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Cats head to Starkville, leave a message of their own, 81-75

In front of a rowdy (and unattractive) record crowd at The Hump in Starkville, John Calipari’s young team showed the kind of focus and toughness that championship teams have as they squeezed out a win on a night when the bounces were clearly going the other way for most of the game.  The Cats shot 41% from the field and an anemic 17% from the three point line, but used rebounding (a +21 advantage) and shotblocking (12 total) to knock off a very fierce Mississippi State effort.

With all eyes on DeMarcus Cousins, he did not disappoint, reveling in the extra attention and putting up 19 and 14, despite fighting double teams all night.  On a night where he could have easily lost his temper and when the mood was right for his emotions to get out of control, he maintained his composure while displaying much-improved moves in the post and outstanding passing out of the post.  His performance was complemented by John Wall’s near triple-double (18 points, 10 boards, 8 assists), which came with a side of “And 1” and shot-blocking in OT.  A seemingly reinvigorated Patrick Patterson contributed 19 points and 10 rebounds and even Darius Miller (9 points, 2 boards, 2 blocks) and DeAndre Liggins (defense and a lot of jacked shots) got in on the action.

All in all, it wasn’t a pretty win but it was the type of gritty mid-February performance that inspires confidence in a team that started the year young and now appears to be evolving into a formidable veteran squad.  We’ll have more shortly but, in the meantime, revel in the joy that comes with 25-1.  And be grateful that you aren’t a Mississippi State fan.  There aren’t many things more embarrassing than that right now.


(1) From a basketball perspective, this was as good of a win as this team has had all season. Mississippi State wasn’t the best team Kentucky has played and it wasn’t the most flawless game they’ve had, but this was still the best win. The crowd at Mississippi State was as hostile as any they’ve faced this season (even with text messages and water bottles excluded) and they were getting what seemed to be all the bounces (and banked shots). It seemed to be one of those “there was just nothing we could do” nights at The Hump. Instead, the Cats used a 7-0 run in the final 2:44 to tie the game at 67 and force overtime, where they would put the nail in the coffin. Good teams lose these games. Great teams win them. Tonight, Kentucky made their most emphatic statement yet that they’re not just an assembly of national title talent. They’re potentially a national title team.

(2)  If ever there was a situation for DeMarcus Cousins to lose his temper, do something stupid or have an awful game, this was it.  To his credit, though, Boogie displayed the total package of a franchise player in front of a very hostile crowd.  The crowd taunted him with chants and the players baited him with elbows and pushing and Cousins let his play do his talking.  He’s been nipping at John Wall’s heels for National Player of the Year and making NBA scouts drool with his phenomenal passing from the post and his offensive game, which is becoming more polished by the day.  Tuesday night, though, he displayed the type of composure people were questioning and, in the process, made himself an even more impressive prospect.  A flawless (save for a few fouls) game for Boogie.

(3)  Ladies and gentlemen, will you please rise and welcome Patrick Patterson back into the fold?  I got on him pretty bad a few weeks ago about him seeming to let a lack of offensive touches affect his intensity on the glass and he was simply a beast Tuesday.  Patterson finished with 10 boards, the first time he reached double digits since 12/23, with six of them coming on the offensive end.  Patterson’s rebound total didn’t benefit from more time in the paint.  It was all effort.  Patterson busted his tail on the glass and it played a major part in how UK was able to make up for losing the turnover battle and shooting a poor percentage.  Great game from Patrick.

(4)  Blah, blah, blah, blah, John Wall, blah, blah, blah.  Dwight Who?  Shaq What?  There’s only one Superman and he put his powers on full display in overtime with an “And 1” and a superhuman block (free throws could be kryptonite) that sealed the win.  And, dude hit the boards hard again and almost finished with a triple double (18 pts, 10 reb, 8 ast).  I’ll take it. 

(5)  As we’ve said all along, Kentucky doesn’t need a whole lot from the “other” wing spot.  They just need something.  Tuesday night, Darius Miller and DeAndre Liggins gave the Cats what they needed out of the position.  Again, it wasn’t much and it wasn’t flawless, but it was what they needed.  Miller had 9 points and 2 blocks and Liggins contributed solid defense and (I’ll get crucified for this because it’s not a stat) made the offense more fluid when he was in the game.  Darnell Dodson was horribly off (so was Liggins’ jumper) but Miller filled in nicely.  Let’s hope it continues.

(6)  I mentiond this earlier but it bears noting again, if only because it was so significant.  Kentucky flat-out dominated the boards against the Bulldogs.  The Cats finished with a +21 advantage (48-27), which made up for losing the turnover battle and having a relatively poor shooting night.  At the half, the Cats had 11 offensive rebounds.  Mississippi State had 11 total rebounds.  The score was still a work in progress, but the message had been sent.

(7)  I mentioned on Twitter today that this was the best shot-blocking UK team of the last 20 years and they didn’t disappoint against Mississippi State.  Kentucky finished with 12 blocked shots and did so without making me lose my mind by allowing offenive rebounds out of attempted blocks.  Falling in love with the block can sometimes be a very bad thing (see Billy Clyde Era) but this team clearly a shot blocking team instead of a team that tries to block a lot of shots.

(8)  Since we won, we can nitpick, right?  How in the world did DeAndre Liggins end up with the final shot of regulation?  Honestly, why was he even on the floor?  Oh well, that’s it.  I’m over it.

(9)  While we’re throwing out complaints, let’s just work this one in there too.  Far too often this game, Kentucky made fundamental defensive mistakes.  The backdoor cut killed them early and the pick and roll (again?!?) hurt them late, but it was never enough to swing the game.  Overall, I thought it was a great defensive effort but there were a couple of lapses.  And I know he’s John Wall and he can make up for it with athleticism, but the old crabby man in me still cringes at seeing him stand straight up on defense.

