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Can You Accept The BBVA Compass Bowl?

I started too title this post ‘Are you happy with the BBVA Compass Bowl,’ before changing my mind to go with ‘Are you happy okay with the BBVA Compass Bowl,’ only to discover the technology for strikethrough on the post titles doesn’t exist yet, so we’re going with ‘Can you accept.’  So while we really have no choice but to accept the bowl, we can still decide if it’s acceptable or not.

Tyler Thompson gave you plenty of reasons to pack your bags up and go to the game, but just like monday nights out with Fake Gimel, just because I’m going to do something about it doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy about it.  So how about it, can you accept that Hatline and Locke’s senior year and Cobbs (potentially) final year end with a trip to Burmingham?

Things to consider:

-It was Joker’s first season as a Division 1 Head Coach.  First years don’t usually fare much better than average, and what might have been a disappointment for Rich Brooks doesn’t necessisarily equate to one for Joker – yet.

-It continues the Kentucky Bowl Streak.

-We are just a handful of years past a two win season.

Last year South Carolina was playing in the BBVA, this year they won the east – and were an NCAA ruling away from winning the SEC championship outright.

On the down side:

-The season began with much more promise.

-It likely is the end of an offensive era (whether that era was good or bad remains to be defined.)

“Next year we don’t want to be just going to bowl games.  We want to fight for titles. We do. The sixth-straight bowl game, I want to be fighting for a title, where that’s not an issue, where you’re not talking about a sixth-straight bowl game, you’re talking about a title.”  -Joker Phillips

I don’t think anyone is particularly elated to be going to Birmingham (outside of maybe Pete Thamel.)  But I also don’t think anyone will be staging mass boycotts, either.  So what do you think?  Are you okay with the bowl game?  Should we have legitimately expected more from this team?  What do you expect from Joker: year two? 

Article written by Will Lentz

76 responses to “Can You Accept The BBVA Compass Bowl?”

  1. Frank Sabotka

    ANSWER: F*ck no!! I can’t accept it given the level of talent.

  2. Frank Sabotka

    ANSWER: F*ck no! Not with the level of talent Joker had to work with.

  3. RKA

    Considering we beat one team that played in the SEC championship and lost by three points to the other and soon to be national champion I can’t say that I am ok with any part of our season. I am disappointed but it’s not the BBVA bowl game’s fault.

  4. RKA

    we got it Frank….. we understand

  5. tacoman

    I think this was a down year, seems like after a couple losses the team lost their attitude and just accepted they were going to another BS bowl. I am a season ticket holder and HUGE UK FAN, wouldnt leave a game till the final horn, even when we were down b/c this team could come back, and I was there 2 hours before game time. SO am I upset we are going to the compass bowl, NO at least its a bowl, am I disappointed in the way the season turned out YES as I was very excited about this year. I hope Randall comes back one more year b/c I think with this experienced d-line and no more offense than we will lose, we can be great

  6. WildFan

    Kentucky has a foosball team? Who knew?

  7. mike

    No, we definitely underachieved…good enough to only lose to UA by 3…good enough to beat SC….bad enough to get thumped by a below average UF team…bad enough to go o fer vs. state of Mississippi…and bad enough to lose to one of the worse UT teams of recent memory. We did not improve as season went on and no reason to believe Choker will do any better with possibly less talent next year. If coaching staff remains intact look for same or less record.

  8. GoCats2

    After a disappointing season and a below average bowl game…Why is Joker not so serious?

  9. SCCat

    Yes I expected more – and we were a few plays from being 8-4. We were also a few plays (and a beautiful pass and catch from Hartline to Cobb) from being 4-8.

    I’m not sure what to “expect” next year, but I like that we can go into ANY game and compete and have chances to win…now, except for the Florida game and some mysterious and ridiculous TN jinx, that kind of “competing” is good enough to keep my in my seat and hopeful.

    I’d really like to see a breakthrough year and a NY Day bowl. If, and it’s a big if, we go .500 in the SEC those things will happen. .500 in conference play should be a legitimate and acheivable goal, especially every other year or so.

    That is what I hope and expect of Joker and his teams – and that is tough to do in a conference that crowns National champs nearly every year (or at least plays for them). I hope Joker can make some positive strides next year – i’m behind him in this effort. To me, a man has to have time to make his luck or skill or whatever you call it. A year is not nearly enough time.

