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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Breaking down Big Ben’s chump statement

What was said: “I would like to begin by expressing gratitude for the thorough investigation process in Georgia and the prosecutors decision to not bring charges.” 

What he meant: “Thank you for not saying I raped that girl this time…..or that other time in Vegas.”

Breakdown: Big Ben did what so many athletes who are in trouble with the law do, THANK THE COPS!  But, that’s simply because cops generally have no spine in charging athletes with serious crimes.  I don’t remember OJ Simpson or Rae Carruth thanking the cops for doing a thorough investigation.  WHY?  Because they found them guilty.  Hey Big Ben, if you truly did nothing, you should be criticizing the cops for putting you through a PR nightmare for a little hanky panky in the bathroom.  You should be cursing the cops.   


What was said: “I don’t intend to talk about any of the details of the events in Georgia.”

What he meant: “I don’t want to have to lie to you folks.”

Breakdown: Here is where a lawyer comes in handy, because I am sure his lawyer told him to NEVER talk about what happened, because if he talks about it once, he will talk about it a million times, and is more likely to get caught in a lie.  If he says he bought the girl x-number of drinks, and there comes out video of him doing something else, then he is screwed.  I have no clue what happened in Georgia, but I know Big Ben is embarrassed about it now that the press has gone negative on him.  And it’s not like the public DESERVES to know what happened, because we don’t.  But, it’s clear this is a source of embarrassment for Ben.  Ahem…..Tiger Woods.   


What he said: “I am truly sorry for the disappointment and negative attention I have brought to my family, my teammates, my coaches, the Rooney’s, and the NFL.”

What he meant: “Well, sleeping around has surely caught up to me, hasn’t it?  Guess maybe I should do the P.R. thing and apologize.”

Breakdown: When you are reading an apology straight off a paper, it’s the most lame thing an athlete can do.  First off, you and I both know that Big Ben did not write this statement in any way, shape, or form.  So, to know if he is TRULY sorry is anybody’s guess.  But my thought is Big Ben wouldn’t have been sorry if this girl hadn’t went to the cops.  I bet Roethlisberger isn’t sorry for the other girls he corralled in a club bathroom and didn’t get publicity for.  Another thing: don’t apologize IN PUBLIC to your family and teammates.  Do that in private and leave it at that. 


What he said: “I understand the opportunities I have been blessed with are a privilege and much is expected of me as QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

What he meant: “Golly, I just have such pressure on my playing this sport for millions of dollars.  It’s time for me to quit all this fornicating and get back to the serious stuff, like throwing a football far and getting fatter every day.”

Breakdown: This also bothers me every time an athlete makes a scripted apology.  Using the team you play for as a reason you are going to redeem yourself.  THE REASON YOU HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THESE GIRLS IS BECAUSE YOU PLAY FOR THE STEELERS.  You all of the sudden can’t change that fact.  You didn’t consider the Steelers when you were with all these girls, don’t now use them as your crutch for improving your life.


What he said: “I absolutely want to be the leader this team deserves, valued in the community, and a role model to kids.”

What he meant: “Cmon, I wasn’t smoking crack or robbing banks or anything.”

Breakdown: To me, this ship has sailed for Big Ben.  This is TWICE he has been accused of sexual assault, and yet he has the nerve to say he wants to be a role model.  A true role model doesn’t even get involved in this kind of actions, and certainly doesn’t do it twice.  And the idea that the Steelers are a more “morally superior” franchise and deserves a QB that matches that is laughable.  HELLO??  Santonio Holmes just got traded because he hit a woman with a glass.  Pro athletes act like pro athletes, so let’s not act like you NEED to be anything different, just for the sake of the Steelers. 


What he said: “I have much work to do to earn this trust, and I am committed to showing everyone my true values.”

What he meant: “I will not sleep with another woman until someone does something worse than me.”

