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Calipari and the Recruits at the Card Game


They didnt win the game, as of right now they didnt get any commitments and when it comes to the fan rivalry factor, they didnt get any bragging rights against their Big Blue neighbors. Thus the folks in Louisville have to have something to complain about the day after the Governor’s Cup. This time they have chosen the idea that John Calipari was somehow involved with their recruits on their visit during the game yesterday. Complaints come from a report on television (I believe from the pregame show on WTVQ in Lexington) in which Calipari was claimed to have walked near the UL Assistant coaches and recruits on campus and kept their attention while doing television interviews. Someone used the word “stalking” and the tv commentators mentioned that the looks on the faces of the Assistant coaches and players was priceless. The story has now developed that Calipari kept looking and “stared down” the UL recruits on their visit, all causing Card Paranoia to hit higher decibels than normal.

Here is the reality. I spoke with an individual around the area in question and they told me that Calipari was asked to do an interview with Channel 36 on their pregame show and he went to where their cameras were set up. The UL coaches had made the poor decision (potentially because their coach didnt seem to be in attendance, or at least didnt get noticed by the cameras) of having their recruits waiting there as Calipari came over. As he always does, Calipari drew a lot of attention and my sources says that the UL recruits “looked at him constantly during his entire interview.” Calipari didnt talk to the recruits or make any looks in their direction, likely for one obvious reason. At this point, he isnt actively recruiting any of them. The Quincy Miller recruitment is totally over and the Chane Behanan one seems to be on hiatus with the commitment of Kyle Wiltjer. Calipari walked past the players and Assistants after the interview was over, and soon thereafter the story began getting out that he was following the recruits.

While some fans picked up on the words said by the WTVQ announcers, one also has to assume that part of the whisper campaign comes from those Assistants as well. Steve Masiello is notorious for feeding information to the media and message boards about Calipari and he has joined our good friend Pat Forde as seemingly the biggest attempted provider of John Calipari “information” of anyone in college basketball or the media. It is widely whispered that Masiello seems almost “obsessed” with Calipari and his doings and those that speak with him have told me that if “you get in a conversation for five minutes with Steve, John’s name will come up…guaranteed.” Whether he put out the story of Calipari following the UL players yesterday or not is unclear, but if there is a face of Cardinal paranoia, thy face is a Masiello.

Ultimately this whole thing doesnt really matter. Kentucky has four players that are in contention for the best class in UK history, and at some point will likely have another. Thanks to hiring a shoe company executive, Louisville will likely get one of its best classes in history, although still behind UK. But the worry about Calipari still dominates everything in Card land, so much so that even when they have players he doesnt want, they assume he will find a way to take them anyway.

Article written by Matt Jones

88 responses to “Calipari and the Recruits at the Card Game”

  1. Maseilloisadouche

    Maseillo is a punk. Why doesn’t he take his guido looking ass out of this state.

  2. uksbiggestfan

    First off…priceless pic! Second….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!UK#1

  3. RidgeRunner

    UL gets everything we don’t want…Pitino, QMiller & Recruits, the crap we leave at their stadium, etc… Oh & the real big story to me for UL other than another loss is that hell, they DIDN’T sign these players yesterday.

  4. RidgeRunner

    Only other thing that they need from us is about 15 MORE seconds. U know, to utilize where it is best needed. We have plenty of time to loan out.

    Damn Cal…Ya got that ole Clint Eastwood strut going on for sure bud. Awesome our coach walks thru that place lke he owns it. Very cool

  5. Goin4Five...

    Nice picture…I see Jurich has really let himself go since the Pitino trial…

  6. Quickie Rickey

    TOO FUNNY. UL coaches need to stick with what works best for them, brokering tickets to big events.
    Little Stevie, I need front row tickets to the upcoming game in the DUM CENTER. Hook me up, or do I need to call Scott Davis. I’d rather cut the middle man if I could. Money is a little tight after an evening of drinking and parties after the 4TH WIN IN A ROW.

  7. The Lady

    The same Masiello that was a Cat? WTF?


    Cal has a ten foot johnson. This man knows exactly what hes doing and I love that he is constantly punking out Louisville.