    As far as this bowl – I’ll watch and I really want another winning season. I don’t care if it’s symbolic, watered down, whatever – that kind of thing is a confidence builder for the kids coming up and the kids coming in.

    Live Blue.

  10. bluetexan

    #8-Haha – he still has a job and he’s “taken the money and run”…and will do so again next year…and the year after that…and, according to many of the respondents on here…as long as he wants…’hang’ the W-L record as long as we keep going to B’ham, Nashburg, etc. Operation:Whenever!

  11. Just saying

    JOker will be here next year, so as a UK fan I will stand behind him. However, I honestly expect next year to actually be a deeper and more talented team (esp on defense). We also have UL, UF and UT at CWS. So if Joker DOES NOT elevate the program next year, his era will be over too

  12. marty evans

    I am absolutely excited. Five bowls in a row in the sec, who wouldn’t have been happy with that five years ago. Sure it could have been better, but we were picked 9/10 in sec preseason and with losing so much on an inexperienced defense a bowl game is a good reward. Playing a very good/unlucky Pitt team will be tough, but a good challenge and for people that want to see us play a good non-conference foe this is a great game, not too far away, but warmer, and one of the last bowls/only one of day, which should help the program. I will be there and I hope the big blue nation makes it a home game. Just ask texas, cincy, miss, ucla, cal, purdue, colorado, and several others how they will enjoy their bowl games this year. Its a celebration, a good tough game where we will be the underdog and a good chance to enjoy a nice city we haven’t been too. The fans need only to remember 3-8, 2-9, 4-7 and all those years that were much worse than this one. Enjoy the bowl and realize that we are a program that now expects to go to bowls and with our recruiting should continue that trend and maybe work our way up the line. Show up and support the cats!!!!!!!

  13. Frank Sabotka

    As another KSR reader posted yesterday, all you need to know about Joker to see that he needs to be replaced is the following:

    4th down and 2 on Tennessee’s 38 yard line, down by 7 points, late in the 4th quarter to a team UK hasn’t beaten in 25 years, with a piss poor defense and the gutless Joker punts the football.

  14. SCCat

    10 – how accelerated would you need the growth of the program to be? I just don’t know how we go from where we are to 10-2 every year like some need us to be before they’ll stop calling for the coach’s head. hell, some folks were on here hollerin about Cal sucks this and Cal sucks that after Saturday. WTF? Cal is as big as it gets.

    Who could we pay to come take us to that level? I am truly curious – I am unaware of anyone who has the name appeal, who would take on a challenge like KY. We have to “grow” a big time coach – if not Joker, then who?

    There probably are some big time coordinators who deserve a shot – do you have anyone in mind?

  15. lawdog

    I don’t get the underachieved thing that people keep saying. If you had told me during spring practice that this team would be 6-6, beat SC and go to a bowl, I would have been ecstatic. Think back for just a minute or two as I recite some of the issues.
    1. No settled quarterback. Nobody wanted Hartline as the starter.
    2. An offensive line decimated by graduation.
    3. A defense that had lost every single star from the past two years,with the emphasis once again on the line.
    4. An open question as to who would be our new kicker, in fact everyone thought that an incoming freshman would get the job.
    5. A schedule that did not give our boys a week off until the next to last game of the season when it doesn’t help.
    6. A new coach with some new coaches.

    UK had some good talent, but no one in the spring thought that we had the talent to overcome all of these issues.

  16. GoCats2

    Have to comment on the results of the poll question to the right…I dont know who is saying no but apparently you dont watch much basketball. This may not be our best and deepest team especially compared to last year but history has shown that ANYONE is GOOD ENOUGH to make it to the Final Four. All you need to do is be playing good at the right time and have a GOOD 4 GAME run. This team is definitely good enough to make it to the Final Four.

  17. bluetexan

    Mike Leach…’nuf said…only took a mediocore Texas Tech program, recruited against Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, Houston, Oklahoma, etc., took the best he could get – coached ’em up – and took the program to 9 bowls in his 9 years there…plus, he KNOWS UK football.

  18. brogreg

    I don’t think UK deserved to go to a bowl. Bowls use to mean something when not everyone and their brother got a bowl invitation. I don’t think any team with a 6 and 6 record should go to a bowl. Get rid of all the bowls and come up with a legit playoff for the National Championship. I don’t plan to watch any bowls this year.