Breakdown:  Once again, how exactly does one show us his “true values”.  This is just a big, goofy blanket statement that means nothing.  Tiger Woods said he would get back to his Buddhist values and calm his attitude on the golf course, and then he threw his club 50 times at the Masters.  You are who you are, and your true values have already shown through Ben.  And I truly don’t care if that’s the kind of thing you want to do.  But, don’t try and trick everyone that your “true” values are not the ones you have shown for years. 


What he said: “I am excited to get back to work with my teammates and I am more determined than ever to have a great season.”

What he meant: “Hey look over here.  We have a season to play soon, so let’s just focus on that.”

Breakdown: The very typical “deflection” statement.  The idea that all this extra curricular activity is not as important as the upcoming season, and now that he got all his sexin’ behind him, he plans on being the best QB in the history of football.  Gag me.  The only way to truly hurt a football player for this kind of behavior is to not allow him to play football.  Suspension is the only answer.   


Big Ben hit all major points of a scripted, weak statement:
-Thank the Cops
-This is last I will talk about this
-I am disappointed in myself for the sake of my family
-I will earn back your trust
-Time to focus on my team/sport
-Mention God

Is Big Ben to blame though?  Probably not.  His lawyer likely wrote this statement, just like Tiger didn’t write his statement, nor did Rick Pitino, or anybody else who gets caught doing bad things.  My whole point is I am tired of hearing the same emotionless statement from athletes.  In fact, I would rather them just never address the media about the situation than give us something that is fake.  You don’t need to be sorry to me, you need to be sorry to your family and teammates.  And those apologies can be done privately.  And Big Ben, just like every other scorned athlete, will be loved again once they win games.  Beat the Ravens in Week 1 and all this stuff is forgotten.  So, why give some fake apology then?

Article written by Bryan the Intern

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  1. tybo


  2. KentuckyHouse

    THIS is what you post on signing day???


  3. dhighdrated

    the real tragedy is his hair. is he a WWE star in his spare time?



  5. nalley723

    #3 I swear to God you read my mind!! WWE was the first thing to come to mind lol. Why in the world is he growing a mullet?


    Stop hating on Big Ben.. Hes the biggest bro of all time…. Don’t hate the player cause hes slaying pie

  7. tybo

    Bruce Pearl on ESPN first take this morning, interested to see what he says about recruiting

  8. I love this game:

    Big Ben better keep his clock tower in check.

  9. the ghose of Bil Hicks

    He isn’t going to be charged with a crime, so we’re starting to punish people for having bad morals?

  10. Seattlekat

    Very weak, BTI, very weak. Does anyone really care what Ben had to say…..especially on signing day?

  11. mudcat

    Big Ben who? Who gives a crap about football. Is it 4:00 yet?

  12. bigblue7

    I disagree BTI. He has to thank the cops for thier investigation. Would he rather them not conduct an investigation and just throw the book at him to make an example of him? Maybe the cops actually did conclude there was not enough evidence to convict/charge him with. It’s not the cops’ fault this turned into a PR fiasco. Ben is a star athlete and he put himself in this position. The charges were filed by the female so there had to be an investigation and the media would find out about it anyway. Not the cops’ fault. That’s like suggesting the media should never be alerted to these things until a person is found guilty and sentenced to jail time. Do you think that could ever actually happen anywhere in America? You’re so silly BTI.

  13. DoeyJohn

    Jeez, that’s the longest post in about a week, and it has nothing to do with UK or anything remotely interesting. Maybe one of the top 10 worst posts in KSR history. I read the first two breakdowns and scrolled down in horror to see there were several more. Why spend your time writing about this?

  14. scratchfever
  15. Tiger

    Big Ben, I have a way you can get out of the suspension. Just head to Sex Rehab. “I’m sorry folks, I just liked sex too much. Now, I don’t like it and will never do it again.” The NFL can’t suspend you because they’ll be hating on someone with an addiction. It’s brilliant!!!! It worked for me and Jesse James.

