_Evaluator

    I’m predicting that Kentucky will blow out UCONN tomorrow as Liggins will lockdown Mr. Walker while Knight, Jones & Lamb torch the Huskie puppies.

  88. Ref'sTimeMachine

    Who knew you could go back in time and award a technical? Crazy shite.

  89. bigbill992001

    28 & 36- you DO know we were up by 14 in the 1st half, right? Just went cold with something like 1-11. Went 5 mins.+ without a score. It’s frustrating to blow a big lead, much like we did yest. Big day for Jorts. It’s good to know that we can shoot poorly from the field and the line and still beat a pretty good team. GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ed Corbett, Bob Donato, Sean Hul: Three worst officials EVER!!!

    GO BLUE!!!

  91. Mad Blue

    I thought coach K and Vitale were gonna give on live tv during that interview.

  92. Harley Wells

    Liggins is a MAN!!

  93. tdogg4033011

    81) hang around, they’ll post a link if they have it ….

  94. Mad Blue

    Kiss during the interview.

  95. Perfect Patterson

    Jorts played more than competitively. He was NOT a weakness for the team, but rather an asset. Great game for him! Now he only has to keep it up!

    Great team play today.

  96. Sheriff Buford T. Pickens

    I know his individual stats aren’t great but somebody please puts Liggins name in the rafters some day

  97. C Pullem

    65 – Give’em hell!! It was a terrific game but the better, more talented team won.

  98. JerryTownBlotter

    Jorts!!..Jorts blaah JORTS!! la laah laa


    JORTS rebounding was CLUTCH down the stretch and I would love for Lorenzo to tell the Refs to go check the monitor (wtf was up with that?) so they could give him an extra point so he could notch a double double


    THAT SOBs piss poor effort of SECURING REBOUNDS for the first 30 minutes of the game resulted in a lot of innocent dogs around big blue country getting kicked and about 5 assists for the Huskies.

  99. Cawood2Cal

    Battles like this make a TEAM. We had trouble when Knight was out and Lamb had to adjust, but he came through in the end. Defensive presence from Liggins was awesome. Harrellson on the boards. Knob Creek shots and watch the replay right here.


    poor free throw shooting and an inability to protect the rim are gonna make me nervous come march. lets see some improvement before then cats!

  101. PACatFan

    80) You talked alot of Sh*t on here before the game and I’m surprised you showed your face back again. You can not blame the refs because there were bad calls on both sides of the ball. Knight did not walk and UW got away with a carry right after. I’ll give you the Knight elbow there was contact and that was legit, but don’t say the refs were all for UK. It was just a hard fought game between two very good teams. both teams made bad mistakes and play was sloppy, but I have to commend Washington for a good game.

  102. OneAndDone

    Can’t beleive noone has brought up the fact that Cal sat Knight, Liggins and Miller for 10 mins in the first half. Glad it worked out for him. Thats all i have to say…. Man knows what he was doin

  103. Kentucky14

    Saw someone on ESPN boxscore comments say that “whoever #34 is should have Kentucky on the back of his jersey because that is who he is out there playing for.”

    Thought that was a GREAT comment on Liggins. Who would have ever thought that 2 years ago?

  104. I'm wearing Jorts

    86 Refs did a good job overall. it could have been much worse

  105. brb

    washington was tryin to be punks and dirty up the game—and what kinda totally BS call on knight was that!!!!!!!!!!! the punks lost….one for the good guys

  106. Ref'sTimeMachine

    I think they ought to go to the monitors and go back in time and eject Chrissy Laetner for stomping on Timberlake. Who knew you could go back in game time and award techs. This is huge technology.

  107. Kentucky14

    102…they had two fouls…too risky to play guys like that. I doubt he wanted to.

  108. Brummy

    A great win for our CATS! I was truly impressed tonight…Knight and Jones are a force and people are gonna have to choose who to focus their defensive schemes around…Can’t press on both…And my boy DeAndre is the enforcer…Lock down defender with a bit of an edge…Cal helped him out as a player and young man last season…He gets it now…Harrelson showed improvement…Did a lot right, but defensive lapses and butter finger syndrome…He’s coming along…They showed us young talent and heart…The latter being what we need from this team…I’m optimistic about what a whole season can do for this crew…Come March we may be dangerous…All smiles here.

  109. Tony Greene

    90 – Hey, I resent that! Just wait until you see my ish again!

