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Cats Could Have Day to Remember Tomorrow


The news is out and tomorrow becomes one of those days for the Kentucky basketball program. At 4 pm, #1 in 2011 Michael Gilchrist will join Brandon Knight in announcing his college decision. It is a huge day for the Kentucky basketball program as a player that some services have ranked as the #1 player in 2010 and all have in the Top 5 (Knight) and the consensus #1 player in 2011 both pull the trigger on national television and BOTH are expected to pick Kentucky. It is one of those days that will be remembered in UK basketball history and if both pull the trigger, it might be safe to say that there has never been a day in recent memory where two better players became Cats on the same day.

This news actually originated in (of all places) our comment section, where a commenter named “Wedding Planner” began posting a couple of weeks ago that Gilchrist would announce for UK on April 14th. I ignored the first few mentions, but his persistance impressed me and led me to to make a couple of phone calls last Friday. It was based on my conversations on Friday that I realized that (a) Wedding Planner was correct on the date and (b) could very well be correct on the school as well. That is why I tweeted out that I was so excited about this week and with the Lamb news that came later (which is muted a bit by his decision today to potentially push back the announcement and allow St Johns to enter the game), it looked like this could be an historic week for the Cats. I was told that UK wanted it to not get out until the day of the announcement, but it looks like and ESPNU jumped the gun. Oh well, thats all still good as long as Blue wins out. Tomorrow we find out if that happens, and I for one am very excited.

Kudos to “Wedding Planner” for getting it right (a phrase that you could only say on a blog) and you know the drill now. 4 pm on ESPNU and a LIVE BLOG right here to cover it all. It will be a server crashing day and one for the UK history books. Get ready…..

Article written by Matt Jones

181 responses to “Cats Could Have Day to Remember Tomorrow”

  1. wildcatfandave

    First! Woohooo!

  2. Jkwoftw

    “it might be safe to say that there has never been a day in recent memory where two better players became Cats on the same day”

    might be? recent memory?

    Your sentences are so safe it’s hard to take them seriously sometimes.

  3. Pikeville25

    Knight to UCONN and Mike to Villanova….damnit…..haha

  4. Escape Goat

    So who is this Wedding Planner?

  5. Thoroughbred Ted

    So what time does the live blog start? I want to get my popcorn and seats early before the inevitable server crash

  6. Crazy Talk

    Never fear, Coach Cal is here

  7. PawPaw Brooks

    Great Matt. Jinx us. Now Knight will probably pick Florida and Gilchrest will pick Louisville or some other awful school.

  8. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    Wedding Planner is just a SaveUK wanna be 😉

    No, but seriously, tomorrow is going to be absolutely amazing. I guess we shouldn’t 100% party until the hats are put on, but I can’t remember being this excited since we got word late that night that John Wall was committing to Kentucky the next day. This is going to be awesome.

  9. sethicus59

    #2 status: []not told [x]told

  10. Cash

    So is their anyway that this could get any better? (assuming these guys pick us)
    #3— that would be the more depressing than the WV loss lol. i dont even wanna think about that

  11. Boggie Blue

    I think Lamb will be a Cat too!

  12. wildcatfandave

    What if Wedding Planner = MM?

    Scary thought…

  13. Gaddis Bomb

    The king is back!

  14. Cash

    #2 go to catspause if you dont like the posts. KSR will not be hurt by the loss of you

  15. Yankee-CatsFan

    8.) Matt, Is UK still in front for Lamb?

  16. Yankee-CatsFan

    BTW, 30 for 30 is on ESPN right now. Its gonna be a good one about Allen Iverson if you have the time to watch it.

  17. Inside Info

    I think I am really starting to like this Coach Cal guy. If he keeps this up I think it might work out with him LOL. We our back baby I am so happy I think I am going to cry or smack my son right in the back of the head either way I am really happy.

  18. sethicus59

    17 watching it

  19. Frosty Tip One

    You all are getting info from the TBK site. Stop now!!!!

  20. real ky  fan

    Somebody please tell me why did the kid on the other blog just say that knight wasnt a sure thing for ky but hed like to go where knight goes,THIS REALLY PISSSESE ME OFF WHEN THEY DO THIS.ITS like we need to beg them to come to uk hell that just isnt rite i still can figure out why they do this.When we have maybe 3 of the top class alredy commiting for next year.I THINK THOSE ARE THE ONES WE SHOULD SHOW THE LOVE WHEN THEY GET HERE.These kids like knght and the rest need to take a look this isnt no dam bottom school.Somebody needs to show them the dam history when they get here. thanks

  21. kyartist

    Par–tay! Can’t wait to email the news to all the El-Dookies!

