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Camping With Calipari (Updated); A Look Ahead To Madness Visitors

Matt is currently away making s’mores and playing cornhole with you nuts camping out for Madness tickets (don’t take offense, if not for school I’d be there too). That’s why I’m here. Matt did have a little note to pass along to you guys though. There seems to be a lot of talk about the possibility of John Calipari coming out and staying overnight with the campers. While this rumor can’t be confirmed at this point, if true, campers in the Big Blue Madness ticket lines would be able to witness one of best moments in UK history tonight.

UPDATE: Apparently Calipari has now made his announcement to the campers that he will be staying overnight with them. Matt just tweeted a bit ago that the announcement received a huge roar. This will probably go down as one of the cooler moments of his early career here.

Maybe more important than who’s going to be visiting the ticket lines, is the amount of talent that will be visiting UK the weekend of Madness. Here’s where the list stands now:

Tobias Harris (2010 forward)
Rankings: Scout’s #2 PF, #9 overall/Rivals’ #1 PF, #5 overall
Recruitment: Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, West Virginia
Harris is one of the more versatile forwards in his class. Standing 6’8″, he can handle the ball well in the open court and has nice range to his jumper.

CJ Leslie (2010 forward)
Rankings: Scout’s #3 PF, #12 overall/Rivals’ #4, #14 overall
Recruitment: Long list, Kentucky, Florida, Maryland, UConn, others
Another versatile forward, CJ Leslie also has a lot of length and athleticism. Handling the ball well for his size is not a problem but critics love to knock his ability to finish around the rim, something which he has shown flashes of improving over the summer.

Kyrie Irving (2010 guard)
Rankings: Scout’s #2 PG, #5 overall/Rivals’ #4 PG, #9 overall
Recruitment: Kentucky, Duke, Georgia Tech, Seton Hall, Texas A&M
Irving’s leadership skills and knack for handling the ball well make him a great fit for the point guard position but this kid can also pour in points when he needs to, especially if he gets hot from behind the arc.

Michael Gilchrist (2011 forward)
Rankings: #1…in everything, everywhere
Recruitment: Kentucky and Villanova are leaders, although there are other schools involved
As his rankings indicate, there aren’t too many holes in his game. His smooth slashing and ability to finish through contact is what sticks out most. Also has a pretty rangy jumper.

Marquis Teague (2011 guard)
Rankings: Scout’s #1 PG, #5 overall/Rivals’ #1 PG, #2 overall
Recruitment: Long thought to be a UL lean, the fact that he continues to hold off a decision bodes well for others, including UK. UNC is also making an effort to get involved. Ohio State, Wake Forest, UC, Purdue and Indiana are in there as well.
Teague is a flashy scoring point guard. He is able to score easily most of the time just based on the fact that he is quicker and more explosive than anyone guarding him.

Angel Nunez (2011 forward)
Rankings: Scout’s #13 SF, #59 overall/Rivals’ #11 SF, #47 overall
Recruitment: Still has a long list. Arizona, Kentucky and Louisville have been some of the most talked schools surrounding Nunez but UConn, Indiana, Rutgers, St. John’s and West Virginia are also in pursuit.
Nunez stands at 6’7″ and has a lot of abilities that others his size lack. He can handle the ball well and also passes the ball well for his size. His shot isn’t great, but decent and rangy given his size. When Louisville began their pursuit of Nunez and things started picking up steam, the hot comparison was to former Louisville standout Francisco Garcia.

Achraf Yacoubou (2011 guard)
Rankings: Scout’s #16 SG, #69 overall/Rivals’ #19 SG, #76 overall
Recruitment: Yacoubou doesn’t receive a lot of national attention, which is weird since he holds offers from the likes of UConn, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Oklahoma, Villanova and Wake Forest. Nova, Kentucky and UConn are thought to be in good position.
Yacoubou had a sprained ankle for part of the summer, which may have dipped his rankings. He’s an aggressive guard on both ends of the court and always plays hard. He’s shown good shooting ability and form.

Updated: Quincy Miller (2011 forward)
Rankings: Scout’s #2 PF, #7 overall/Rivals’ #1 PF, #3 overallwhich is weird since he holds offers from the likes of Recruitment: Duke was all over Quincy this summer, following each of his games during the scouting period. UK has made some HUGE progress, especially lately, and is probably considered one of the favorites at this point. The rest of his list looks like a who’s who of college basketball.
Quincy is much like other versatile and lengthy forwards that Calipari likes. He has the athleticism and length to more than hold his own around the glass but also has the face-up skills that makes his defenders have to follow him far away from the basket. Versatility, athleticism and length is the key with this kid as well.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

I enjoy basketball, Kentucky sports and extremely short walks on the beach, followed by a nap. Sorry ladies, I'm taken.

