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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Settle the Greatest Program Debate

Going into this, I want to make it clear that I had no idea how the final point tally would come out.  I wanted to try and put together the best comparison of the 5 major college basketball programs in the country historically, and decide with numbers, who can call themselves the greatest of all-time.  I stacked up UK, UNC, Duke, Kansas, and UCLA in each decade since the 1940’s, when the NCAA Tournament began.  I took into account All-Americans, national titles, Final Fours, Hall of Famers, and NBA Draft Picks.  I truly couldn’t think of anything more to compare the programs with.  I used a 1-2-3-4-5 scoring system, meaning the team with the LOWEST point total wins.  If I missed something obvious, and it can be calculated, I will add to this.  All ties in any category resulted in an average of those 2 places, i.e. a tie for 1st resulted in a 1.5 point total for each team. 

So, here is what I came up with, and again I had no idea how it would turn out before adding up the totals.   

1. Kentucky (2 titles, 3 Final Fours, 4 Tournament Appearances, 8 conference championships)
2. Kansas (0 titles, 1 Final Four, 2 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
3. UNC (0 titles, 1 Final Four, 2 Tournament Appearances, 3 conference championships)
T-4. Duke (0 titles, 0 Final Four, 0 Tournament Appearances, 3 conference championships)
T-4. UCLA (0 titles, 0 Final Four, 0 Tournament Appearances, 3 conference championships)

1. Kentucky (2 titles, 2 Final Fours, 7 Tournament Appearances, 7 conference championships)
2. Kansas (1 title, 3 Final Fours, 3 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
3. UNC (1 title, 1 Final Four, 2 Tournament Appearances, 3 conference championships)
4. UCLA (0 titles, 0 Final Four, 3 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
5. Duke (0 titles, 0 Final Four, 1 Tournament Appearance, 2 conference championships)

1. UCLA (5 titles, 6 Final Fours, 7 Tournament Appearances, 7 conference championships)
2. Duke (0 titles, 3 Final Fours, 4 Tournament Appearances, 4 conference championships)
3. UNC (0 titles, 3 Final Fours, 3 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
4. Kentucky (0 titles, 1 Final Four, 6 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
5. Kansas (0 titles, 0 Final Four, 3 Tournament Appearances, 3 conference championships)

1. UCLA (5 titles, 7 Final Fours, 10 Tournament Appearances, 10 conference championships)
2. Kentucky (1 title, 2 Final Fours, 7 Tournament Appearances, 7 conference championships)
3. UNC (0 titles, 2 Final Fours, 6 Tournament Appearances, 6 conference championships)
4. Kansas (0 titles, 2 Final Fours, 4 Tournament Appearances, 4 conference championships)
5. Duke (0 title, 1 Final Four, 2 Tournament Appearances, 1 conference championship)

1. UNC (1 title, 2 Final Fours, 10 Tournament Appearances, 6 conference championships)
2. Kansas (1 title, 2 Final Fours, 6 Tournament Appearances, 1 conference championship)
T-3. Kentucky (0 titles, 1 Final Four, 8 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
T-3. Duke (0 titles, 3 Final Fours, 7 Tournament Appearances, 1 conference championship)
5. UCLA (0 titles, 1 Final Four, 5 Tournament Appearances, 2 conference championships)

1. Duke (2 titles, 5 Final Fours, 9 Tournament Appearances, 6 conference championships)
T-2. Kentucky (2 titles, 4 Final Fours, 8 Tournament Appearances, 3 conference championships)
T-2. UNC (1 title, 5 Final Fours, 10 Tournament Appearances, 2 conference championships)
4. Kansas (0 titles, 2 Final Fours, 10 Tournament Appearances, 7 conference championships)
5. UCLA (1 title, 1 Final Four, 10 Tournament Appearances, 4 conference championships)