  16. Forthesakeofeducation

    BTI..Kate is preparing your obituary as we read…

    Seriously – I love the Steelers, and they have been my favorite team for my whole life, but Ben is a douchebag. I’m not saying he raped the girl, but where there is enough smoke, there’s fire – and he’s placed himself in too many bad situations.

    It’s all business – it’s hard to replace a great QB, much less a Super Bowl winner. That’s the only reason he’s not been released.

  17. NBA league pass

    I hate the Steelers. Big Ben sucks and so does Holmes. I hope he gets suspended for a year.

  18. excited

    what a waste of 3 minutes, you do this again and i’m gonna pop you in the nuts son.

  19. slappy

    “More determined than ever to have a great season.” Haha. Gotta say, that’s a stroke of genius. It gets Steelers fans to stop talking about his shenanigans and start going, “Oh man, he’s using this as a vehicle to make our team better. YES!”

  20. Jesus

    Hey I had a mullet, it gives people comfort that they dont have hair like that and also deflects the apology from…man that was just like Tiger’s apology to Dude did you see that mullet. The Diamond Dallas Page look clearly worked.

  21. tdr76

    This on one of the biggest days in UK recruiting history?

  22. Poppa M

    Steelers suck and **hitsburgh can kiss my rectum. Who dey????

  23. Ernie

    2, 10, 14: BTI gives one post a day, usually about something that is not UK related. This is his thing. You all act suprised when he does this 4 times a week. This post was funny if you ask me, and it beats the hell out of 8 straight posts about the skills of a 17-year-old high school player. You will get UK coverage every other minute of the day, can’t you spare ONE post a day on something else. Get a life and expand your horizons!

  24. ladylove

    23.. I know .. DRAKE is signing with UK today.. should give UK top 5 class in country .. and top 5 – 10 spot in the polls in the fall!!

  25. Tiger's Trashy Blonde Sex Therapist

    Tiger’s rehab is going well…..3 hours sessions twice daily…FYI

  26. Brian O

    Despite being a huge Steelers fan I’ve got to agree with BTI…seriously sick of athlete apologies. There’s no possible way anyone should consider anything an athlete says in these situations as sincere. And apparently Ben’s agent/barber (maybe the same guy? With his P.R. who knows) finally told him to get a haircut before meeting the commish…which is probably a good idea, because if I saw a guy looking like that walking down the street I would automatically assume he was a rapist whether or not I knew any history about the guy.

  27. ladylove

    oops .. that was for tdr76.. matt must be deleting again..

  28. JMBlue

    I don’t know who has been peeing in your Cheerios lately BTI, but have become so cynical. I, for one, like it. I am glad to see you showing some mettle.

  29. ladylove

    does this mean ben stops going to his sister’s games to troll for young women??

  30. BrooklynCat

    So you’re “tired of hearing the same emotionless statement from athletes” but you want to perpetuate the circle by writing about it some more?


  31. Mehmet Okur

    Mehmet logs on to KSR for this? This BTI are the worst at internetting. Mehmet is disappointing in this.

  32. Mehmet Okur

    Mehmet log on KSR for this? This BTI is the worst at internetting. Mehmet is disappointing in this.

  33. Mehmet Okur

    What can I say? I am horrible in the verb conjugals. But not as horrible as BTI in the writing of internets.

  34. ukcatfannfl


  35. PrimantiBrothersRulesonHelenWaite

    BTI this posts sucks worse than all of your fries & slaw on a Primanti Brothers sandwich falling on you lap while your girl was “repairing” your zipper…causing her to stop and ruining her hair and your night along with it! Hire a new intern!

  36. biff

    the second worst day for the steelers..,_2009.jpg

    the pic are from the worst.. when Steely McBeam and Sourdough sam came out of the foam closet..


    Whoa OJ wasn’t found guilty of murder.

  38. CC4UK

    You realize OJ was found not guilty, right BTI?

  39. Coke988

    I didnt know Mehmet was a KSR fan….. But yes BTI come on…dont waste our time today with this crap. Do it on a slow day but not this one…A better post would have been a couple sentences maybe a paragraph about how youre excited and the countdown is on…not something that makes think even less about you.

