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Calipari and the Chicago Bulls


Another day, another moment of UK in the national spotlight. Today started with the Chicago Tribune reporting that John Calipari was in the Top 3 of potential candidates for the Chicago Bulls job. Calipari then made a statement to Andy Katz that he wasnt interested in the job and the day ended with Yahoo Sports reporting that despite that comment, he had expressed interest in the gig. Calipari then sent out this tweet on the subject:

Throughout my career I’ve been mentioned for other jobs. Now that I’m here u won’t hear about other colleges because I’ve got the best job. Every year you will hear my named mentioned for NBA jobs because I coached in the league before. I’m very happy at Kentucky

Just another day in UK paradise eh? Calipari’s statement was 100% true, but also tells us very little. Calipari does love being at Kentucky and there is no doubt he is the PERFECT coach for Lexington. No one else in America could have done what he did in this past year and he has put Kentucky basketball right where it deserves to be, at the forefront of college basketball. Having said that, the statement does NOT say that he has no interest in the Chicago job or the NBA and had he wanted it to, it could have. All it does say is that he likes Kentucky and you will hear about him associated with the NBA the entire time that he is here. That is most certainly correct and is just part of what comes with having a coach everyone wants. You will always get the rumors.

But what about this particular rumor? The article is written by Adrian Wojochowski, who is considered by most NBA types to be the writer most connected in the league. The Bulls job is intriguing, because they have two young great players in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah and the ability to sign a free agent this summer, perhaps Dwyane Wade or Lebron James. It is a very attractive job. However I dont think that Calipari will end up taking the Bulls job, no matter the reports. While I have no idea whether he has or has not expressed interest in the position, I hold to the belief that Calipari will not bolt UK after one year. HE has things set up well here, a potential unbelievable class in 2011 and he wants to win a college national championship. I think in the balance, he will make a decision that this is a better place to be than any NBA gig, even if that gig were to include a superstar like Lebron.

However that doesnt mean the report was wrong. We as Kentucky fans must show consistency here. When the exact same writer has reported that Rick Pitino has flirted for NBA jobs, most UK fans have believed it. The Rick Pitino-Sacramento flirtation was reported by Wojo and later proved to be true, so it cant just be dismissed. But there is a huge difference between theoretical interest and pursuing job opening. It wouldnt surprise me one bit if the idea of coaching in Chicago with Derrick Rose (one of his former players) and a superstar was not considered by him. But I dont think he will do it and thus at this point, I am not concerned.

One part of the Wojo article that I do believe is true is his contention that sources say Calipari “hasnt connected” with the UK athletic administration in his first year on the job. This is something that has been beneath the surface all season long and is certainly an issue, although one that I dont believe should be blown out of proportion. Calipari and Mitch Barnhart differ on some things and it has caused some tension. They certainly dont dislike each other and their relationship is ok, but I think the phrase “hasnt connected” is a fair indication of their working relationship. Mitch has struggled with all of the basketball coaches during his time in Lexington. His relationship with Tubby was not great towards the end, his time with Gillispie was a disaster and he and Calipari have differed on things as well (most importantly some of the unique ways Calipari wants to expand the UK basketball brand and personal projects of his own). It isnt the case that this means they cant work together, but it is the case that they arent always on the same page. This has gone on all season, and Wojo’s reporting of it is, in my view, correct.

Ultimately, I think Calipari stays at Kentucky and continues to build the program to extraordinary heights. But UK fans should not act like it is impossible that he may one day head to the NBA. HE is a great coach and will have pursuers during his entire time here. There is no way he would leave for another college job, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility he could go to the NBA. To get angry at the mere suggestion, or reporting of the flirtation, would be a mistake. As I have said on here many times, sometimes the news isnt the way we want it to be and it isnt bad to accept that point. During the Gillispie years I was often the only writer that reported bits of the problems behind the scenes and every post I wrote that wasnt “Everything at UK is GREAT!” was followed by comments that “Matt isnt a real UK fan” and “he doesnt have UK’s interests at heart.” Taking up for Gillispie was seen as taking up for UK and those that werent pro-Gillispie were seen as anti-UK. It is some of those same people (and sites) that went to the grave with Gillispie that now say “dont say anything could be less than perfect or you arent a real fan” now. That simply isnt the way to be.
Unlike the Gillispie years, I think we have the perfect coach for the job and he is doing amazing things on and off the court. But that doesnt mean there isnt a possibility he could leave or that he and the UK administration dont have issues. In the end, I think Calipari stays, but as his tweet suggested, we might as well get used to this, because the NBA teams coming after him will continue. Lets enjoy him while we have him.

UPDATE: Well that was quick. After all the talk this evening, Mitch Barnhart has released this statement tonight He wasnt going to wait too long:

I’m extremely proud of what Coach Calipari has done in just 1 year as the leader of our men’s basketball program …Cal has brought Kentucky men’s basketball back to its rightful place of national prominence and I’m excited about our future. We have begun initial discussions on restructuring his contract so that he’s the coach at UK until he retires. Go Big Blue!

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. I prefer the biscuit


  2. Big ol' Gay Redneck

    Stay in Washington Terrence. We DO NOT WANT YOU!!!!! Days of Our Lives is enough drama for us Kentuckians.

  3. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    This is one of the three jobs I had been worried about. I’m not resting easy until we know where LeBron is playing for the next 8 years.

  4. Lugoquartet

    Great right up and spot on. Just because you report the truth doesn’t make you not a UK fan. Thanks Matt for all you do and “On, on U of K”!!!

  5. Bulls Reporter

    We want BCG not Calipari

  6. Lugoquartet

    …sorry, should have said, “Great write up…”

  7. GoCats2010

    Good writeup MJ. I think the Chicago job is intriguing, but I really don’t think they have a shot at a big time guy, maybe Joe Johnson

  8. CA

    Matt, I think this whole thing about ‘issues’ has been blown out of the water. Coaches and ADs don’t always agree on everything. Coach Cal said in his pc when he was hired that this was his ‘dream job’ and I believe him. I feel like he will retire from here. I don’t believe that he will leave for any other job. GO CATS

  9. easternkyman2009

    Parrish from CBS Sportsline has already said that those close to Cal said if he could coach Lebron, he would be gone in a second. The relationship he has with Lebron and the fact that Lebron is a free agent this year makes alot of things line up. I hope that is not the case. However, if Chicago comes up with the money and Lebron moves, we need to find a new coach.

  10. DoubleDynasty09

    Time for Mitch to hit the road.. He’s going to bring us down yet!!