(10)  With all the chaos on the court after the game, Cal had to be protected.  Did you see who was keeping watch over Coach?  A KSR favorite.

(11)  Now that we’ve got all the basketball out of the way, let’s just make this quick.  Anyone and everyone ever associated in any way with Mississippi State should be absolutely horrified and embarrassed right now.  What started as posters all over campus with DeMarcus Cousins’ phone number and turned into racially motivated hate calls, ended up taking the form of bottles being thrown on the court at the end of the game.  The administration said they’ve reached out to UK to get the numbers from Boogie’s phone in order to find out which one’s were students, which is a nice gesture, I guess.  What they need to focus more on, it seems, is the apparently rampant backwoods buffoonery that is now synonymous with the Bulldog fan experience.  What happened this week with that program is an absolute disgrace and I’d feel nothing short of humiliated if I were a part of it.

Rant over.  That’s it for now.  Like I said earlier, it wasn’t a pretty win but it was the type of gritty mid-February performance that inspires confidence in a team that started the year young and now appears to be evolving into a formidable veteran squad.  We’ll have more shortly but, in the meantime, revel in the joy that comes with 25-1.  And be grateful that you aren’t a Mississippi State fan.  There aren’t many things more embarrassing than that right now.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

313 responses to “Cats head to Starkville, leave a message of their own, 81-75”

  1. charlestoncat

    classless fans…

  2. macon_volfan

    boo stupid kids….boo.

  3. Unattractive?

    I thought those MSU dancers were smokin personally

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    wow, just speechless over the miss state fans, they just leave a klan rally?

  5. MSU-AD

    I’ll be taking names and kicking a** tomorrow!

  6. UK1983

    Miss State fans show once again that you don’t go to Miss State if you can get into ANY where else for college. Pitiful.

  7. OwensboroCatFan

    GREAT picture Beez!

  8. Call Me

    Suck it STATE!!!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  9. Indycatfan

    Those inbred ass sucking Starkville rednecks have no CLASS at all

  10. UK-Believe

    have to the love the sportsmanship thrown, i mean shown, by the Mississippi st. fans!GO CATS!

  11. actually

    first and foremost: SUCK IT MSU !

    also, i think PPat was close to a triple dbl himself!!!!

  12. Cawood2Cal

    Wall is the best down to the wire than any player ever.

  13. Indycatfan

    Yeah I thought that pic was GREAT!!!!!!!

  14. big blue wampus cat

    The definition of redneck idiots. I personally think that some of the calls that we got there were alittle questionable (Wall’s block and the charge Patterson got away with) Not that I am complaining I will certainlly take them. Its not any of the players faults though. Stay classy Starksville.

  15. shutuprandy

    Did I see some interesting hand language from somebody before he walked into the tunnell? Also did anhybody else see the fat dude(not Renardo Syndey) that wouldn’t shake Cousins’s hand and then yelled Mother Fu**** at him?

  16. TheHump

    10+K is a record? BWAHAHAHAHA

  17. Catsfanattic

    Whats a Miss St. message board site??????????????????? Lets flood it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Patterson's Back!

    The most entertaining and clutch game the CATS have played all season. Wow.

  19. Cincy Cat Fan

    Wow, really? Way to make the SEC look Fantastic MSU fans.

  20. Cawood2Cal

    Wall calms my nerves in these type games. Thanks, John.

  21. jimi

    Wow! Tough win against Miss State Bottle-Throwers.
    Wont get any easier against Vandy and their wierd bench setup, but hey… least if Vandy throws anything at the cats, their under the backboard for protection.

  22. Brad Nessler

    I just want to point out once again, and probably not for the last time, Mississippi State is playing without their leading scorer and their leading shot blocker has been out most of the game. Once, again Mississippi State is playing without their leading scorer and their leading shot blocker has been out most of the game. This cannot be emphasized enough.

  23. actually

    back myself up … dbl dbls by BOTH PPat and Boogie … damn i’m drunk

  24. Chris Collinsworth

    I personally thought Dodson played horrible. We need more consistency at the 3 spot fo sho. But, Ill take a win any day.

  25. miss st girls


  26. Uk #1

    Don’t worry…we will get screwed badly by the refs at Memorial this weekend…it is the same for every team that plays there

  27. UK Fan in TX

    Correct me if I am wrong. But I can’t ever remember fans in Rupp being that classless and stupid.

  28. Indycatfan

    That’s what happens when you mix rednecks and alcohol

  29. StichJonesSays

    Nice throwing shit Miss St fans! Stay Classy!

  30. Uk #1
  31. dogballs

    What a hell hole!

  32. phuckmissstate

    15 I saw the same thing. Dude refused to shake his hand then leaned back to run his mouth.

    Worthless set of sore losers miss state is.

  33. actually

    suck it brad nessler …LOL

  34. jon hood

    I would have hit Liggin’s shot at the end of regulation….

  35. stuck at work

    what were the fans doing that was so bad?

  36. Whiteguyinaheadband

    15. Saw it all. The fat dude didn’t shake hands and did say “something.” The hand signs were the “ok” sign or the “three” sign that the kids do these days. (I know, I’m white)

  37. Maesh

    Way to play UK. Bigtime plays from everyone, love the Cuz “call me” signs throughout. Way to get a tough win in a hostile environment.

    And by hostile, I mean, firing-projectiles-at-the-enemy hostile.

