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Calipari Speaks at UK Media Day


Today John Calipari spoke at the annual UK Media Day Festivities and here are the highlights of his comments:

— On Mike Gilchrist: “His starting point in energy is where Deandre Liggins finished. He is 6’7″, long and can play 4 positions. He brings a burning desire to get better. He is like the guys we have had here who are chasing greatness.”

— Calipari on recruiting to Kentucky: “Am I surprised kids want to come to Kentucky? No, why wouldnt you want to come to Kentucky. Now the issue can become, this is not for everybody. They will feel it when they look at this (the media) and what is going on tomorrow. Thats one of the reasons that Mike Gilchrist was in that gym last night, why John Wall was, why Brandon Knight was. They see these fans and they want to play for them.”

— Dana O’Neill asks how much the pressure escalates to win the title: “I feel like sometimes I am running for President because people tell you what I mean when I dont. During the season, it is about our team. The minute the season ends, it is about those individual players. You do right by these kids, they drag you to what you want to do which is put up banners.”

On the Team GPA: says “we had a 3.16 grade point average last semester and a 3.16 last summer…it apparently didnt merit enough to write a story about it. We had the highest APR in the SEC…you all knew that right? You didnt write about it”

— On whether he can win with Freshmen: “We will see I guess. Mitch McConnel came to me and said ‘you are creating more millionaires than a Wall Street firm. And you know what, I kinda like it. We tell them to be socially aware. We tell them ‘you will be blessed, now what are you going to do with it.’ I want them in their communities and to give back for everyone’s good. Whether we can win a title, at the end of the day, in ten years we will see how it played out.”

— On this year’s team: “We are unconventional. I coached a team like this in 1992. This team is not conventional. Instead of running people to the rim on breaks, we are running people wide. We have three ‘4’s that think they are ‘2’s. We have no fives. We have to play a way to win.”

On the “Commonwealth’s Team statement: “We are the Commonweath’s team because we have the biggest alumni base in the state. As for Louisville, when we play them, I hope they lose. Other than that, I could care less. We don’t worry about them. We don’t recruit against them. We are the Commonwealth’s team,,,we are. It is no disrespect to anybody else.”

— On Terrence Jones: “I told him you look at these Freshmen and say, you guys are good, but you aren’t better than me. And that is what he is doing.”

— Says Kyle Wiltjer is flying down the court and finishing 1,2 or 3 in all the training drills. He has an “old school Mikan hook. It is great.”

— On Eloy Vargas: “Eloy’s gotten better. Josh (Harrellson) came in and changed his attitude towards basketball, work habits, etc because he changed everything. But that is what he and Stacey need to do. Both are better. Are they good enough to get in the rotation? I dont know yet. I hope so.”

— On the attention on the team: “If you come here you gotta want this. If you dont, then dont come here. That is just how it is.”

— On backup point guards: “I dont know about that yet…could be Twany, Jared, Doron…could even be Darius if we have to.”

— ON the center position: “Anthony is not a center. He is just not a center. The only guy that we may have as a center is Eloy and even he is a 4/5. We basically have three ‘4’s. Thats just the way it is.”

— In maybe my favorite moment of the press conference, Cal was asked about creating controversy and says: “I am not trying to…I work here at the University of Kentucky and coach my team. That aggravates a lot of people.” He then proceeds to stare at some media members in the room.

— On talking about whether NBA lockout will help college basketball: “No. I think they are two different set of fans. What you do have is how many NBA writers who dont have anything to write about. I dont know what they do…probably come here to Lexington.”

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Terry Jipton

    Cal Thinks 3.16 GPA Is Worth Bragging About While Harvard’s Tennis Team Has 3.9 GPA

  2. Mark

    Who told Dana that she could speak?

  3. Catfan55

    Go cats!! Can’t wait til tomorrow night!!

  4. Eric


  5. mlc

    He needs to learn that the expression is “I couldn’t care less” and not “I could care less”. Saying “I could care less” implies that your level of caring is not the lowest it could possibly be, thus, you could care less than you care now. Saying “I couldn’t care less” implies that your level of caring is the lowest possible.

  6. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Wiltjer needs to rock the thigh length shorts, rec specs, and headband this season. It just has to happen.

  7. Eric

    5. Thanks Jerry Tipton

  8. Mark

    5. THANK YOU!!! People do that all the time and I’m like…”oh really, so you could actually care less than you do now?”

  9. TT

    I absolutely LOVE CAL!!! everything he says is GOLDEN!!!

  10. Big Blue Streeb

    I hope that was Bozich that he was staring at.

  11. 3 fan

    Love the jab about team GPA. LHL had the poor GPA in bold on front page of sports section. The 3.16 was a paragraph on the last page. Screw you Tipton, you little bitch.