1. UNC (2 titles, 4 Final Fours, 9 Tournament Appearances, 6 conference championships)
2. Duke (2 titles, 3 Final Fours, 12 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
3. Kansas (1 title, 3 Final Fours, 12 Tournament Appearances, 9 conference championships)
T-4. Kentucky (0 titles, 1 Final Four, 11 Tournament Appearances, 5 conference championships)
T-4. UCLA (0 titles, 3 Final Fours, 9 Tournament Appearances, 3 conference championships)

Total NCAA Titles
1. UCLA (11)
2. Kentucky (7)
3. North Carolina (5)
4. Duke (4)
5. Kansas (3)

Most Final Fours
T-1. North Carolina (18)
T-1. UCLA (18)
3. Duke (15)
4. Kentucky (14)
5. Kansas (13)

NBA Draft Picks
1. UCLA (108)
2. Kentucky (101)
3. North Carolina (101)
4. Duke (77)
5. Kansas (74)

1. Kentucky (52)
2. North Carolina (47)
3. Kansas (43)
4. UCLA (37)
5. Duke (31)

Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees (Player or Coach)
1. Kansas (17)
2. North Carolina (9)
3. Kentucky (7)
4. UCLA (6)
5. Duke (2)

OK, so using the 1-2-3-4-5 point system mentioned earlier, the final standings are:
1. North Carolina: 28 points
2. Kentucky: 30.5 points
3. UCLA: 36.5 points
4. Kansas: 41 points
5. Duke: 44 points

Probably not exactly what you wanted to see.  But, that is how it all came out.  Kentucky’s struggles, in comparison, in the 1960’s and 2000’s are what likely cost them, plus the overall Final Four count.  North Carolina never finished below 3rd in any category.  But, things such as fan support can not be calculated, which adds to Kentucky’s lure.  Now, the question is, what did I miss?  What category can be added that will push Kentucky to the top?

Article written by Bryan the Intern

102 responses to “BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Settle the Greatest Program Debate”

  1. Sexington

    Bti just ruined everyones day

  2. Prev

    Need to add in the Final Four winning %. It’s not enough just to get there.

  3. Pablo

    UNC gets -300 for wearing girl colors

  4. PolsonForThree(minutes)

    Are all time wins not considered? I am not a BTI basher, but I could pick specific categories and make Morehead State the greatest program of all time.

  5. uk2k

    most wins!

  6. Mr. Mustache


  7. LigginsIsMagic

    You could add Avg. Fan Attendance numbers? Not sure if these would help Kentucky: NCAA Tourney games hosted. Final Fours Hosted. Number of One & Dones.

  8. Eric


  9. SECOnNotice

    As should be expected, this is terrible. Every stat is counted as equally important and their is no way to quantify the margins between individual performances. The Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees category, I feel, is almost meaningless in and of itself, and he doesn’t even include All-time wins in this calculation. Way to keep up the high standards, BTI.

  10. Thomas Beisner

    The Troy McKinley Factor

  11. jmh1304

    I think you need to add total wins and most ncaa touranament wins.

  12. Elvis

    Look at final 4 winning percentage. UCLA would be tops but we are winning 50% of the time we make it.

  13. Nintendo

    All time wins?

  14. AaronJ

    Total Wins

  15. jaygee85

    u def. have to add all-time wins to the category, as well as ncaa tournament appearances and winning %, conference tournament winning %, reg. season winning % and i would also add each teams record against the other teams in the list.

  16. David E.

    1. Tubby’s drought cost us big time. When it started, we were tied with UNC for Final Fours.
    2. UCLA should be stripped of all points because they bought those trophies.

    Also, BTI, as others have mentioned – Throw in total wins and winning %. Kentucky is #1 in both. Kentucky is ahead by 20 or so wins, but UNC has played something like 80 more games.

  17. Pierce Buster

    Tournament Appearances
    Tournament Wins

    Conference winning % would not be as telling, as UNC & Duke play in a, historically, harder conference. Also, head-to-head records would not help us against UNC, as they are the only “regular” opponent we have a losing record against.