  38. BravoBigBlue

    Very good win. Could be the type of road win that gets us going from here on out. Tough defense. Great performance by Wall, Patrick was a stud (19 and 10), Demarcus showed why he is THE best big man in the country, and everyone else did their part. Got to hand it to Miss St also. They played to win and came up just a little bit short.

  39. Uk #1

    32. They are good friends..Cousins said that in the interview about the phone calls that Sidney would be one of the guys who has his number. But he said Sidney would not give it out like that

  40. tenacious_j

    Most certainly the ugliest fans in all of SEC. They would have to compete with the dUKe fans for ugliest in the NCAA.

  41. Old Henry Man

    Just because State had 3 or 4 fans act like a$$es the whole crowd did not act that way. I love being everybody’s biggest game of the year.
    Vandy will be rowdy Saturday.

  42. UK Fan in TX

    35. Threw multiple water bottles onto the floor, a few of which seemed to be aimed at UK players.

  43. MSU message board
  44. john cruise

    tough win over the Miss. St. Fighting Water Bottles. Does MSU really want to be even mentioned in the same breath as West Virginia (not talent wise, strictly throwing things and being inbred)

  45. RazorRRRRAMON

    That first bottle was headed at me! What the hell did I do?!

  46. booze in a paper cup

    27 I think something happened back in the early 80s but it was only one cup thrown on the floor, and it was at the UKIT. We have way more Class

  47. BBNsinceConception

    What a complete bunch of ignorant, toothless, classless bigots. That is what you get for downplaying the nonsense that went on with Cousins before the game. Have some F***ing security to control the drunken fools! I can’t explain how sad it is that there are such backward people in this country. Here’s hoping for a giant sinkhole to open up and swallow Mississippi. Disgusting!

  48. boogiedominated

    cousins shaking hands was the best part of the game. Don’t flood mstate’s blogs. I don’t want them on here

  49. Call Me MSU

    #15 – yeah saw that…big balding dude seemed to run his mouth at him and Wall. Just like his fans – classy and a sore loser. Enjoy the NIT Bulldogs.

  50. BamaUKFan

    I am so proud of the way our guys handled the actions of what has to be the trashiest redneck fans anywhere. Way to go Cats!!!!!!!!!

  51. stuck at work

    wow, thanks, stat tracker doesnt keep tally of classless fans, but msu may make it a new stat

  52. HelloKSR

    I was on another board and a Mississippi State fan asked what Cousins’ number was. I told him he could be reached at 1-800-IownMSU. 🙂

  53. Remember the 80's

    #47 – nope it was just Eddie Sutton dropping his bear on the court

  54. Catsfanattic

    32 Funny how the fat peice of s**t didnt even play a second also…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  55. Pitino's Taint

    we don’t want them throwing bottles over here….lets just let em be in miss

  56. DICK

    the player that wouldnt shake cousins hand is JOhn Reik the freshman from sudan…

  57. Mississippi State Fan

    I didn’t mean to git anybuddy hurt out dare on dat dar court when I throwed dat bottle. We suck and your team is real good and should go pretty fur in the tournament.

  58. Remember the 80's

    Dang beer on the court…believe I have had one to many 🙂

  59. Student with Boogie's Cell#

    Since calling Boogie the N-WORD all week didn’t work, we tried to hit him and his teammates with stuff.

  60. Boogeyman

    I’d STILL rather live in Haiti than live in Starkville.

  61. BamaUKFan

    As Cats fans we need to continue to show our class and not stoop to their level. Actually I am not sure anyone can stoop to their level.

  62. this is odd

    liggins needs to chill out on popping those 3’s at the end. made a huge 3 but then just kept on shooting. EASY, LIGGINS!

  63. Huh?

    So they got Cuzs #, called him racist names, threw bottles and then their players are caught cussing him? Wow. I don’t feel bad for actually being on the receiving in of some calls. Refs were bad (again). We’ll get raped Sat @ Vandy.

  64. Brown

    64. Nice

  65. JMBlue

    I would rather win by 20 normally, but I am happy the hearts of those fans were ripped out and force fed to them. That business would never happen at Rupp. MSU = Sewer Rats

  66. tenacious_j

    BTW, I found this MSU msg brd:

  67. hsthom

    Great win for the Cats and Miss state deserved to lose after all that garbage. Our boys got it done and I loved Cal calling out the fans. Lets leave them a message

  68. SexnNursinHomes

    if anything this game taught me, thank effin mighty that i was born kentuckian. i mean how crappy is it to iive in strakville that you have to call players?

  69. Boogeyman

    Starkville is where you go when you want your descendants to be impoverished and undereducated for the rest of their lives.

  70. BravoBigBlue

    56 – I know one thing the refs got right. And that was finally calling fouls on Varnado. He’s a hacker and usually gets away with murder, but not tonight. If they would call all his fouls, he’d have about half the blocks he’s been given. How many blocks did he get tonight? Any?

  71. DavenderCatTheSequel

    I tried calling some Miss St players this week, but Sarah’s on vacation.

  72. Browndiditforyourwife

    What happens in StarkVEGAS, stays on national TV forever!

  73. no ceilings

    I think its about time that the ncaa, or at least the sec, begin following in FIFAs (u kno that soccer group)footsteps by banning crowds from one or a few games for fan behavior such as what was on display at the hump..this cant be allowe# to continuously happen without any kind of punishment

  74. UK1983

    i hope Cousins gets the chance one day to peel off a hundred and put it in the pocket of an MSU grad who is parking his car.

  75. Chad Baker

    Great call #17. There are some really big douchebag MSU fans on Let’s all go there and give them Hell!