  12. Mark

    I’m just waiting to see Davis jump from the 3-point line to block a shot while simultaneously throwing a full court pass to Teague for a an ally-oop pass back to Davis who has already run back down the court.

  13. The Anti-Schwump

    Link to replay of the video??? Please.

  14. Dumbledore

    5 & 8 – mouth breathers!

  15. Mark

    14. Actually not at all…

  16. Mike

    Anyone with directv know what time/channel blue madness will be on tomorrow night?

  17. Terry Jipton

    Mark, please come to my cubicle for a makeout session. Bring Accutane for my pock marks.

  18. Mark

    14. Ok…I admit it. I’m a mouth breather. I apologize for not owning up to it sooner. Go Cards & Go Grammar!

  19. Mark


  20. mlc

    So, 14/Dumbledore, I am a mouth-breather because I think people should speak in a manner that makes sense and conveys the point that the speaker intends to make rather than the complete opposite?

  21. me

    CAL = G.O.A.T. He gets it, and makes IT better.

  22. Seriously?

    20. You’re a mouth breather for thinking anyone on planet Earth didn’t understand what Calipari was saying. Not to mention “I could care less” is not the opposite of “I couldn’t care less”.The opposite would be “Icouldn’t care more”. Go breathe out your mouth. KABOOM!!!

  23. Ashland

    “I could care less” uses some sarcasm. Like, I could care less, I really could. NOT.

  24. Mark

    22. I am wrong again. I apologize to my family for my embarrassing display of internet posting. Maybe being the Grammar Police just isn’t for me? 🙁

  25. Terry Jipton

    Mark, stop apologizing and get on your knees. Don’t you know that Golden Girls is on at 2:30? You know what happens when I miss Golden Girls, don’t you?

  26. Matt

    22. not, or no, or any negative implies an opposite. Your initial criticism is spot on, however. That is, we all know/knew what was meant by the statement. Language is a tool to convey meaning. We as people ascribe artificial meaning to nonsensical sounds (and combinations of letters). Ergo, if we all knew what he meant, why does it matter, and why does it warrant being called out. How these arguments get started is beyond me, why I respond? Even more perplexing. Can’t we all just agree that we love UK and Cal. <3’s & XOXOXO Cats!

  27. knightynight

    S.W.A.G. – Cal and this team’s theme.

  28. Mark's best friend

    This just in… Mark is a complete mouth breather!!!!

  29. Hal

    26-beat it, nerd

  30. Wildcat Wobbler

    Is that Mark Coury the grammarian?

  31. mlc

    22. I was not trying to call out Cal. I just get frustrated by hearing/seeing people say/write “I could care less” when they really want to say “I couldn’t care less”. I just hoped that someone that people look up to, and is practically a professional speaker, would speak properly. That is all. It is not as if I said anything untrue or incorrect.

  32. John B

    The best comment was when he said he doesn’t recruit against Louisville….kind of funny when you think about it

  33. Where's Matt Jones

    Can anyone find Matt Jones in this picture? This is too funny! Especially after he talked about it on his radio show today!

  34. nlk

    Which sportswriters received “the stare”?

  35. me

    Good lord, why are some people such douches? So what if Cal ‘mis-spoke’ – we ALL KNEW what he was saying. Dude, I don’t care if you are technically correct and Cal is wrong. Cal is Cal, and you are a little d!cked momma’s boy.

  36. Terry Jipton

    #34 I did. Fine by me. Gives me a theme for my next column.

    “Cal Put Staring at Jerry Over Saving Orphans From A Burning Apartment Building That Was Occurring Simultaneously in Walla Walla, Washington”

  37. DavenderCatTheSequel

    What media members was coach staring at? Was it Husky Jerry & his dulcet tones? Enquiring minds want to know.

  38. NotTheSlickistRick

    33 – Matt looks like he is doing detention while the other kids are having fun. Too funny. at least they gave him a desk for his homework

  39. Al's IndiCats

    Who cares what he meant, we all knew what he meant. Of 37 comments 12 were about “WHAT HE MEANT TO SAY” I actually don’t give a Rats backside how it’s meant to be said. FACT is he’s smashing the hell out of Loogieville with what he meant and that’s all that matters…..RIGHT????? GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  40. MikeinLexington

    WOW Cal is too good for them. Hes a better coach and person than they are writers, that easy. Dana O’Neill is a wasted salary, she knows less about the actual game of basketball than my 97 year old grandmother. And thats what we all care about, the 40 minutes on the court, yet all these douche, lazy, irresponsible writers only want to write about everything but the game. If I mispelled anything, Im sorry, blame my union, state worker teachers, that couldnt do my job. Yes Im a mouth breather with a big dong.