  110. Sheriff Buford T. Pickens

    102. Had no choice.. Plus since when did Miller decide to start fouling the hell out of everyone. I don’t remember him having this sort of foul trouble in the past. He’s got so much talent but he either sits back and doesn’t take control of the game or he makes dumb fouls. Driving me absolutely crazy

  111. KY12

    Dumbass Dana O’Neil said Washington fans will wonder what if Isaiah Thomas had played a normal game. Child please! Liggins gets no national credit. I guess it’s a coincidence that Stohl and Thomas shot 25% below their averages.

  112. tdogg4033011

    102)that was huge to stay within 1 at the half, with the lineup Cal had to play for
    10 minutes or so. As long as they kept it close Calipari couldnt afford to put them back
    in and pickup foul number 3. Calipari coached a helluva game tonight ….

  113. Real Cat Fan

    Great win, Cats! Now let’s stay focused for tomorrow and beat the other huskies. Don’t let the heads swell too much over a great win. The celebration can wait for the plane ride home. 😉

  114. Computer Blue

    Nice game by Jorts. If he works on securing the ball once its in his hands it could have been a great game for him.

  115. Inside Info

    If anything the refs hurt us way more than they did them. UW walked 3 times in a row and shoved guys all over the place and they was no calls. UK beat UW and the refs baby that is all there is to it. GO BIG BLUE.

  116. Inside Info

    If anything the refs hurt us way more than they did them. UW walked 3 times in a row and shoved guys all over the place and they was no calls. UK beat UW and the refs baby that is all there is to it. GO BIG BLUE.

  117. Free Throws

    nobody likes me. 🙁

  118. OneAndDone

    agree Tdogg….man knows what he’s doin

  119. Classsof89

    Miller’s second foul was not a foul! Probably the cleanest block of the entire game! Cost him 12 min. of bench time in the first half though. I threw my red flag for a review but the ref didn’t see it in time.

  120. Inside Info

    The balls were really slick and wet they have been in every game there so lets say thats why Jorts lost a few.

  121. Dub


  122. Dawg

    your player elbowed V. it happened!! I dvr’d it. if it happened it happened.. why not get it right like they did when your guard walked the lane from the 3 line?? Hope we see yall in the tourney. Go UDub!!

  123. Voiceofreason

    Love liggins. He’s the heart of this team. Love watching him play.

  124. Perfect Patterson

    Biggest stat for Jorts was he played 34 minutes! He is learning how to stay out there

  125. secretagent0014

    What station is the post game call in show?

  126. DribbleDrive

    Give it up for vargas and his clutch free throws.

  127. Dub

    Overall a great game for the cats. Although the assist total i really like the ball movement from this years team. Great job of positioning by jorts as well. Thing that scares me about him is his defense. If we run into a good offensive center its going to be ugly

  128. tdogg4033011

    122) get outta here ” hope we se ya’ll in the tourney” LOL ….. you ran your mouth all night
    last night, what happened to UK gettin ” CRUSHED ” tonight??? LMFAO

  129. Niggas Please (Tosh voice)

    122 IF our freshman filled team can beat you in Nov, you guys would have no shot AT ALL come March. Ie it would be awesome if we could played you in the tournament as it would be an EASY EASY win in March. Where do I sign?

  130. Brink

    122 Get over it you lost PERIOD. The refs were horrible on both sides, but the best team won. I also hope to see you all in the tourney. Also you were here all week talking about how we were gonna get crushed. PFFFTTTTTT. You need to turn your attention to tomorrow cause you all might just get crushed by MSU.

  131. BMT22033

    @111 – Dana O’Neil is lucky to have a job. My three year old makes more astute observations than she does.

  132. dawg

    i am a bitch

  133. Bball>Fball

    The announcers we clueless all game – they said Knight had been quiet for some reason the last ten minutes when he had been on the bench with 2 fouls. They didn’t even realize he went out of the game and didn’t comment on it till he got three in the second half. They were lost during all of the technical calls and by the end one of them was rooting for the washington player to hit his free throws. The refs were terrible as well – very inconsistent and seemingly one sided on the traveling calls. The Washington players were doing everything they could to ruff/dirty the game up too – great win for the Cats they beat UW, the announcers, and the refs

  134. Proposition

    103) That was me mayrs19 on ESPN. Thanks Man appreciate the props but seriously do you watch that guy. He mentally affects the opponents with his chatter and more importantly his on ball D.

  135. Niggas Please (Tosh voice)

    103 If this were Reddit, I would bump up your comment. PREACH!

  136. Niggas Please (Tosh voice)

    134 Please see 135

  137. Proposition

    136 please see 82

  138. Dixon25

    If Liggins keeps this up and it gets picked up nationally, this could be big time for that kid. Watching him is like watching it snow, it just makes you feel good. Cal is freakin miracle worker with semi-troubled kids, no wonder they all worship him.