  9. RobUKpt

    Pretty sure it was the abc guys that told the story and even pointed out that cal didn’t do anything wrong bc he knew he couldn’t talk to them. It’s cal effing with pitino and making his boys sweat their 15 seconds worth. Cal just said, “hey I couldve had these guys if unwanted but I took better players. Have fun with my leftovers.” Especially with miller who I get the impression here is maybe a difficult guy to deal with. Diva if you will.

  10. PatTanaka

    Matt left out the part about the recruits making fun of Cal to his face. Wonder why he did not mention that. Also, you save Steve Masiello is obsessed with Calipari. The same can be said about you and your sick obsession with Rick Pitino. Seems like you have been stalking him all summer.

  11. PatTanaka

    say not save

  12. RidgeRunner

    10…Guess Matt didn’t quote the ABC-ESPN commentators because he didn’t hear it or something. But yes, thats where the real news is because most of the NATION heard that & it was awesome…

    Showing Cal down on the field tossing the football (again like he owns the place / cool!), the announcers said he walked toward UofL’s basketball visitors, never making eye contact. Said he definitely had their attention and the look on the UofL coaches face was priceless! Commentators laughed again as if this is Cal’s place & UL is the visitor!! LOL

  13. RidgeRunner

    11/12 Pat….take a hike to the 5-blogger UL board.

  14. Mack

    Pitino being stalked? Pitino is the one caught inserting himself were he doesn’t belong!

  15. bigbluedude

    11. yeah, because when pitino was a witness in a trial and had to testify, no one else covered it? you are an idiot! matt was doing what reporters do, REPORTING THE FU*k*NG NEWS! masiello is a slimy little ticket brokering criminal. CAL OWNS PITINO! and there is nothing no one can do about it!

  16. Waitin' on 8

    11) Do you have legit sources to back that up? Let me guess… your friend told you? Let’s say it’s true… who cares if they mock Cal… he doesn’t want them and has better recruits. Color Cal unconcerned.

  17. RidgeRunner

    8…Yes, lil twerp is a Pitino convert more than a former Cat. Thats where his loyalty and checks lay. Screw him.

  18. UKShawn55

    Jody Demling was down on the field when it happened. He said Miller and Behanen mocked coach Cal. Jody is a UK homer, not sure why he would make it up.

  19. RidgeRunner

    One got deleted… my 17 post should be directed to 7 (The Lady Says)

  20. RidgeRunner

    Not to downplay the Miller / Behanen comment but hell…is that really a story? 2 guys who get passed over showing imaturity. LOL

  21. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    even if they get commitments from a few of these guys they will open it back up after watching how much UL is going to suck in 2010. it’s basically Siva and some role players. maybe the shoe salesman and Teague’s homeboy will coach them up but somehow I doubt it.

  22. RidgeRunner

    Nice Matt… Revealing idiots and their little kid games of disguises.

  23. chay

    boom roasted

  24. GoCats2010

    Thank you for actually saying a rumor (about Steve) on here Matthew, it has been a while since you have dropped any DL info

  25. RidgeRunner

    Spinning? Give us a break and look in a mirror, moron.

  26. Waitin' on 8

    Oh no! What’s Cal gonna do??? Recruits that he doesn’t want are mocking him! Oh no! I bet Cal would be concerned if he didn’t already have the #1 class.

  27. obe.jason

    “Louisville will likely get one of its best classes in history and Pitino will still choke early in the tournament and not get any of them to the League, although still behind UK. But the worry about Calipari still dominates everything…”

    (emphasis mine)

  28. RidgeRunner

    Exactly 27! Lil punks upset cuz they ain’t blue take their ball and go home to Uncle Ricky while mocking the best coach in America.


    It’s a free country. Calipari is allowed to attend any event he wants to.

  30. BigCatDaddy4263

    Just seen where Pat Tanaka was over on the rivals website at Looserville bragging about his post over here on KSR… Also, Matt did you know that they have 2 separate posts about you over there, quiet humorous when they keep talking about obsession, they sure have it for you and KSR

  31. BoogieMonster

    Pat Tanaka, you’ve been ousted. Is Miller CJ Leslie 2.0 attitude wise?

  32. RidgeRunner

    30…He just didn’t attend it…Hell, he hosted that few minutes baby!!! MUHAHAHA !! And it absolutely riled the red birds up to no end! I love it!!!!!!!

