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The One And Done Rule Is Messing With Our Dynasty

During his time as the really important guy at the podium at today’s coaching clinic at Rutgers, Kentucky coach John Calipari made a pretty bold statement about what the UK program could be without this silly little “one and done” rule.  According to Adam Zagoria, Calipari not only prefers that players be “three and done” or “four and done” (both tentatively called “The Pitino Rule), he thinks the Cats could be a Wooden-like dynasty if that rule weren’t in place. 

A few of his quotes:

“It’s not the ’70s,” he said Friday at Rutgers at the first annual clinic to benefit “In Brayden’s Eyes, The Brayden Carr Foundation.” “Could you imagine if I had these guys three and four years?  It would be UCLA.”

“People that say, ‘Well, he likes one-and-done,’” said Calipari, who has taken three schools to the Final Four but has yet to win a championship. “I hate one-and-done. Why would I want one-and-done?

“I’m getting guys, I’d like to have them four years. We’d win a whole lot of games. But that’s not the rule so now we end up losing three and four and five and maybe six this year to the NBA.”

So what you’re saying is that Cal would be happy with only 10 titles in 12 years?  C’mon, man!  What happened to RTL?

Article written by Thomas Beisner

15 responses to “The One And Done Rule Is Messing With Our Dynasty”

  1. mocha

    He’s right.

  2. David E.

    Cal is the destroyer of myths like…parity.

  3. (Mark) Pope John Waul II

    During LeBron’s recent visit to Lexington, Pitino was asked if he was threatened by the notion of losing kids to the star-power King James brings to Kentucky. He responded, “Calapari can have James. Personally, I’d rather have (Roe v.) Wade affiliated with our program–really allows you to get rid of the kids you didn’t want in the first place.

  4. Manchester

    UCLA didn’t win 11 straight titles.

  5. KYStout

    Calipari is exactly right on this. Good for him for putting a lid on the OAD myth – it’s the only thing that’s keep ing Kentucky from completely subjugating the rest of college basketball.

    Also – in the internet age, do you think UCLA could have endured the Sam Gilbert scrutiny? Yep, it’s not the 1970’s any more.

  6. Manchester

    Aha, yes, you ninja-edited the last line of the article! Sneaky Beisner!


    It would not happen… I.E. -If John Wall hadnt left, Brandon Knight would have never came…. How many 5 star recruits do you hear of sign on to sitting the bench for a year or two…. Back when Wooden was coaching, freshmen did not play varsity. Big difference.

  8. bobby perry

    cal couldnt win with wall,cousins,patterson and bledsoe. hes not going to do it with this freshmen class

  9. huge ky fan
  10. The Anti-Schwump

    7- That’s not the point. Imagine Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, etc entering their JR season. We may not add 4-5 studs every year, more like 1-2 but the stable stays full continuously.


    10- And you think by doing that you would have a dynasty like UCLA did in the 70’s…. NO WAY. Nobody is going to… Not UK, UNC, Dook, etc. AND no I’m not a UCLA fan, just think Cal is had a little diarrhea of the mouth on that one.

  12. kyeric

    Bill “Iodine Knee” Walton

  13. Common Sense

    Does anyone else notice the blood on the UCLA players knee…or what looks like blood…

  14. Matt Jones if he told the truth

    Cal pays for players just like the UCLA booster did. anyone who thinks otherwise, has their head up Cal’s bloated anus.

  15. rrrgggghhh

    Am I the only one who remembers what the one and done rule replaced? The NONE and done rule? As in Wall and sizable number of those other guys would have never played college basketball?