  19. BravoBigBlue

    Operation: Boycott. Nuff said.

  20. bluetexan

    #16- Sorry ’bout the Mike Leach answer…he wouldn’t come to work under Barnfart…as an attorney – he has too much integrity to work for that idiot.

  21. bluetexan

    Sorry, meant #14.

  22. SCCat

    I like Leach. Who knows, maybe you’ll get your wish and then we can see for real.

  23. KYdisciple

    Why would I want to go to Birmingham after all other bowl games are played out to watch my team end the year sub-.500?

  24. 16toes

    I think the answer to this question is extremely obvious and I don’t really understand why every other post on the blog is about it. Of course, it doesn’t really bother me at all as there isn’t much else to talk about. But I will say this, I think 99% of the readers of this site would much rather read any article about basketball even if its just random stat regurgitation or more Enes theory crafting.

    But the answer is clearly no and no matter how much of a loyalist some of you think you are…carrying the banner for homers everywhere…the fact remains that the vast majority of the fan base is completely apathetic about the football team. And apathy is worse than anger…at least with anger you are feeling something about the team. I for one cannot think of any reason why anyone would want to spend money and take a vacation to Birmingham to see a team play a game that essentially means nothing to anyone. You can wax poetic about winning year streaks or consecutive bowls but its all only justification for a lame football program.

    Free Enes.

  25. bluetexan

    SCCat: My wish won’t be answered…Barnfart is too committed to PawPaw’s wish…have a good Fall next year enduring Operation:Whenever!

  26. C Pullem


  27. KYStout

    We underachieved this season pure and simple. We took a step back, got humiliated by Tennessee and I am disappointed in the season.

    Moving forward, I have little confidence (based on what I witnessed this season) that the program can take that step forward to winning 8 games, much less ever competing for an SEC title. I sense the program is at a crossroads and leaning frighteningly close to falling apart. I say this after watching and suffering through well over 30 seasons of Kentucky football.

    I’m really concerned that this university simply can’t support an elite football AND basketball program. I’m concerned that we don’t have the money or the will to do it. I do know we have the ability.

    Truth be told, all I really wanted at the end of this season was to beat Tennessee. Much more so than any bowl game. And look what they did. It made me ashamed of the UK jacket I wear. After 26 years, it’s just about more than I can take and even if we did end the streak next season it would still be shameful. I guess Joker lost me with that game.

  28. john4uk

    As a long suffering UK football fan,i’m happy they got to a bowl game.I hope other fans will look past what might have been and accept what is,and make the trip to Bham to watch the Cats thump Pitt.

  29. Blasphemy

    OMG, who the hell with a brain would put Louisville’s bowl ahead of ours: UL vs Southern Miss or UK vs Pitt, seriously, this guy is smoking the stuff. Somebody do a post on this and rip the guy.

  30. KevinC

    I’m fine with it…as long as Joker’s 2nd season is as successful as Gene Chizik’s. 😉

  31. KYWildcat

    No not excited at all! At 6-6 and 2-6 in SEC
    This team should NOT be going to a bowl.

  32. SCCat

    25 – The answer to much of this is held in the wisdom of 24. He’s right – many to most UK fans simply are basketball people.

    I’m not one of them – but the fact is that no big name is ever, regardless of AD at the time, going to take a chance on KY when there is the level of apathy in the fanbase that there is.

    Regardless of filling Commonwealth, regardless of the best traveling fan base in college sports, regardless of endless facilities and the opportunity to play on ESPN nationally on a regular basis against the best in the country…all of that will not offset the general blaise about football in the Bluegrass that was perfectly captured by “16 toes”.

    So – that said – i will remain happy with my 7-5 and traveling to remote areas of the Southeast with really die hard old timers who love to party and follow the CATS – not just the regal basketball team, but the workmanlike blue collar football boys too, who take more lumps but are just as fun to watch…

  33. John

    As odd as it seems to write this about a UK football team- This season was easily the most disappointing in my lifetime.

  34. Catfanman

    Piss & moan. I just have to think there are a bunch of trools on KRS as opposed to real fans. If you complainers are not happy with the bowl don’t watch it. The real fans will watch it & cheer for the Cats. We all know just a few years ago UK could not even smell a bowl, much less get to one. Anyone with any sense can measure the teams from the past few years against those teams 8-10 years ago & see how much better off the program is.

