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Cal Meets the Press at 3pm


Coach Calipari will meet with the press today at 3pm, his first conference since the end of the season.  The words “special announcement” have been attached to the presser but few have a clue as to the significance.  Keep in mind this was scheduled before the Terrence Jones Affair and, unless Cal’s got a LOI from the kid, will not be about him.  But there won’t be a dearth of topic to discuss with the new freshmen, possible JV squad creation and the bad GPA news.  Check back later as we’ll have a full rundown with Matt’s thoughts. 

Oh, and at 3:30 PST (that’s 6:30 our time) Washington coach Lorenzo Romar will be having a press conference which could provide a little more info on what’s up with Terrence Jones.  As far as I know, Romar has no LOI from Jones and won’t be able to discuss him specifically, but no doubt situation will be talked about in more general terms.  According to Percy Allen of the Seattle Times, the conference is to discuss the signing of Terrence Ross.  We’ll keep you updated on this one, too.

Article written by Patrick Barker

107 responses to “Cal Meets the Press at 3pm”

  1. Ty

    JV ,,,game changing,,,joke

  2. mack_in_cville

    Loi will be presented. My source is my gut

  3. Syrin

    Nothing to see here. Keep moving

  4. In The Know

    My sources tell me the time is coming soon to have to register to make comments.

  5. SexnNursinHomes

    2- that’s what Cal’s special presser is about. To give us registration instructions for KSR

  6. Poindexter Lumber Company

    Suh weet… I love registering… I did it once…

  7. mekka

    I’d be great as an aside if he was able to talk about Jones…we all know what that would mean. Yeah not happening, I know.



  9. I Have Good News

    This Press Conference is about to set the internets on fire! Good News is about to break BBN!

  10. Blake

    i have been reading this site since its creation (around the time the frosted one started charging for bad info)never posted b4, but love the site, keep up the good work guys and kate 😉
    p.s. matt i think you interned with my uncle, we talk about the site during holidays

  11. Forthesakeofeducation

    I hope this isn’t like a Pitino P.C. of nothingness. If it’s @ the stupid ass J.V. thing, I will be pi$$ed.

  12. BigCatDaddy4263

    Good News, Good News, Coach Cal has Good News..

  13. I'm Just Sayin

    Special Announcement will be public hanging of Jerry Tipton.

  14. truBLU

    @#14 C’mon man don’t tease like that!

  15. Blake

    #12 i don’t think that there is enuff burbon in the state to make Cal’s presser look as dumb as Ricky 3stacks’

  16. SexnNursinHomes

    Hopefully Call doesn’t think a JV team consitutes a need for a special press conference. I mean, can’t he just talk about that when he is discussing other UK related stuff???? Hopefully the first two letters out of his mouth are T and then J.

  17. Huh?

    a DEARTH of topics? Somebody has been using his thesaurus.

  18. Thats2bad4u

    How is Ricky 3 stacks a reference to Pitino. I am not able to connect the dots.

  19. Hey Zues

    can a coach talk about a recruit directly even if they sign a LOI for another school? just wondering because that could come into play for both coaches press conferences.

  20. Hey Zues

    ricky three stacks refers to the three grand pitino shelled out to sypher for “health insurance”

  21. GoCats2010

    19. paid 3 grand for the abortion, 3 stacks. Bomani is a boss

  22. dhighdrated

    is wkyt going to air it or anything?

  23. Cal's Presser

    I think Tipton’s long lost brother works out in Seattle. Steve Kelly, ??? I think his email just blew up with BBN reacting to his piece on Cal

  24. Cal's Presser

    Hopefully, UK/Cal is going to announce that we are retracting the LHL/Tipton’s press pass and not allowing him near the facilities EVEN with a ticket!!!

  25. Tdogg40330

    yeah, does anyone know if its live on WKYT or online??

  26. ksmith

    I love UK and Coach Cal, but he really needs to address this student GPA issue. If some of the freshman are the ones that have the lowest of GPAs he should explain what happened and what he will do to address this in the future. I’m sorry, but these student are at a public university receiving full scholarships on our tax money and should be held accountable if they are below UKs min. GPA for satifactory academic progress. If they leave early without passing (C or better) the courses then they should be required to repay all or part of the scholarship money. This should be mandated NCAA wide. As BTI pointed out a few weeks ago, UK pays several 100k a year per student athelete on the b-ball team for all the expenses. The least they could do is fulfill their part of the agreement (go to class, practice, & play. When I was at EKU trying to graduate at times I couldn’t even afford to order a $10 dominos pizza but I did what was required to keep my grades in good standing since I was receiving financial aid.