  22. I'd like to thank

    All the guys from last years team, the seniors that stuck it out through insanity, the underclassmen that were coached into being players, the best set of freshmen players/ men ever and the man among men Patrick and his Mom and Dad. Watching Coach Cal’s door in Memphis just opened a new world for players, coaches and fans. It is a place where these athletes can develop their dreams as they should. You guys have spawned a Brave New World.

  23. Love Desantis

    21 English Please

  24. butlerdelt

    Just to be Debbie Downer, I could envision a scenario in which Knight does go to UConn. Assuming that rumors of Teague to UK are correct, than that means Cal is expecting Knight to be another one and done. But what if he doesn’t want to be? He’s earned straight A’s since like the 5th grade. School is obviously important to him. Suppose he goes to UConn in order to sit behind Walker and have no expectation to leave after his freshman year? After all, he’s taking like 4 AP classes (according to Cal a few months ago) and with summer school credits could begin the fall semester as a sophomore. Just sayin….

    Nah, he’s a Cat!

  25. Boggie Blue

    This more fun than a two-way petting zoo!

  26. Wall2Cousins


  27. actually

    gonna set my alarm for 3:45 tomorrow to be sure not to miss it … gonna celebrate tonight

  28. greg777

    I just won a bet. Thanks Matt. Your predictability is amazing.

  29. KY12

    25) That would mean Teague and Knight would join Gilchrist, Miller and Kanter as the 2011 national champions

  30. Facts

    SaveUk is a fraud. he is a TBK minion and also is a memeber at kentuckyink

  31. Korean Tacos

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, unless there’s been some radical change in things, Knight will be a CAT. What I saw and heard at the Nike Hoops Summit removed any doubt in my mind.

  32. soaringeagle22

    13) I had the same thought. Maggard does have that wedding DJ business…

  33. KY12

    If said line-up happens, it will be the best ever in college basketball by far, and the only stretch is Kanter staying 2 years

  34. Wall2Cousins

    SaveUK is a fraud he is a member of Kentucky sports Net

  35. persistence

    is spelled with an e

  36. kentuckyjoe

    2, get lost.

  37. GoCats2

    Makes sense to me. A wedding Planner has to know things a long time in advance. He probably had someone planning a wedding for April in 2012 but had to check to see if Gilchrist would be here, therefore he knew UK would be in the Final Four and you cant have a wedding during the Final Four.
    In my brain it makes perfect sense.

  38. sawyer

    Wedding Planner! YOU, man! YOU!

  39. Glenn Beck

    38) I like your thinking. Now let me get my blackboard.

  40. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    2011 could be a very fun year…

  41. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Not crediting myself, but it seemed like awhile back I was the only one who responded to Wedding Planner’s comments. Not out of gullibility but for a source.

  42. Wedding Planner

    Wow, I feel like a movie star!

  43. Wedding Planner

    Guys, I use the Wedding Planner name to make fun of Maggard. Seriously…

  44. Andrew

    if it does go down, can’t wait for the boo-bird to come out in droves claiming, ‘Kentucky and Calipari bought these guys.’ Yea, he’ll even throw in the pen and paper that they sign their names to!!!

    CATS by 85!

  45. Corky Want Sexy

    Well they did make a movie about you Wedding Planner.

  46. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Wedding Planner, do you remember me asking you for a source the day you posted that stuff on the Enes Kanter eligibility post?

  47. Cope

    Wedding Planner, do you know this for a fact? I mean i wanna sleep good tonight not on and off all night long?

  48. M_Cat

    April, 2010 could go down in infamy. Knight and Gilchrist tomorrow. Lamb and Leslie this weekend. Teague by month’s end. Not feeling the Jones to UK as much, but you never know. Kid could be talking up the west coast to not to get hated on like Singler and Love did when they left the Pacific Northwest.

  49. tim sandersktp

    Breaking news! I just confirmed knighte to uk! My source is bill ford

  50. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    48, its almost assured. ESPN has the thing posted on their website and Gilchrist has been a UK lean for a long time. His family and he have done an astounding job at withholding any updates.