  76. catswild

    MSU fans = sack of s#*t

  77. stuck at work

    i think alabama and arkansas wake up every morning and thank the lord they aren’t mississippi

  78. Boogeyman

    MSU fans make browns and mountaineer fans look like model citizens

  79. Growl

    I take back what I said about Indiana fans being the worst. You win hands down Starkville.

  80. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Better not piss of Vandy fans…they throw protractors.

  81. Securityguy

    The ONLY thing MSU fans can be proud of tonight is that they were loud. Also, I was sick of ESPN studio announcers laughing off all the racial phone/text messages left on Cousins phone. If your a black man, how is this even remotely funny?

  82. john cruise

    i wouldnt say MSU are the MOST classless. dont forget WVU is making quite a name for their selves up in those inbred mountains.

    classless fans top five(aka redneck arenas)
    1. West Virginia
    2. MSU
    3. Memphis (turned back on Cal after he made them relevant)
    4. Kansas (you just havent heard about it yet cuz they wont lose at home)
    5. Arizona (they think they’re a top 3 program and no one knows why)

  83. LoganP

    John Riek is a fat gorilla! Didn’t play a minute. He looked like a fat Dwight Perry holding people back. And yes UK fans we have thrown stuff in the floor. South Carolina game in 96 or 97. Ricky P yelled at the fans.

  84. Browndiditforyourwife

    One positive that comes when an opposing team’s fans throw stuff at you is, YOU’RE BACK ON TOP! SUCK IT MSU!

  85. BPsycho

    #63 Too soon.

  86. Double-doubles

    Wall – check
    Cousins – check
    Patterson – check

  87. old cat

    I know it is just “a game” but come on!!! Miss State , I hope, is chastised by the SEC , and severely punished-fined. If So. Carolina is fined $25,000 for storming the floor, what about endangering the team members of BOTH TEAMS!!! It is time for some major fines-sanctions against any team that acts in such a reckless manner. Miss. State played a great game, the fans are the ones who ruined the true meaning of college basketball. Classy act by U.K. and they madre me proud to be a wildcat…

  88. Gene Hackman

    40 years later and that state still sucks.

  89. DavenderCatTheSequel

    86) We got decades of brag, son.

  90. Catsfanattic

    If you dont have haters then your not any good!

  91. SexnNursinHomes

    86- you still have klan meetings. like every week. we don’t. big difference

  92. shutuprandy

    58. you are wrong, Riek is much taller and has a different number. similar faces though.

  93. FU Scott Smith

    Scott Smith, get a life. You are clearly showing how classless Miss St. fans are, its hilarious. I’d like to see you run your mouth to any of our players…or better yet any of our fans including me. Get my number like you got Cousins and we’ll talk about it.

  94. Uk #1

    83: Ha ha AWESOME

  95. JMBlue

    86 – Go to your klan rally. That crap would never happen at Rupp. You = POS

  96. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Bobby Knight says instead of leaving racist voicemails & throwing water bottles, you should cheer, “Good Effort! Good Effort!”

  97. Jimmy

    Great game by these young men, in spite of numerous classless individuals in the armpit of the US, aka Starkville.

  98. Growl

    hope we play them again in SEC tournament and our players come out for warmups wearing helmets.

  99. uksocal

    22- I think that’s way overplayed. If the coach was benching him because he was such a negative influence on the team, it probably wouldn’t have been advantageous to have him on the court.

  100. booze in a paper cup

    BWaaaaaa Over on their site they’re saying we got all the calls……ASSHOLES

  101. Chad Baker

    LMAO at the Trash talk from MSU fans at Some of those douches still won’t admit their fans did anything wrong.
    Then go to the SEC basketball forum or the trash talk forum.

  102. BBNsinceConception

    #22 don’t forget about the magic # of 3’s MSU needs to hit to pull off the upset according to Dykes. It was 12 in case you missed it the first 25 times. I thought he was going to ejaculate in his pants at the thought of being correct. Did it seem like he was begging for an upset?

  103. Boogeyman

    I only wish I could have been there to lead an N-I-T chant.

  104. Browndiditforyourwife

    83. greatest post of the night!

  105. sunnycat

    86 haitin aint healthy

  106. boogiedominated

    another example of why there should be another civil war

  107. DavenderCatTheSequel

    You know the cherry on top tonite? Jerry Tipton picked MSU to win the conference.

  108. Flying Bottles

    I think schools should face a fine (like storming the court fines) for things being thown on the court. It would probably help to hire more security to watch for the a**holes doing it. If you want to disagree with the refs thats fine, but throwing things should be punishable by the NCAA in terms of fines and I believe could lean towards a charge of wanton endangerment as well if caught.

  109. Chad Baker

    Man, I’m so glad we pulled that out. I can only imagine the garbage they would have spewed had they won 4 straight against us, while missing so much of their team.

  110. LoganP

    They panned to the MSU student section it went -Redneck, Redneck, Fat girl, fat girl redneck, an Arab, redneck, fat girl.

  111. Jacob

    Best MSU fan pic ever

  112. Wall2Cousins

    Mississippi St have some of the ugliest fans on earth….and how about ESPN showing fans cell phones with Cousin name on it smiling….i am sure the AD will have a field day locating those students…morons

  113. Indycatfan

    yeah 12 out of 143 3s for the mangydogs of Skanksville

  114. WA11 YA'LL!

    All is fair in love, war, and raiding other teams blogs

  115. HelloKSR

    Is it too late to let Mississippi secede?