  18. Patrick Patterson

    all time win percentage

  19. Nintendo

    Conference titles, regular season and tournament.

  20. ADD THIS

    Add in attendence as “fan support”

  21. jkwoftw

    Those are, for the most part, reasonable measurements of program success, but the rankings were arbitrarily given 1:1 value with the point system, which makes all categories worth the same amount, which is silly. Another issue is that you’re double-counting a lot of stuff between the decade-dominance measurements and the latter categories. Finally, you’re not taking into account successes of seasons that ended in anything less than a final four and/or conference title. You should probably choose whether to keep the first or second group of categories, add number of 30/25/20 win seasons, include attendance (to take fanbase into account, as you said), and possibly a few other things. The number of different coaches winning a championship is a good barometer for a program’s strength, but using your point system would cause it to be weighed much too heavily into the conversation. Not all of these things would help UK (although most would, because UK does have the strongest program objectively), but they would lend more statistical integrity to the calculations.

  22. Brew Crew

    Just gonna parrot what those above have said. It’d be nice to see the all-time wins category, or all-time win percentage (might be better). Some weight system would be nice too

  23. jkwoftw

    Also, wins and win percentage matter, but once again, you need to scrap that point system.

  24. Z.Rex

    1. All-time wins

    2. How many players who left early came back to attain their degree

    3. % of the time Ashley Judd attends your games

  25. Sean

    Home record, a reflection of how tough a team is in front of their home crowd. That takes care of a.)wins and b.)fans.

  26. Nintendo

    24) Understandable, but perhaps pro-rate the conference tournaments? That might be stretching it a bit.

  27. cwilson

    Head to Head wins aginst each other.

  28. David

    Don’t worry about conference this or that. ALL TIME WINS + ALL TIME WINNING %

    All you need.

  29. Powerlifter165

    Not a BTI basher but… All time wins should have been included as well as all time tourney wins.

  30. cpacat

    Cheerleading Championships, one point for each!

  31. Dr. Dick Fitzenbutts

    I think it’s pretty obvious we all agree that UK’s basketball program is the best there’s ever been. And, despite the desire to prove it via statistics, I personally don’t believe I need to bother with trying to convince fans of any of the other top programs. I’m comfortable with KNOWING for myself who the greatest is and that’s good enough for me.

  32. Team of the 90s

    i thought most considered UK the team of the 90s? now you have them tied with UNC behind Duke? i don’t think so. we were a Nazr Mohammed FT away from a three-peat.

  33. Richochet Rabbit

    We are biased and he will find a way to make the numbers work. In BTI we trust.

  34. donny

    Will someone please get rid of that stuttering idiot on wazoo…makes me want to kill myself

  35. stevem

    BS! Any analysis that makes Duke the #1 program of all time is complete BS!

  36. Anthony Davis Has A Posse

    No way to fix the Overall Rankings. The system is too flawed. You can’t just “make up” weights and categories and expect anything close to a scientific result.

    Every National Title also counts for a Final Four.
    Most Hall of Famers were likely All-Americans and/or NBA Draft Picks.

    It actually makes one player, who can boost 3 categories largely independent of team success, “worth” less than a National Championship.

    Another thing that sticks out, UCLA could have 18 National Championships and 500 NBA Draft picks and would have the same points, but, if that were the case, would be the best program hands down and still just third in the rankings.

    I think the rankings for each category and the rankings for each decade are useful, but the overall tally is meaningless in my opinion.

  37. Jones Returns

    Your data will be skewed if you use actual numbers of wins because teams have played different numbers of games…so, instead use percentages to better handle the difference in games played:

    Non-confrence winning percentage
    Confrence winning percentage

    Additionally, I’m not sure i completely understand your method. If you’re equally weighting something like All-Americans and National Titles that seems a bit proposterous. All accomplishments are not of equal value, i think we’d all agree. I’d much rather have a title than a confrence championship. Need to do some sort of weighted average.