  11. Wedding Planner

    If Mitch Barnhart has had issues with all three coaches, he is a problem.

    BCG, I can understand.

    But Tubby and Cal? No way. I’d take those two guys over MB any day.

    Rich Brooks for AD.

  12. ukfaninohio

    Matt what do you think?Shouldn’t mitch let calipari coach how he wants and maybe look in the mirror if he has had problems with three head coaches now?

  13. madblu187

    Calipari is an excellent recruiter, maybe the best in all of sports. But in terms of in-game coach with X and O’s hes nothing more than average. But that works for him in College and is why I think he will STAY AT UK. He isn’t the answer for Chicago b/c he can’t do what he does best in the NBA, which is recruit and develop elite young talent. Cal Stays!

  14. al

    “having said that..” is a great way to say whatever you want without sounding like a dick

  15. CA

    Do you always believe what Parrish says and who are those ‘close to Cal’.

  16. _Blackhawk_

    #10 – seemed to have missed that one…you got a link?

  17. teington

    If Barnhart can’t get along with the man that made UK basketball fun again, then I’d say its time to bid Mitch farewell. We appreciate. The strides you’ve made, now move along and let coach Cal do his thing.

  18. GoCats2010

    12. Devil’s advocate, Cal pushes his own brand a whole bunch. Most AD’s would probably want their coaches pushing their school’s brand

  19. easternkyman2009
  20. BluegrassBabe

    I see a meltdown coming based on the “issues with AD” comment. Doesn’t take much to get this fanbase whipped into a frenzied panic. Part of the gig.

  21. the_hair_stylist

    Matt its not Adrian Wojochowski, its Adrian Wojnarowski

  22. ukfaninohio

    Kinda sucks that for all bragging that we as kentucky fans do about how were back all it would take is for cal to take another job and just about every single recruit we have lined up would be done with us.

  23. UKpharmer

    Terrence…are you out there? Don’t listen to #2. He is just a UL fan that has Enes envy. He is depressed has nothing to look forward to.

  24. echo 1

    It sounds to me that Barnhart is a Moron. Sure, he made a great hire with Cal. After doing so, he needs to get the hell out of the way. After a complete pooch screw with Billy, the man needs to just thank God that he has a coach now that the fanbase loves and let him do his thing. If it comes down to it, get rid of Mitch and keep Cal. If Cal does bolt, which I doubt as well, Mitch needs to be handed his hat accompanied with a kick to his arse. Seriously, can Barnhart get along with anyone?

  25. gvillecat

    12) Brooks for AD, good call.

  26. Shawn Carter

    Don’t you think it should be Cal to fire Mitch? Cal should have the power to fire Gov Beshears if he wanted. Cal is the most powerful figure in the state.
    I wouldn’t mind if Cal decided that Kentucky should secede from the Union.
    Mitch is a little figure. Cal is not

  27. ukfaninohio

    It’s not the fact that we are kentucky that makes us great it’s the fact that we have calipari that makes us.I miss the old days..

  28. Shawn Carter

    #26 i’m in also. Papaw for AD.

  29. Hey Matt!!!

    Do you see Coach Cal leaving to take the LA Lakers job?

  30. Bluebronco73

    You may have covered yourself with this article after that tweet, but is the middle of the recruiting period really the time to write this article. Just let the yahoo story die.

  31. UKpharmer

    #19 don’t you think that the UK brand has been promoted much more. I mean look at him going over seas

  32. CA

    In reading the article, Parrish writes like Coach has had a lot of jobs = going from program to program. How many places has he coached. I think 4 (correct me if that is wrong) – UMASS, Nets, Memphis and UK – in how many years??? It is not like he is like Larry Brown.

  33. GoCats2010

    PEOPLE, Mitch has brought the entire athletics program to new heights. His job is to promote the entire athletics dept. He has brought up EVERY PROGRAM including basketball in his tenure. Compare every program with when he arrived, you can’t argue with Mitch’s results. None of you know what is going on behind closed doors. For all you know, Mitch doesn’t like the way Cal’s office is set up

  34. CadizCat

    Great Piece. If intimating Calipari might be leaving won’t bring in Jones, what will????

  35. easternkyman2009

    My concern for UK is that if he leaves this year, our program would be devastated with mass defections of recruits and possibly current players.

  36. madblu187

    #30, you sound frustrated

  37. KnightFor3GOOOOOD

    i do LOVE the idea of Rich Brooks for AD if Mitch leaves

  38. easternkyman2009

    #36…..Cal is good friends with Larry Brown

  39. supersaver

    tells us very little, Matt? come on–i am very happy at UK? After the disaster he had in the NBA-do you seriously think this even warranted an article? you must be starved for something to talk about, dude? :)He will never go back to the NBA-never!

  40. My Old Kentucky Home

    I would much rather have a coach that NBA teams want then to have a coach that nobody else wants. If your coach is not mentioned for NBA jobs than he is doing something wrong. Pitino in the 90’s was mentioned every year for the NBA. Tubby was mentioned for the NBA for several years and Gillispie was never mentioned, what does that tell you?

  41. PerceptionIsReality

    Please pack the carpet bag and go. I regret selling my soul to the devil. Izzo is the man.

  42. Shawn Carter

    Fawhawk has been hating on us. hating on boogiecousins yesterday. you don’t Cuz, he’s my boy.

  43. supersaver

    Parrish is a parasite feeding off of Calipari and KSR reprinting his articles doesnt help Cal, dudes…

  44. easternkyman2009

    #44….the problem with this argument though is that at some point a team will come up with enough money and power to get a coach to leave (ala….Rick in ’97)

  45. GoCats2010

    MJ its good to have you back kickin it in the comment section. Hopefully it stays tame

  46. Flop

    I think it’s a bit much to expect UK fans to not be angry at the prospect of their head coach bolting after a single season.

    Factor in the amount of national abuse we’ve had to take for our association with said coach and I think it’s logical and (gasp) rational to be a little angry.

    It accomplishes nothing either way, but being angry is a normal reaction.

  47. Realist

    UK would be 10x better without Mitch Barnhart. He was lucky with Rich Brooks and even luckier our name got Calipari. He is an absolute JOKE. The sooner he and Lee Todd is gone. The better for UK overall.

  48. Shawn Carter

    #37 taking up for Barnhardt is like taking up for Harry Reid and Pelosi. All 3 are hovering around a 10% approval rating.

  49. My Old Kentucky Home

    #48 I understand that, I am just saying it is part of the business and if we want a high profile, successful coach, we have to learn to live with the possibility of him leaving.