  35. Burk

    Will Lentz;


    Learn how to spell Bro Montana.

  36. Big D

    31) Bowls are a good thing. $$$$$. But, I understand where you are coming from.

  37. jerryh

    Win on November 26, 2011

  38. ShagOnSports

    #20 State your facts on what makes Barnhart and idiot!!! I would like to know why you think so…

    As for Leach, he will have a hard time finding a job now that he is suing Texas Tech and ESPN…

    I am disappointed in how the season turned out but no one was for sure what would happen… I thought they could win five to eight and they won six… Tale of the tape will be where they are the next two years… I for one say it will not work but I am willing to be proven wrong… As for the five straight bowls it is a step up from where UK football has been but I am ready for the next step…

    #24… 99%… Maybe 99% of the people who post but there are allot of loyal football fans for UK and fans who love the SEC (Like Me)… I will take SEC Football any day of the week over SEC Basketball… I am a big basketball fan also but give me football, especially SEC football, any day of the week… If I am 1% than I am proud to be out of the mainstream!!!

  39. SCCat

    37) Amen brother.

    38) Amen brother.

  40. mkalg

    The only title the Cats will compete for next year is: worst team in the SEC.

  41. SCCat

    40. Maybe…but they’ll still whip Louisville. and you will have to handle that on your own time.

  42. Big BlueBarber

    Bowling….How many in a row now? It doesn’t get any better than that for a UK football fan. Let’s wait and see if 6…then 7…then 8..Get the picture? One step at a time…one foot in front of the other. I’ll take the compass bowl. It beats what we had 6-7 years ago..RIGHT?

  43. Nails11

    Fighting for titles next year? I’ll have whatever he’s drinking.

    Is this supposed to be a credible statement coming from a guy who claimed thisseason as ‘Operation Win’?

    I’m afraid Joker’s mouth is writing checks his team can’t cash…

  44. kybluebpy

    Why is everyone disappointed, after what 80-90 years of football and we have sucked for 90% of those years. If we was back at 11 game seasons we would have made 2 bowls in the last 5 years. Yes, UT was down as was Florida and Georgia but the reality of that is those teams still have twice as much talent as we do. Kind of like our down years in basketball, most of the SEC teams still can’t beat us.

  45. Kige's Girlfriend

    Going to a bowl is a very good thing for our program. The extra month of practice has helped us maintain this streak of excellence 🙂

  46. jmtcat

    We beat 1 team this year. We schedule to play in weak bowls (see Akron, Western and Charleston So., add a weak Louisville team and we are almost “bowl eligible”. We cannot compete. Competing for a championship?? Really? We will be saying that with the next coach, then the next one . . . when will our next coach actually win 9 games? Not in my lifetime, unless TN, FL and a few others have to forfeit games they whipped us

  47. M. Vick

    I found this on another board. It’s so good it needs to be reposted any time a “state of the program” discussion takes place:

    Joker and the rest of the football team need to just stop talking about winning. Stop talking about how they’re going to turn the page. Year in and year out, it’s the same thing and when there’s a chance for them to actually prove that they can turn the page, they come out flat. (Tennessee this year, MSU 2007). They have 1 big win a year and then come out soft in a game that can make a good season great.

    They have absolutely zero credibility in my book. In those “crossroad games” that make and break seasons, both the coaches and players disappear. I don’t care about the players texting about wanting to play in a championship. Until they man up when it counts, then it’s nothing but talk.

    That’s what Kentucky football is, nothing but talk.

  48. The Real Hambone

    Why do we waste time and space talking about this pathetic football team and their insignificant bowl game?

  49. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Really, Joker? “Fight for a title.” REALLY? Is that why you punted with 7+ to go while down 2 scores? REALLY?

  50. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    #8, very clever!!! 🙂

  51. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Let me quality what I said in #49: I believe we have to give Joker a chance. However, no coach should be imune from criticism, and Matt hit the nail on the head with his “Where’s the Aggression” post after the UT game.

  52. Eddie C

    you can forget about fighting for a football title. im not being mean or a smart ass about it. it will not happen at ky. wrong type of ball. curse of the bear. what ever reason you want to throw out there. the basketball team would have to get the death penalty for football to have any great success. so be careful what you wish for.