    Finally, as far as the Basketball Hall Of Fame Inductees category, how did you handle overlaps? Example, Larry Brown was an All-ACC guard at North Carolina, but he coached UCLA to a 1980 Final Four and coached Kansas to a 1988 NCAA title. Did you give all three schools 1 point?

    All-in-all I like the idea of this post, but I’d like to see you work with it a little more to give us a better picture. Good idea though!

  38. donny

    Wins and NCAA appearances, total tournament wins, head to head matchups

  39. donny

    UK has more wins in less games, unc has played more games

  40. Great Movie Quotes

    Winning Gold in the Olympics might help…

  41. kevin tipton

    all time wins, winning percentage, conference tournament titles, NCAA Tournament wins and appearances

  42. flychew

    # of titles and # of all-americans shoudln’t hold the same weight. This ranking system is pretty arbitrary. sorry KSR, still heart you. xo

  43. Pete Thamel's Lazy Eye

    Can you do this for the top 15.

  44. Brian Storn

    MOST WINS and FAN ATTENDANCE definitely both need to be added. And, HOW in the world does Kansas get 17 people in the BB HOF and KentuckY get only 7 ? That’s nuts.

  45. bornblue

    I think there is a miscalculation if you look at the 1990’s. 2 titles should carry more weight than final fours plus no team has made 3 consecutive title games since UCLA in 70’s. Uk should definetly be a 2 and UNC a 3. That changes it to 29 to 29.5 a virtual dead heat.

  46. Will

    Maybe im mistaken but winning % and total wins are pretty important to be simply ignored.

  47. Buckner

    Overall awesomeness.

  48. scott

    you can’t have final fours being worth the same as ncaa titles, that’s just silly

  49. Toss It

    Not a BTI basher but I’m with 38, the whole premise is too flawed to be saved. BTW, didn’t pomeroy or somebody just do this?

  50. Kanter Banter

    BTI does it again….. Your killing me….please get a job and quit posting this shit!

  51. Badgercat

    Several outlets at the turn of the century claimed dUKe and UK were the only two teams that could claim the top spot for the decade. Here is one that has UK atop that decade. Another of 317,345 links about UK hoops here… 🙂

  52. siestakeycat

    UCLA does not have 108 NBA drafts picks (don’t know where you got this). Kentucky does not have 101 NBA draft picks, they have 100. Further, Kentucky does not have 7 Naismith Hall-of-Famers, they have 6.

  53. lebron

    37) lowest point total wins

  54. Charles

    Wow, the damage tubby did to our program! Look how far behind we got during tubbys tenure…. To the tubby lovers, Final fours dont count because tubby never made it that far, lol…

  55. Megan

    Sagarin already did this. His methodology was superior. All time? It’s Kentucky, and by a surprisingly large margin.

    What a waste of effort this was. Must be hard to find something to write about.

  56. 49 Chevy

    Do wins by decade. Kentucky is the only school in the top 10 for every decade.

  57. Blake

    Way to give unc fodder against us because our own fan sites’ resident douche fails to add in extremely pertinent categories and when he sees who wins it he posts it????? Even if they ever were to someday take over as the best program in history you don’t admit it!! Wow, are u sure there’s not another place you could intern?

  58. Are you kidding me?

    BTI never fails, does he? Way to provide every other fanbase fodder for the rest of our lives. “Did you see the article by the UK writer calling UNC the best program ever?” Yes, but he’s a moron, and we hate him.

  59. Are you kidding me?

    BTI is the Jerry Tipton of KSR

  60. scott

    Hall of Famers shouldn’t be included either. A lot of guys wouldn’t be in the HOF if it was just based on their college career.