  50. Andy katz

    How long are you people going to continue to think that matt jones is some type of uk insider? Save
    Uk was better connected that Matt jones. All jones does is gethin info fro
    other sites. if you disagree ask yourself- what stories has matt and ksr actually broken? None. How many thing had he said that is going to happen actually happened? Ksr should stick to what they do best- posting links and stupid unrelated you tube videos. Jones is not an insider by any means

  51. Korean Tacos

    Cal was a horrible NBA coach. Funny how GMs forget that.

  52. echo 1

    MJ interacting with the peasants. Nice to see.

  53. Shawn Carter

    maggard is back in the #55 clothing

  54. supersaver

    #49 Hiding my head in the sand? I though you would be beyond cliches Matt 🙂 He will never coach in the NBA and neither will Pitino! They had a terrible experience there and do you seriously think they want to repeat it? Hell no! You must be friends with Parrish cause there is no other reason to comment on Calipari to the NBA. Parrish is a friggin’ idiot, a parasite, feeding off of anti-Calipari mania… you are helping his cause. Nuff said, mr head in the sand.

  55. Jr. Stole My Dog!

    If Barnhart is the problem I do not think that he would have many backers. He hired BillyG , the worse basketball coach ever to coach at UK, on the court and off, with a major bayout. Most AD’s would have been fired for that disaster. Then he raises ticket prices. He would not talk to Guy Morris agent for his million dollar contract, said he would only talk to Morris himself, so it is not just ALL of the basketball coachs he has not got along with. He did not even talk to Coach Cal when he hired BillyG. I think that many UK fans would be happy if Barnhart left.

  56. GoCats2010

    52 & 53. Other than this article, what SPECIFICALLY has Mitch done that is so bad? Why do you hate him?

    BCG had us all fooled. Improved every program, EVERY program

    I personally don’t think AD’s matter THAT much, so I don’t see the big problem

  57. easternkyman2009

    #56…..Lebron is like the Michael Jordan of the previous Bulls. He can take a team to new heights with a good coach. Not saying that Cal is that coach, but I think that alot of coaches (NBA and College) would jump at the chance to have him on your team. Put that and the money together, it makes sense why Cal would jump at it.

  58. Wedding Planner

    37, I agree that Mitch Barnhart has done a great job with the other non-revenue generating sports.

    However, basketball is more important that all the other sports combined at UK. And at basketball, Mitch’s record is mixed. I believe something could have been worked out with Tubby. We all know how the BCG decision went.. and now we hear about the issue with Cal and his brand.

    Mitch needs to realize that Cal is who he is because he promotes his brand the way he does… if he only pushed UMASS and memphis while he was there, he would still be there..

    As I said in #12, Rich Brooks for AD. Class guy. Balls of steel. Truly loves UK.

  59. super

    If Calipari wins one or two championships then he will be NBA bound. He wants to be at the top. That would be the next challenge.

  60. easternkyman2009

    Maybe we could lure Jurich from Louisville.

  61. Educated Fan

    These aren’t the first times that Barnhart has had issues with a BB coach. It goes all the way back to OR St. He gave HC Eddie Payne the dreaded Vote of Confidence, then turned around and fired him. Maybe he has changed over the years or maybe Cal will be savvy enough to work through it. Either way, I’m with KSR and Cal stays pat.

  62. echo 1

    55 – I don’t think he claims to be. All I know is that I learn more at his place than anywhere else. Save UK? Please. His little blog must get at least 5 hits a day. Good for him. KSR is unique in its ability to provide UK news, perspective, humor, and bullshit. How can you beat that recipe?

  63. PerceptionIsReality

    I agree Barnhardt should go as well. Get these guys out. He sold the integrity of the program to cover his stupidity.

  64. Cal to Lebron

    Thanks for the writeup Matt. Of course Cal will consider jobs he is interested in. He had a few before UK…….

  65. BravoBigBlue

    I think there are NBA teams that would take Cal as their head coach, IF Lebron came as part of a package deal. Otherwise, I’m not feeling it. Why would they want him otherwise. Like Pitino, he was an unsuccessful NBA coach. He is a collge coach whose strength is recruiting.

  66. CalifCatFan

    Rumor has it that the Santa Cruz Mighty Banana Slugs have offered Calipari a coaching job.



  68. catfan4ever

    Ditch Mitch if it comes down to it..I know who I’d rather have.

  69. C.M. Newton

    Notice how he said he would never take another college job, but did not close the door on going back to the NBA? I love the guy, but he would definitely take the right NBA job. We knew that when we hired him. I say enjoy him while he is here. He has the right to coach wherever he wants.

  70. easternkyman2009

    #69…..You act like I want Cal to leave, but if you saw his teams in the NBA, they sucked and have next to zero talent by NBA standards. Unfortunately, you can’t recruit in the NBA the way you can in college. Give Cal some good players in the NBA and he will be successful.

  71. the_hair_stylist

    Matt is there any chance you are confusing Gene Wojciechowski with Adrian Wojnarowski? I have never heard of this HACK Adrian Wojnarowski???? Gene I see on the ESPN shows a lot. Yahoo! Sports writers gossip like middle school girls.

  72. supersaver

    #76 No easternkydude–you do act like you want Cal to leave, that is the problem. Cal aint leavin–Matt Jones will be history before Cal is–bank on that…

  73. gvillecat

    61) You don’t think ADs matter that much? Really? A good AD needs to keep his ego in check, especially when things are going well. Quick who can tell me who the AD at Florida, Stanford, or Texas is? If you don’t know, that’s not an indication of an AD not mattering, it’s an indication of an AD who knows how to manage their ego.

  74. swampbreath

    mitch should have has his ass run off for giving tubby more money. then he should have been fired for farking up the BCG hire. now he is farking with cal. todd and barni both need to go ASAP!

  75. GoCats2010

    77. Matt is leaving the site soon anyways so that is a moot point…

  76. Red Rooster

    Jones is right on all counts, especially the Cal/UK matter. Cal is a promoter, both of self and Uk, in that order. Whether its China, communication with athletes, or Refuse to Lose, Cal has his own agenda and is used to plowing over people to get his way. Mitch is the polar opposite, but their relationship works because it has to.

    No big deal, but only because Mitch understands that his legacy depends on Cal.

  77. Red Rooster

    Jones is right on all counts, especially the Cal/UK matter. Cal is a promoter, both of self and Uk, in that order. Whether its China, communication with athletes, or Refuse to Lose, Cal has his own agenda and is used to plowing over people to get his way. Mitch is the polar opposite, but their relationship works because it has to.