  53. Uk-Believe

    23, are they really “your team” if you dont even watch their bowl game?

  54. UKoverALL

    [“Next year or period, we don’t want to be just going to bowl games,” Phillips said. “We want to fight for titles.]

    I am not buying buying any of it. Coaches made some bad decision throughout the year and the team played unmotivated during most of the first halves of games. No excuse.

  55. 16toes

    38) If you, “would take SEC football over SEC basketball any day of the week” you really need to relocate. And yes, if that is truly how you feel then you are certainly outside the mainstream. If I felt that way I might have blown my brains out by now. I mean, whats your favorite thing about UK football? Is it the rivalry with UT? Thats a fun rivalry. Or maybe competing for SEC titles? Thats always a blast. I’m not trying to “cry” about UK football and I’m certainly not a troll but reality is reality. This season was “blah” and there is no way around it. Its also a tepid argument from those of you painting yourselves as “real fans” to say those of us unhappy with the UK football product aren’t. We simply don’t see anything worthy of being excited about…and before anyone starts prattling off lame stats…don’t waste your time.

    That being said, I think that part of the problem is that in order for fans to embrace any team in any sport there has to be at least a small glimmer of hope that at some point in their lives that team will compete for a championship. That has never been the case for UK football since I’ve been on this earth and there is no indication that that will change…so its hard to get excited about it, especially when we have a team playing bball that always has, at the very least, a glimmer.

    Free Enes

  56. bluetexan

    #27/#33 – Thank you!!!!!!!! Amen brothers.
    #38 – You question whether Barnfart’s an idiot? Too long to respond however, three names…Tubby, BCG & Joker. He’s an absolute joke within the NCAA AD Community and exemplifies the basics of the ‘Peter Principle’. He dissed a NCAA National Championship coach, replaced that coach with one who the media was questioning when he’d self-destruct and listened to his mentor (whom he’d hired) regarding a replacement who’s a joke in the toughest football conference in the country.

    As for Mike Leach…sadly, you haven’t read the numerous lawsuit(s) that have been filed. Leach has proven his worth at UK, Oklahoma (where Bob Stoops and an award-winning AD went to bat for him to get the Tech job) and TX Tech. The whole mess was caused by a football Dad who; happens to be on ESPN, called numerous coaches, numerous times to plead for playing time for his 4th string wide receiver son and then, hired a PR firm to stage a video tape session of his son in an electrical closet. BTW…Leach was at Tech for 9 years – took ’em to 9 bowls…NONE in Birmingham or Nashburg.

    Other than that…I guess you’re right.

  57. GhostofBearBryant

    48- at least the football team has an excuse for not being very good. How bout those pampered pusses in the craft ctr?

  58. Stanford

    Look at Stanford for yet another example of what having a good coach can do to a mediocre program.


    no i am not happy with the season. 6-6 is not good enough. yes i remember 3-8 and 2-9 but with alot of winnable games this year i really thought 8-4 was possible. fact is i’m tired of this. outside of vandy, every team in this league has had a “great” season in the last 10-15 years except us. i guess our big year was 2007, 8-5 and a music city bowl title? SUPER! i mean you know the big dogs are always there, (fla,tenn,geo,bama,auburn,lsu) but what about teams like south carolina, arkansas, miss. st, and ole miss? south carolina went to sec title game this year, petrino’s got arkansas rolling, miss st. had much success with jackie sherill and again have done more in a short time than us, and ole miss has been to multiple cotton bowls of late. fact is we will never be able to compete with the bottom of this league more less the top, in less some big money is finally put into this program. we need a new stadium, better coaches, better players…. sick in tired of crying about playing in the sec, time to do something “big” for a fan base that supports a losing, average at best, bbva, music city bowl playing team. imagine what kind of support a good team would get? never going to happen, u know the story, rupp got a cadillac and bear bryant got a watch!

  60. Burly

    College game is all about Coaching…we have the worst one in the SEC at present. He did a horrible job in every phase with this team. Trailed every SEC game at the half…Ole Miss had one conference win…guess who?

    The guy does nothing well…he can’t speak..he can’t motivate and he can’t Coach the kids up. We are stuck with him two more years…while Mike Leach wants back in the game.