  40. Nostradumbass

    I will predict that poster 45 is a troll.

  41. big ben

    ben mccracken

  42. Boomer Sooner

    hey I can not help it if my brother cant keep his business in his pants

    that is me on the top row, next to Nyeshia..

  43. Mehmet Okur

    MrCoke-Mehmet is Enes Kanter fan. KSR are fine as well. I like it when your write a story about Enes. He is a large tree. Mehmet cannot stand to read this BTI. He is terrible. Why is he allowed here? I am excited about Cats in 2011. Go Blue Big.

  44. NotTheSlickistRick

    26) Happy endings?

  45. STLouisBBFan

    #2 I agree . . . and wouldn’t this be more appropriate on the Louisville message boards today or any day?

  46. Kyle Macy

    You tell em, Byron.

  47. Rick Pitino

    Ben, you shouldve mentioned 9/11

  48. Give him a break

    Come on KSR give him a break. He was found not guilty of this crime and you have no real evidence of Ben sexually assaulting that female. I love how you paint him guilty without any evidence or witnessing the crime yourself. I’m sure no women out there would ever lie to get money from a big star athlete that’s just impossible. I respect your opinion but if they aren’t pressing charges then he probably didn’t do anything illegal. So before you go basing Ben you need to look at both sides of the story because trust me girls will accuse guys of anything to get some free money. I’ve seen it plenty of times

  49. Boomer Sooner


    I love you baby.. I gots me another milkshake for you .. It’s me.. number #34 in the pic, but #1 in yo heart baby!! mommas coming for you..

  50. Godell

    I’ll be sending him here as punishment

  51. UKfan15

    BTI, I never usually give feedback if I dislike a post because I choose to read the site, however, I disagree with you and I am glad that the site will only have one post later on today so i don’t have to look at this…

  52. what time is it?

    is it 4:00 yet? and white time does gilchrist decide?

  53. Mehmet Okur

    Mehmet just understand that friend Enes will have new teammates today. There are very exciting and acrobatic. But these make Mehmet not understand why it is the BTI write internet about American football player with girl hair. These new teammates for Enes is the #1 story, but the BTI tells us about a Steeler today? What are Mehmet missing?

  54. Mehmet Okur

    In Turkey, we have word for the BTI. They translate to “demon in the clock.” The BTI is this demon for wasting our time with horrible story and making us wish Mehmet had not spent all of his supper looking at his internet.

  55. someonepissedinmywheaties

    For the life of me, I will never understand the people who come to this site (more than likely as an escape from their boring jobs) and read every single post while not being charged a single dime and then proceed to BITCH AND MOAN about what’s being written or the manner in which it was written. Get a life folks, or start your own blog.

  56. R o t N

    53 .. White time?? is it different from other colors that it has it’s own d#mn time.. is this just another way for the man to keep a brother down.. I am gonna have to sic bill cosby on yo ass…!!

  57. Alfred Pennybaker

    54) Are you supposed to be funny or something? I love how you hate and criticize BTI for being lame while also writing lame-ass, non-funny comments time and time again.

  58. Hutch

    On a website devoted to Kentucky sports, on a huge day for the immediate future of the bball program, you spend time criticizing a pro athelte’s hastiy made public statement because you consider it insincere? Why not devote another article to the various false statements politicians make on a more or less constant basis? Or a whole series of articles detailing misleading and self-serving statements of a whole host of celebs (Jesse James anyone?)?

    Why? Because this is, not

  59. Kate's thoughts

    Big Ben, please molest me in a bathroom, I wont tell anyone I promise

  60. Razor Ramon

    Hey Yo. Glad to see that my great sense of fashion is making its way to the NFL. I think he forgot his toothpick for the statement though.

  61. Boogieman

    #23 Like your F*cking Bengals have kept their players clean you moron.

  62. Indycatfan

    What Big Ben needs to do is keep little willey zipped and grow up……Who does he think he is anyway….Rick Pitino?

