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Can You Steal a Kansas Player from Kansas?


John Calipari has produced a number of coups in his time as a college basketball coach. Getting Derrick Rose to make the trip to Memphis, Wall and Cousins to come to Kentucky within moments of arriving on campus and taking Terrence Jones out of the Pacific Northwest were all impressive. However, if Calipari can get Perry Ellis out of Kansas, it might be his biggest accomplishment yet. The state of Kansas produces virtually no Division I talent and thus the idea of a top-notch player coming from the state is bizarre. Add to that the fact that the two in-state programs include one historic power and one of the better recruiters in the country, and the idea of taking him out of state would seem crazy. However, Ellis said this weekend that Kentucky is in his final four with Kansas, Kansas State and Duke, so you don’t want to count him out just yet. And as an added bonus, if Calipari can make it happen we know Larry Vaught and his Droid will be in absolute elation. Here is a video of what he brings to the table.

Article written by Matt Jones

28 responses to “Can You Steal a Kansas Player from Kansas?”

  1. The Old Guy In the Banner Ad

    Imma still him in his jaw if he ain’t come hurr

  2. WildcatRX7

    Matt, I got ya. — Phil Still.

  3. headcase4uk

    Freakin Duke education….

  4. The Old Guy In the Banner Ad

    dat dudes head says “Rerry”

  5. BTI has to go

    Come on Matt, you were a SIG at Transy, you’re better than that

  6. BEEZE

    I’d like to apply for a blogging job please…. Obviously, I meet the requirements.

  7. Dan From Fully House

    O Dude got some baby to cut his hair. C’mon man if you gonna get letters get ’em lookin good!!

  8. iknoweverything

    look guys the player is very restless, and anxious about his college career. he needs to be stilled by cal so he can focus on the right decision for his future, jeez.

  9. RYNO

    Jeff Foxworthy would be proud of that headline.

  10. UKfanFelicia

    still steel steal

  11. Grammar King

    Guess how many comments there would have been without this misspelling? Probaby 3-5. Matt’s not stupid; this was surely done on purpose, as evidenced by the fact that it still hasn’t been corrected.

  12. ukchampion

    hahahaha – i love ksr

    matt jones is a blinding brilliant light from heaven he can spell things how he pleases

  13. Kernel Sanders

    #23 — you mean “you’re” a lawyer, don’t you? Spellcheck wouldn’t have caught that either.

  14. Toothless Temp

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  15. MemphisCat

    You can still shine from the steal as long as Barney and Andy don’t find it first!

  16. Dan From Fully House

    and there goes half of the comments…hahaha

  17. Bbn

    Way to fix it matt! I’m think kentucky football is going to be 9-3 this season disagrees?

  18. Don

    UK fan, a Duke fan, and a Tennessee fan are standing atop a mountain outcrop arguing over who loves their team the most. Finally the Tennessee fan says, “My love for the Vols runs so deep, I will prove it by jumping off this mountain!” As the UK and Duke fan watch, the Tennessee fan hurls himself off to his death with a “Goooo Vooooollllls!” Not wanting to be outdone, the UK fan walks to the edge and says, “There’s no way that Tennessee fan or you loves your team as much as I love my Wildcats, and I’m going to prove it!”…so he pushes the Duke fan off the mountain to his death with a “Go Bog Blue!”

  19. really?


    way to be realistic

  20. JEREMY

    A story about a top recruit and we have comments about spelling and how the kid has his hair cut??? Come on guys…. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  21. RYNO

    Can I fix my comments now?

  22. RYNO

    oh wait. They’ve already been deleted them to remove all evidence of the gaffe! Didn’t Bruce Pearl teach you anything? The cover-up’s always worse than screwing it up to begin with.

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  24. Buckets

    Nice. Most of the first comments that mentioned the fact it said “still” instead of “steal” have been deleted. Come on, KSR. If you’re going to make a mistake, don’t hide behind the power of acting like it never happened by deleting it. WEAK! #wrongonpurpose

  25. JEREMY

    Wow…Calm down everybody, ever thought it might have been a joke in reference to perry’s hair cut looking like its spelled rerry??? Iam sure matt knows how to spell perry ellis and has spell check!

  26. Senator Boner says

    #23. This is a UK sports blog. Please refrain from letting your political shit smell up the place. OK, thank you.



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    #23 Dont you mean Owebama ?