  61. siestakeycat

    This argument ends with “The List”. (Kentucky’s All Time Cumulative Statistics)

    All Time Wins: 2052 (NCAA rank #1)
    All Time Winning Percentage: .760 (NCAA rank #1)
    NCAA Championships: 7 (NCAA rank #2)
    NCAA Championship Game Appearances: 10 (NCAA rank #2)
    NCAA Final Four Appearances: 14 (NCAA rank #4)
    NCAA Final Four Wins: 17 (NCAA rank #2)
    NCAA Elite-8 Appearances: 33 (NCAA rank #1)
    NCAA Sweet-16 Appearances: 42 (NCAA rank #1)
    NCAA Tournament Appearances: 51 (NCAA rank #1)
    NCAA Tournament Wins: 105 (NCAA rank #1)
    NCAA Tournament Games Played: 151 (NCAA rank #1)
    NCAA Tournament Winning Percentage: .695 (NCAA rank #5)
    Total Postseason Tournament Appearances (NCAA and NIT): 59 (NCAA rank #1)
    NBA Draft Picks: 100 (NCAA rank #1)
    All-Americans: 52 (NCAA rank #1)
    All Americans Total Selections: 82 (NCAA rank #1)
    First Team Consensus All-American: 16 (NCAA rank #2)
    First Team All-American Total Selections: 21 (NCAA rank #2)
    Final AP Poll Top-25 Finishes: 47 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final AP Poll Top-20 Finishes: 47 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final AP Poll Top-15 Finishes: 42 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final AP Poll Top-10 Finishes: 39 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final AP Poll Top-5 Finishes: 27 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final AP Poll #1 Finishes: 8 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final UPI/Coaches Poll Top-25 Finishes: 45 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final UPI/Coaches Poll Top-20 Finishes: 44 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final UPI/Coaches Poll Top-15 Finishes: 41 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final UPI/Coaches Poll Top-10 Finishes: 37 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final UPI/Coaches Poll Top-5 Finishes: 28 (NCAA rank #1)
    Final UPI/Coaches Poll #1 Finishes: 7 (NCAA rank #1)
    20-Win Seasons: 55 (NCAA rank #1)
    25-Win Seasons: 30 (NCAA rank #1)
    30-Win Seasons: 12 (NCAA rank #1)
    35-Win Seasons: 4 (NCAA rank #1)
    Total Winning seasons: 91 (NCAA rank #2)
    Total Non-Losing Seasons (.500 or better): 94 (NCAA rank #2)
    Total Coaches With a Final Four Appearance: 5 (NCAA rank #2)
    Total Decades With a Final Four Appearance: 7 (NCAA rank #1)
    Total Coaches With a NCAA Championship: 4 (NCAA rank #1)
    Total Decades With a NCAA Championship: 4 (NCAA rank #1)
    Conference Regular Season Championships: 46 (NCAA rank #2)
    Conference Tournament Championships: 28 (NCAA rank #1)
    NCAA National Attendance Titles: 23 (NCAA rank #1)

    In addition, Kentucky also has 2 NIT Titles (1946, 1976), 2 Helm’s Titles (1933, 1954), 2 undefeated seasons (1912, 1954), 5 Sugar Bowl Tournament Championships, 6 Naismith Hall-of-Fame members, 4 National Players-of-the-Year, 10 #1 seeds all time in the NCAA Tournament, 40 McDonald’s All-Americans, 57 1000-point scorers, 18 NBA Champions, and 10 Olympic Gold Medal winners.

    Furthermore, Kentucky holds the NCAA record for Consecutive Non-Losing Seasons (60), and for Consecutive Home Victories (129). Kentucky plays in the nation’s largest basketball arena (Rupp Arena, capacity: 23,500). Kentucky also has both the nation’s largest radio and television networks, has made a 3-point basket in 788 straight games, and is the only school to have multiple NCAA (7) and NIT (2) Championships. And finally, Kentucky has played before the largest regulation game crowd in basketball history (79,129), the largest Final Four crowd in history (75,421), and was the first school to reach both the 1000-win and 2000-win victory plateaus.