  51. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    50, link!

  52. Pitino soup

    How could we think about signing stud recruits when people in hell still need ice water?

  53. tim sandersktp

    I’m a stripper and get told inside info

  54. scfcats

    Wedding Planner is actually Jennifer Lopez. She will sit beside Ashley Judd at all future UK home games.

  55. Wedding Planner

    47, yes.. you said, “not to be a jerk, but….” 🙂

    48, the person that told me has no reason to make it up… he is not a UK fan.. and he knows a lot of NJ Highschool hoops. So I am sleeping well tonight..

  56. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    My sources say UK is a beast.

  57. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    God I love this guy. Wedding Planner. Consider you a friend of mine.

  58. Cking98

    Ok the last post was posted on the net at 7:20 pm, Yet wedding planner made his comment at 7:17pm How is this possible El Capitan Jones? Could you or Will Lentz be the “wedding planner”. Reminds me a little of Oliver Stones JFK!!!

  59. sawyer

    Hey everyone, how about a big round of applause for BornBlueAndThatsTrue (52, 51, 47, etc.) for responding to Wedding Planner’s comment that one time! Great job buddy, you’re the true hero here

  60. Yankee-CatsFan

    Did anyone else just see that Windmill Dunk by Derrick Rose?! WOW!

  61. Jesse James

    I just wish Coach Cal could recruit like Tubby. We need more Saul Smith’s and Michael Porters instead of Brandon Knights and John Walls etc….

    PS: Sarcasm included;)

  62. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    60, I beg to differ but its interesting that someone was right and valid with their material as opposed to the consistent bullshit we get fed on here. But thank you for the sarcasm. I was expecting some type of smartass to justify that I was trying to credit myself. Your the winner.

  63. Can I get a Witness

    Not counting any of my eggs before they are hatched. I sure would like to see a big day tomorrow. Are the cats gonna be a contender with a huge class for this and next? Can I get a witness?

  64. KY12

    Too bad wedding planner has more inside info than any recruiting guys, haha. Actually some of them know a lot but can’t say but he still has them on this one

  65. sawyer

    63 sarcasm? i dont understand.. i was just givin you props man. you did it!

  66. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    To the moderators, you don’t feed the BS. Some anonymous people do. Thought I’d clarify.

  67. Jay Wright

    Can’t wait for Mike Gilchrist to announce tomorrow!!!

  68. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    66, nonetheless…. lets just credit Wedding Planner.

  69. Clay co. Cat

    Does anyone know the rules concerning the exact age you have to be to go pro? I was wondering because Kanter was born may 20, 1992 and would be 19 next may 20. Could he have to stay 2 yrs instead of jumping pro next yr. Could you imagine 2 yrs of the Enes the Menace!

  70. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    May 20? 1 day and two years prior to my birthday.

  71. gilchrist to uk

    sawyer your the man…your so funny…but seriously are you mentally retared?

  72. dmills

    this is magical

  73. FFrie

    CJ Leslie wants to follow Knight. Get these 3 tomorrow Coach. Make us dream again. PO PO PO PO POWER!

  74. sawyer

    72 yes

  75. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    74, love the Cheeseburger Eddy Old Spice reference.

    72, thanks for the defense if that’s what you were actually going for…

  76. Pitino soup

    At least I still have Teague… Oh, wait… Shit!

  77. gilchrist to uk

    76)thats what i thought
    74)leslie isnt commiting tomorrow

  78. gilchrist to uk

    76) is what i was goin 4

  79. sawyer

    70 i think you mean Enes the Penis

  80. gilchrist to uk

    81 is not a uk fan

  81. Wedding Planner

    Also I have good reason to believe that quincy miller will go play pro ball overseas. probably in spain but also maybe in portugal. but there is a chance he will go to college

  82. Wedding Planner

    Also I have good reason to believe that quincy miller will go play pro ball overseas. probably in spain but also maybe in portugal. but there is a chance he will go to college

  83. Clay co. Cat

    Like you 81

  84. bill

    penes kunter all the way

  85. shadowboxer

    Anyone watching 30 for 30 – No Crossover on ESPN? Very interesting.

  86. RussellCountyLaker

    A good source said that Knight and Gilchrist have commited and will sign with the Cats tomorrow

  87. RussellCountyLaker

    Great read Deepsouthfan, kind of backs up what I posted earlier

  88. TampaCat

    Wedding Planner, I need you to help me next Saturday, I’m getting hitched! lol!