    No big deal, but only because Mitch understands that his legacy depends on Cal.

  78. supersaver

    Mitch doesnt have the balls to f-k with Coach Cal–we all know that. Get real.

  79. Balls Deep

    Screw restructuring a contract. After 1 elite 8? What the hell?

  80. C.M. Newton

    BTW, if there is a problem with Cal connecting to the Athletic Dept, it is on Mitch and Company. Cal connects with everyone. He is beloved. Barnhart can’t get along with anyone. I am sick of him. I will never forget the BCG firing presser. He had the worst posture and body language. Step aside and let Cal do his thing. I don’t know Barnhart, but if you can’t get along with Cal, you got problems.

  81. easternkyman2009

    #77….get lost. I was trying to be cordial, but you are trying to call me out on wanting the best thing to happen to UK in a long time. If you can’t talk like an adult, don’t talk.

  82. GoCats2010

    78. I mean they don’t matter enough to make them leave after an unknown dispute with a coach

    Foley at Florida is a crock. The school can sell itself

  83. supersaver

    #87 I can talk circles around you, that is for sure. As for being an adult, I don’t think that matters on UK fansites since none of the articles are written by adults 🙂

  84. PerceptionIsReality


    Why do I feel like Barry Bonds? I’m still the homerun champ but there’s always going to be doubts about how I did it. I haven’t been found guilty of anything.

  85. President Todd

    79, you think I should be fired? That is hilarious. Unlike the AD, my job is not dependent on having a good basketball team. Get real

  86. gvillecat

    Uggh…I hate how the conversation devolves into a Matt Jones love/hate fest. MJ offers up a free site/free info/free forum and his opinion. Disagree if you want, but at least offer up some substance if you want to argue.

  87. easternkyman2009

    #88….Your talk = bullsh!t…..I can tell you might be able to talk. However, reading comprehension is not one of your strengths. So, enjoy talking.

  88. SLISWildcat

    I would think Joakim Noah would serve more as a repellent than an asset.

  89. IcemanG2

    Restructuring now smells a LOT like ND/Charlie Weis … good thing is, UK won’t fire Cal and have to pay him; he’ll just leave on his own when he wants.

  90. SexnNursinHomes

    I swear, does Barnhart have incriminating pictures of Lee Todd? get him the hell out.

  91. KnightFor3GOOOOOD

    94..chillax brah.

  92. Perfect Patterson

    84. No not after an elite eight, rather after:

    2 all americans
    SEC player of the year
    SEC freshman of the year
    SEC regular and tournament champions
    Longest undefeated team in the nation during regular season
    only three losses after NIT past season
    num 1 recruiting class 2009
    near num 1 recruiting class 2010
    probable number 1 class 2011
    Top 5 team entire season
    AND Elite eight


  93. SexnNursinHomes

    Just read Matt may’s twitter (man, I am f*cking idiot for reading that shit), but anywho it says Barnhart and Cal are working on extension.

  94. David

    I’m really sick of this bullshit. You know how often I want to hear about Mitch Barnhart or Lee Todd? Never. Mitch was an absolute trainwreck of an AD up until he hired Calipari, and I’m sure any “issues” come from him being completely worthless. I’ve said for years, the University of Kentucky should have an athletic director for all sorts EXCEPT basketball. Basketball should be run by a completely different person, someone who cares only about basketball and isn’t a whiny little worthless waste of an administrator.

  95. gvillecat

    97) You just made that quote up. You can’t just make up a quote and then agree with it.

  96. whynot

    ditch Mitch

  97. mack_in_cville

    does anyone else feel that this was the only way to get the contract extension he was looking for? if so, calipari is smarter than all of us

  98. Hey Zues

    I see only one solution… FIRE MITCH!!! If it’s him or Calipari I think that the choice is very easy for the fans.

  99. brooktrout

    this isnt another charlie weiss we are talking about…… will bring us aanother banner….

  100. FIRED UP!

    Some thoughts:

    1. This is Crazy Scary
    2. If this is true about Barnhart, somebody needs to beat his ass and I’m serious!
    3. The only possible way Cal would leave is if Lebron was guaranteed to team up with him!
    4. Cal will want to win NCAA Championship before he leaves.
    5. Cal isn’t made to be NBA coach. Just like Pitino “was”. They are motivators and recruiters. Not the ideal personality or traits for the NBA. Only Lebron would make him successful at the next level.

  101. Stalin, Lenin, Krushchev

    Feel free to email me and let me know?

  102. gvillecat

    I like the Yahoo! comments feature where comments with a lot of “thumbs down” get removed.

    Rich Brooks exit presser said all it needed to make me believe he could be an AD. It boils down to facilities and coaches. Brooks knows this athletic program needs to build a stronger booster base if it wants to compete in the SEC.

  103. dustyblus

    Folks our next coach will be Travis Ford. It might be next week, it might be a year or a few years from now. But I would put all of my money in the bank and say Ford will be our next coach.

  104. SexnNursinHomes

    108- I’m Lee Todd would give Brooks his own personal mater crop to grow

  105. SexnNursinHomes

    109- Put down the pipe, and slowly walk away………

  106. mack_in_cville

    i agree with Fired up on one point. if he leaves now for the nba and fails again. his legacy will be a good coach with ultimately nothing to show for it. i would try to achieve a ncaa championship first then try to win nba title. thus being one of the all time greats. If he didnt want to try for nba success, then at least he would be a HOF college coach.

  107. Jr. Stole My Dog!

    TRUE STORY: After UK beat LSU in football when LSU was #1. The next home game me and some friends ran into Barnhart in the parking lot. I knew that the SEC had fined UK for fans on the field, so I pulled out a $5 and told Barnhart do you need this to help pay the fine? He said yes and grabbed it and walked off. We started laughing. He keep walking.

  108. dustyblus

    Who are they going to get? They will go after a few big namers but this time it will end up being Ford.
    I am just being realistic.

  109. CadizCat

    Samardo Samuels to stay in the draft. It’s official.

  110. GoCats2010


  111. gvillecat

    113) All the more reason to keep Cal. UK needs to sell its brand to generate revenue. What’s good for UK athletics writ large is a successful UK basketball team.

  112. mack_in_cville

    anyone got UL’s starting 5 next year? i need a good laugh right now

  113. codybear71

    I don’t think Cal wants to be john paxson’s punching bag. =P

    But for all I know paxson only hated he last coach because he looked like bob saget.

  114. bco

    52 speaks the truth.