  62. siestakeycat

    Note: A small typo on my part. I listed under the category “25-Win Seasons” that Kentucky was #1 in this category. This was a typo, UK is actually #2 in this category. Everything else is 100% accurate and jives with everything on Jon Scott’s site. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, BTI.

  63. siestakeycat

    Further, I don’t know where you got some of your statistics (namely UCLA having 108 NBA draft picks, and UK having 101 NBA draft picks, both are wrong), but you are incorrect on a few. I, however, am not. You are dealing with one of the big boys now when it comes to UK and college basketball history, my friend.

    Jonathan Fisher (Owensboro, KY)

  64. peoplewhowork

    @63 nicely done, case closed.

    Perhaps it would have been better to determine who is the second best program as it is an overall landslide for UK as #1.

  65. Waitn' on 8

    UNC should be penalized for playing the boring “Four Corners” offense all of those years…

  66. siestakeycat

    You know, only a person with an agenda with not include categories like All Time Wins, All Time Winning Percentage, NCAA Tournament Appearances, Games Played, or Wins, All Americans, 20-Win Seasons, 30-Win Seasons, All Time Finishes in the Top-20, Top-10, or #1, Decades With a Final Four, Coaches With a NCAA Championship, National Attendance Titles, etc…

    Either that or an idiot.

  67. KBIT

    I agree with siestakeycat, where are the points for “wins”,win % especially ! And for the 90’s,I would have UK #2 alone and not in a tie with UNC for it. You put it a tie because they had 2 more tourney appearances than us,but just gettting their is not enough here. They did have 1 more Final 4 than us,but again,just getting their doesnt really matter,especially noting how we won 1 more National Title than they did,as well as 1 more conference championships than they had,much more than offset the final four more they had,and 2 more appearances.

  68. BTI = Bryan The Idiot

    Bryan, you once again have made one of the most idiotic posts I have ever seen. I would stop reading your posts but it’s so much fun calling you an idiot. None of your stuff makes any sense. Seriously.

  69. Mattcat68

    This is the only All-time ranking system you need to see. UNC finished 4th and UK was #1 by a mile.

  70. RadioRon

    BTI..I appreciate your effort, but just look at Siestakeycat’s post. You MUST include All-Time wins, All-Time winning percentage, NCAA tourney appearances, NCAA games played, NCAA games won, 20 win seasons, 30 win seasons, 35 win seasons, TOP 10 IN AP and UPI over the years. UK is NUMBER ONE in all these categories. Sagarin & Sports Illustrated have deemed UK the top program.
    Al McGuire said,” Other programs may lay claims, but there is only one TRUE DYNASTY in college basketball, and that’s the Univ. of Kentucky.”

  71. tubbys decade of debacle

    Thanks to tubby we went an entire decade with no final-fours and multiple 10-loss seasons all the while Kansas, UNC, Duke, Mich St, UCLA all gain ground on us. Despise tubby yet?

  72. AllTimeWins

    I’m not important I guess… 🙁

  73. UKBlueBlood81

    BTI, you’re attempting to do what was already done a couple of years ago – ESPN and Sagarin analyzed the top programs from each decade and came up with this list:

    1. Kentucky
    2. UCLA
    3. Kansas
    4. North Carolina
    7. Duke

    Here’s the link:

    Needless to say, I like theirs better!

  74. Dan

    I did not have enough time to read all comments so this may have been noted, but I would have included #1 NCAA seed for the years seeding has been based on evaluation of the best 4 teams. This gives weight for the season accomplishments. Obviously the best team does not always win the NCAA. For years prior to this seeding, when the final polls were ended at the end of the regular season you might consider adding finishing in the top 10 but only if that was in all major polls.

  75. siestakeycat

    Suck it, UNC fans!