  89. sawyer

    82 was born and raised in the Great Trees of Minnesota*, and was never a small boy. From the moment he was born his height fluctuated between sixteen and nineteen cubic kilometers divided by his age**. He died from the bite of a snake that was previously thought to be venom-less and virtually*** harmless. The specific snake was never identified, though many of its kind were mistakenly killed.

    *Not currently in existence
    **Age in minutes
    ***Choking Hazard to small children

  90. World Wide Wes

    Both of my “nephews” (Knight and Gilchrist) will announce for UK tomorrow. The money has already been transferred to secure bank accounts.

  91. Clay co. Cat

    I knew a loserville troll would be here tonight. I guess when your program is irrelevant, you have nothing better to do than be a giant douche. We get Knight, they get Russ smith lol!!

  92. catsfan17

    calipari will be on the espnU special at 420 tmrw

  93. Deepsouthfan

    RCLaker…..Its gonna be a FUN week!!!

  94. shadowboxer

    91 – Weak. Very weak.

  95. Wedding Planner

    OK, so I am the “real Wedding Planner” – I know nothing about any other recruit than Gilchrist… I just happen to work with a guy who knows Gilchrist’s HS coach.

    Anything else you see attributed to Wedding Planner is a lie

  96. Perfect Patterson

    88 I graduated from Russell County High School, kind of cool people there finally caught up with KSR!

  97. ukkilla005

    Who is laura bell bundy?

  98. KY12

    we know, your name shows up in black, the fakes are blue

  99. WeddingPlanner4Pres

    I think wedding planner needs KSR site credentials and a weekly posting passcode…

  100. gittesjake

    Wedding Planner isn’t right yet.

  101. ESPNU

    where can I be watched tomorrow on the internet? especially if I’m not on someone’s cable package?

  102. tmark

    this is crazy!! 50 years old and i don’t think i can sleep tonight!! only been this way since i was 10!

  103. Catcrawler

    Is that legit? Not saying they’re wrong, but we’ve seen many sites jump the gun before….. Like Billy D to Kentucky for one-

  104. TokyoLovesUK

    There are very few occassions in life where a person’s greatest hopes and fears are realized. I think tomorrow will turn out to be one of those occassions for both UK fans and UK haters. I bought a nice bottle of bubbly to pop the cork on if Coach Cal brings in the monster haul we all expect. Seriously, I’ve got the bottle chillin in the fridge. Knight & Gilchrist along with the possibility of Lamb and Leslie is truly amazing.

  105. Crazy Talk

    100. Great catch !!

  106. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    106, I’m trying my hardest not to second guess it either! Haha

  107. Typical Blue Hair

    105- Can you post that link again? I can’t find it…

  108. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Lets introduce Michael Ill-Christ and Bradon “The Dark” Knight.

  109. KY12

    112) did seedy k start it?

  110. KY12

    Gilchrist=Jesus Shuttlesworth

  111. The Rock

    Have any sites confirmed where B Knight and Gilchrist are going? Is there a link to a website I could go to that has any idea where those two kids will end up at?

  112. Amazing

    Only thing that would make better 2011-2012 would be an NBA lockout, so we keep knight and all of them! I could not even imagine how amazing that would be if it was the case…

  113. BigCatDaddy4263

    Forde and his lover (pitino) can suck it until his trial starts.

  114. Mack

    What ever happens with recruiting now is a lot better then our resent past!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Bigbluecalizone

    Listen Folks, I am just as giddy, enthused, and confident as anyone, but I’d guard against buying into any sites that are making something look offical at this point.

  116. CatfaninTN

    Tommorow gonna be BLUE letter day for the CATS. Its great to see where we are headed !

    Cat Fan in Tennessee

  117. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    116- My name is Jesus, I am the man. Wussup with these question, about my plan? Roll call! Lincoln, Linc, Linc, Linc Lincoln. I’m still pissed that Tubby couldn’t sign Shuttlesworth. I mean, he didn’t even consider us. And then he chose Big State. They aren’t even D1 anymore!

  118. Bigbluecalizone

    #120-My sources tell me that you are a lonely troll, and I think the leader is onto that as well.

  119. KY12

    120) unless your source is the wedding planner, i’m not buying

  120. TokyoLovesUK

    Anything can happen with recruits, but it seems the eggs have hatched already on Knight and Gilchrist so we can count those chickens.