  139. Classsof89

    Had your high powered team scored 100 like they were supposed to, then the two “missed calls” wouldn’t have mattered. Freshmen are pretty intimidating though, so I understand your frustrations!
    It’s really fun watching a team try to punk the other team so much they can’t even play their own game! So worried about getting in Jones and Knights heads they forgot that the score mattered!
    Good luck this year. Maybe we’ll meet again on down the line!

  140. Computer Blue

    Props to Liggins for just walking away after that elbow.

  141. tdogg4033011

    so I take it, no call in show tonight !!!

  142. Kanter? I barely know her!

    i have 2 things to say:

    1) the only disappointing part of tonight is that msu lost and we don’t get a shot at them



  143. CatsWitness@UNC

    Did Terrence Ross play?

  144. ksanders7

    you’ve gotta be proud of every player on the team, after that game. what about this young team’s defense. i know we had moments where we broke down, but the team defense for the full 40 minutes was pretty damn impressive! we beat a very good udub team that has scored over 100 in every game up until tonight. considering, the points and possesions we gave up by simply not holding on to some rebounds, and a horrible start from the free throw line. you can’t help but think about how good this team WILL look with kanter. a lot of times we were out of sync offensively. we are only 4 games in, and we are only gonna get better! to me, liggins is the heart and soul. his defense is contagious, and you saw it from everbody tonight. i especially think jones feeds off of it with his intensity on both ends of the floor. it’s hard to single out players, when they are all playing so well, so early, as a team. it’s exciting and i can’t wait for tomorrow! what about all of those udub players talkin about how they hoped they got to play UK in maui? the way espn tried to build that part of it up, you think they would’ve atleast played the press conferences after, and let us enjoy that shit. i really wanted to hear what both teams had to say. we are still young, inexperienced, and temporarily without kanter, but i think we saw a lot of positives to build on. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!

  145. MK30

    Mr. Beisner…great post. And it’s now time for me to watch Sons of Anarchy. Best show out there…hands down!!!

  146. MK30

    Mr. Beisner…nice post. And enjoy Sons of Anarchy, the best show on t.v. Hands down!!

  147. shooting percentage

    the best stat of the game was that although the cats only shot 39% from the field and 61% from the line, they were still able to be a very talented washington team. There goes the notion that this team will have to shoot well every game to win. Talent doesn’t lie and it’s obvious to me that this years version of the cats has a lot of it.

  148. mlvei

    Excellent game, especially for such a young team. I heard one of the Washington players was saying how he wanted to play Kentucky! Reminds me of what Mark Twain said: “The only thing worse than not getting what you want, is getting what you want!” I hope he is happy now!

  149. shooting percentage

    able to *beat* ^

  150. machine514
  151. Wunderkind

    So glad to see that this team is as well conditioned, if not more so than a veteran UW team that got to rest and relax last night. Not to mention that UW isn’t dealing with nearly the amount of jetlag that UK is. Those kids played every possession like it was the last and never looked beat. I will never doubt this team again. I think that they can play with and beat anyone left on their schedule. If they have more than 5 losses going into the NCAA Tourney, I will be shocked.

  152. Ciggy

    The drunker i get, the more excited i get for this team. Gonna be a fun fun year for us.

  153. please make me

    Please make me…if you do, i dont see why we cant win number 8.its supposed to be the easiest shot in basketball but we seem to find ways of missing them. What gives? Come on blue!!! Get it together and lets take down husky #2.

    P.S. FREE THROW!!!

  154. roger

    Have to admit, I thought this would be a very tough game for the cats. I just didn’t think that these freshmen would be up to playing a fairly talented team in a tourney setting. Sure glad I was wrong. Also, gotta give some love to our older players. Liggins and Jorts, WOW. Miller even did a few good things when they mattered most. If this teams defense, continues to get better, it could be pretty awesome. IF Kanter becomes elgible. Watch out!!!!

  155. dawgpack

    dear uk fans,

    pro: you won a game… in november.
    con: you still live in kentucky.

  156. Parvenu1

    Dear dawgpack:

    pro: You finally learned sentence structure.
    con: You troll the sites of teams that beat yours.

  157. mudcat

    Dear husky fans,

    Your team, state , and whole coast is irrelevant when is comes to basketball. You wish you were like Kentucky!

  158. billy

    22 couldn’t you find just one more thing they did bad? Their big setback was Knight and Milller getting in early foul trouble.

