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Calipari’s Meeting Leaves Quincy Miller’s Coach “Extremely Impressed”

UK’s coaches were supposed to be taking the trip to Kansas yesterday in order to watch 2012 standout Perry Ellis. Those plans changed when a meeting opened up with Quincy Miller’s high school coach Isaac Pitts, Jr. Miller is one of the top prospects in the class of 2011 and Coach Calipari had yet to have a meeting with Pitts, so the importance of this initial rendezvous speaks for itself.

After talking to Coach Pitts today, I’m more than confident that the meeting was a huge success.

In order to understand why, you first have to understand the mentality of Mr. Pitts. Although he is coaching some of the nation’s top talents at Quality Education Academy, that’s not what defines him. Coach Pitts believes in the education of his students first and foremost and described his mentality by saying, “I’m an administrator first. Then a basketball coach.”

When coaches make the trip to a high school and see a certain prospect, they do have the option of pulling that student out of class and speaking with them as well. But Calipari refused to do that. Cal explained that he had a strong belief in the education of those young men that he targets for his basketball squad and did not wish to take time out of Miller’s education. That simple gesture went a long way with Coach Pitts, who explained “Let’s just put it this way, I was extremely impressed with how Coach Cal handled things.”

Don’t expect Miller to be making decisions anytime soon. Coach Pitts believes that Miller’s recruitment should last through most of his junior year and maybe even into his senior season. The message boards lit up with excitement today when a twitter account believed to be that of Quincy Miller tweeted one single word and a wink: “Kentuc[k]y? ;)” What UK fans should probably be more excited about is the fact that they have a coach leading their team that seems to be able to do no wrong at this point. Whether it’s through doing his research and knowing how to handle certain situations or just being great at what he does, Calipari is leaving those in his path extremely impressed.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

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18 responses to “Calipari’s Meeting Leaves Quincy Miller’s Coach “Extremely Impressed””

  1. bilhelm

    Nice post CARL!!!

  2. soup

    My sources tell me that the money i’ve saved by not paying for maggard’s ego and getting all my info 12 hours later, I’ll be able to do the following: Purchase madness tickets, pay for gas from Ohio to Kentucky (and back), grab a 5 dolla footlong on the way to and from Rupp, snag a tshirt and a pop at madness and still have enough to pay my internet bill for October so I can log on and get all the info I’ll ever need about my beloved Wildcats.


  3. Cal Purnell here

    Muy Bien!!!

  4. SagaciousMind

    According to Rivals…#1 Gilchrist, #2 Teaque, #3 Miller…how crazy would that be to land the top 3 players in the nation?? Has that ever been done? And Dustin, what’s the chances of this happening?

  5. gossie21

    4. We were close with Wall, Cousins, and Henry… but then the final rankings changed the order, oh and we didn’t get Henry.

  6. TheBigBooyah

    And we shall call him Quincy “Big Mill” Miller.

  7. TokenGator

    I don’t think that guy’s monitor is large enough.

  8. adaircam4

    UK will have 25+ players in the NBA within 5 years with Cal recruiting the way he does

  9. KSR Spy

    Someone give that poor man an LCD.

  10. SoCalCat

    Hey, watch the NCAA compliance issues in regards to that monitor… 🙂

  11. V-in-K

    Well, Coach Cal’s middle name (Vincent) means Conqueror! Live up to it Cal!!

  12. IcemanG2

    Teague will NOT come to UK. Just get that out of your minds now, guys. I know a close family friend, as well as his older brother’s agent. Just listen to me on this. I cannot say more. But they told me that UNC was in the running long before any media sources added UNC to Teague’s list … then, I recall seeing “a new player in the Teague recruitment – North Carolina” all over Rivals, Scout, etc.

  13. IcemanG2

    I’m not saying it has anything to do with UK, in terms of negativity. It’s just that he won’t be playing for UK. I’ve already said too much.

  14. V-in-K

    12) Doesn’t UNC only have one scolly left to give?

  15. SagaciousMind

    If he’s not goin to come to UK, then why bother with comin to Madness?

  16. WildcatNation

    I love how all the people have all these great sources.

  17. mocha

    two things interest me about quincy’s twitter page:
    1) dude racked up like 200 followers today (including me) and about 99% of them are UK fans. i love the interenet and KSR.
    2) tracy webster, yes that tracy webster….is following mr. miller….interesting.

  18. Blueyouaway

    Quincy “Wind”-Miller