  121. Boggie Blue

    Couple of things: First, Forde loves Rick Pitino. Second, Rondo has very nice shoulders.

  122. The Rock

    122- Haha, I know. It’s been posted a total of like 6 times. I just keep asking to see how many times the same link can be posted on one thread.

  123. HeGetsIt

    Are u guys serious?? You don’t know who this “insider” is?? Wedding Singer? How quickly we forget who wore a popular blue UK shirt in a recent movie. Well played Adam Sandler, well played

  124. KY12

    126) places like the Herald leader don’t wait to drop news, it’s like an arms race to be the first to break huge news like that. Stories like this don’t just slowly leak out, they drop quickly. So back to the first school ever to land TWO number ONE players in the same DAY.

  125. Bigbluecalizone

    Sorry #130 I retract my vile.

  126. eric bledsoe says

    132 i hope you are right! its kinda like that story that never hit throughout this year. remember that?

  127. bcat

    Michael Gilchrist, “Brandon’s going to be at Kentucky next year with me and my boy, Marquis. We’re going to get shit crazy!”

  128. Wall2Cousins

    damn…imagine the BONER i am gonna have tommorrow….might have to allow the girlfriend to stay home from work…so she can do her other “job”

  129. Coach Cal

    You don’t think Barnhart is standing over my shoulder at all times, making sure I don’t do anything illegal? The last A.D. who let one of his teams get put on probabtion lost his job, and I don’t think Barnhart wants to lose his job. Sandy Bell is watching extrememly close too. All this Bledsoe crap is just that, crap. It’s just trolls trying to rain on UK’s parade.

  130. eric bledsoe says

    i am sure i will hear more bs bad news is gonna hit once knight and gilchrist tell the world they are coming to uk. jealousy is a sickness for sure!

  131. Jesse James

    I’m fittin’ to bounce. I have my alarm clock set for 3:50 pm tomorrow. Just in time to watch Knight and Gilchrist say they’re going to UCONN.

  132. BPsycho

    #137 Lol

    That’s how we do it Son!

  133. CatfaninTN

    @120 and 123 we shall see….I have faith, I claim to be no wise man, but I think tommorow you will be as happy as I am.

  134. GreekCat

    I have a feeling Ross and Jones would not be separated again. So, take Washington out of the picture, they have only one scholarship left and they are after the big boy for that last one scholarship.

  135. CatfaninTN

    @122 ans 123 I should say

  136. CatfaninTN

    I meant @122 and 123 . Gotta have faith people !

  137. IcemanG2

    Teague is coming soon as well. Get ready. This is all what WWW predicted when he said the merger between UK and Calipari would be epic and change the game. This past year was just the prequel.

  138. Wall2Cousins

    146…there was worries…his press conference nobody could understand what he said…other than the part “getshitright”

  139. TexasCatFan54

    Matt, what’s the latest on Jai Lucas?

  140. Wall2Cousins

    damn what is going on now its post 142

  141. I bleed KY blue

    I meant 131

  142. KY12

    the story is UK landing TWO number ONE players in the same day! Hello, is that not insane! first program to ever land two #1 recruits in one day, just crazy.

  143. CatfaninTN

    @ 152 I agree, I think tommorow and the week following are gonna be great days to be BLUE 8)

  144. TokyoLovesUK

    11:44 am in Tokyo now. I think I’ll take a day off tomorrow so that I can stay up and celebrate.

  145. MyEnesIsBigger

    I say celebrate tonight… that way if it doesn’t happen, at least you got to celebrate!

  146. Wall2Cousins

    in all honesty the Gilchrist announcment is all-the-sudden….what made him jump to the conclusion to announce his decision tommorrow/

  147. UK2K

    I know that Avery Bradley was the official the #1 player in high school last year but everyone knows John Wall was the best. So we could argue that we got the best high school player 3 years straight. Gives me chills thinking about it. And by chills, I mean an erection.

  148. CatfaninTN

    @150 I think its been a forgone conclusion for months. MG wants to play for CAL and UK and the 2011 class may be th best there ever was !

  149. Wall2Cousins


  150. MyEnesIsBigger

    My Enes is stuck in my Calipari signed Makers’ Mark Bottle and I refuse to break it to get it out.

    I know, don’t ask, a little pre-Wednesday party rehersal. Anyone have any ideas on freedom here?