  116. diehardblue

    #76 thata a great idea…definitely seems like the best approach to the problem…or fines

  117. Wall2Cousins


  118. Miss State Student

    Only MOST of our girls are fat and ugly. The rest are just fat. John Reik FTW

  119. FFrie

    112- Try to be classy to say that they’re not you won’t sound stupid… UK fans are posting stupid shit since the end of the game that’s pathetic. Great win by the cats! MSU really stepped up. Great game.

  120. diehardblue

    I mean #74

  121. OneAndDone

    Great win Cats!! Way to spoil another Superbowl!! And very classy reaction for MSU fans… make the SEC so proud.

  122. LoganP

    104. You expect anything less. Nessler and Dykes are still beating off to Devan Downy. They always act like that.

  123. DavenderCatTheSequel

    122) laughing @ you. pitying you.

  124. msu fan ferever

    we don’t cure cuz we done beat yuns in football this year and we done thank we done pretty good tonight we jus bout one tonight so you can suk r balls uk fans you think your prety cool with your fancee players but jesus loves mississipi ferever!?

  125. this is odd

    FFrie…. shut up dude.

    “oh great game… i need to pull my tampon out… everybody played so nice today… i’m a tool… msu played soooo hard… i want to kiss them all. they deserve a cookie for how hard they played.”

    take it easy grandma

  126. AdamB

    I really hate it when fans of opposing teams come on here and say “UK should’ve won by 10…etc etc etc…you guys just aren’t that good cause you didn’t stomp us” It really shows how pathetic of a fan you are.

  127. BlackJack 5

    122 – Go away. You lost and you represent a fanbase of racist thugs. Congrats on that.

  128. HelloKSR

    The story within the story to me was the way that Cousins totally outplayed (and fouled out) Varnado. Honestly, given how he tore us up in past years, I was really concerned about how the matchup would go. Cousins had 19 points, 14 rebounds, and 1 block while Varnado had 10 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 block. Total domination, which was very impressive.

  129. FFrie

    122 You sound pathetic… Every Varnado’s foul is unquestionable. Yes Wall’s block was illegal, but I didn’t see it at real speed. And how do you know MSU would have won the game? You would still have been down by 2… And whatever Cousins did it doesn’t matter, fans don’t throw bottles on the court, period.

  130. Scotty "2 Hotty" Smith

    97- Whats your number?

  131. Elgin Bailey

    This was the fatass benchwarmer talking junk to Cuz in the handshake line…

  132. LoganP

    122. SCORE BOARD!!!!!! 25-1

  133. Pitiful

    122- You’re pathetic….condoning throwing sutuff at a team because they are winning/having fun?

  134. Pitino's Taint

    122 has some balls coming on to a UK message board after they got beat..

  135. DavenderCatTheSequel

    127) you guys looked like you cared an awful lot when you were chucking water bottles & your hogs were yelling profanities.

  136. Bing Bangin

    classless pieces of shit, MSU’s largest attended game and they start throwing bottles on the court, reminds me of a bunch of Browns fans. Go Cats!

  137. BravoBigBlue

    122 – Excuses. The best team won. Period. Varnado is a hacker. You should be used to losing since Stansbury always loses to a lower seed in the NCAA’s. Get used to it.

  138. catfando

    Excuses dont get you to the tournament. You lost. Nothing else you need to say.

  139. FFrie

    128 – You just sound like these MSU fans you’re trying to insult. Look in the mirror, you’ll see a moron. UK fanbase as a good image, try to shut up so we can keep it this way.

  140. Pitino's Taint

    and throwing bottles in exchange for looks from Cuz…cmon hes been called everything in the book all week, taunted all game, and he can’t have a little fun. Go suck it in Starkville..

  141. msu fan ferever

    hay 97 dont u be talkin no shit bout the klan niether! me n my pappy r prowd nights!?

  142. Indycatfan

    122 JV would have been sitting his skinny ass on the bench with 5 minutes to go in the first half had the refs been calling the game as they should have…..But Suck it and thanks for dropping by

  143. Jimmy

    122 – Guess what? Your team still lost and no one cares if 2/3, 3/4, or 7/8 were there….now, run along.

  144. OneAndDone

    122) We won YOUR teams Superbowl tonight….I hope we meet again in Nashville for the SEC tourney in a packed out BLUE house……Total destruction of your team. No one will give you pitty here

  145. BPsycho

    #122 Yeah he was saying stuff…. ” Call me ! ” Lol

  146. Dude Perfect

    122) You obviously didn’t watch the Kansas game last night. Good teams do what is necessary to win on the road in conference. Kansas played horrible last night but did enough in the end to get the win. UK did the same thing tonight. PERIOD.

  147. J Hood

    Did ya’ll like how John Wall gave their fans the finger tell’em “f^ck yo^” as he hit the tunnel?

  148. BPsycho

    Nevermind the troll is getting spanked by the mods. 🙂

  149. OneAndDone


  150. security guard talking shit to cousins

    Did you see me? wtf was i thinking

  151. Wall2Cousins

    FFRIE…you’re a idiot…that post dont even make sense..get the fk out if you dont like it…MSU is a bunch of racist trash and you are one of them

  152. BPsycho

    #149 You had it the first time lol ” you’re ” means ” you are “

  153. Wildcobb Salad

    147. Wall did not give anyone the finger. Us fancy well-to-do people with DVRs rewound to verify.

  154. J Hood

    I had the best seat in the house. Shore glad coach didn’t make me leave it. Cuz was really having fun with the crowd. Coach was trying to get him to stay focused.

  155. Shamrock11

    Give it to Huggins. At least he called his own fans out after that kind of garbage. Redneck, white-trash, inbred Mississippi garbage fans. Suck it.

