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Calipari and Uncle Julius Get Intimate

(H/t to Matt Norlander at CBS and AP)

Article written by Matt Jones

55 responses to “Calipari and Uncle Julius Get Intimate”

  1. That's Live Action!

    Childish post.

  2. Clay


  3. tdr76

    Stupid, and perverted. Remove this post!

  4. Darren

    Grind to the left.
    Grind to the right.
    Criss Cross.

  5. Is this me

    Just relax, coach.

  6. Ginge

    How about we enjoy the comedy of this post and not get bent out if shape or bitch and moan about it.

  7. Jealous jones

    Only MJ could appreciate a move like that!

  8. woods

    Thats unfortunate

  9. Donato

    Watch this…I’ve been coaching Beyonce for her halftime show!

  10. cool?

    Yeah this is pretty lame. EPIC FAIL!!!!!

  11. Frew Dranklin

    Matt – Remove this filth at once and replace it with Rick Pitino teaching the bump and grand to one of his quadinals!

  12. lesigh

    Must be a slow night for Jonesy. I appreciate Cal’s willingness to teach even at the risk of looking silly. I suppose Jones is seeing “what it must be like to be Thamel,” with a bit of lazy Google sleuthing. Then again, he might be trying to match wits with The Bachelor post that will soon follow. KSR really is losing its mojo.

  13. Frew Dranklin

    If ya like it then you better put a ring on it…a national championship ring!

  14. Get#9

    #1 & 3…if you direct your attention to the top of the blog you’ll find the following: University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

    I enjoy the humor…at least we’re a the point in the season where we can enjoy a post like this

  15. Mc

    Towels ready for clean up too. Efficient.

  16. Ronald D.
  17. Memphis Raines

    Everyone has that one creepy uncle..

  18. maddogmitchell55

    1, 3 & 10 My thoughts exactly. If I seen this on a Louisville site I wouldn’t be surprised. Seeing it on a site dedicated to UK, though, is indeed pretty lame. Maybe Coach Cal will hear about this and refuse to do any interviews for about 6 months.

  19. Seinfeld

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  20. Stupid?

    #18…this may be a stupid question but is that pic real? That would be awesome if it is!

  21. Lesigh sucks

    12 I never comment but you are so rediculously prude and out of touch that I had to let you know how much we would all appreciate you never voicing your opinion again. BAM!

  22. Stupid?

    No effing way Matt jones…props

  23. freaks


  24. lesigh

    #14 I’ve been here since pre-Patterson/Lucas. I have seen the site mature (albeit slightly) from a random assortment of fan insights and humor, which I don’t mind, to a somewhat more reputable site that brings UK news and fandom to the forefront better than its competitors. My issue with this post, even more than the ill-fitted Bachelor yawn, is that it lacks effort, context, and lowers the bar. It’s lazy. For what it’s worth, I think the radio show is getting better and your contribution to the pre-game show is a milestone, a marker of our generation getting the torch carried by Caywood, Oscar, and others.

  25. lesigh

    #22 We root for the same team on Saturday. Go Cats!

  26. Legitmate

    Matt what you forgot is that back then your site was not Legitmate, wrong direction, especially with student athletes.

  27. ak40099

    cal has got some moves!

  28. UK Homer

    LOL. I’m shocked Forde, Thamel, or even Tipton haven’t already written an article about this. Hey, UK isn’t for everyone. We are unconventional. Wink wink. Love it KSR! We have to be able to make fun of ourselves.

  29. nightshift

    Awesome. Anyone who doesn’t find this funny .Glad I’m not you.

  30. Julius Mays

    Coach, I REALLY need that Scholarship………

  31. Julius Mays

    Who’s you Uncle Cal?

  32. SeoulCat

    I guess this is what Cal meant when he said that he wanted to build a “players first” program.

  33. Bulldawg

    It’s a good thing Uncle Jules was doin the butt pop, as always…lol

  34. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    There’s nothing wrong with shadowing your coach to learn how to do the Charlie Brown.

    #26 – I don’t mind posts like these and I really appreciate the site. My only request: Do something about that Chris Thomas, the dude is awful

  35. Orangello

    Oh. My. Gosh. That’s hillarious.

  36. Chicago Chris

    I don’t get how you can turn around and interview Coach Cal after posting something like this.

  37. Eric

    Hahahaha, nice. For those of you who don’t like it, just quit complaining or go to another site. I like the insight KSR has to offer, but these are obviously the posts that brighten up my day a little bit and make me laugh. And to those of you who think this belongs on a Louisville site, I also think you’re wrong. It’s not like this picture was intentionally made by either person (probably) (wink wink), it’s just a funny coincidence. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t be laughing.

  38. Mark

    The same people who think this is stupid would be laughing their ass off if it was Louisville, Duke or Indiana.

    Lighten up, people.

  39. bluebiscuit

    I like this photo. Look how it shows the different types of clothing that coaches, players, and fans wear. Fans definitely have it the best. Just some nice cotton T-shirts and jeans. Very comfy. The players have a roomy uniform, but it’s made out of some strange fabric that won’t wear out for centuries. And it’s weird how coaches wear the entire businessman get-up, even though they are jumping around in a gym, or doing the hokey-pokey, as shown here. Most coaches wear suits, but then there is Huggie Bear, who dresses like he’s on Star Trek. Wow, so glad Cal doesn’t go that route. Cal dresses nicely and accessorizes well. I am a little worried that Julius Mays has a pug tattoo on his right arm.

  40. bluebiscuit

    Uh, I mean left arm.

  41. Coach Cal

    This is terrible? Its looks like I’m trying to show Mays how to block someone out.. Everyone knows I don’t coach, how could you post this?

  42. Rae

    I am not sure if there is any way to change it, but I do miss when Matt was able to talk to recruits directly. He was getting interviews directly with John Wall and co. during that hectic post-Cal first month, not to mention Gillespie’s guys. How cool would the Harrison twins’ recruitment have been if Matt was writing up phone calls he had with them? We were largely dependent on what national gurus were guessing. How cool would it be if he could just call up Andrew Wiggins to check in? Alas, I think it is a sign of the times.

    Speaking of recruiting, were Andrew and Aaron treated as one recruiting commodity? Did the NCAA make them share visits and phone calls and texts, or did they each have their own separate allotted number? Could one have taken a visit somewhere and drug the other along, allowing the two more visits than other recruits? How does the NCAA handle double recruitment within families?

  43. Silliness
  44. btowncatfan

    Cal, you got to get your feet set!

  45. Dee

    Calipari….always the teacher…..Explaining the proper way on how to “slap dat azz”….and Back “dat thang up”….Coach Cal….always giving life lessons….

  46. bigbluejon

    “If that’s how it plays out, we’re talking about a potentially scary Kentucky Wildcats team in March.”

    We’ve literally been saying this since November. At what point do we step back and realize this is not a final four team?

  47. DrSayre

    Funniest post in a long time

  48. mj7juice

    Matt Jones loves these types of pictures

  49. Jason

    @50 When we either A)Don’t make the tourney, or B)Get knocked out of the tourney. Simple enough for you?

  50. wildcat

    meet me at halftime i’ll give you a halftime show you will never forget….stud

  51. sir mix a lot

    “I like big buts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny….”