    What if I heat up the other end, will that work?

  151. Wall2Cousins

    149 i know but,if you remember the Wall saga dragged out for months,i guess i was expecting the same with MG/

  152. KY12

    148) around here we go by rivals and they had Wall, Knight now, and Gilchrist next year. So it is 3 in a row

  153. great day

    The only way that it could get better tomorrow if there is breaking news running across the bottom line of ESPN tomorrow night say that Patrick Patterson will be a CAT next year.

  154. KY12

    cycle will break in 2012 if Coleman stays at top, he grew up a Syracuse kid and almost certainly will go there, he doesn’t even list other schools right now.

  155. CatfaninTN

    @152 I agree, but these kids want the nortiriety now . TOMMOROW is gonna be the start of a land side. Just a feeling I have but you gotta think that they know they are coming to UK to fill almost every starting spot……What would you want yur kid to do, I know where I would want mine to be but SHE can only sign with the Hoopsters 8)

  156. KY12

    156) cuz u make mo money than they eva will and they jealous. Seriously lay off, he’s a good kid.

  157. JKY

    153, I agree why do people always quote ESPN TOP 100 when rivals is consistently more accurate

  158. MyEnesIsBigger

    When you hate and judge others, it’s your ego’s response to being insecure with yourself.

    So now you let us all know that about yourself. Thanks, but could you just fix you and leave us out of it. 🙂

  159. Yankee-CatsFan

    I Love watching D.Rose play but then I have to watch that JackAss Joakim Noah as well.

  160. CatfaninTN

    @157 I think you have me wrong , I LOVE cuz, wish him all the best. He could easily be the #1 pick. Anyone else get the felling that we are responding to the wrong post ?

  161. CatfaninTN

    @159 AMEN my friend

  162. John Calipari's Amazing One And Done Flying Circus

    In honor of tomorrow…..

  163. M_Cat

    160 If you can separate the Florida from Noah (which is difficult) you can respect what he brings to the table in the NBA. I thought he would go down like a lead balloon, but he has played at an All Pro level.

  164. Wall2Cousins

    164…nah….this song is more my type:

  165. Park Diesel

    70) They must be 1 year removed from their high school class. If I remember correctly, there was some talk that John Wall would challenge the rule last year as he was 1 year removed from his original class (of course he did not). Not sure how it works with the foreign guys, as they seem to be able to enter the NBA younger eg., Ricky Rubio.

    151) Try Golden Girls. That might gain you your freedom. If that doesn’t work go with Viagra.

  166. zohan

    Wedding planner is actually gergg doyel you guys…you should know that by now

  167. Wall4POY

    Knight’s H.S. was just interviewed on podcast for the orlando sentinel and said “people are going to be quite suprised tommorow – there’s a reason his family kept things close to the vest, never assume anything” the moderator asked him what he meant and he said he wanted to let Brandon speak for himself tommorow…this sounds bad to me wtf????

  168. Tipton Headline for Thurs

    UK gets commitments from 2 studs, but still lost 5 guys to the NBA draft

  169. heishumumeanswarrior

    168) I was JUST listening to that when he said that 🙁 🙁 can this really be happening?

  170. CatfaninTN

    @167 no, everyone oes not know that . And even if it isnt we all know what coming.

  171. bringbacksaulsmith

    168 I heard that too but it won’t let me post the podcast link on here, go to the Orlando Sentinel’s website folks and you can hear th einterview – it was conducted at 10:00PM

  172. zohan

    151- twist it and rip it… no need for stupid butter

  173. KY12

    161) they erased the post that was making fun of Bledsoe, I was mocking them. Hard to keep up with so many deletes

  174. KY12

    172) that’s what they want, to say something that will get some publicity

  175. chris roach

    Get ready Cat Fans to experience something in history with the two TOP players signing tommorow. I have great sources inside the recruiting world. My friend is Agent. Welcome Brandon Knight and Michael Gilchrist

  176. Jeremy

    been all over the orlando sentinel site
    not seeing a podcast

  177. WeddingPlannerPLanner

    At least you’re finally giving credit to someone for using their information. It’s a step in the right direction.

  178. HawaiiCatFan

    I don’t think I could handle any kind of “surprise”

  179. WOW

    168….holy sh*t are you serious?

  180. confused

    whats the criteria for erasing posts? just curious..