  33. RidgeRunner

    31 sounds about right but ZZI don’t want to go over there and give their little elementary blog any hits to see any of the trash. To be honest.

  34. RidgeRunner

    Pat Tanaka…name fits the cry baby nerd.

  35. RidgeRunner

    Well hell…guess its about time to see a shot of Charlie Strong on the sideline, so I’ll turn over and see what ESPN has going on.

  36. Pat Tanaka

    31) “Just seen” Man, you are a typical hayseed.

  37. SagaciousMind

    I’m sure if Cal was still wanting Miller then him mocking him would be a big deal. But Miller and Behanan are the jokes cuz UK doesnt want or need you! Cal’s leftovers! And Louisville is going to be horrible this year, they will not finish anywhere near the top in the Big East. If they can bring these guys in though they have a chance of being good the next year, but that’s the year UK wins it all so Louisville will still get beat down in Rupp.

  38. John L.

    Pat Tanaka sucks 13 for a dozen!

  39. SagaciousMind

    37, didnt know you were supposed to use proper english when commenting on a blog.

  40. RobUKpt

    Grammar doesn’t reflect intelligence you “big city” prick! Maybe if you had a linguistics class or any other college class for that matter you’d know! Or maybe Lou uh ville only offers hydroponics and chemistry to keep their players methed up for game time and smoked up after the depression sets in from another loss.

  41. RidgeRunner

    40..He is of the mindset, when you can’t manage insightful thoughts and all of your nonsense is caught…you go for the 4th grade grammar attacks. Typical tard.

  42. RidgeRunner

    I hear ya 41…Nice

  43. Bleedblue

    Nice Matt, love the IP address catch.

  44. ltothaj1

    Miller and behanan mocking Cal, man they are so awesome! I wish I was half as cool as they thought they were! Sad thing is that they would be over here making 15 second jokes bout Pitino in a heartbeat if Cal wanted them, Loserville is perfect for them

  45. asdfasdf

    I’d have defense mechanisms up too if I had been forgotten by my two former favorites (Miller and UK/Duke fallouts).

    But theres no proof he did.

    and Demling is not a UK homer, AT ALL

  46. jEnPoKa

    What about Wroten Matt? Thats the only one I care about!

  47. blitzedanddazed

    Masiello is a true punk. He had better be glad he is not in jail. If Masiello was working for any other program other than the piece of trash he is currently employed by, he would be standing in the welfare line.
    He is just another piece of scum that is Ramsey, Jurich, and Ricky Three Stacks. It is a shame that tax dollars are used to support the Retard School of Ky.

  48. Pat Tanaka

    Me and my boyfriend have line beards and will whip all of you guys.

  49. Robukpt

    Now in the immortal words of Michael Gary Scott: BOOM roasted! And it only took 15 seconds. Go figure.

  50. newtintheville

    37) Pat T., You’re a typical troll, and a typical loser UL fan. Four straight baby! Fear the thumb!

  51. BigCatDaddy4263

    Is Pat Tanaka really Little Stevie Masiello?

  52. Rolo

    WTF is going on with these Louisville trolls? Can’t they take the beating yesterday like men and thank us for our leftover scraps? Geez. They should be thanking UK instead of acting like complete scum. At least Tanaka is here instead of mugging someone in J Town. KSR is occupying one criminal today.

  53. gilly
  54. SexnNursinHomes

    Pat Tanaka. Sounds like a guy who shows up to a gay bukake.

  55. dub1803

    speaking of louisville recruits. teague has a new highlight video by hoopmixtape

  56. duhville cat

    55) yea and he brings Tupperware to take home the leftovers.

  57. SexnNursinHomes

    57- hahaha, the “no slip” ware?

  58. UK College of Alcohol

    I used to know a guy name raef tanaka, and he’s a little sissy. You Misses Pat Tanaka are a tool

  59. My Junk Kicks

    There isn’t really anything to argue about here. UK has won 7 National Titles in Basketball and our tradition dwarfs Loserville’s next to nothing legacy. Our coach is more popular than any other Kentucky resident and he’s the hottest commodity in the NCAA right now. We’ve defeated the filthy birds 4 times in a row now in football, so it’s VERY obvious who the cameras and newspapers and media are focused on.