  156. HelloKSR

    131, thanks. Here’s the stat line for Elgin Bailey in tonights game:
    Minutes: 0
    Points: 0
    Rebounds: 0
    Assists: 0
    Blocks: 0
    He sure did EARN the right to talk some smack, didn’t he? 🙂

  157. Not Funny

    Klan jokes aren’t funny. period. That shit makes me sick. We’re better than that. Even if you’re trying to make fun of some other fanbase for being rednecks, there are better ways to go about it (141). It’s not funny. KKK is a disgrace to this country that’s supposed to be base on equality. You think our players think the KKK is funny?

  158. J Hood

    Excuse me, yeah he did flip off the fans. Wall shore did. Gave’m the middle doggie.

  159. Cousin's balls

    Suck it MSU. You guys deserve to loose after all that shit you kept talking. It was a good win and I’m ready for vandy. Lets keep the roll going. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  160. Bing Bangin

    Billy Clyde would have thrown the water bottles back at them

  161. DavenderCatTheSequel

    158) DVR’ed it…he did no such thing.

  162. secretagent0014

    That’s what they get when they call our players and harass them and drop the n-bomb.

  163. BPsycho

    #157 Yeah not funny…


    Everyone should watch this.

  164. Wildcobb Salad
  165. HelloKSR

    In looking at the box score, one thing gives me pause: We were 4 of 24 from behind the arc. That’s gotta improve, or we could run into trouble against a tough zone in the tournament.

  166. duckhook

    You still have to appreciate the passion of SEC fans, even when they act like complete bafoons,,,that’s right baphoons, I mean bufoons, nope that’s note it, bifoions ,,,,,bufoons,,,,,bophooons …..ok dumbasses!

  167. Billy Crystal

    157. It’s not fun. It’s not funny. It’s not fun.

  168. In the dark

    apparently missed something wherein people from mississippi acted like the sharecropping cornpone jackasses that they are. Or as they call it, Tuesday.

  169. secretagent0014

    Nice 164) I still don’t think that will proof enough for some people.

  170. Get Shit Right

    I love this team.

  171. bigbluebobbo

    There were definitely some questionable calls at the end of the game, but you know what…there were some questionable calls throughout the game that went Miss. St’s way! Starkville, MS…the Cleveland of the south. Big Cuz needs to save all the numbers of the redneck hillbilly mf’ers that called him and release the numbers to BBN so we can have a little fun (in a nice and non-derogatory way, of course-we wouldn’t want to take a page out of their playbook). I guarantee within a week, half of Starkville will be changing their phone numbers.

  172. Shamrock11

    164) I don’t see a middle finger in either of those pictures.

  173. LoganP

    160 Hahahaha.

  174. Indycatfan

    Billy Clyde woulda had put booze in the bottles then give them to the students to throw after the game

  175. LoganP

    160 Hahahaha. And what was Cousins and Cal doing on the bench with that old lady. I think Cal ripped her a new one

  176. uksocal

    The secfanatics are saying that MSU was a huge underdog, the line I saw was UK by 2.5…

  177. Wildcobb Salad

    167. LOLZ I haven’t heard that in 10 years.

  178. Mattcat68

    LOL! All I know is that Cousins and the Cats really pissed off those fans and then laughed in their faces. It was hilarious to watch.

  179. Cal Purnell here

    I wish the NCAA would let Renardo Sidney play. I would love to see his fatass out there on the court. GEEEZ that program is a mess. 135 people acting foolish on the bench (I did like the lil’ dude in his Sunday Go To Meeting Outfit)

  180. smoothoperator
  181. Did I Miss Something?

    Was I the only one that thought Varnardo got 6 fouls? Espn box score showed him with 2 at half and then he got 3 straight in the second half fouling Boogie, then Pat twice back to back. And then finally the over the back for his last. I checked with the live blog and Matt u even thought he had 2 in the first but then said “well i guess thats just his first.” Anybody?

  182. duckhook

    OK #80, that’s pretty good. But us Nashville UK fans know that no Dr’s will work on us down here if we’re UK fans, we jus have really good teeth w/all the UK dentists. Should be a fun trip to the worst court in the country @ Vandy.

    Maybe BKG can get work @ UNC?

  183. Mattcat68

    Welcome to the SEC Coach Cal, there’s a John Chaney in every seat of every opposing arena.

  184. ozlovesblue

    Classy, classy move Starkville…..Your almost gonna make the SEC look as bad as the numb nuts West Virginia fans

  185. MSU Prez

    I look forward to seeing all the numbers on Cousins’ cell phone and expelling those students for breaking the SEC Fan Code of Conduct.

    In the spirit of sportsmanship, fans shall:
    •Conduct themselves in a manner that represents their university, the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA with honor, dignity and respect
    •Demonstrate the qualities of civility and sportsmanship at all times
    •Not use vulgar, abusive, racist, sexist, demeaning or intimidating language at any time
    •Support the players, coaches and officials in a positive manner
    •Treat the visiting team, coaches and fans with courtesy and respect at all times
    •Not engage in cheers that are vulgar, crass or demeaning
    •Refrain from throwing objects onto the field for any reason
    •Not become inebriated or belligerent
    •Refrain from entering the playing field at any times, including after the game
    •Be a positive role model for those around them by treating others with courtesy and respect

  186. BlueSpy

    Majority of the MSU fans on that SixPack MSU forum web site are embarassed by that behavior.

  187. Wall2Cousins

    wonder if we are gonna see postgame interviews soon??

  188. uksocal

    181- They called the first charge as a block on Patterson, Matt missed that one on the live-blog, otherwise his consistency comment would make no sense.