  63. Ted Turner

    I think Big Ben has a skullet. It’s almost shaved on the sides with a party in the back. I bet any man rocking that do in Georgia could lure a chick in a bathroom stall.

  64. Mack

    23 and 62 along with BTI have nailed it. I guess big ben also nailed it.

  65. Not Funny

    Absolutely no comedic value to this post whatsoever.

  66. gammaCat

    RIGHT ON, BTI!!!

  67. Viva la vida

    You bumpkins wouldn’t know an intelligent, rational thought if it was staring at you in the face. This is an excellent post and I’m glad somebody said it. I too want to throw up anytime I see these brainless jocks read from a script and expect everyone to forgive their sins. In real life, you have to be sincere, and BTI nailed it. Go get a few more cavities with your Mountain Dews you retarded hicks.

  68. Indycatfan

    It’s gonna be a slow day until 4pm, everybody needs to kinda chill, lay off the coffee, smoke ’em if you have them, and let’s be thankful old Big Ben didn’t thank Barney Frank for his support…..Just saying!

  69. fearnloathing

    That hair is freaking nasty. It deserves its own post.

  70. brennan

    R u a psychologist, you making accusations, with a man who has had chargers droped. You really dont know what happen, these are all opinoins, there are no facts in what you are saying. Someone is going to read this and take it at heart!

  71. Jason B

    You seem to be outraged and concerned about two alleged wrongdoings. The same situation (in some respects) has happened to Coach Cal and I see no outrage at his alleged wrongdoings. Both men were accused of something and both times were not charged in doing anything wrong. While there were questionable circumstances surrounded their respective positions, neither instance has warranted any reprimand, from an NCAA punishment or criminal trial. It seems you need to try to follow your own logic more closely when applying it to different circumstances. For the record, I love Coach Cal and am indifferent to Big Ben. I just can’t see how you are able to blindly condemn a man that is in such a similar situation to our own beloved coach.

  72. fearnloathing

    49. He was not found not guilty. That is what happens at a trial. The young lady decided not to press charges and without her as a witness the DA had nothing. It also would have cost a poor southern town millions to have had a trial for a superstar. He clearly has a problem, look at the hair. I have no problem with him going out and banging every bimbo in the world but when the girl is too drunk or says stop you just go outside and find another one. This guy has problems and frankly I hope he never throws another complete pass in the NFL. Maybe the Steelers will make a statement and trade his ass to the Rams.

  73. fearnloathing

    72. Recruiting violations and rape are not the same. you need to revaluate your value system because that is just F’ed up. NCAA rules are fake and no one gets hurt when they are broken.

  74. Jason B

    I agree with you on that one 73/74. I was not passing judgment on the actual allegations or seriousness of them. I was merely pointing out that the logic seems to be applied at a whim based solely on his feelings for the individual. It is clear that rape and recruiting violations are not the same as their punishments are vastly different.


    why the hell are you people complaining about the post? Matt has made some posts about the recruiting and basically everything there is to know about the situation is on the table. something else needs to fill the blog. You got 4 hours left until Knight so chillax and stop knocking BTI for posting something that is relevant.

  76. Georgia Law

    The DA is the one that declined to charge him not the Cops Dumbass so stop Cop bashing because you don’t have the balls to bash a Lawyer.

  77. HeGetsIt

    BTI is so retarded it’s sad…yes, Ben should be pissed off at the cops because they are the ones who made false allegations about him in an effort to get money and escape the very tough, demanding life of a 20 year old college student…WHAT? That wasn’t the cops?? They did their job? Then why the hell is Big Ben upset about them? Nice work BTI. For every one decent post you do, you seem to follow it up with a week’s worth of trash

  78. HeGetsIt

    Also, maybe check the facts on Holmes. Was traded because he was about to be released for failing a drug test. Had another man who has said he threw the glass at the woman.

  79. TJ Griz

    Im not a lawyer or anything, but I don’t think OJ was found guilty.