  159. chadman

    I can’t believe no one has stated the obvious: as Brandon Knight goes, so goes the Cats. When he was on the bench with first half foul trouble UW closed the gap at light speed. So say all you will about Jones, Liggins, etc-Knight is the key to everything this year, even moreso than Wall last year. There is no bledsoe on this team.

  160. Jezz

    155. Can’t you just stay classy? Why do you have to be the moron and sore loser everybody thought you were? It was just a tuesday for UK, it was the superbowl for UW. And still, the winningest program of all time wins again. I’m glad we live in Kentucky, so we can root for a basketball team that actually wins. You should try it sometime.

  161. kyrobman

    That was a great game. UK played like veterans (most of the time). That was the first time I have seen the refs go back and look at the video (per Romar’s prompting) to call a foul way after the fact. I.e. Knight’s elbows. At the time a foul would have been the correct call but not a few plays later. Good win for the Cat’s and we will get another one tonight.

  162. Brandy's Pearl Necklace

    If Jorts held 3 of those loose balls then i would swallow his balls right now. Loosin up and be comfortable grabbing balls, I am mailing a TSA screeners instructional video to maui as we speak

  163. Juice7

    Liggins aka Stopper

  164. ThankfulCat

    That was deeeeeeeelightful watching that whipping.

    Josh, you just went up about 50 notches for me.
    Vargas, keep trying son, you are starting to get it.

  165. CarolinaCatFan

    Deandre Liggins is an absolute stud! Can’t wait to see him on Walker tonight. He’s gaining legend status in my book. Remeber, Cal sat him on the bench the first several games last year. He’s definitely made the most of a second chance, and I had no idea he was so quick with the ball in transition. His intensity is remarkable and he showed maturity by being involved in contact and walking away when others would have been jawing at the opponent. He’s one of my newfavorites!

  166. Don

    Kemba Walker vs. Liggins will be real nice to see.

    Walker has taken 2x as many shots as anyone else on the team. If you check all of their games, you’ll easily see the key to beating UNCONN.

  167. tfordstyle

    112. agreed.
    cal worked that game like a maestro

  168. UKFanCincy

    Does anyone have a link to UK Walpapers? Not the UKATHLETICS.COM site. I already have them. Thanks!!

    Kemba vs. Liggins should be fun to watch. I have all the faith in the world in Liggins. I think he absolutly loves his role on the team and understands how important he is to this team.

    This sure is a fun team to watch!!

    All we need now is FREE ENES!!!!!

  169. BMT22033

    >After the game, which saw him receive one of the most vigorous ass slaps I’ve ever seen from Calipari…

    Seriously! That made the enhanced TSA pat down seem tame!!

    >Calipari added that he needs to get in a little better shape…

    If anybody ought to know… 😉

  170. BGrassky

    133> 159> I agree 100%. I couldn’t believe the announcers were oblivious to what was the obvious storyline last night………hopefully not the storyline of the season.

  171. MIDDAY

    Did anyone notice that our walk on played the last 2 minutes of the 1st half and actually handled himself quite well?

    ESPN was ragging UK all night. They all picked Washington and ragged on our recruitment of Enes. Be classy BBN. Smile and move on.

  172. Don

    I don’t think they guys got enough defensive credit last nigt either. The announcers kept doting on UW defense, but we held them @ 40 points under their current average per game.

  173. KYStout

    The announcers have been horrendous for this tourney. My goodness how I miss Al McGuire.

  174. MIDDAY

    Tonight, the Celtics play Kemba Walker. My money is on the Celtics.

  175. Dirty Trent

    Jim Calhoun does the same thing Cal did to Vargas when he came out of the game to his own players… just to their front side, and with less clothing involved.

  176. NBA league pass

    159) I agree, things kind of ground to a halt when Knight was out of the game in the 1st half, really saw how important he is for us…I don’t think Lamb is the answer at back up point…I was kind of hoping to see Liggins step back into that role if Knight is in foul trouble.

  177. 7 and Counting!!!

    We are definately not catching any breaks from the refs or the announcers. Both groups seem to not like the Cats equally. The refs seemed to blow the whistle for the shrimp on upub every time he had the ball and a UK defender even looked at him. Quiet aggrivating! At least Harrelson played like we need him to play and Miller got lost for most of the game again.

  178. ebell55

    IMO Knight getting in early foul trouble made this a game! Our offense boggs down when he’s not in the game. Liggins can get to the rack but he and Miller can’t finish at the basket! They both need to start trying to throw it down! Go Cats!

  179. bluemoses

    i’m just glad dorkie vee is dook’s toadie announcer. jorts free enes

  180. dawgpack

    I admit uDub sports blow. We are an utter failure in football and can’t beat a team of freshmen in basketball. However at least seattle leads the nation in homeless teens and drug use.

