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Cal agreed to take picture with Pitino


The picture of Rick Pitino and John Calipari from Malone’s last night has been one of the more intriguing mysteries of the offseason so far. It’s no secret that the two aren’t each other’s favorite person, and theories as to why they were dining together have kept the BBN guessing all morning. I’ll be honest, I was worried the two had become friends, and life as we know it would be turned upside down.

Thankfully, the father of the woman in the picture above called in to today’s radio show and shed some light on the mysterious photo, which he says was orchestrated by his daughter. According to the caller, the woman saw Cal eating at Malone’s, and knowing that Pitino was next door at Drake’s, asked Cal if he would be willing to take a picture with her and Pitino. Cal obliged.

Earlier on Monday night, Cal tweeted that he would be dining at Malone’s to honor the passing of his friend Ron Rager, the COO of Bluegrass Hospitality Group, which owns Malone’s, Sal’s, and Drake’s. Perhaps Pitino had the same idea, and with the help of one brave woman, came together for a photo op for the ages.

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36 responses to “Cal agreed to take picture with Pitino”

  1. Musehobo

    Why do i get the feeling that if I requested that, I’d get laughed at? A pretty girl is very persuasive.

  2. Me

    No way that’s the real Rick…he looks like he’s 40, and wearing Dockers and a plaid button down? Also, was this taken on a disposable camera with -2.0 megapixel?

  3. RICK

    Thats bs, thats not Rick today maybe 2o years ago. Someone is feeding you a line of BS.

  4. Ben

    Malone’s, Sal’s, etc. have very low light, guys. It really helps make Rick look less like a corpse.

  5. Joe B Hall and Denny Crum

    They’ll be good friends and fishing buddies after they both retire.

  6. Ben

    The only kind of fishing Rick Pitino does is “catfishing.”

  7. She_is_gorgeous

    Wow!! This girl is gorgeous. Someone get me a name and number!

  8. Collie

    That picture looks like Drakes. Sal’s and Malones, although in the same shops are about 150 yards apart. Cal must have really obliged to walk that far for a photo with RP.

  9. eeewwwww

    Poor cute lil blonde. Before this pic, I’d never actually seen a girl catch an STD before

  10. KarenS

    And, that’s a younger picture of me, Karen S! You knew that Rick Porcini would be standing next to me!

  11. yes please

    That girl is brave trying to get Pitino and Cal together for a picture…..I would like to see her naked.

  12. Michael F. Jox

    Dude on the right makes me happy that he’s our coach, guy on the left gave UK’s program life again, and for that, I appreciate him. Go Johnny and Ricky!

  13. SeoulCat

    #3. I think Rick followed up his tattoo with another kind of needle to the skin in the form of Botox. That, and a heavy shampooing of Just For Men: 15 Second Rinse.

  14. Proof Positive

    Show the tat or it didn’t happen.

  15. Wowsers

    I bet that girl didn’t even explain her plan. She probably just went up to each of them and said, “Come with me.” I bet neither one even noticed the other was in the photo. I bet they didn’t even realize anyone else was in the room. What a woman!

  16. BOSOX

    Those are look a likes, Pitino is not taller than Coach Cal, and you can clearly see the guy on right has a mustache!!! Nice try tho

  17. youknow

    I like the photo bomb guy in the back.

  18. Lalalalala

    Her name is Casey McLean

  19. Tim

    BS, that’s Drakes in Landsdowne you can see Forcht bank out the window. Sals is at the other end of the shopping center so no way Cal goes all the way to Drakes for a pic

  20. Mynameisjoe18

    I was there.. I got a picture with each one of them individually.. Pitino was eating at drakes and cal at malones. Pitino was there long before cal. I was hoping to get a pic with both too but cal took the one photo and then departed quickly. Those are both the real people though. It was cool to see.

  21. Huff

    I hope Cal gave Rick a good clap on the back, you know, to say “congrats” while also leaving the new tatt to sting for a few minutes.

  22. RICK

    20, YEAH RIGHT

  23. The Truth

    The Truth is that RP only agreed to do it if he had to be next to the girl for no more than 15 seconds.

  24. Dear Internet

    Quit taking vertical pictures and videos

  25. Otis

    What is going on here? What’s next Joe Hall and Danny Crum doing a radio show

  26. Eddy From Eddyville

    She walked in on a meeting of the Heads of the Five Families

  27. Ashley

    Very truthful. I was eating dinner with her when she did all of this. She is not shy and doesn’t care to ask those kind of questions. I’m just jealous I didn’t join her (:

  28. TulsaCat

    Is the Waddy Werewolf in the background?

  29. Ricky P.

    I would like to request a corner both with the blonde please. No menus, I only need about 15 seconds.

  30. UK Fan #5

    Keep it in your pants Rick, already had some trouble with one blonde.

  31. Eric

    Something doesn’t smell right
    1) Cal tweets early in the evening that he will eat at Malones
    2) caller says daughter saw him at Sal’s eating
    3) Daughter knew Pitino was at Malone’s
    4) Cal goes to Malone!s eats w Pitino

    Why did Cal tweet one restaurant and eat at another ?
    Why was he willing to go so easy over to Malone’s
    Who invited who to eat together
    Why was Pitino in Lex? Lots of ????

  32. Otis

    Pitino was in Lexington because he lives in Lexington.

  33. CA

    32 – What do you mean Pitino lives in Lexington?

  34. Mandy Back

    To honor a remarkable friend and family member is the reason Coach Cal dined at Malone’s – let’s all take a moment of silence to remember a truly remarkable individual – Ron Rager. May he rest in peace.

  35. Cocerfather

    I hope she left before closing time and didn’t have dessert with Rick.

  36. Ben

    Jesus Christ do some of you never get out? It’s an attractive blonde girl. Go to UK’s campus and you’ll see hundreds of them. A lot of them will actually speak with you if you approach and talk to them like a normal human being, instead of acting like a penis with hands. Quit being creepy on the internet in the KSR comments section. No woman in her right mind finds, “hey baby, I saw you on KSR, let’s have sex” attractive. Feel free to use that line on any lunatics, strippers, or female IU fans (if those exist) you meet, though, cause they’re all F’n crazy.