  115. mike

    If TJ has not already been spooked about UK offer, he probably will be with persistent Cal to NBA rumors. I still think UW in driver’s seat with so many people out there nudging him in that direction and probably not a lot of UK pull back here.

  116. atrain77

    matt may also says samantha samuels staying in draft btw. poor tards

  117. GoCats2010

    jdemling: Elisha Justice, “Louisville is the place I wanted to be all along, no matter what school offered me a scholarship.”


  118. UK81

    NBA is a players league. Very little coaching needed. Calipari knows this.

  119. supersaver

    ESPN is reporting that Cal has no interest in the NBA

  120. SexnNursinHomes

    122-Cuz he’s Justicified

  121. superduperstupor

    so much for that eh

  122. Catfan

    Fire Mitch

  123. superduperstupor

    I am interested to see what crap Garry Parrish will make up next? 🙂

  124. Mitch B

    Brooks is a life long friend who I brought to UK. I don’t think PAPAW would take the job if they fire me. I would personally have to resign and ask him to be my replacement.

  125. ummm

    99- my thoughts exactly. Mitch can empty his office and go right now and no one will care. The real issue is this: if Lebron says to Team X (cavs included) I will sign with your team if you hire Calipari, it’s over. I think Cal wont get an NBA offer otherwise, but if a team could get Lebron they’d hire Paris Hilton to coach if that’s what he wanted. Cal’s gone if it’s Lebron, otherwise I bet he stays.

  126. knowsbetter

    I have seen Mitch and Coach talk. you couldn’t cut the tension with a chainsaw. there not on the same page. mitch is a few chapters back. coach knows this and has to talk down so mitch can understand. coach saved his job,we all know that, but not mitch.

  127. echo 1

    Cal already tweeted he had no interest. He is not Lane Kiffin. He said he isn’t interested and I believe him. I really don’t know what some want from the man. Do you want him to burn his bridges for a few years down the road? He isn’t going to that. The man will keep his options open for later, but he is not currently interested in the NBA. Is he going to move again this soon? His son just got acclimated to a new school. He will be at UK at least until Bradley graduates. After that is anyone’s guess. Of course, that is only an opinion.

  128. gvillecat

    Votto and Rolen, back to back!

  129. UK > UL

    Samardo Samuels to hire an agent… per Pat Forde’s twitter…. hahahahaha

  130. Future Cat

    Some people think T. Jones is waiting on Coach Cal to get an extension so he feels secure enough then to commit to UK.

  131. Wedding Planner

    Talk about ironic: Boogie is training on UW’s campus

  132. UK81

    Does Lebron really need Calipari as his coach? Calipari will be at Kentucky for many years. Both Lebron and Calipari can make more money with Lebron in the NBA and Calipari at Kentucky.

  133. Brian  in Shelbyville

    # 37….With the exception being THE basketball program that took a dive like the ’03 stock market, (UNTIL Cal arrived). But as far as the other sports are concerned, I will agree. And the ONLY reason MB considered Cal for the position is by the fact that the fanbase (US) demanded him…kinda.

  134. catscratchfever

    DA’s– it’s all about the contract. Barnhart’s response is worth a thousand words. Cal is tweaking his contract. He is not above creating a bit of negotiating leverage by allowing the NBA rumors to fester and linger. Barnhart’s response acknowledges the importance of Cal not only to UK athletics and our hoops dreams, but to Barnhart’s country @#$%! as well. In short, Barnhart would die before he let Cal leave UK. From his perspective, it’s all about Mitch, and ain’t nothin’ better for Mitch than Cal remaining our coach. I’m sure Cal has asked for a few contract tweaks. He wants to keep a little heat on the administration until he has them agreed to. Barnhart’s statement sends a resounding message that he will bend over backwards to accommodate Cal. Cal wants a little extra insurance in light of the GPA bad pub. Mitch is a micro manager by nature, but he realizes, if not for Cal, he’s a real candidate to finish out his AD career at Kent State. Keep Cal 10 years and he’s the hottest AD in the country, especially if Joker pulls an SEC east championship out once during that timeframe. Fear not, even Lee Todd knows that he can screw up any aspect of the University, but screw up the basketball program, and it”s bedtime for bonzo……..

  135. katie martin

    Mr. Irrelevant: Pat Forde. He is history at ESPN since his pal Ricky P is history 🙂

  136. Demarcus Turpin

    “Rightful prominence”? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  137. Porcinis' sticky table

    UofLOL will have starting lineup next year that Spaulding College would not want. Man, is it gonna be fun to lay a 46 point beating on the Tards in their new trailor looking arena sitting on the Loserville sewer line! hahahahahahaha

  138. The Fonz

    sit on it!

  139. Big John

    On a side note. Mitch Barnhart drove to Louisville Saturday am during the HEAVY rain to talk to the men’s bible group at Southeast Christian. It was from 7-8am and i give him credit making it there and on time, he was great.

    Here is a man that knows what is important and I think has done a great job across the different sports at UK. He really does love the Lord and I know i will get bashed for that, but i just thought I would pass it on.

  140. katie martin

    #148 depends upon who is on his left? doesnt it? 🙂

  141. urincatland

    Hell Yeah, go gettem mitch!! He would be crazy to let Coach Cal get away… Time to Annie up The Big Bucks!!

  142. BlueCats

    UK still needs a new AD. Mitch Has F*ked up everything possible since he took over. Fire His A$$!

  143. Mikeywayne726

    Matt, what was the Terrence Jones information you said you were talking about on the Gospel channel in Loserville! I want to hear it. I need it quick. My eyes are burning, I’m getting tired, I wanna go to sleep, and I still have to drop a deuce. Come on dog, don’t hold out on me. Put the needle on the record.

  144. Ricardo

    Glimpses do we seem to see of the mortally intolerable truth; that all deep,earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep the open independence of her sea; while the wildest winds of heaven and earth conspire to cast her on the treacherous slavish shore.

    Herman Melville

  145. dusty380

    in related news: Vaseline has sold off the shelves city-wide in Louisville tonight…..

  146. Gravy Train

    Anyone watching what Orlando is doing to the Hawks? Brutal.

  147. katie martin

    #154 why use spell check when we have you as a resident grammarian? hillbilly fodder? only hillbillies use the “fodder” 🙂 Sports Writers have become the new National Enquirer for sleezy reporting and gossip. Garry Parrish, being one of them 🙂

  148. bub

    with the one and done era, you have to work harder for the kids that stay shorter – And that still doesn’t guarantee a nat’l championship. why would cal go through all of that year after year when all you need is lebron to succeed in the nba. If lebron was on Cal’s old nj nets teams he would be a legend by now. Interesting how Mike Brown looks like a great coach with the MVP. Lebron worships MJ – He’s changing his number so he play on the bulls next year and wants Cal to be the Phil Jackson of old. Derrick Rose is a bonus. The stars have aligned but not in UK’s favor

  149. moby dick

    Ricardo- wrong board. Really wrong.