  27. The Riddler

    Only one color, but not one size,
    Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies.
    Present in sun, but not in rain,
    Doing no harm, and feeling no pain.
    What am I???

  28. CatFan

    Terrence Ross is going to go on a Seattle Radio show at 10:37 PST and talk about the TJ situation.

  29. Westcoast Cat fan

    Terrence Ross will be on this Seattle Radio station at 1037 A.M. PST to talk about him signing at UW, and also the Terrence Jones situation.

  30. SexnNursinHomes

    29- Terrence Ross needs to be in school worrying about graduating.

  31. ukkilla005

    Cal was hired to win games not have good grades..end of story

  32. Tdogg40330

    27) You have to also look at it the other way around too. These kids are pretty much
    made to go to college now. I can’t really blame them if they just do enough to get by,
    if they know the NBA is the next step.

  33. The Riddler

    That sports host IS AN IDIOT!!! They have callers claiming Cal pays players, LOL!!!

  34. The Riddler

    The host also is saying Cal called Jones, I thought Jones called him???

  35. Curious

    Jon hood sent this tweet out 1 hour ago:

    jdhood4 “Slowly moving stuff out of the lodge.”

    Does this mean he is leaving UK?

  36. crazydave

    33….that’s why it should either be straight to the NBA or at least two years. Or you could put an additional requirement to be eligible for the draft you MUST be in good academic standing.

  37. dandycat

    leaving to go to China

  38. Artie Lange

    Why does anyone care about what grades these kids make? When Tubby was coach and we lost ten games per year, but made higher grades, did anyone come out and say, “Tubby is doing a great job, look at those GRADES!!!!” Please.

  39. SexnNursinHomes

    36- yeah, he got a job at the NIKE assembly in China

  40. BearDog

    32.) cal was hired to make these boys better men and be an ambassador to this program.

  41. Pete Rose

    39. because they should be absolute perfect in everyway, or the haters are going to hate :/

  42. truBLU

    #21–More like “wealth insurance”

  43. Ricky 3 Stacks

    36. School is out for summer

  44. ksmith

    #33 I agree with you on the crazy 1 and done rule but since it’s an NBA rule and not an NCAA rule that’s not the public universities fault. It should be either 2 years or nothing. In 2 years someone can get an associates degree at the very least but the NBA doesn’t care, they just want a free evaluation period for these kids before pumping millions into a guy who could be a total bust. I just don’t think it’s fare to a regular student or even the other student atheletes for that matter for someone to recieve as much aid as these kids have and to not have lived up to the standards set forth by the university for satisfactory academic progress. If I was guessing, I would bet these guys took the easiest classes they could anyway. There has to be a uniform NCAA process to address this. I just hate how much crap UK is having to take because of a few selfish people.

  45. What an idiot

    #14 That was hilarious. LOL

  46. Tdogg40330

    1) I agree, I personally dont think an 18 year old kid should have to wait
    1 year to play in the NBA. As long as kids have to wait a year or 2 to go
    to the league, academics will not improve ….

  47. Mark Pope

    did TRoss shed any light on the situation ? i can’t get the “listen live” to work

  48. ksmith

    I don’t think the players should be perfect but he should be required to meet the min. standards set forth by UK for academics.

  49. tc32

    Terrence Ross coming up next on KJR 950 Seattle radio. Might talk T Jones.

  50. mack_in_cville

    radio station lied about 10:37, just now started talking

  51. The Riddler
  52. In a perfect world

    I think that universities should have a course package for players that may leave after their first year. Classes, maybe 12 hours a semester, would focus on economic issues (i.e. managing money, investments, etc.) as well as basic business or ethics courses. If a player then wants to leave after the first year they would need a satisfactory GPA for these courses.

  53. CatFan

    Radio guy is baiting the T.Ross kid to say bad things about Cal.

  54. CatFan

    T.Ross said he was “shocked” when T.Jones picked UW and said he thought T.Jones would pick Kentucky.

  55. The Riddler

    55- I agree!

  56. ellemae

    The DJ tried asked TR to describe what it is like to be recruited by Coach Cal. TR didn’t say anything really negative. He just said he doesn’t know for sure where T Jones is going, but his gut tells him he will go to Washington.

