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Cal Hangs with the Yankees


Calipari is hanging with Paul O’Neill and Joe Girardi today…and wearing a horrible shirt. Happy Holiday weekend everyone!

Article written by Matt Jones

24 responses to “Cal Hangs with the Yankees”

  1. Dwight Howard

    Hey, it looks better than my NBA History. My future looks wayyyy worse.

  2. Linda Taylor

    At least it’s blue and white #tryingtolookonthebrightside

  3. QueerBait

    Matt, you’re a deuche…he’s 10x more GQ than you.

    I hope I get one of your arrogant and far from funny responses.

  4. drats

    I knew Cal had to show a flaw someday. Guess this is it

  5. brain

    But he spelled queer correctly. Hmmm….

  6. McQueen

    Don’t let the recruits see that shirt. Guess it wouldn’t have been a nice gesture to wear his reds shirt.

  7. Clay Ramirez

    Paul O’Neil once hit two home runs in one game for a kid in a hospital

  8. Coach Durbin

    Thumbs down on the the shirt, but it looks like he’s lost a few lbs in the off season.



  10. Ricky

    Looks like Cal has lost the Orange Leaf weight. He’s half the size he was last year unless that picture is just deceiving.

  11. Fashionista

    Love the shirt….. I give the shirt two snaps and a swirl…..!

  12. bgblue

    I noticed Cal’s weight,too. His stomach is not protruding. He looks good. Maybe frustration and stress made him gain weight last season.

  13. Kev

    Well…since we are on the weight train. Looks like Girardi’s belt could use a few new holes.

  14. PennsylvaniaWildcat

    I think Cal cut the Papa John’s ever since Louisville’s NC.

  15. Juice

    I love the shirt! He looks comfortable as hell! Cal – don’t let Matt decide your wardrobe for you!

  16. lesigh

    @11 He now only gets coffee at Dunkin Donuts.
    @5 Matt, “deuche” means “German douche.” And here I thought you were of British ancestry like most of us Eastern KY folks.

  17. lesigh

    I wonder if Paul O’Neil still does adverts for Glockner (sp.?) Chevrolet? (Old Reds radio fan inside joke.)

  18. Bradley

    Jones making fun of a “horrible shirt”! Lol. Oh the irony.

  19. Bluemister

    Talk about a mooseknuckle…

  20. Megan

    8- It was one home run. They scored the other a triple and throwing error that allowed the runner to reach home.

    Joe Girardi can kick anyone’s ass.

  21. Kittyfan

    I kinda like the shirt.

  22. frank

    I’m with kittyfan, I dig the shirt.

  23. Matt Jones is a hick from the mountains

    Matt knows style like Louisville knows class.

    Cal’s shirt is actually quite nice and completely appropriate for coach in the off season.

    In the Hawaiian style, it’s not busy and the colors of the University.

    For Matt to think he can even comment on it shows the lack of situational awareness he’s found himself in. Hideous? Not even close.