  76. siestakeycat

    Here’s my list (and I know what I’m talking about)

    (1) Kentucky
    (2) North Carolina
    (3) UCLA
    (4) Kansas
    (5) Duke
    (6) Indiana
    (7) Louisville
    (8) Ohio State
    (9) Michigan State
    (10) UConn

  77. BlueBlood4LIfe

    siestakeycat, was also wrong on Kentucky playing in the largest Arena in Rupp… The Carrier Dome in Syracuse is larger, and so is Thompson Bowling Arena in Tennessee.. No, they do not have the mystique and the tradition that Rupp has, but they do indeed hold more people, but they do not sale out like UK does everytime out!! The one HUGE error in the post, is he leaves out the importance of WINS.. DUH, and Winning Percentage, and Strength of Schedule!! I thought that the Saragin one that ESPN did, was about as good as I seen, and UK finished in the rightful spot #1.. They finished in the top 10 in every decade, and this is using a lot more teams, and they finished in the top 5 in every decade but the 2000’s, where they did sat before Coach Cal’s last two seasons at 10.. Year 1 with Cal, should have bumped that up a little.. They were the only team that did finish in the top 10 in every single decade.. When you are the all time winningest program, with the second most titles, most tourney wins, appearances, games played, the most overall success in the tourney, with playing in second weekend of the tourney the most with the most sweet sixteen and elite 8 appearances, dominating a BCS Major Conference the way UK has over the years, which is unheard of, the consistant domination we have held over the SEC.. Yeah the SEC might not be the overall top conference in the country, but it’s no conference USA either folks, there is not enough credit given to UK for the dominace they have sustained over the years in our conference.. Then the straight up unheralded tradition.. Something you cannot put a number or stat on.. There is nothing like Basketball and the relationship and mystique it has with it’s people, than that of the state of Kentucky.. There is no greater love for it, the greatest and most traditioned highschool State Tourney.. The sweet sixteen is legendary, and with only 2 big time programs in the State, UK doesn’t have near as much divided competition as say UNC and Duke, who are the most popular teams of the state, but also have to contend with Wake Forrest, N.C. State, who may not be as popular but still major divison 1 schools who play in the big conference of the ACC.. Not to mention all the smaller schools such as UNC Ashville, Appalachain State, Davidson, Charlotte, it goes on and on.. Yes, they are a large number of U of L fans, but compared to that of UK, it’s not even close to being in the same CATEGORY AT ALL!!! I would say 2/3 of the state is UK fans, easily.. Not to mention the Nationwide and bordering states who have so many die hard Cat fans.. That’s where we cannot be touched, when compared to other programs.. We are simply the BEST, and that’s just a fact!! It’s the combination of our uncanny tradition and then to add to that the consistancy that UK has had in success over the decades, never having a long spurt of just downtime, where we were just irrelavant.. Maybe for a season or two here and there, but never many years in a row.. So it is that consistant success, and unparalell tradition combined that cannot be matched by anyone, and never ever will be able to.. As the old saying goes.. “As long as UK is around.., you’ll always be second best!”

    Go Big Blue!!

  78. siestakeycat

    A few other corrections for BTI:

    North Carolina does not have 101 NBA draft picks (they have 98). Once again, I don’t know where you got your stats, but they are wrong.

    Also, you are counting UCLA’s 1980 Final Four Appearance in your totals (you count 18, they have 17). This is wrong, as this 1980 appearance was vacated. In other words, it’s not official and the NCAA doesn’t count it.

    Further, please name Kentucky’s 7th Naismith Hall-of-Fame member. I count (as the rest of the world does) 6 Hall-of-Famers (Hagan, Ramsey, Riley, Issel, Rupp, Ledford).

    And finally, Kentucky has 100 NBA draft picks, not 101. Check out Jon Scott’s website for all the names. UK made a statement during the draft that the Wildcats had 101, but it was error (as Mr. Peevy told me in an email, after I sent him one pointing this out), as they actually only have 100.

    Out of your league here, BTI

  79. siestakeycat

    Here a list of everyone that I know of who have named Kentucky to be the #1 program of all time:

    Street & Smith’s
    The Sporting News
    Sports Illustrated
    NBC Sports
    CBS Sports
    Dick Vitale
    Al McGuire
    Billy Packer
    Basketball Times

    Just to name a few…..