    Leach is the one man that can change UK football. He won’t punt from the 38 on 4th and 2 down 7 to a team we lost 25 in a row to. The most gutless and stupid act a UK Coach has done in any sport.

  61. JawadtheChinchilla

    Catfanman and SCCat, you two are exactly the problem. You’re why UK football sucks ass. You don’t care if it improves. You want to feel like the poor little misunderstood children of the SEC and of UK.

    Piss poor bullsh*t.

    The BBVA Comp-Ass Bowl.

    Bite me.

    UK Football is a joke. The coach now has a name the fits.

    Joker “The Choker” Phillips


    blue collar my @ss

    UK Football is in the Depression

    It sucks.

    And it’s fans like you who have accepted the bullshit and kept on paying for those tickets who are the problem.

    UKAA knows that they have a solid core of idiotic suckers who will attend the games no matter the record on the season. 2 wins on the Season and UK Morons will fill the stadium. Get stomped for 30 years by UT and UF and UK idiots will fill that stadium. 6 wins against cupcakes from DIV II and UK retards will fill that stadium.

    People like you make me sick because you retard any progress that they team might have made along the way.

    It’s pathetic.

    You “hardcore UK football fans” are exactly why UK has to have a hardcore. You’ve helped the program suck for 60 odd years. After 60 years of mediocrity, most UK Fans are apathetic. The rest of the SEC thinks UK Football is a joke.

    Only a hard core cadre of UK fans truly support UK football. And it’s that hard core cadre that have allowed the program to rot for 60 years. It’s that hard core of UK Football Fans who have made it impossible to enjoy UK Football.

    Stupid ass statements such as “If you don’t like 6 wins and a mini-me, inconsequential bowl, go root for another team.”

    You people are as big a joke as UK Football. You deserve one another.

    Sorry program. Sorry fans.

  62. JawadtheChinchilla

    UL will be better next year.

    Under a better coach.

    No guarantee that UK wins that game.

    UK can barely win two games in the SEC.

    What happens when they are required to win 3 because UL has, again, become relevant and UK can no longer count that as a definite win.

    What happens? NO MORE BOWLS!!!

    CHOKER gets his title. Most idiotic hire of the decade in SEC Football.

    Joker will be fired. I guarantee it. He’s got no fire. He simply fakes the funk. No innovation. No imagination. No ability to motivate the team. No nothing.

  63. Cousins cousin

    Year 2 of Joker should be very interesting: so many questions I have
    -just LOOK at the SEC schedule for 2011: the stretch of Louisville, Florida, at LSU, at South Carolina will tell us all about this team.
    -remind me WHO is on the team?
    -the SEC schedule is not in our favor
    -it could be year 27 against Tennessee.
    -something remotely positive: can Joker coach to WIN football games? not to lose? (there is a difference because to win the game, you will be ready to do anything)
    -can we score at Tiger Stadium?

    so many more, but i will stop because that is so pessimistic but has anyone asked themselves identical questions?

  64. GoCats

    I don’t understand some fans. You guys are so hard on Phillips, give him a chance to build a program. It took Brooks awhile. I understand that Phillips doesn’t have to build from the bottom to the top, but let his players buy in to what he is doing. I think that if you really want to get rid of him after one year, that is ridiculous. You can’t compare this football team to the basketball team, the SEC in football is like the Big East in basketball. Give him a chance and don’t expect him to hang any banners.

  65. toilet bowl

    enough with the toilet bowl streak and winning in the sec you clown. it’s a complete scam and you are a homer!

  66. uk9698

    UK football will NEVER be worth a dam. I agree that when UL starts to beat UK they will again return to a non bowl team. To watch them beat poor teams just to play a bowl game how has that helped UK any? Just face it UK will never never never never never have a winner. DID I SAY NEVER. To spend your money to watch UK in football is stupid. Just a waste. Did I say NEVER?

  67. markp

    Joker has a crazy idea that you pass the ball 5 yards down field on third and 8. He played Hartline, a capable back up, instead of Morgan Newton and had a worse year than the previous in a weak SEC East. Morgan Newton wasted one year of eligibility, he should have been redshirted but Joker, great name by the way, acted like a knucklehead and the kid has not progressed since his freshman year and he is now a junior. I can’t see us being any worse than 6 and 6 with Morgan at the helm this year and he would have been better next year for having played as well as UK being better next year. To quote an Irish beer commercial ” brilliant ” .

