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Calipari Has the Inside Edge with 2015 Big Man

Welp, it’s no surprise to us that Calipari is a genius, but when you see direct proof of it, it can still be pretty amazing.

You may remember that Calipari spent some time last August coaching the Dominican National Team in preparation for the 2012 summer Olympics.  In the course of that training, he got to spend some quality time with Edgar Sosa, Charlie Villanueva, and Al Horford.

It also set the foundation for a relationship with Karl Towns, a 6’11″ sophomore from New Jersey and one of the nation’s top players in the 2015 class.  Adam Zagoria has a little scoop on the big man’s recruitment, and it’s no coincidence that Kentucky, with its head coach firmly entrenched with the Dominican team, features prominently.

Towns is considering several Big East, ACC, and Big Ten schools, but, according to his father, “[a]s you know, Kentucky’s always the top.”

Well said, sir.  I like that guy already.

We all know Cal’s skill as a recruiter, but with so many schools in pursuit, you have to appreciate the difference that every little advantage can make.  Spending an entire summer training with pros and practicing with Cal can’t hurt the Cats’ chances.  At this point, you have to wonder if Cal is some kind of Nostradamus, and knew that coaching the Dominican team would have this kind of direct recruiting effect.  To paraphrase strategist Sun Tzu, to see an opportunity when it is apparent to everyone is not very impressive.  Cal has worked some sort of visceral wizardry here, and is reaping the benefits of being three steps ahead.

Towns Jr. himself has acknowledged the appeal of the Commonwealth’s team: “Kentucky’s a great school. I already took a nice visit down there. I think the school is just amazing. It’s just seeing how the future unfolds for me.”

We look forward to seeing how his future unfolds, as well.  Consider yourself officially on the radar, Mr. Towns.

Article written by Corey Nichols

13 responses to “Calipari Has the Inside Edge with 2015 Big Man”

  1. cracka

    any update on michael avery?

  2. Idiot

    Any chance he reclassifies to the 2012 class?

  3. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?


  4. Sensibility

    Maybe hold off on calling a 16-year old a “man.”

  5. Steve

    2015. I can’t wait…if I’m still alive. Maybe a Kentucky white boy phenom will emerge from Jessamine County and capture the imagination of the people in the state like Rex Chapman did. Maybe Matt Jones replaces Rob Bromley on the UK basketball network.

  6. Steve

    He looks like a butterfaced Sean May.

  7. bluetooth

    how can we be discussing 2015 on the day goober died

  8. Smyrna_Cat

    Wow … we have such an unfair recruiting the young man.

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  9. james

    you don’t have to be a nostradamus to know that coaching basketball at the international level may give you some advantages in recruiting. you also don’t have to read many corey nichols posts to know that he is no nostradmus.

  10. insider

    The only way this kid plays for cal is if he is drafted by the knicks.

  11. Dave

    If he’s 6’11 in tenth grade picture what he will be as a freshman in college!

  12. Duke sucks

    Probably 6’11

  13. jrs

    Why is KSR editing comments?

    Whats up with that, guys?