  60. Quick Fiftino

    Pat Tanaka is a jobber, just like his favorite team.

  61. bishop27

    cal might as well own the place after the alumni make jurich sell the place. boy did coach strong ever get embaressed last night.. he keeps this up and hell be in the soup kitchen line with kragthorpe

  62. duhville cat

    Pat Tanaka is a pillow-biter.

  63. Beast

    Is Steve Thamels source?

  64. bishop27

    pat tanaka is really steve masciello! he bites the pillow whilst Benedict Rick Arnold gives him his 15 seconds of love. pat, your boss has no integrity. he participates in debotcherous behavior which he has not only embarassed himself, his wife and kids, loservillle pigeons, but the WHOLE STATE. sure “he” helped us win a championship, but he is a traitor. after your 15 seconds of love are up he will undoubtedly “send” you 45 min north to “fix” you.but i guess you cant bit the meat tube that feeds you. then where would you get your derby tickets to sell and make a living?


    listen, I know my attention span is only 15 seconds. was yesterday 4 in a row?

  66. catfan68

    These Loserville fans like Pat Tanaka who comment on our message boards are truly pathetic! I guess they have nothing better to do but come over here and try to start some crap. Given the fact that their teams all suck, their bloggers all suck, their coaches all suck and their fans all suck…I don’t blame them for wanting to come over here because we are the best. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!! AND BY THE WAY, MASIELLO IS A LITTLE PUNK!!!

  67. obe.jason

    Here’s saluting you, Mr. Pat Tanaka. You’re a noble gentleman defending your honor among “those Cal lovers.”

    Card fans get up!

  68. BigDaddyMeow

    Wow! Cards need to chill out. I do understand why everyone “knows” Cal’ is a cheater….it’s because he Wins, gets the best recruits, and also beats their teams year in and year out, therefor, he must cheat. Their lives a pathetic therefor they need to bring everyone else down also.

  69. forde+pitino=smithers+burns

    Mr. Peepers is one of 3K/15 sec. illegitimates. Where the f#@& was “Hoke” on that one?


    Of course, UK basketball is the topic of the football game.

  71. slim

    Steve Masiello is the person who leaked Bledsoe’s transcripts to the media. I heard he obtained them from Richard Pitino from Florida, then sent them to Forde. I also heard Rick did not necessarily want him to do that. Masiello is obsessed with trying to bring Cal down. This is due to his since of loyalty to Pitino. Matt please comment on this issue.

  72. bishop27

    now that is some real hate slim. i could see that happening

  73. bishop27

    masiello and richard p and his daddy ricky arnold are some slimy weasels

  74. The Lady

    >>Grammar doesn’t reflect intelligence you “big city” prick!<<

    Yes it does. And I’m from the country. GO CATS!

  75. The Lady

    Why Masiello is so loyal to Pitino is WEIRD. Wasn’t he on the TUBBY coached
    team that beat the Utes? What a PUTZ!!!

  76. underkanter

    Steve”I Sell Derby Tics on the Side”Maiello is a str8 up B**ch!!!!!!

  77. catfan68

    I forgot to say that Howie Lindsey is also a punk

  78. BCO

    Funny, the biggest recruit in Louisville history will be choosing them for the sole reason to get back at us…

  79. JamAll my nuts in ur mouth right after Demarcus dick left on ur face

    Steve was always the guy Pitino put in after a blow out and 15 seconds left in the game.

  80. bishop27

    yeah now he is the one pitino puts it in when he needs a blowout and has 15 seconds free

  81. RidgeRunner

    80…I hear ya! Sad truth for sure.

  82. RidgeRunner

    71…With Cal’s world tour at Papa Johns being a slam dunk, that made it news some but it’s really an issue hat was raised by UL cuz they had no news in the football game to speak of. Both worked out well for us Cat fans.

  83. DaneFife


  84. WinningEdge

    Card fans knew they where in trouble when the interview with Calipari lasted longer than 15 SECONDS!

  85. Matthew

    No hiding here…matt Jones is an f*cking idiot!

  86. BigBlewSucks


  87. dsparklender

    looks like 88 has been “under three stacks table”waiting for his 15 seconds of glory.