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Cats could face a Sidney-less Mississippi State

Renardo Sidney didn’t play at Auburn in Mississippi State’s recent loss because he was struggling with back spasms. He made the call to stay out of the game and it seemed that Rick Stansbury wasn’t exactly pleased with his decision by saying: “He said he couldn’t go, so that’s kind of where we left it at”. Kentucky has struggled against big post players who can enforce themselves and bully Anthony Davis inside, so the lack of Sidney would be a huge boon for the Cats in Starkville.

In addition to the big man, the Bulldogs’ best player, Arnett Moultrie, has been plagued with an injury to his left shoulder. He insists that he’ll be good to go against the Cats tomorrow, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind as the late tip off approaches. Starkville could end up being the harshest road environment outside of Bloomington that the Cats will face all season. Stansbury and his club are in do or die mode after losing two straight and dropping six overall in SEC play.

The absence of Sidney and/or Moultrie would make a dangerous road test seem much less daunting.

Article written by Matthew Hays

31 responses to “Cats could face a Sidney-less Mississippi State”

  1. Cat Head

    Yeah right. He’ll play.

  2. Gilchrist on D

    Cats roll

  3. SuperTroy18

    Sidney seems like he just wants the season to be over and put his name in the draft already. If he sits, it would benefit our Cats, but not THAT much. If Moultrie isn’t 100%, then the Cats will kill the Dogs. Bost will hopefully be locked up with MKG or Teague on him. Moultrie would get Davis or Jones if Sidney doesn’t play. That would be a big test for either one. I really hope the Cats can take this one in Starkville.

  4. snoopaloop

    I am pretty disappointed in KSR. How can you miss a PERFECT opportunity to photoshop a hoagie or donut flying into Sidney’s mouth?

  5. BigBlueFan31

    I hope they both play. I don’t want them to have excuses when we beat them by 8-12 on their home court.

  6. NBA league pass

    I hope he plays. I want to see Davis going up against some more big bodies before we run into somebody like Sullinger, etc in the tourney.

  7. MN CAT

    Hope they play. We need a taste of what it’s going to be like in late March.

  8. jaws2

    He’ll play Tuesday. He’ll also be dragging his fat lazy arse up the court by the 15 minute mark in the 1st half. The guy will never play up to his hype. To fat, slow and lazy. If you’ve watched him play this year you have to agree. I’ve actually laughed at him falling all over himself in a few games. The only way we lose is getting screwed royally.

  9. wbguitar1

    don’t believe those 2 won’t play vs UK; maybe they are less than 100%, which is fine. If the Cats play their game, they should still win. We’ll get M.St’s best shot, regardless, never doubt that.

  10. The Real You Can Call Me Cal

    Maybe it’s just me, but I would much rather have Sydney playing. The kid can’t run with Davis. He can’t rebound with him. And he makes some of the dumbest decisions in the most inopportune times. Yea he’s big, but he’s really slow, mentally and physically.

  11. Hilbert

    Bring his big ass on. If we can’t beat teams at their best, then why be a Kentucky fan?

  12. KentuckyJam

    @6. Couldn’t agree more.

  13. ThankfulCat

    They are more athletic without him. If he plays, we will run his brakes off in 3 minutes.

  14. GoCats2

    Somebody should run the video of the State game last year where Jorts had a couple easy layups because Sidney was about 25 feet behind him jogging down court.

  15. WKU Hilltopper

    Sidney will play. That’s the type of player he is. He’ll see this as an opportunity to “prove” himself, but he’ll end up looking like a fool compared to the work horse Davis.

  16. Carl

    Sidney is a fat fool. I say “Bring it!”. We want to beat the best, we don’t want any excuses.

    Mississippi St listen to me….call me!!

  17. Hardline Charlie

    6 Right on the money.

  18. Echo 1

    Those mississippi state fans are animals. If our guys make it back home without a duracell upside head, it will be a success. Animals, I tell you.

  19. catsfan54

    to play Miss State at less than full strength would be a huge disappointment I think in terms of getting the Cats ready for March. i hope this game is an all out war.

  20. Joe

    6. Exactly what I was thinking. Better to go at them now and prepare for March.

  21. bluefan

    Bring ’em on! Everything now is good practice for tourney time.
    Seems to me if Sydney is looking ahead to the draft, he would want to play as much as possible. Go Cats!

  22. Michael

    Everybody knows they’ll play. This is pointless hype.

  23. MemphisCat

    Both players will play and have good games, they always state injuries against a good team to downplay when they lose, it protects the coaches job and eases the fan base. Look for both players to start and play vital roles in the game, if they have bad games it was because they were hurt.

  24. Matt in Franklin

    I hope he plays…cuz I like to watch his big lazy ass WALK up and down the court…the way we run, he’ll be walking back n forth between the hash marks all nite…and asking him IF he WANTS to play? That dude will say no every time…LOL GO CATS!!!

  25. Getemcats

    Oh yes, I want him to play. I want Davis to swat his shots into the third row and Teague to swat him in the jewels. I also want a pizza.

  26. Boogie

    Renardo——“Call me”

  27. Carl

    Renardo Sydney: World Record holder for the longest one-and-done college career.

  28. GummyBear

    Are we sure that Sydney didn’t try to eat Moultrie’s shoulder?

  29. SteveP

    Who are the announcers for the game? I can hear them know, if they play and are losing then it’s because their not healthy and gutting it out. If they play and they are winning, then all we will hear is how good they are playing while unhealthy, another gut check.

  30. tyrus


  31. Peyton

    Even if he plays, he probably won’t play significant minutes. There is no way that lard ass can run the court with the cats! Some one is going to be open on the fast break every time. Find the dunker or shooter, either way it’s going down!