  150. Dear Mr. Jones

    Have you ever just wanted to kick some of the posters in the nuts? I would be so pissed if I spent all my time on a FREE site and people continually criticized me. I don’t mean disagree, but totally talked crap.

  151. Re Pete

    176) Winks and swags away? You have never been with a woman have you? Seriously, winks and swags away? Why would you say that? Of all the stupid posts here tonight (and there are plenty), yours takes the cake. Congratulations I guess.

  152. Brian  in Shelbyville

    Cal had sold himself to the boosters….that is why MB is scrambling, period.

  153. katie martin

    I want every one to know that once Matt is history, the site shall return to its former glory just as Kentucky Ink did once the frosted one left :)I am in charge once he leaves and I ain’t letting him back in. amen

  154. Nassau65

    i think i’ll sign off now. y’all can have at it. too many badass keyboard cowboys here tonight.
    goodnight all.

  155. katie martin

    #191 There is different and there is creepy: you are creepy with a capital C.

  156. Matt Jones


  157. UKBK

    T Jones decision coming soon…

  158. chokecal

    “Cal is a great coach??? Are you serious?? He’s a great recruiter is about it!

  159. Every Hikes Point resident

    151. We’re really glad you guys aren’t on hikes lane anymore.

  160. ummm

    It’s this simple: If Lebron wants Cal to be his coach in a yet-to-be-determined NBA city, Cal is gone. Any team will hire Cal to get Lebron. If not, Cal wont get an NBA offer, and we’ll start hanging those new banners in 2012.

  161. Alex


    Had I written, I want you to stand in a fondue tub then trample face,
    that would have been creepy.

    I do like your articles.
    And I must admit, the constant banter between you and BTI cracks me up.
    Can you really NOT dunk?

  162. ummm

    Alex, just walk away dude. You’re making it worse. You are obviously weird as hell, go away.

  163. katie martin

    #207 A perfect example of what you do when you don’t have a brain… 🙂

  164. Brink

    202 Not even close!! I guess you havent been around this site for very long. The most I can recall seeing is around 800 I believe. Before they started doing live blogs and just had game posts, and everyone just commented in this section during the games.

  165. BleedinBlueInLou

    ***BREAKING NEWS***WHAS reporting that Cal is getting a raise. So, there u go.

  166. gotabeepfromkim

    today was a good day, until i read these comments. ooh ahh ooh ahh.
    Didn’t get any static from the cowards.

  167. katie martin

    #218 Mitch is pushing Cal up so he can kiss that ass better. 🙂

  168. Alex

    There are people on here with names like, SexnNursinHomes, and somehow
    I am the weird one because I made a joke?

    Lighten up.

  169. bco

    the mark hamilton posts seriously make me laugh everytime…

  170. ummm

    Maggard and his lemmings are skewering Matt right now. I say we throw down with them. TBK nerds: meet us at midnight, Jones’ front yard. I’m your huckleberry

  171. forde+pitino=smithers+burns

    Hey it got the GPA story off of the front page, didn’t it? Job accomplished.

  172. My Old Kentucky Home

    ESPN story on restructuring Caliparis contract.

  173. Boggie Blue

    Quick – something send the link to the ESPN story to T. Jones…

  174. Boggie Blue

    Okay…Let’s get back to Jones Watch 2010 – Terrence, not Matt.

  175. JESUS

    Kentucky basketball shall be the shizz once more, forever!.

    Do I win the pretending to be a famous person contest?

  176. We Need Cal

    While I am a huge Calipari fan and think he is the perfect fit here at UK, I honestly don’t think he is a “great” coach. He is a good coach, no doubt. He gets great players and a good coach with great players can go a long way. Tubby is a great X’s and O’s coach, but he rarely had the talent to take it where we wanted.

    The reason I say this is that Cal will never be a good NBA coach because while he will have great players in the NBA, so will the rest of the Association. Cal is better off at UK and we are better for him.

  177. BlueTexan

    #187-TOTALLY inappropriate post…that was asinine! BBN- let’s just ‘DITCH MITCH’…he’s been too ineffective and is not a leader…Clueless Lee is bad enough- but, to have somone like Mitch as AD…it’s just too much!

  178. bigcat4453


  179. Boggie Blue

    OT – I think Reggie Miller and Cheryl Miller are really the same person. Ever notice that they never do a Playoff game on the same night. Pretty strange…

  180. BleedinBlueInLou

    180) thank you jeebus.

  181. UKBK

    MJ loves criticism.

  182. Freemont

    Good link 177. Good story for Barnhart.

  183. big jo

    I scrolled through the comments. I didn’t see this in the post that was written either. Calipari just tweeted right after the whole “you won’t see me interested in another college” tweet that says “Every year you will hear my named mentioned for NBA jobs because I coached in the league before. I’m very happy at Kentucky”. He even had the “named” typo lol. If this has already been posted, sorry for the repost. If not, well, there you go.

  184. mack_in_cville

    calipari sated on monday : “I love coaching here, but this is a hard job,” he said. “I haven’t had a day off in a long time. I am looking forward to it at some point, because we still have to finish this recruiting class, to just getting away.”

    Cal’s got a lot on his plate, i am sure he wants this contract and nba off his plate, so he can focus on finshing this class and spend some time with his fam

  185. BlueTexan

    Wow…sorry…thanks for the deleting! BTW…#187 was/is an idiot…I still contend that BBN ‘Ditch Mitch’…he’s an embarassment to the Commonwealth.

  186. BigBlueBalls

    132. You wrote that Cal said he is not interested in the NBA and you said that you believe him. Didnt Memphis fans “believe” him too right before he bolted to coach us? Just sayin.

  187. Q for U

    How does Cal to Chicago affect Jai Lucas decision?

  188. 1suitecat

    I think Cal stays.
    He will leave someday, but I think he wants to win a title first.
    He loves to recruit. That is his forte.

  189. BlueTexan

    Sorry…was referring to PREVIOUS #187 – which was, thankfully, deleted!

  190. Logic Head

    180) My apologies – that was intended for the person who posted Bill Clinton’s State of the Union address….it was originally post #180 and was like 100 pages long.

