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Calipari Buys a House


According to the Lexington Herald Leader, John Calipari bought a new house at 1732 Richmond Road. Stalkers commence…..

Article written by Matt Jones

99 responses to “Calipari Buys a House”

  1. ibleedblueforUK

    ummm, you might want to take that address off. Although it won’t matter, people will still find a way to locate where he lives

  2. bluewhite022

    yeah i dont know how i feel about the adress being put up, they could’ve just showed the picture of the house if that. Read the article about it, they want to put a fence around, good idea.

  3. ransmith

    That is a nice area and a quick drive from there to UK or Rupp…

  4. ibleedblueforUK

    2. Where’s the article at?

  5. Band Of BlueCats

    Cal has a team of security guards.

  6. GoCats2010

    if LHL said it i don’t think it matters

  7. bluewhite022
  8. bluewhite022

    he did say he wanted to live close to campus..closer to everyone and the players…unlike someone i know who lived in another county away from eveything..cough cough

  9. veeper

    Inside pics of Cal’s new house. Not!

  10. ibleedblueforUK

    thanks, 7

  11. ChicagoBob

    I always liked that house. Bastard took my house. But he is so darn charming I can’t stay mad. Oh well.

  12. Band Of BlueCats

    Cal is also picking up the vacant lot next door.

  13. Thomas Beisner

    11, haha I just said the same thing. I lived down Richmond Road and always thought that house was very cool.

  14. catinlvl

    Wow, this place is nice. I’m standing in his front yard now.

    Hold on, I’m going up to a window.

    Huh, empty room, a few boxes already . . . oh, sweet, here comes Megan . .

    Wait . . . umm, this is going to be awkward, she’s walking over to the window.

    I have to go.

  15. TonyDelk00

    Nice, I love that house…it’s down the street from me. I don’t think it was even up for sale.

  16. bluewhite022

    14- too bad didnt she say she wasn’t leaving at home? she didn’t in memphis, she’d be going apartment shopping. I believe they actually came to my apartment complex the day he was announced, i was down at the office and they were getting ready for them. As for his son, house will be a chick magnet, haha


    Now why would they put the address in the damn paper? I mean I’m sure if certain people really want to find it, they could very easily…but come on.

    I’d like to see them put one of those cords across the road by his house that count the number of cars (at least I think that’s what they do) and see how much travel increases on that street now. With the address out there, there will be so many yahoos that just go to drive by his house.

  18. TheCaliparinator

    14)For someone who’s most clever post is usually FIRST, that was REALLY funny, props. 11)I love that house too! I always said if I won the lotto I’d buy it. I guess I’ll have to settle for that mansion out in Forest Hills, I hear its on the market.

  19. bilhelm

    lhl says matt needs to get him self a new map (1732 Richmond Road) Frankly, I don’t care which house… I’m just very happy to have him in Lex.

  20. ukisgr8

    16, no, she’s going to Wake Forest I believe for her post graduate classes

  21. bluewhite022

    20- i meant the younger one going to UK

  22. Paul Azinger

    I=Bluto. Megan=Babs.

  23. veeper
  24. louisvillecat

    Its 1732 Richmond Road.

  25. Band Of BlueCats

    20- Megan will be at Uk and the older daughter Erin is at Wake Forest.

  26. wildeers

    im i the only one who thinks this is kinda creepy that theyre posting the guys addy all over the internet?

  27. EyewearMan

    Josh Holloway hopes to stay on and play for Calipari! Gotta love CBS SPORTS!!!

  28. catinlvl

    18 – I take offense at that. But I’m flattered nonetheless in an odd way.

    I have a tricked out computer at work, superfast connection, have KSR up in a window on the side through the day while I work on other stuff, so it’s just “there.”

    I like to get in one or two firsts a day, makes me feel all manly and superior. Later I go home and get beat down by my bitter, angry wife, and yelled at and called names by my kids, after which they dress like whores and leave the house with punk boys (wife included). So don’t take this from me, it’s one of the few things I have . . .

  29. bluewhite022

    26- no, i agree.

  30. veeper

    get the addy out now – then it is old news. Cal is a folksy kind a guy.

  31. bluewhite022

    28- haha…on a roll aren’t ya..good stuff

  32. Gogh Big Bleu

    i think ya got the address wrong…?

  33. veeper

    27 — who is holloway?

  34. TheCaliparinator

    19)anyone that drives down main st./ richmond rd. often knows it anyway. Now the out of town fans can pass it on the way to the game. I envision a scene like this before long:

  35. Band Of BlueCats

    Wall narrowing list of schools to 3 or 4 next week and IS NOT CONSIDERING NORTH CAROLINA. lol Sorry Bomani Jones. lol

  36. Gogh Big Bleu

    more photos.–36220.html

    I was looking at houses in this price range and contemplated this one before… also, I have a spaceship for sale.