  57. john

    Ross still thinks he ends up at UW

  58. Pissin' Blue

    That radio host is an ignorant moron. Just straight up trashed us. And Terrence Ross doesn’t know anything either. No wonder there were worries about his grades. “Washington is more appealing cause of all the stuff UK is going through”. WTF is that?

  59. Final Four? Says:

    14. pay-per-view? sign me up!

  60. CatFan

    T.Ross said he will guess that T.Jones will stay with UW but he has ” no clue” what will happen. He said he hasn’t talked to TJ since Saturday and TJ doesn’t like to talk about the recruiting situation.

  61. Forthesakeofeducation

    Wow, that guy started to get inappropriate with his “leading” the discussion – poor kid. He was reallllly trying to make the kid say ANYTHING about Cal that could be construed as malicious and/or underhanded.

    Ross gave sr8 PC answers. Nothing learned at all from him on that – as could be expected.

  62. BravoBigBlue

    I don’t think Cal wanted Ross, especially after we got Lamb.

  63. T. Ross

    If Cal really does run a team for dummies, I should have signed there – CAUSE I’M A BIG DUMMIE…

    (I love how this kid has academic issues, yet his coach, school, parents, radio guy, and TR all think it is more important to talk UK/TJ/Cal than it is for TR to be in CLASS!!!)

  64. Still hoping for TJ

    I doubt that Cal says anything about TJ….I hope he does but I don’t expect it. 28. A shadow.

  65. The Riddler

    That my friend was a JOKE of an interview, that’s why “Softy” is stuck in the Northwest!!!

  66. The Riddler

    66- Good job!

  67. U-Dub radio guy

    I’m an idiot, nothing more to really say…

    Well, except that Ross is an idiot also for getting suckered into talking sooooo long about UK and the other Terrence.

  68. I got one for ya

    What is lame? What wastes our time while on KSR? What is useless?

    If you guessed, “The Riddler” – you get a free hand job from The Riddler himself.

  69. Nassau65

    14. We can hope can’t we?

  70. Maggard's left ballsack

    WTF is going on?!?! If Jones gonna commit to UK or not? I want this to be over with.

  71. Fred Bread

    2 & 54 – You’re really that excited about registering? I mean that’s fine and all. I also support bringing back registration. But why comment about your enthusiasm for registering once, let alone twice on the same post? Calm down.

  72. UKUKUK


  73. The Riddler

    70- Depends on how cute you are!

  74. GoCats2

    when can we register? I want it to be like before with only true kentucky fans and where Matt and me can talk one on one

  75. john

    I’d assume there’d be a stream of the presser somewhere lol

  76. Dawgman81

    Hey Cat fans……Dawg fan here. Terrence Ross was just on the radio out here. He said that he doesn’t know what Terrence Jones is going to do, but his gut says that he thinks he sticks with UW. The interview should be OnDemand later. Check it out. . He said that from what he heard Calipari was really disappointed or something like that. So nothing concrete, but something to feed your inquiring minds as I know I can’t stop searching the net for info.

  77. I got one for ya

    75/The – THAT is exactly what I expected you to say. Run along, young’un. The men want to talk about UK, not riddles…

  78. John

    Maggard, NO. Don’t any of the idiot UK fans get it. This was all unethical and should have been a day when Terrance jones and his family would celebrate. Instead, it was all about squid. Like it always is. I hope he tells cal to kiss his ass. The person who posted asking the question why he would call a press conference to announce a jv team? Are you kidding? Because Squid loves the attention. I wish John Cheney would have kicked his ass. How many hall of fame coaches hate this guy? You think it is jeleousy? If so you are very delusional.

  79. CatFan

    73.) Thats not the real GoCat2. Thats a troll. We will all be better off when we are forced to register. The Mods can ban a person and they won’t be able to just switch their email address and continue to post nonsense.

  80. T.Will or T.WON'T

    Players from the Northwest are the most mentally stable people in all the 53 states.

  81. SexnNursinHomes

    80- John, hahahaha, take a valium, that vein in your forehead can’t take it

  82. Hey Dumbass

    #76) Damn dude did the real GoCats ruin your life or something? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such determination out of a Tard fan.

  83. John Cheney

    80/John – Are you kidding? I said that then looked for everyone/anyone to step in and “stop” me. There was no way my old black ass would have been able to take Cal – that was 15 years ago – he would have cleaned the floor with me.