  41. mlc

    35 I’m glad you don’t let little things like facts get in your way.

  42. Jones Returns


  43. SpasticColitis

    <<trying diligently to breathe consistently thru his nose and type correctly at the same time

    As for Cal–the guy is pure legend. One day it will probably blow the hell up on us but for now he flat-out owns the competition and the media (which may or may not be all the same).

    Good Day

  44. CA UK FAN

    Was Tipton in the room for the icy stare.

    Love what he told Jones…..gotta be a self esteem builder.

    Football??? What’s that?

  45. CatsfaninFL


  46. Han

    8) Is it as bad as people who don’t use proper capitalization or punctuation? How about the people who misuse “like” because Alicia Silverstone and Beavis and Butthead did?

  47. Han

    33) Wow, a bubble of space around him, and he’s the only one looking at the camera. Mugging, mayhaps.

  48. capnmonkey

    “I could not care less” as a phrase does not work, because it literally means that there is no possible level of thought or energy you could put into a subject that would be lower than what you currently put forth.
    However, there is ALWAYS a lower level, because you could just not speak or mention it at all.

    If you use the term yourself, or you instruct others to use the term, you are propagating lies, because the moment you take the thought and effort to make the statement you become a liar.

  49. Webster

    31.) What if they asked Cal if he cares about winning a championship and he said “I could care less” …. What would your reaction be to that?

  50. The Real Mark

    GO CATS!!

  51. Jerry Tipton's Headline Tomorrow

    re: As for Louisville, when we play them, I hope they lose. Other than that, I could care less.

    “Cal Infers a One Win Season Good Enough !”

  52. Mark

    I love my colon explored and so does my momma. L yes

  53. Kernel Sanders

    #26 Don’t you mean “can we all just agree?”??…classic Cal quote about Louisville: “We don’t worry about them. We don’t recruit against them.” LOL

  54. Me

    #41 – You’re right, I COULD CARE LESS.

  55. Matt Jones

    52. Please take your immature comments to the Louisville page.

  56. Real Cats Fan

    ‘I could not care less” as a phrase does not work, because it literally means that there is no possible level of thought or energy you could put into a subject that would be lower than what you currently put forth.
    However, there is ALWAYS a lower level, because you could just not speak or mention it at all.

    If you use the term yourself, or you instruct others to use the term, you are propagating lies, because the moment you take the thought and effort to make the statement you become a liar.’

    Crap – now my headache’s back!!

  57. ThankfulCat

    I’m surprised Dana O’Neill could speak. I figured she still has Pat Forde’s johnson in her mouth

  58. Anthony Davis

    I could care less if you couldn’t care less because I’m about to give myself a pass off of the back board from half court and dunk it with my feet planted. #browpower

  59. theSkinny81

    well, this comment section went to sh*t fast…
    at any rate, awesome comments from Cal, as usual. this is gonna be a great year! one mor’ day!!! GO CATS!!

  60. Bleedin'Blue

    I sometimes have to breathe out of my mouth because of a deviated septum. However, I could(n’t) care less! Enigma..

  61. Jorts

    I would love to see Cal get into Vargas and Poole this season and turn them into real contributors. That will be the difference between deep and deeeeep.

  62. UKBlueBlood81

    I’ve watched Rupp, Hall, Sutton, Pitino, Smith and Gillispie – none were better with the media and fans than Calipari. The phrase most often used to describe his role as UK: “He just gets it.” Coach Cal captured my sentiments toward Louisville better than I knew them myself – one day each year I hate them, the rest of the year I really do not care about them. Every answer he gave today was spot on. Here’s to his giving an acceptance speech next spring when Kentucky brings home #8!

  63. Al's IndiCats

    Good one #60! I looked but I couldn’t find P.Forde, then I remembered he must’ve been hanging around in Looserville and hanging close to Lil Ricky’s scrot. But I couldn’t care less!

  64. Bryan Dover

    Coach; Have you ever thought of football?

  65. canno

    48, If you really believe that you are an idiot. “I could not care less” is another way of saying “I do not care”. By saying “I could care less” you are saying that you do care more than the minimum amount, i.e. caring more than not caring at all. The saying is “I could not care less”. Yes, he said it wrong, many people do, but we know what he meant.

    It is a figure of speech, not a thought-out assessment of how much someone actually cares about something. Jeez.

  66. canno

    Maybe this will end the debate. “Could care less” is wrong, but is still used colloquially.

  67. Irwin R. Fletcher

    48) classic

  68. Ira Tatum

    This is the best article I’ve ever read on KSR.
    What’s not to love about Coach CAL!
    CAL has moxie.

  69. Blue Haze

    Get em Cal, we “could care less” bout what the media thinks, give em he’ll, kaboom!!!