  37. veeper

    34 — this is more the pic I envision of Cal’s road.

  38. The_Source

    Yeah this is pretty creepy UK fans should
    not have the address info. They will not
    be able to control themselves. I can see
    reports ahead of people yelling at him from
    their cars with info on how he should coach the

  39. STLouisBBFan

    Perfect, if he ever loses to Gardner Webb, San Jose, or VMI, you can just drive past on the way from Rupp and dump your trash on the lawn. But then again, I don’t expect he’ll ever have that problem!

  40. GOBLUE23

    Gotta say, 1st bad move of Calapari career….buying a house smack on Richmond Rd which is ZERO gated community. I hope he wins every game so the 1% of the fanbase that is loonie tunes stays away. Go Blue (If this is the only mistake he makes, I’m talking crazy rings).

  41. TheCaliparinator

    28)I just shed a tear for you. Knowing you are a married man clinging to something you can call your own(just like me), I will no longer give you grief. Had you been a 15 yr old nerd, different story. Seriously though, FUNNY. Props too on being a Cat fan in L-ville. I have to drive to Frankfort for work and the influx of Turdnils is enough to make me cringe here.

  42. Luke The Drifter

    I just entered the addy on
    my GPS.It should only take me
    5 days to get there from my
    summer cabin on the lake in
    Whitefish, MT.

  43. drewky

    Address is wrong. Its 1732 Richmond Road.

    My buddy bought the house three blocks down on the same side of the street last yr.

  44. EyewearMan

    33 – It should have been Harrelson, but CBS got it wrong…

  45. veeper

    I say throw the Govenor our of here –

    and let Cal move in!

  46. veeper

    44. Oh no — CBS got it wrong! Does that mean that Perry did win the Masters???

  47. juice7

    Matt you’re a jackass for putting the address on this site…why don’t you post yours so people can come by and light bags of shit on fire in your lawn

  48. bluewhite022

    starting with posts #38 and #39…this discussion is actually making me laugh

  49. bluewhite022

    47- lexington hearld posted it , they had the story on it

  50. STLouisBBFan

    47 If not Matt, the LHL will run an article on it . . . come on.

  51. veeper

    Chill folks, we all know that the Pres lives at 1600 Penn in DC. Relax — Cal will be recruiting for the next decade and won’t even be home.

  52. veeper

    I wonder if Cal is getting any of that federal stimulus money for his mortgage? Hmmmmmm

  53. TheCaliparinator

    He’s the most famous person to live on that street since Henry Clay kicked the bucket, and the most famous to walk down it since Henry Earle got lost on his way to AL’s bar.

  54. STLouisBBFan

    Then who will be there to protect Megan from 14?

  55. catinlvl

    41 – Many people here in Lvl say that the split is pretty even between UK/UL supporters, so it’s not too bad. Plenty of UK billboards, shirts and flags around, I have never felt in the “minority.” And I have plenty of oppty’s to cut off cars with UL flags/stickers on their cars to and from work, so I have that going for me.

    (And my wife is really terrific, and my kids are all really young.)

  56. veeper

    Oh GAWD — if you look closely – the guy jogging in front of the house with the red shorts and headband is BCG!

  57. STLouisBBFan

    51 Then who will be there to protect Megan from 14?

  58. ibleedblueforUK

    Sorry for my post at #1 Matt, I didn’t realize the LHL has it posted as well. Forgive me!

  59. TheCaliparinator

    56)Yeah same here. Wife thinks my unhealthy like of this website is funny and the kid’s only one. Next time someone L fan gives you grief about stealing your coach tell’em what I tell the cracker jack across the hall from me at work: Yeah, it must suck for you though, every time he runs his fingers through his slick hair you have to see that big HONKIN UK 96 ring!

  60. kenan14

    OK…he’s got the house, he’s getting cars (per the contract)…a boat can’t be that far behind, right?

  61. TheCaliparinator

    59)I could see your confusion, it only says it RIGHT under the picture. LOL. Not your fault, you were probably in a hurry looking for your car keys, GPS, and camera

  62. STLouisBBFan

    I haven’t looked at the GOOGLE satellite image yet but is there a pool?

  63. Thomas Beisner

    but seriously Matt, can we get your address to light flaming bags of poop on your porch?

    I’m going to be in town tomorrow with a lot of free time on my hands….

  64. KYERIC

    Is that Alan Cutler jogging by in the picture?