  191. Jerry

    I know its weak but Mark Hamilton is good for a laugh one out of every 5 tries.

    I just picture an overweight middle school kid that yells everything he says.

  192. 1suitecat

    199-more like an over-weight middle aged man.

  193. Logic Head

    Mitch Barnhart is a good AD. Not quite the networker that Jurich is…but the man landed Calipari and turned UK football around. His legacy is secure and doesn’t need to change for anyone. I’m sure his relationship with Cal isn’t picture perfect…but seriously, how many of us agree with everything our bosses say and do? I would say not many.

  194. GoCats!

    Seriously, get the GPA’s up, win something, and kill the cloud that’s constantly flying over the program then we’ll give you more money. You’re already the highest paid coach and you (and the players) choked in the last game of the season because you refused to change the game plan or defense. Sometimes this all seems more about Cal than about UK, but we soak it all up regardless. If he wants to use the NBA to leverage us, I say let him go. He must not have learned his lesson the first time or is very greedy. No championship = no accomplishment.

  195. 1suitecat

    hmm 202
    Very poignant analysis, my man.

  196. BleedinBlueInLou

    199) Seriously, shut up. jk

  197. Troll

    199- What up man, I haven’t seen you in awhile, well not since we crashed that Duke board back in ’06, remember that?

  198. Boggie Blue

    No one thinks Reggie and Cheryl are the same person?

  199. swopshireRanLikeApunk

    203) i do

  200. Cheryl & Reggie's Mom

    203- TRUST me, they are the same. Reggie always did like my sunday dresses

  201. 1suitecat

    Which has the better J?

  202. BigBlueGoose

    Could this “restructuring” be some damage control by Barnhart. It may be true but, if we lose Cal is it a way for Barnhart to say I did all I could do?

  203. Jr. Stole My Dog!

    #198 Barnhart did not even talk to Coach Cal when he hired BillyG, the worst coach ever at UK. So, to take credit for hiring him, for more money, 2 years after he could have hired him for a million less per year, instead of that train wreck BillyG, and buyout is a joke.


    SAY NO TO REGISTERING- Facebook Group

  205. chokecal

    Barnhart’s throwing more money at Cal? For what??

  206. 1suitecat

    Did Daniels tweet that TJ has decommitted?

  207. blitzedanddazed

    I really do not think Cal would consider taking the Bulls coaching position. He has never liked Bulls
    GM John Paxon. Phil Jackson is more likely to return to Chicago than Cal taking the job. And I say this knowing how much the Bulls ownership hate Phil Jackson.
    The one thing that WILL lead to Cal leaving UK is if he senses that either Lee Todd or Mitch B. do not back him 100%.
    You could tell from his press conference Monday that he was unhappy with the way the team GPA was portrayed in the press (Jerry Tipton is toxic) and the post story comments made by the Administration left him hanging in the wind.
    I hate for anyone to lose their job but Jerry Tipton is a proven liar and pressure upon the LHL from the public should lead to his termination. When Tipton lied about P. Patterson this past year that proved to me what a scum bag he truly is.

  208. Justcurious

    Would it be wrong for me to say, I would prefer Tom Izzo to be our coach?


    Escape Goat!!!!

  210. njCat

    NO WAY Cal takes any NBA job – Lebron or otherwise. NBA is a players league and the best coaches take a back seat. College game on the other hand is ALL about the coaches cause players come and go and consistently winning gets credited to the coaches. With Cal’s ego – no way he takes a job where he is not the center of attention. Pitino learned it the hard way and hopefully Cal did when he failed in NJ.

  211. UK Professor

    199) I AGREE! Working here at UK without a raise in FIVE YEARS and tuition increases every year and Barny is going to give the HIGHEST PAID COACH a RAISE??? Excuse me???? A team with the LOWEST GPA in the SEC??? PRESIDENT TODD, WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES SIR????? This Program just continues to make we embarrassed to say I teach at this institution. Go to the NBA Cal, that’s all you’re doing now, it’s definitly not about the UNIVERSITY of Kentucky.

  212. Jesse R.

    216) For better or for worse IT’S ABOUT BASKETBALL If you don’t like it go to another university I heard there’s one up I-64. Quit complaining and stfu.

  213. Jr. Stole My Dog!

    No pay raise for Cal needed, just fire Barnhart! His problem is not money, it is Barnhart.

  214. CalsKitchen

    199 I agree. In this economy the money needs to go elsewhere AT LEAST until the GPA goes up, we win a championship, and make sure there isn’t a scandal brewing. Even though Cal never has been tagged by the NCAA, he should be accountable for the players he recruits and the conduct that goes on under his watch. He’s selling a lot of himself and not the school.

  215. UKBK

    216 is not a professor. That is just ignorant. Taxes/tuition don’t pay cal’s salary.

  216. Jesse R.

    The Athletic department raises the money. If they want to extend Cal’s contract let them and quit b!tching about it.

  217. Kyboy

    216 Basketball pays for it self your problem is with Todd not Cal he brings more money to our communities and others Nashville, Haiti etc. Him being here can not be measured in money!



  219. English Professor

    UK Professor? we embarrassed, or me embarrassed?

  220. Justin

    I’m so tired of this Mark Hamilton stuff…it’s NOT FUNNY anymore…it’s played out…quit saying comments people as if you are Mark Hamilton!! Thank you!

  221. Mark Hamilton

    Does this Mitch have a facebook?

  222. UK Professor

    I’m fine with the Basketball program bringing in the money folks, but remember, we are the UNIVERSITY of Kentucky, not the NBA development Stop. Coach Cal is a good coach but HE IS THE HIGHEST PAID COACH RIGHT NOW. If the athletic department has “excess funds”, give that money to the PROFESSORS at the UNIVERSITY or STOP increasing tuition for University STUDENTS. Do you people realize how hard it is to go to school today?? It’s simple math…. The moral is already low among the professors now, this will only make it worse….Where are your priorities PRESIDENT TODD??? Barnhart works for you SIR! I speak for the Teachers/students of this University!!!!!!

  223. lees cousin

    ‘Pants on the ground, pants on the ground,lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground.’

  224. Slim


    Please talk about in detail what coach Cal and Brianfart has. We need to know this.

  225. Slim

    What issues they have

  226. Loyal Royal

    Where to begin?
    1. Mitch is a good AD when it comes to elevating sports no one really cares about. He has been suspect when it comes to Football & Basketball.
    2. You can’t blame the NBA or Cal for possibly being interested in one another.
    3. Cal would make a better GM than coach in the NBA. It suites his talent of recruiting.
    4. GPAs could and hopefully will be higher, but it’s merely something to keep an eye on.
    5. There needs to be an agreement with the NBA, NCAA, and players association. Something like: smaller guranteed contracts for rookies, more guranteed money for 2&3 year vets, one can enter the draft out of highschool, and if you go to college you must stay for 2 or 3 years.

