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Calipari tells Andy Katz he doesn’t expect any eligibility problems

Now that we know Nerlens Noel is enrolled in two summer classes at his old high school, some fans in Big Blue Nation are a little uneasy about his eligibility for next season. Kentucky’s star recruit will be fine, assuming he passes both classes, but Cats fans would much rather have him on campus working out with his teammates right now instead of back at Everett hitting the books.

Don’t worry, though.

Calipari told ESPN’s Andy Katz that he doesn’t anticipate any eligibility issues for Noel.

“He’s not here,” Calipari said. “Since he reclassified he had to do a few more academic things and he’s finishing school.”

There ya go.

He’s finishing school.




Article written by Drew Franklin

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27 responses to “Calipari tells Andy Katz he doesn’t expect any eligibility problems”

  1. Nerlens

    I hit that.

  2. TAXman

    careful flat top feller, that “lady” next to you has one thing in her eyes, and it ain’t your best interests.

  3. RYNO

    2) By any means

  4. GBB

    Wait. When did Mrs. TT go to the top as a moderator? I knew she filled in before, but masthead since when? Signed, Fanboy

  5. Nerlens

    That girl gave me a gift that keeps on giving year round…herpes

  6. Will S

    [“He’s not here,” Calipari said. “Since he reclassified he had to do a few more academic things and he’s finishing school.”]

    How does that translate into “no eligibility issues”? I mean, why did the whole GPA thing come up if it were simply a matter of earning 2 more course credits?

  7. Aaron C Bunch

    Pay attention. He reclassified. Graduating EARLY.

  8. Big Blue 66

    just give us the info and we will decide how we want to react.

  9. bobbySueFlay

    If he didnt reclass ky would be hurting. Since everyone else backed out

  10. TimeFor9

    6 the guy who wrote that it is a GPA issue was just a blogger too, who’s to say he was correct? perhaps it’s just that Noel needs 2 more classes completed and has nothing to do with his GPA. that blog you are talking about didn’t mention sources for the info.

  11. Will S

    7) Graduating early is fine. But the report didn’t say he was taking 2 courses needed to GRADUATE, it said he was taking 2 courses to RAISE HIS GPA TO NCAA STANDARDS. Pay attention.

  12. SpongeBobSquarePants

    Can wait for him to suit up but dude has some square features and crazy long fingers . . . and what 2) said!

  13. jengland

    Kinda hard to relax when Cal was saying similar things about UnderKanter…at least monetary funds are not an issue with flatop.

  14. Will S

    10) Yeah, i’m not presuming that he will have eligibility issues… just saying its fair to ask the question at this point. If that blog was sourceless, then its a completely different situation.

  15. Mack

    How do so many decide to “reclassify” at what seems almost as an impulse? What about the player this year at a high school in Houston who returned to South America to take his ACT and/or SAT to qualify to play college ball this coming season and I believe he was play his sophomore year last season. I just do not understand.

  16. TimeFor9

    14 this is all the blog said. Doesn’t give a lot of info so doesn’t seem like something to put too much stock in

  17. ted

    my guess is this is similar to bledsoe
    he flunked algebra I
    didn’t take algebra II
    Got an A on algebra III

  18. stevie

    my guess is this is similar to bledsoe
    he flunked algebra I
    didn’t take algebra II
    Got an A on algebra III


    ***See what hard work and studying will do fou you!

  19. BigRush

    She got the SHOCKER

  20. haha

    hahaha typical UK player. How much will calimari pay his spelling and long division teachers? You moronic fans are hilarious. Cards all the way!

  21. John W

    @20. Probably about the same amount of seconds that your coach lasted with that zombie.

  22. Cards!

    yeah what 20 said…typical UK player ha ha ha. Our players care so much more about academics than UK players. I mean just look at how they keep transferring to other schools when coach pulls their schollies in desperate attempts to get a player 1/2 as good as UK players. If they didn’t care about education, they’d just drop out instead of transferring. Cards all the way…until they play the Cats, then it’s Cards running all the way home with a loss. L yeah!

  23. Head Bussa

    I remember Thamel’s article about Nerlens and his principal at his school was saying at the time that Nerlens had a lot of work to do in the summer to get eligible. He never said anything about Nerlens not being a good student, but just that he had certain credits needed to go to college. I am not surprised by this and I expect Nerlens in school in August.

  24. DCS195

    #20. The haha is on you!

  25. DCS195

    #20. You just don’t know it yet.

  26. Beavis

    # 20,,,Cards all the way to what ,,, a table top a Porcini ??? All you card fans have is 15 seconds of fame. Thats a real Prince you have for a coach,,,what an embarrassment.

  27. UK Freshmen

    This whole one & done thing is an embarrassment tp our great educational institution!!