  65. SaveUK
  66. STLouisBBFan

    Beisner, I’ve got a case of Red, White and Blue beer from the ’80s if you need something to drink before hand.

  67. Thomas Beisner

    67, I feel like I’d be unpatriotic if the penguin and I didn’t take you up on that offer

  68. bige

    Save money, merge the the UK job with the Governor’s position.
    Coach Cal can do both since the Governor doesn’t do anything besides swish his mouth back and forth.

  69. UKclam

    His front yard is probably already full of people masturbating.

  70. BPsycho

    I’m at 219 E 3rd St , any u posers wanna roll? bring it son….

    ” I be loked out on da corner with my toaster ”

    /average UofL fan

  71. El Borracho

    I heard Calipari was getting this boat

  72. STLouisBBFan

    70 Matt’s or Cal’s?

  73. TheCaliparinator

    this was heard at Malone’s just now, apparently a beardy little guy was in a dark corner ranting: Took my job, hiccup, took my office, burp, dribble dribble dribble he says, treat the palyers good he says, won’t even buy my house! Waiter two more highballs!

  74. BPsycho

    #73 both wrong ! Beisners

  75. joneagin

    I actually drove by there the other day and saw a moving truck. I thought to myself that it was a really nice house and close to campus…maybe thats the Calipari house…I guess I was right.

  76. Thomas Beisner

    75, hahaha you always know what to say to make me smile

  77. dmw8067

    54, I’m disappointed in your language in your post. Don’t get in the dirt like others. Otherwise, I agree with you.

    Anyone know the street address of Coach Cal’s new home?

  78. joneagin

    List price was 2.29 Mil if anyone was wondering!

  79. sethicus59

    you guys are all idiots. that house is like a block away from ashland estate and like is prolly one of the more noticable houses on richmond road down town, it doesnt matter that the address was posted being that EVERYONE IN THE CITY KNOWS WHERE THAT IS BY JUST LOOKING AT THE PICTURE. plus if you read hes building a fence, most likely a brick fence around the house and the lot that he also is buying.

  80. catinlvl

    75 – close, but wrong again. Beisner AT Matt’s.

  81. dmw8067

    65, 70, LOL

  82. joneagin
  83. RuppsRingFinger

    Hey Beisner,

    How about you check your mail on facebook?

  84. STLouisBBFan

    Hey all – i’ve never had the chance to meet most of you and I was invited to a party at a friend of a friend’s house tonight. The address is 1732 Richmond Road. It’s supposed to be an open party. Why don’t you guys just show up and we’ll have a beer and tell recruiting lies from inside sources. Hey, see you tonight.

  85. KYERIC
  86. KYERIC

    In other news,

    I feel weird looking at Cal’s house. I am done.

  87. RuppsRingFinger

    Ok, I thought I was a crazy fan, but posting google maps?

    I hope Cal knew what he was getting into.

  88. TheCaliparinator

    Want to photoshop picture of KIGE in front of house. Must resist!

  89. TheCaliparinator

    Is there a place for him to stop and buy Dr. Pepper and crackers on the way ho, oh wait that was the other guy. Dr.Pepper and crackers my eye! YOu know he was buying Early Times and Cheetos.

  90. ibleedblueforUK

    62. Haha you know me too well…Nah j/k. Everybody knows where that house is if they are at the least bit familiar with Lexington. Hell, it’s on one of the most popular roads in the whole city. Cal better get that gate up quick before all the psychos go insane

  91. wildcatmatt

    I remodeled a house of Chenault, and one of Catalpa Avenue when I lived in Lex. I’d drive by this house everyday nd gawk at it. Truly one of the few houses built with history in mind. Nice choice Cal…just remember not to pee in the Henry Clay home flowers, or you’ll be arrested!

  92. TheCaliparinator

    92>Yeah people ALREADY gawked at it. This could be bad.

  93. N2theBlue

    WOW. I was at a party in that house just barely two months ago.

  94. Go-eat

    2.295 Million. Can I get an amen? and a cheese sandwich?

  95. Wall2Cousins

    I wish they take the address off the page…this could be a issue….but i hope there is a Krispy Kreams or Dunken Doughnuts around close by.

  96. Wall2Cousins
  97. CalifCatFan

    Quick, name the governor of Kentucky. Yep, I couldn’t either. And my brother in Mississippi did not know and he is a rabid UK fan. Yet, we could tell you all about Calipari, his Dribble Drive Offense, the players he is recruiting. And now, we can tell you where Calipari lives. Governor? Haven’t a clue.

  98. andrewharley

    i just said tuesday to my gf as we passed that house. “i bet coach cal buys it” I should go play the lottery!