  181. jsh2001

    159) We didn’t even have an offense with Knight on the bench, everyone just kind of stood around until somebody drove to the basket and threw up a prayer.

  182. Brian

    I life Rafterty and Bilas… For a Dukie Bilas is usually very fair and objective. Not sure about the Knight thing though… they didnt seem to know he was on the bench with two fouls. Will still take these two over Dykes and Carter Blackburn. The officials just suck. I thought they were bad on both sides of the ball last night. They really need to get overthemselves as well. No need to signal a blocking call 4 times. We get it. Move on. You are not in the game.

  183. WesCATSFAN

    Lets me honest here, it was a great game and a big win. BUT!! We missed 78 free throws. Josh Harrelson should have had 20 rebounds but had at least 6 boards slip out of his hands (although I do like his ability to pull the big man out of the lane with his outside shot, great half time adjustment). Terrance Jones in all his glory plays defense like he is still in high school! He is lackadaisical on defense and goes for the steal all the time. QUIT REACHING AND MOVE YOU FEET!! I like what I saw, but we have a long way to go. Cal will get us right! GO CATS!!

  184. Sal

    Good win guys now let’s finish off the other huskies tonight!

  185. Jaws2

    Most impressed with the level of intensity for a young team. I’m sure these kids will have off nights, but when they come with
    this attitude they will be in every game they play. The CalHaters can say what they want about his coaching ability, but he does
    an unbelievable job of getting young, highly touted, used to playing their way kids to play as a team. I was amazed at how he got
    last years group to do this and just as impressed this year.

  186. NKY_UK_fan

    Can you imagine if Kanter were playing on this team? Scary good.

  187. A.R.'s Cats

    Wow….since when does it become that a ref can go over to the monitor and put a call on the game over 3 minutes later? The T on UW was moments after said foul, but to go back for almost 3 minutes later and make a call is just insane!
    The team played with a lot of heart after they lost the lead, that and determination dug a “W” out for the BBN. The earthquake they felt in Hawaii is nothing what the whole south and mid-west feels when the Cats are in Rupp.
    As for the announcers, how flipping clueless they 3 people be? They were so determined to give accolades to UW I thought at one point they were going to start calling the Cats Dukies. GREAT win never the less. GO CATS FREE ENES!!!!!!!!

  188. MissinBoogie

    uh, how about giving Polson some props for that fine 1 minute effort he put in?

  189. deepsouthfloridafan

    It was great to see that by the end of the game washington players were not pumping up their bicepts after making a shot.. I have a feeling that coach would bench one of our players if they make such a ass of themselves. Go Cats!

  190. Deandre's Defense

    So where is that UW HUskies dude now? who said, “See u in maui bi****$!” haha what a dummy.

  191. dudeupnorth

    Here’s to hoping nothing ever happens to B. Knight! We have no #2 PG. What happened to the ball movement we had in the Oklahoma game? Way too much pounding the ball. Hey there was a Stacey Poole sighting! Great Win CATS!!!

  192. Deandre's Defense

    Even though everyone thnks jones is the mvp i think it was the work of deandre and knight. Knight ATTACKED the rim when he saw a hole and really took the game over when the team was struggling. It seemed like for most of the night he knew exactly what he needed to do.Deandre also did this but his sticky and quick D was great as well

  193. WildcatsDominate

    What’s with the picture change?

  194. jorts_fanatic

    “one of the most vigorous ass slaps I’ve ever seen from Calipari” – hahaha

    in case you missed it…

  195. Dark Helmet

    Liggins defense on fake Isiah Thomas deserves a whole post. Rewind to Dre’s freshman year – who would have thought Liggins would be the smartest, hardest player on the team? This is just an example of how great Cal can shape lives, but it may say even more about Deandre.

  196. Musehobo

    What’s great about this win is that we are nowhere near our potential yet. And to beat a team of Washington’s magnitude, this early in the season, will do a lot for us in seeding for the tourney. Let’s scrape and win some early important games…UCONN…UNC, then get everything lined out in the SEC. GO CATS!!!

  197. CatCrazyBlonde

    Awesome game last nite!! I love how distributed this year’s team is.. Love how T Jones handled his emotions during the last week–first played in hometown Portland which perpared him for UW!!! Now it’s time to play and have fun tonite! Let’s go win! Go CATS

  198. TheOptimist

    Ne chance next season we see KNIGHT moved to the 2 and have a lineup of TEAGUE, KNIGHT, GILCHRIST, JONES, AND DAVIS?