  80. siestakeycat


    The Carrier Dome in Syracuse is NOT a basketball arena. It is a football stadium that the basketball team plays in. Clear? Also, clueless, Thompson-Boling was renovated before the 2007-08 season. Luxury boxes were put in, and the seating capacity was reduced to 21,678. Do some research before you post.

  81. siestakeycat

    Here’s a stat for you, BTI, and it’s amazing:

    Kentucky has ONE losing season since the 1926-27 season. That’s 84 years. Consider this, there is NO other team, college or pro, in any major sport (football, baseball, basketball, hockey) that can even come close to matching this feat. Not USC, Alabama, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Notre Dame, or Michigan in college football. Not the Yankees, Redsox, Dodgers, or Cardinals in Major League Baseball. Not The Packers, Bears, Cowboys, Steelers, or 49ers in the NFL. Not the Montreal Canadians in the NHL. And not North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, UCLA, or Indiana in college basketball.

    A simply amazing statistic, period.

    That’s over 8 decades of consistent excellence. Case closed.

  82. UKBlueBlood81

    BTI – I’m hurt! You removed my post.

  83. KevinKat78

    All of these facts are great! I already knew UK was the best ever since I was a small child in the mid 60’s. IU as much as I hate them should have been on the list of stats having 5 Championships like UNC. They have been down for the past 10 years or more. 🙂 We all have very much to be proud of as always. I’m looking forward to more Championships and records with Cal at UK.

  84. Mattcat68

    This is the first all-time ranking system I’ve seen that ranks UNC #1. They are usually ranked third or fourth. UK and UCLA are generally ranked one and two.

  85. jorts

    total wins..attendance?

  86. the brown eye

    average BAC level of coaches. We rock that one

  87. jkinn243

    Swag Points

  88. andy c

    oh come on UK is the best program all around in college and it is on the biggest upswing!!!! UK future looks the brightest!!!! Fire BTI for writing this…..seriously

  89. cornbreadmafiacook

    UK’s closer to being tied w/ duke in the 90’s than they are unc…unc’s clearly 3rd that decade, which i’m sure is enough to catapult uk to the top even using your whacked rating system

  90. pccatsfan

    BTI roasted by siestakeycat!! Case closed.

  91. pccatsfan

    I guess that Coca Cola poster I have for UK being the 90’s team of the decade must be a misprint and worth a fortune. Kinda like the Dewey beats Truman newspaper from way back when.

  92. ole roy

    Just as we all know UNC #1 UK #2 and uk’s website says so.

  93. siestakeycat

    BTI, you poor child, you don’t know who you got into an argument with, now do you? Poor little fella, you don’t know who you fooled with, I guess.

    Tell you what, I will bet all of you out there the BTI doesn’t have the guts to answer or post about any of our questions or corrections on this subject. What say you, BTI? Got any balls?

    We’re waiting…….

  94. siestakeycat

    ole roy, I guess we know who likes UNC ass-candy, now don’t we? I guess we also know who is obsessed with UK and who is a troll. Tell you what, say your UNC bullshit to my face, and see if you can eat the teeth I knock down your throat.

  95. siestakeycat

    Crickets chirping……..

  96. siestakeycat

    Come on, BTI, be a man!

  97. ukcats2008

    This certainly isn’t a KSR-only phenomenon, but why does making a Final Four count so much more than an Elite Eight, but making the championship game means absolutely nothing over just going to the Final Four. Each round you advance to increases in prestige in your result, except that one. Who decided that round was meaningless?

  98. siestakeycat

    Father Calipari to the UNC possessed BTI, “The power of “The List” compels you!”

  99. siestakeycat

    Suck it UNC fans!

  100. Phil

    I would think, that, um, all-time wins, NCAA Tourney wins, all-time winning %, and NCAA Tourney winning % would be fairly important markers.