  189. Pierce Buster

    Great “grinding” win for the CATS. Anybody else notice that their record, sell-out crowd of just over 10,000 was louder and more animated than almost any Rupp crowd? Wish our students had more seats!

  190. kyblue96

    really proud of cousins tonight… did anyone see the pirate over by our bench?

  191. Rick Stansbury

    I wear more makeup than a Louisville hooker.

  192. BPsycho

    #191 LOL

  193. UKGirl

    I want Boogie’s number… I would call him anytime 🙂
    MSU showed their asses and I am proud to say I go to a University that would never participate in those kind of actions! GO CATS

  194. old cat

    let us NOT ACT like most of the nation views us. Remember The eyes see and the ears hear what is already perceived in the mind!!!!!!!!!! Ky fans show some class and remember …..we are the BEST TEAM IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL—

  195. jesse travis
  196. southeastUKfan

    This almost felt like the South Carolina game, only this time at the end we executed down the stretch like national champions do on the road. I think we all planned on a tough one in a very tough environment. On a more technical basketball note, Cousins first move of the game attacking Varnardo was terrific. That set him up for the big game that they all had down low by getting Varnardo in foul trouble. Hate the actions of the fans for Stansbury, he seems like a classy type of guy.

  197. BigBlueFan

    LOL…saw the pirate. And does anybody else find it incredibly ironic that Miss St. fans made racial slurs to Cousins? I mean, did I mistake the ethnicity of Sidney, Johnson, Bost, Beckham, Osby, Stewart, Augustus, Varnado? Please, correct me if i’m wrong.

  198. Wall2Cousins

    The Hump is officially now known as The Dump

  199. crazydave

    I just seen the Jimmy Johnson EXTENZE commercial…hope it gets here for the weekend!!!

  200. hsthom

    SEC needs to fine MSU for their fans, and if it happened earlier, it should have been a technical. The fine should be enough where they feel it in that barn they play in

  201. Gaytor Hater

    MSU fans will feel better tonight with a few cross burnings in the yards of their fellow black MSU fans and call Big Cuz the N word a few more times. Not only are they classless but are racist too.

  202. Pirate

    I wish I could be blue glasses guy…

  203. gittesjake

    Patrick Barker on Dee Bost “He runs the offense, but I seriously doubt he’s much of a factor in this game.”


  204. LovesMeSomeBoogie

    Just watched the post-game presser on John Clay’s site. I feel so bad for Stansbury, who I think showed a lot of balls by benching one of his starters for poor attitude prior to the game that gets them into the only tourney that matters. However, I’m ecstatic to shove it in the face of the rest of the state who, quite frankly, are a bunch of idiots. I hope Stansbury gets a better gig soon and gets out of that God-forsaken place. Go Cats!

  205. southeastUKfan

    195. Love it!!

  206. Omaaaa

    Thank god we lost that NIT game last yr.

  207. 2020

    After 2 years ago when the referees allowed Vornado to set the NCAA single game record with 82 blocks and 0 fouls, UK deserves every questionable call vs. MSU for the next 10 years. That game was atrocious.

  208. miss st pirate

    ARGH!!! Ya skallywags saw me now did ya?!?!?! Stop callin’ me mates rrrrrrrracist. ARGH!!!!

  209. ukcatsfan11israw

    204-what is john clays site?

  210. UKFanBoy

    Forde at it again, “@espn4d John Wall is so good, he can goaltend and get the call.” My question is, will his head explode when we win the National Championship?

  211. kyblue96

    202 – technically he could only be blue glass guy

  212. HelloKSR

    209, it’s Good source for media interview videos, etc

  213. Jagoff

    You think that was bad…3/4 of the fans are still in their FEMA trailers

  214. BPsycho

    #204 I have to agree. To hold out your highest ppg player “against KY” to teach a lesson is very balsze’.

  215. ukcatsfan11israw

    thanks 212!

  216. HelloKSR

    215, you bet! Go CATS!!!!

  217. jesse travis

    662-325-3800…this is the miss st. athletic dept. phone number…everyone give them a shout out and ask them how cousins did…lol…im calling first thing in the morning!!! get it UK fans lol

  218. southeastUKfan

    207. Could never agree more, I was actually dreading this game just thinking about some of the breaks Varnardo would probably get. In all honesty, I halfway planned on loosing this game. But oh well, we get this hard win tonight to cancel out South Carolina that I’d thought we’d win.

  219. Steve

    “(1) From a basketball perspective, this was as good of a win as this team has had all season.”

    I guess I was watching a different game. The ref’s gave the game to UK in overtime > Patterson charging, Wall goal tending and the last call out of boungs, plus the bogus call on their hightest scorer of the game leading him to foul out, when he put his hand on the ball when Wall was shooting. MSU had their top scorer benched for the game with Varnado only playing half the game, and top scorer fouling out on nonsense calls.

    I think this game shows how far UK still has to go to have dreams of a final 4. Playing at Vandy, Tenn. and Georgia could get interesting.

  220. steves an idiot

    219. You must be drunk. Please get alcohol poisoning.

  221. LoganP

    I am watching the game again on the U. That by far was the best game to play before Vandy. The road is very hard to play on in college basketball and the Dump was rocking tonight. Awesome road win. Made me fistpump multiple times.

  222. Hayesfan

    Beisner… “someone invented the box score and he should be shot” according to daryl morey Don’t let anyone tell you that helping the offense flow and defense be successful is not worth pointing out! 🙂

  223. LoganP

    And it’s official. Techno music gets every crowd hype. Even Redneck and Fat Chicks from Mississippi.