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    Muy bueno, Rumbutt! Estoy impresionado con sus “Recruiting Updates.” Si te veo, voy a comprar una cerveza.

  2. Flag City Cat

    Si, si…

  3. UK81

    I just spoke with my son who received his voucher at 1 PM today. He stated that tickets would be distributed at 4 AM. Congratulations to all the campers, it certainly makes me proud. In my day, this was the normal distribution for all games, first come first serve, no lottery. Makes me proud that my son is getting to experience this for the first time. GO BIG BLUE!

  4. Cal Purnell here

    Si, Eres la chica más bonita en este bar aunque eres travestí per Billy Clyde

  5. Jonah Hex

    If Cal does this, he will be a GOD in Kentucky.

  6. Dennis

    Great stuff Dustin! Zags Blog has Brandon Knight listed as coming to BBM. Any truth to that?

  7. mailman85

    to think tyrone nash chose a prep school over tubby a few years ago…..

  8. mailman85

    none of these guys are as good as “the beast”….


  9. GregJ

    Video of the campout, WOW.

  10. Thomas Beisner

    angel nunez sounds like a video vixen.

  11. rlburd2

    coach cal for president….

  12. Band Of BlueCats

    So cool that Cal is goin to camp out.

  13. Band Of BlueCats

    Papa John’s is about to be delivered to the crowd.

  14. champ1023

    Why are all the white players on one side and the black players on the other? Can’t be good for the chemistry. Lol.

  15. BPsycho

    SOB! Just when I thought that 400$ I paid to a friend to camp was money well spent! Now he gets to meet Calipari…

    ************ gone give me some money back!

  16. jodieispure

    how do you get tickets online

  17. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Nice work Dustin. No Payne for BBM?

  18. Cal Purnell here

    Check ticketmaster at 6am CST…

  19. Cal Purnell here

    Scratch that 5am CST

  20. soup

    Am I like the only one that has seen Quincy Miller confirm he’s coming to madness via twitter???

    Or am I just missing something here?

  21. Cal Purnell here

    20) Muy Bien!

  22. soup

    Marco Suave.

  23. CalifCatFan

    In solidarity with my Kentucky brethren, I am camping out tonight in my California back yard.

  24. Jonah Hex

    I think Cal wants to run for Governor someday.

  25. Dennis

    #20 Great work on that Info. Thats straight from the horses mouth. I guess Dustin hasn’t seen that.

  26. Big Blue KY

    20) You might want to tweet Dustin about that, before mm aka Nostradamus, accuses him of stealing info again..

  27. mocha

    quincy miller tweeted that he was coming to BBM….about 7 hours ago

  28. Dennis

    Big Blue Nation follow Quincy Miller on Twitter @qmillertime . Show him how massive BBN is.

  29. IcemanG2

    Is ESPN out there yet?

  30. ukcatfan88

    I have a legal question for Matt: Since the IOC made Obama look foolish today, does that make them racist?? I mean, if you call him a liar you are a racist. So I would have to assume all 106 people on the committee are racists as well, right?

  31. bballjoker

    Uh-OH! #30 got a little liquid courage in him tonight. I would hardly say failing to get an olympic bid is as foolish as say…. Mission Accomplished?

  32. lobstersky

    Just returned from the madness. AWESOME! Calipari playing cornhole with fans. The players playing
    on the courts and basically having a dunk contest. Newscasters letting the players do the sports
    play by play for their broadcast. The dancing dude was right there with them. The band playing
    and marching around. Everbody with smiles on their faces…except Cousins…of course.

    Unfortunately, I am not fully aware of the Cousins nickname deal other than the choices. I’m really not sure
    if the KSR guys are trying to piss him off or what, but during the broadcast someone yelled out,
    “CARL!!!”…and you would not believe the incredibly pissed off look that Cousins shot his way.
    I mean Cousins looked like he wanted to kill the guy. Keep in mind that throughout the night and
    at this point in particular, Cousins was joking, laughing, and yes…even smiling nonstop…having
    a great time. So, someone should let us know what the deal is because after that look I would never call
    him Carl when there was any chance Cousins could get to me…cause I think he’d kick my ass.

    Awesome night. You missed it if you were not there.

  33. adaircam4

    Coach Cal can do no wrong.

  34. mocha

    soup — i saw qmiller as well (27)

  35. TayPrinceJr.

    My friends got a voucher earlier this afternoon im im just left here alone 1,000 miles away with no ticket, hopefully i get some luck tomorrow morning. Im just extremely jealous right now

  36. mocha

    can’t wait to see this in the blue and white….i still get hype watching this!

  37. meeksppatshow

    got to see coach cal get in his tent for the night after getting a basketball signed, what a cool night? headed back over at 4am to get in line. got voucher #1446 hope it’s a lower.

  38. Secretariat

    My man-crush just keeps on growing…should I be concerned?