    Oh, if I haven’t made it perfectly clear yet fourth and 2 from TN’s 38, down by 7 to a team you haven’t beaten in 25 years………what the —-?

  68. shagonsports

    #56 – I know all about Mike Leach from his days at Iowa Weslyan through today… What I am saying is he has hurt his chances at some jobs by filing a lawsuit against his employer… I know how/why he ended up at OU and Tx Tech… To quote Stoops, “When I went to hire an OC I looked at what team scored the most points on my Florida defense last year…”

    I am a big fan but Tubby needed to go and I am pretty sure he left on his own and yes big mistake on BCG… If you are not making mistakes you are not trying…

    With all that said the entire athletic department is in way better shape than it has ever been… There is more money coming in across the board and if he is really doing all he can with football at this point… Football is going to take more money and more donations from the fan base to improve facilities, etc… I am not satisfied with three of the past four football seasons but I will give Joker a chance (I am as critical of him as anybody)… I for one believe that with the right facilities, the right coaches and the right schemes UK can compete in football…

  69. SCCat


    I suppose you’re implying that if we all turn our back on the football team, or did so a while back, that the Athletic department would be “starved” into making a big hire and we’d be in the BCS by now. I simply disagree.

    I suppose you believe that my support for the team validates mediocrity – I would argue that I genuinely enjoy the team in good times and bad.

    I guess it comes down to how you view success – I viewed the Woodson teams as successful. I viewed the Tim Couch Outback Bowl team as successful, even in losses (5 of them).

    If all you can view as success is our meteoric rise right to the top of the conference, and otherwise we rain fire and brimstone on the program, trash the players, coaches, administrators…well, I suppose you’re going to be pissed for a while.

    Let me be clear – I don’t give a damn whether you like the football cats or not. I’ll do what I do in football, and we can cheer together for basketball. I do believe that your practice of “boycotting” and “spitfiring” doesn’t have the effect you believe it will.

  70. Kim Jerry

    I don’t understand the criticism of Joker. He is a 1st year head coach with many new asst. coaches. He made mistakes and had a bumpy ride this season. If he learns each year we will be fine. We were in every game this year, except one. How many times in the past could we have said that? Beaten Louisville how many times in a row now? Got them at home next year so we will likely add to that streak. Better recruits coming in and lots of talent that redshirted this year that will play next year. I suspect that there will be more changes to the staff and changes to the way Joker coaches. But to call for his head after one year or boycotting football games is idiotic, to say the least.

  71. bluesince66

    Joker deserves his chance. If next year is the same as this then it might be time to start looking.

  72. Ian Kalinowski

    For sure thought we were gonna go to a better bowl this year, but it is what it is. Ill take it, its a bowl, we do need better ones in the future. I think Joker will be fine, hes got a good foundation to start with and once things in his system get goin, I think we could have somethin special.

  73. payne

    6-6 should not be good enough if you guys really want to become a team that matters even in the slightest. As an example, the last five years have arguably been the worst five year stretch in Tennessee football history and the best five year stretch in Kentucky football history. UT went 37-27, won the SEC East once, and finished second once. Meanwhile Kentucky went 36-28 and finished third once. At some point the standards have to change or you will never be a legitimate threat to make it to the SEC championship.

  74. Colorado Cat

    I was in Birmingham for the 1984 Hall of Fame Bowl cheering for the Cats. I’ll be there again this year. If you are bailing on the Cats because they didn’t meet your expectations, ask yourself why would you call yourself a fan? Expressing dissatisfaction is ok, but real “fans” (fanatics) don’t conditionally follow their team to bowl games. Those should be called “interested parties”. Fans have a different level of commitment to the program – even when we lose heartbreaking games or have frustrating coaches.



  76. Catfanman

    # 62 Furry little Chinchilla, panties in a wad, are they? Go bite yourself which is what you likely do during your tantrum rant. You’re not a Cats fan, so don’t come on here pretending to be. Those of us who are don’t give a damn about your comments or opinion.
    Migrate back up I-64 & settle in there with the rest of your kind….you fit there much better.
    Make yourself useful, go piss up a rope, & get yourself & shower.