  224. 12KY

    This takes the pressure off the vandy game. If they lost tonight, they would have to win saturday to win the sec because vandy may not lose again.

  225. wow

    wow im 223rd

  226. ConanIsBetter

    Why do I love it when Stansbury calls us the best team in the country during the post game questions? Oh yeah, it’s because he knows the truth and the polls don’t!

  227. millwooded

    so, is vandy playing with “house money” on saturday?

  228. Nerd FIght

    When I saw that cop I asked myself, “Is that Eric Scott?” …the former UK center (football)… Anyone know if that really was him?

  229. ConanIsBetter

    Hey fans…want to submit an ethics violation to MSU for their classy behavior last night? Here is the web address…

  230. DoAsISay

    I couldn’t understand the chants… anybody able to make them out?

  231. ConanIsBetter

    Eventually, once the young guys are too young to remember Jordan and they realize Ole Roy is F–king Barney Fife (who they won’t remember either) they will understand that UK is the relevant program in todays game.

  232. hsthom

    Just rewatched the game on ESPNU and while the block/charge could’ve been called, MSU fans don’t realize that the two times in OT they lost the handle and had steals were what lost them the game. It wasn’t the refs handing it over

  233. ConanIsBetter

    230…I’m pretty sure they were chanting, “We blow goats!” We blow goats!”

  234. pizzinmeoff

    way to many three’s taken , but it was a good win.

  235. ConanIsBetter

    234…not even too many 3’s, just too many stupid 3’s at the wrong time

  236. cconley12

    no seriously what were they chanting at the end

  237. Sparks

    I thought they were saying “Refs you suck”, they chanted after bad calls 2 times during the game

  238. fletcher

    Glad I wasn’t the only person who saw the guy refuse to shake Boogie’s hand at the end of the game and then yell at him. And that, I’m pretty sure, led to the mouthing that was going on when Cal stepped away from the interview to push his guys toward the locker room…

  239. KY12

    “Refs you suck” is always a good way to get calls. MSU fans, write that down. It worked so well. Fans forget that the refs will call future games and are human, you thrown stuff and yell at them and you will get Donaughy’d.

  240. MSU Pirate

    Shall I sing ye all a little pirate sea shanty?

    Ooooh I be the MSU Pirate..
    As racist as can beeee..
    I hate all African Americans..
    Especially the one they call Boogie..

    Ooooh I’m the racist MSU Pirate..
    And our fans are Inbred as can be..
    Once you beat us at our dump known as the hump..
    We will become so very angryyyy..
    We throw bottles and coins at your players..
    And maybe even a pop tart for Perryyyy..

    Ooooh I’m the racist MSU Pirate..
    And our fans still live in the 1920’s..
    We will find your number and call you a N…..
    And when we see you in person we will piss and shiver..

    Oooh I’m the racist MSU Pirate..
    Where the average fan weighs about 290..
    And we have a “pep rally” before each game..
    Where we dress up in our whitest of linens, carry signs and chains..
    If you see a burning cross, NO silly you’re not lost..
    We are just having a rally for the team!

    Oooh I’m the racist MSU Pirate..

  241. MSUBlog
  242. MSUBlog

    Read that MSU blog for Jerry Tipton’s assinine comments, if nothing else.

  243. SouthBeachWldcat

    I think that was Ramon Harris’ dad and not Eric Scott

  244. Keeping it Real

    Big prop’s to Coach Stansbury for sticking to his guns and benching his player! That takes alot of balls and as far as I’m concerned if Miss St. is looking for a scapegoat to pin the “what could’ve been’s” on it is the suspended players shoulders to bear….

    Go Cats! This game was a testament to their grit and shows they have what it takes to pull out those tourney wins come March..

  245. SixPackSite

    I made a single post about how classless the end of that game was (no profanity) on that SixPackSpeak web site and the moderators booted me off the board. Seems they are even sore losers in the cyberworld.

  246. tdr76

    The msu fans just gave their school a huge blackeye last night, on national tv, and the school does owe the University of Kentucky an apology.

    I suggest with that bunch of tuggs they call fans that they have some securtiy next time.

  247. BuckCat

    I was very happy to see Liggins in the game at crunch time. It is amazing how far he has come, considering the fact that he did not play the first eight games. I did not like the way Cal reacted to him at the end of OT. I realize you can not be that lax with the ball, and he should have passed it back to Wall to run more clock, but he has to go shoot free throws later. I think coach should have held up a little bit and yelled and screamed when they watch the tap. Liggins showed a lot of poise, he was visibly upset and Patterson tried to come him down. He stepped up and knocked down those free throws. I am so happy for this kid, he has really matured from last year and I think he is going to be a star in years to come.

    The only question I really had about the game was the play at the end of the game. I really thought they would just give it to Wall when it was under the basket and let him go to work. A little screen and lead him with a pass he gets down there in no time. The play they ran had Wall and Bledsoe in the back court. It was almost like that play was run for Liggins?

  248. Chism's Headband

    Did anyone besides me notice that MSU was “Ginger Central”? EVERY SINGLE pan to the crowd showed red-head, after red-head, after ugly ass red-head. I mean, at least let it be hot gingers like the Texas chick, but instead this was like a bad nightmare.

    Just as an example to prove my point go back and watch when edwards was interviewing Cal after the game andyou will see no less than 4-5 red-heads in the background.

  249. Forthesakeofeducation

    #248 my 10 year old son and I were laughing at that too. Ginger’s everywhere! On top of that, it was an UGLY crowd. I mean, to each his own, but damn…they were an UGLY bunch of people.

  250. swampbreath

    go cats!