  80. HeGetsIt

    OJ was found guilty..not of murder, but of kidnapping or something like that

  81. Brandon Knight

    Big Ben sucks and I will earn more money and win more championships then him.

    See ya’ll at 4.

  82. rupp's grunt

    “BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Breaking down Big Ben’s chump statement”

    Translation: BTI is not very intelligent or articulate, and obviously is not a fan of Pittsburgh, so he will waste 5 minutes of your time with a non-sensical “interpretation” which is nothing more than his imbicilic rants about a personality he doesn’t like.

    Breakdown: If someone trashed Cal like this the KSR staff would be up in arms about it’s lack of fairness and how Cal has never been implicated and they’re just haters and so forth…all of which I agree with.
    But when Brian The Incompetent throws his equally unfair diatribe around like he was Clay Travis or something…Hello, Kettle? This is Pot. You’re black!
    If you can’t present facts, or at least add something useful to the conversation, keep your hater mouth shut. And if you insist on making uninformed, stupid, childish, and hateful assertions about sports figures, please keep to this list only:

    Shushefskee (or is it Krewshawooski?)
    Hannah Storm’s go-go boots
    Jeff Goodman’s second (and third) chins

    This is truly disappointing.

  83. Alfred Pennybaker

    83) Wow, your life must just suck.

  84. Truth

    Look… Rip Ben all you want about “what he did wrong”… But when it comes down to it (just like you said), these girls know who he is and are being opportunists. Seriously. It doesn’t take a genius to see that some chick see’s dollar signs and finds a way to cry “wolf” in an effort for at least some hush money. I hate how its always the guy who is held responsible for a womans actions (or at the very least two people’s actions). Seriously, either women are equal and capable of the same things men are (sex, logical reasoning, self-control, etc etc) or they aren’t and shouldn’t have the same rights. And don’t try to combat it with “oh the a$$ hole was pouring drinks down her throat”, because you know good and well that the chick could have easily said “no” or at the very least “known her own limit”. I mean, she’s in a club this wasn’t her first rodeo.

  85. Truth

    imbicilic nice word 83

  86. rupp's grunt

    84) Actually, my life is great. What’s your excuse? Don’t have anything to say about the article itself? Just hangin’ round the comments section? Making pathetic attempts at a bon mot? Unable to express a thoughtful opinion on a subject? Living in your Mom’s basement?

    Thought so.

    “Well, I’m doin’ alright in my social life
    Got a shiny new car and a pregnant wife
    Amd I never have no toil nor strife
    Cause I make her do all the work

    She said, ‘Why don’t you go out and find a job?’
    I said, ‘If I did, I’d just prob’ly get robbed
    Now wouldn’t that be a fine how-do-you-do,
    But honey, won’t nobody steal from you…
    Folks won’t hardly mug a pregnant woman'”

    -Gullible’s Travels by Keith Wilson

  87. rupp's grunt

    “Well, she left me today because I’m so lazy,
    And now it’s about to drive me crazy cos…
    Who’s gonna wash these dishes?
    Mop the floors?
    I’m runnin’ out of underwear…
    Baby, come back!”


  88. Fastcats007

    And I truly don’t care if that’s the kind of thing you want to do. But, don’t try and trick everyone that your “true” values are not the ones you have shown for years.
    breakdown: BTI says he doesn’t care if that’s the kind of thing you want to do…really? BTI…throw ben under the bus for this perceived guilt for these violating acts and judge him but then say you dont care if that’s the kind of thing (he) wants to do…i dont know if you want to express that statement to the ladies in your life…otherwise I think you make some good points about a bs apology.

  89. antoine walker

    hey as long as you dont knock em up then what you do is your biz…(in all seriousness no more antoine walker) please dont nieve enough to think that because a player is good at his sport it is also his right to be good at life skills. Its a bonus for our kids and marketability but defnitely not a right. I know alot of jerks that do this and dont make ESPN about it …. so why fuss about it any more than your neighboorhood jerk