  227. seth

    what ever it takes just keep cal here!!!!!!!!

  228. namcat

    I believe thornton is the better man

  229. DRAKE

    Free Weezy

  230. diamondblu7

    Barnhardt you may be AD but know your role!!!

  231. madblu187


  232. b-dub

    For god’s sake people, you never cease to amaze me. This site is 100% free, Matt and the guys (and you kate) do a great job and their reward is criticism. In this era of slanted, biased news, regardless of the category, this article is an objective breath of fresh air. For those of you that have a problem with Matt Jones or this site, perhaps you should kindly avoid us altogether and we can all get along just fine. If you are unable to refrain from your misguided, ignorant comments and simply must continue to visit this site, well then i have a suggestion for you. Come on down to Corbin, where i happily reside, and i’m sure that i can adjust that attitude of yours quite quickly. Thank you and goodnight! Let me know if there are any takers, I’m quite eager and it’s much funner if i dont have to run you down!

  233. blueblue


    While I understand your position, I think you need to look at it in a much different way. The university must pay fair market value for their professors and coaches. Cal may be the highest paid coach in college basketball, but he is worth it. To compare a professors salary to a coaches salary is like comparing apples to oranges! Also, let me ask you this. Who do you think is the highest paid employee at Duke University,…North Carolina,…Louisville,…Kansas,…, I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. One last thing. If you think that the GPA problem is a reason to not pay Cal what he worth then I think you need to show some patience. I really believe that in the future, the team will perform much better in the classroom.

  234. b-dub

    much more fun rather than much funner…..geez, how could i make a grammatical error of that nature?

  235. Jr. Stole My Dog!

    Barnhart does get credit for the UK rifle team.

  236. seth

    I live 20 minutes from chicago and the talk up here is doug collins not cal.

  237. workingman

    Professors need to shut up about pay and I’m a professor with a master’s and doctorate from a globally leading institution in my field. One thing I can tell you about professors is they could most always make more in the private sector than in their field if they were skilled enough to compete. So if you want more jack “UK Professor” get a real job. Oh I know we work so hard, well except for the next 4 months. And Christmas break and Thanksgiving break and fall break and spring break. And don’t forget the old research trips to pad the P and T files.

    So maybe I don’t feel so bad about my situation when I think about all the regular folks who’s load is just a bit over the 4/3 we have.

    Now if you need more money than what you are making go out and get another job or two. Works for me.

  238. Denimbluewasawesome

    Didn’t Calipari state during his press conference, announcing his hiring, that he would have taken less money to coach here? Now all the sudden theyre giving him more money after one season?????

  239. KSR blows and sucks simultaneously

    Matt you are a MFin retard, you run like a little girl to your computer at the first sign of a rumor whether false or not just to appear in the know, which is a pipedream at best. You don’t give a damn if it is negative about UK as long as you can get some type of benifit from it. You look like a stupid a$$ with this post and now even more of a useless insignificant p.o.s. now that mitch made his comments, you now AGAIN feel like a moron to go along with looking like one.

    Your life as well as this site is a huge waste and a fail of epic proportions.

  240. tb

    after the billy clyde debacle, barnfart can’t say anyhing about cal

  241. blueblue


    I think you are on to something. I think Barnhart is relatively young for the position he holds. He has a problem with coaches under his supervision who outshine him. Cal may work under Barnhart, but obviously he DOES NOT answer to Barnhart. If Barnhart can’t accept this as the way it is at a prestigious basketball school such as UK, then he should do everybody a favor and just move on.

  242. UK Student

    UK Professor (#228)

    In all due respect, you, sir, are the reason that President Todd should not increase salary pay for professors/staff. Your grammar alone is pathetic, regardless of what “subject” you teach, and is reflective of your academic priorities. So, please, do not claim to be the spokesman for “teachers/students of the University”. Also, please focus on helping your students out, rather than complaining about your salary. Maybe if you spent more time refining your education, maybe invested in your students and actually helped them learn, then the University would have a right to pay you more. But at this time, you spend more time on KSR than focusing on academics. Shame on you. I confess: I am just as guilty as you. I’m on KSR, leaving a pathetically long response to your rant. While it could be said that I should be studying for finals, it’s much easier to allow you and your colleagues to read KSR, write easy exams, and leave everyone happy. And that specifically, is what is wrong with the University. I don’t need to study for your weak final tomorrow.

    P.S. – I must say, however, that your point is very clear, and I commend you for that. After all, you abused your CAPS LOCK key to the extent that it should permanently removed from your keyboard. Someone give him extra credit for that.

  243. Liveblue71

    this is dumb, if he leaves he leaves. I supported the Cats since I knew what basketball was. None of this will change that. If he stays im pumped for sure. If he leaves, oh well. As long as we don’t hire BCG back i’ll live. But the pressure is on Mitch to keep him here. I can see torches and pichforks in his future if he doesn’t lol. It’s always been GO CATS not GO CAL. Though as long as he’s coaching my team I can make an exception to scream both when were beating that ass next year in the NCAA tourney. GO CATS! GO CAL! =D

  244. My Old Kentucky Home

    #245 Referring to KSR blows because i am assuming that comment will be deleted soon. Can you explain why you are on a website and commenting when you obviously do not like the website?Maybe you should not have the website set as your homepage because that can be the only reason you would have to come to this site. If you do not like it, stop reading it!

  245. UK Professor

    239) you’re making an arguement that’s not there. Where did I post that Profesors should make the same as Coaches? I just saying, when is enough, enough? How can The University sit in board rooms and tell professors WHO TEACH people how to MAKE MORE MONEY THAN THEY DO because they LOVE to teach, that there isn’t any money for COST OF LIVING RAISES but INCREASE THE PAY OF A COACH WHO MAKED $4,000,000 A YEAR? Look at that number again.. THAT’S SIX ZEROS FOLKS!!! President Todd, look that STUDENT in the eye when he’s working at the K-Lair Grill while studying Biology, Chemistry, English, History and Art History to pay his tuition, and you tell him, sorry son (or daughter), we just can’t make ends meet. We HAVE to raise tuition again… FOUR MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR AND THIS UNIVERSITY IS INCRESING HIS PAY?!?!?!?!? President Todd?????