  84. john

    I cant wait till registrations

    judging by 80 I need to change my name on here.

  85. CatFan

    Im gay.

  86. FU

    80) It kind of appears that you are the delusional one.

  87. john

    I vote for no registration.

  88. An end to political talk?

    Is Matt’s “registration” idea more of an attempt to remove the ‘negative’ political talk – you know, the views that oppose his?

    I appreciate the fact that President Obama could take time from his busy golf schedule to go tell some jokes at the Correspondents Dinner the other night – while the economy is still messed up, unemployement is still too high, and we have a ‘crisis’ in the gulf…

  89. George W. Bush

    90- Kinda like when I was on a fishing vacation durinf hurricane katrina. yeee dogggieeee

  90. just a wish

    special announcment = some unexpected players decide to come back.

  91. Mark Pope

    TRoss : “Washington is more appealing to me because i got no real offer from UK”

  92. In Awe

    Coach Cal has truly reached Boogeyman status.

    I love it. I could listen to morons cry that “everyone knows he cheats but no one can prove it” all day long. As Lachlan McClean says “if thats the best you can come up with then you really are desperate”.

  93. John

    I can’t wait till we get to register. Then maybe matt will answer my emails he’s been dodging. Hi Matt. Love the bangs. How’s that job going? Do you steal material when you go into the courtroom. I bet you watch law and order for hints don’t u?

  94. An end to political talk?

    91/George – What happened to all that HOPE/CHANGE stuff. If my man, W, did things so badly – why does the chosen one follow in his footsteps. Did his teleprompter not tell him he was suppose to be serious this week and DEAL with real issues and not try to show us he can read someone elses jokes from a … teleprompter?

  95. John

    If the best you van come up with is “prove it” then you’re pretty lame as well. That’s all I hear.

  96. UKBK

    90. What an icredibly intelligent arguement. Did you come up with that all by yourself or did you just copy/paste Glen Beck’s remarks?

  97. BLUEmist

    This “john” dude is a tard fan- bitter about Teague, bitter that his ghetto commuter school is irrelevant, bitter his coach is a wife cheating baby killer who can’t recruit, bitter their new arena looks like a trailor and is named after fast food chicken, bitter that UK owns the tards, and bitter it has been since 1986.

  98. Laura

    Will Coach Cal’s Press conference be online??

  99. ShawnBB

    what station???? i live out of state. looking for it via internet!!

  100. The Monster Mash

    Anyone know if Cal’s presser is online?

  101. ShawnBB

    what station? i live out of state. looking for it via internet! I need help

  102. The Monster Mash

    How come we can watch streaming video of a door of an office building all day (when Cal left Memphis), but we can’t get this?


  103. BigCat

    Think of the oppurtunity a JV team actually offers. We would be able to play every big time Juco player and have them on campus. We could play prep schools as well. This would get Oak Hill, IMG, Findley Prep,kids on ccampus to play the JV team. This is actually a bigger deal than most people think.

  104. Laura

    I completely agree. I’m in Hoosier city and can’t access anything UK except via the net!

  105. Ashland Wildcat

    Presser at 6:30 EST, not 3:30 EST

  106. John's gay butthole

    It’s funny… I fart but it doesn’t make a sound anymore… just a whoosh of air.

  107. njCat

    97) why bother proving anything when you can just make derogatory comments on a message board to antagonize people – regardless of the facts and context of the situation. You sir, have no manners.

    Any coach who takes time out of a VERY busy schedule to raise money for Haiti and the family of a fallen policeman is OK w/ me. Seriously, what’s not to like about Cal… he’s a family man who gives to the community and is dedicated to his players. I can certainly understand why fans of other programs are desperate to discredit him – its called fear, frustration and jealousy. Losing is no fun – and it brings out the worst in people, especially those who exhibit poor sportsmanship.

    Re GPA issue… as long as the players stay academically eligible they are meeting the NCAA requirement… PERIOD. Anyone who thinks players in a hurry to to the NBA are going to be serious students is just being naive. School is a necessary evil for them – and the program is doing well if the players maintain their eligibility and complete their spring classes. I also see no reason why the team GPA should be published. Track it internally if it is a metric used to evaluate members of the staff (e.g. Sandy Bell). Cal certainly needs to be supportive of academic success because eligibility is critical to team success. However it is not, nor should it be, one of his top priorities. The guy’s busy enough recruiting, coaching and being the primary ambassador for the program. He gets an A+ on all counts in my book.